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  1. Awsome day, got the full squad out. Ghillie v2.0 worked wonders, I had people staring at me from ~5m away and not seeing me. I only got seen because I thought they were shooting me, not shooting over me at my team, so I moved 😧 Only downsides are it being hard to get a good pic in some veg from the site's photog 😂 Lost some morning games due to a lack of aggression, won some afternoon games as our team seemed to warm up. There were some fantastic pushes from both sides, some great flanking attempts by the enemy team countered by our team really well. The tree life continues 🌳
  2. Rip the field dressing into strips, and now you have many bandages.
  3. I will say for the HC aug, it will lift 0.28s, so it's not useless outdoors, you just have to get a bit closer than some other guns. Though my next project will be trying to maximise the the power of the gearbox setup with airseal and ratios instead of more powerful springs. @RostokMcSpoonsif you want an aug that works alright and has room for upgrades, the JG aug is a popular one.
  4. The AA must be extra crappy cos my ICS L86 has chewed through a nozzle o-ring and broken its trigger group (£40 replacement 😬) Though I will be fielding again in this months christmas game, as it's finally fixed. It does have one of the better trigger pulls of the bullpups as the contacts are above the trigger, and not on the end of a long stick. Also really easy to work on. I have an AUG high cycle, I'm very fond of it and its ergonomics, despite the spongey trigger, and the fact the semi auto needs fixing right now. It's an absolute machine when you open it up for some supressing fire. The high cycle is one of the few models with a semi-auto selector position. It does maybe lack a bit of range, mine maxes out at about 40m. But it's a cqb gun more than a woodland gun.
  5. It really is, but you can make your own! Cheap fan goggle rip offs + decent full seal goggles. I did mine for £50, £55 if you count the 10m of sticky back foam I now own. You could also make your own speed controller and such, but I find pulling the fan off of a a cheap pair results in a neater look.
  6. Damn, that is unfortunate, and not great customer service to be honest. I had heard the connectors were weak, though they have apparently strengthened them in the latest batches.
  7. They should be fine, Nimh batteries just lose power as they lose charge, Lipos have pretty flat power output as they lose charge.
  8. MTP is great this time of the year though, site depending. And it's... reasonable on some sites year round, especially if the foliage is lighter coloured. Webbing rigs and camo aren't made to look cool, it's made to be efficient in combat, and it looks cool because of what soldiers do with it. I am a believer in 'form follows function' i.e. make a practical, well made, efficient kit and it will look good.
  9. And I believe the combat machines still use a geared hop up, compared to the specna's rotary hop up, which is just a better design. Its a small thing, but if you want to do something simple like change a hop rubber, you will be thankful for the rotary hop unit.
  10. Then why not the sa-c08? https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/specna-arms-sa-c08-core-tm-carbine-aeg?pv=17821 It has everything you'll need from a first gun.
  11. I much prefer the tactical yam 👍 This is what I use. The FMA turbofan clone's fan stuck into a pair of Valken Tangos. I don't always need the fan, but I've been using a ghillie hood recently and the fan has come in Incredibly useful. It's also pretty comfy, so long as I don't use a mask with mesh ear protection. Then the weight of the battery pack can rub.
  12. Now I gotta sort out issues with the delay chip timing with the good battery 😂, fortunately the fps drop isn't apparent on the crappy battery, and it all feeds ok. Video is (I think) with pre-cock on the crappy battery. *only* 18rps on the burst. VID-20211128-WA0004.mp4
  13. In other news my fancy SHS piston head fell off 😬 I'm suddenly glad for the electronics because they seemed to stop the gearbox doing any permanent damage. Put some loctite on that now, so I hope I don't need a new piston anytime soon 😂 Now to either hunt for some decent 7.4s or just go right to the 11.1v.
  14. So it's was 100% my battery. *shakes fist* NUUUUPRROOOOOOLLL! Switching to my usual AUG battery, a decent RC 7.4v, 1600, 35c, I'm at 24 rps immediately. Damn, now I gotta choose between some new leaves and dye, or new batteries :c
  15. It's hard to google, not many running these motors. But it seems they have a warhead owners facebook group so I might inquire on there, to see what others are getting.
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