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  1. xWebster

    SWAS Airsoft

    Once again superb service from SWAS, ordered 3 cans of green gas, arrived 1300 the day after.
  2. xWebster

    Gun picture thread

    Excuse my grubby desk but my two Glock 17's
  3. xWebster

    SWAS Airsoft

    I certainly will do bud, need some gas fairly soon as I'm down to my last bottle!
  4. xWebster

    SWAS Airsoft

    Ordered 5 bottles of BB's, very competitive price and was delivered next working day. Top marks from me
  5. xWebster

    firearms ban after prison

    @clarky2343 Welcome to the forums! what a warm welcome you've had from everyone else
  6. xWebster

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Dude, I want your job. You have way too much money...
  7. xWebster

    Best CQB gun, a pistol?

    Only if you 360 quick scope kids...
  8. xWebster

    Best CQB gun, a pistol?

    If you haven't already, go out and play a couple of games, you'll get a feel for what works for you. As for compactness, I would suggest looking into a G&G ARP9. Might be better with your inexperience with the sport.
  9. Not so much a dreamer but I'm almost certain this is @Hellfish old AK which he traded. The photos are definitely the ones from his advert before, I hope this is the guy he traded it with?
  10. xWebster

    AK magazines

    I run ak mags on a belt! Single stack punches tend to work better, but 3 high caps on the belt and one in the gun and you're sorted for the full day.
  11. xWebster

    Chill the f#ck out, use more memes etc.

    Back in 2009-2010, this game was the shit... I'm pretty sure there's still a huge community for it as well.
  12. xWebster

    Bringing airsoft guns into UK

    You wouldn't be able to import them without a valid defence (i.e. your ukara). You'd probably be best of selling them before you move over
  13. xWebster

    Member rants and One Tigris

    Aren't they multisham trousers? Or is my eye sight just that bad??
  14. xWebster

    how to carry two primary weapons

    This is possibly the most unnecessary argument I have ever witnessed. Keep it going boys!
  15. xWebster

    US/UK price difference and importing

    Taiwangun are very good and airsofttiger111. Haven't used any others retailer's so I can't comment on any others