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  1. xWebster

    E&L AIMS

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    Selling my gen 2 E&L AIMS, brought around 3 months ago but only used it once. Got the standard AK selector switch scratch. Full Metal and wood, has a really nice finish to it. Completely stock on the inside, shoots like a dream. Chronos at 315.


  2. For me it's as soon as the box is open, person A may say they've only pulled the trigger once but for all you know he's replaced all the internals etc. If the box is sealed then you know it's untouched.
  3. Welcome! Theres a few decent sites not too far from Telford which i can vouch for. Closest being High Command in Rowley Regis, think thats ran by westmidlandsairsoft and theres also stormforce over in Rugely
  4. They're a great little rifle, easy to shift once you want to upgrade as well. Can't go wrong for the price!
  5. I agree with sitting duck, I think that's overly expensive for a g26. If you're looking for around £200 I would advise doing what I didn't, and get a raider 2.0 and spend the extra £50 on mags and batteries.
  6. Looks class, do you have this on the wall or on feet? i.e, is it free standing?
  7. My thoughts exactly... I'll wait for eagle6 to reply to me!
  8. But will the ak74 fit the ak47? Can't seem to find any where with the information on... I have emailed eagle6, hopefully they can enlighten me.
  9. Hi All, Has any got any experiences with the laylax ak47 to M4 stock adapter? https://eagle6.co.uk/shop/catalog/product/view/id/850/s/laylax-ak47-m4-stock-tube-base-for-ak-standard-series/ Does it fit the Latest Recoil AK47's from TM? Dont want to spend £50 just to spend it back haha. Cheers, James
  10. Havent had any experience with the LCT's or G&G's but the E&L's are pretty good. Good performance out of the box, exceptional build quality, great fun to shoot. I'd imagine the LCT feel very similar to the E&L.
  11. xWebster

    TM Recoil

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    Looking for a TM Recoil, preferably a gen 3 AK. Drop me a PM if you've got anything going, Also would consider a MWS for a decent price. Cheers


  12. Once again superb service from SWAS, ordered 3 cans of green gas, arrived 1300 the day after.
  13. Excuse my grubby desk but my two Glock 17's
  14. I certainly will do bud, need some gas fairly soon as I'm down to my last bottle!
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