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  1. Or how the TM Aug HC's fire select is the sharpest thing in existence. It cut me in one day of mucking about with it, so it got the file. Nice and rounded now, but idk why it's so sharp in the first place. I was actually thinking of doing reviews myself eventually. I'm in a unique position where I can probably get ahold of many different guns to test, and I'll be the one doing tech work on them too, but it won't be for at least a year since airsoft is so new to me and my business. It's something that needs to grow. But I have an idea of the general format: - Unbox + overview - specs with internals - breakdown/ease of use for tech work - how it shoots out of the box. FPS/RPS etc. - use on a gameday with longer range testing - conclusion The only thing I can't do is use after a long time, and full destruction tests since I'd probably still have to resell the gun as used. I'm glad to see other people share the concern of lack of comprehensive reviews out there, as it's what got me to start thinking about this. EDIT: I totally forgot what I was originally going to say. For content I like House Gamers if you can get passed the titles of his videos. Just seems like a guy who enjoys airsoft. And Negative Airsoft for the scathing criticisms of guns from a tech's point of view.
  2. You should not for a single damn second worry about stopping everyone playing pretend soldier for the sake of someone's eyesight. What moronic bunch of marshalls would question a player calling "ceasefire" over someone's safety? Shout the whole site down, you could be saving someone from permanent injury. Actually it's probably a great way to get them to put their eyepro back on. Make everyone stop because they took their eyepro off, hopefully if they did it for a dumb reason they'd feel guilty enough that it became a big deal (as it should be imo). If there's a serious enough reason to remove eyepro in the middle of a game then a ceasefire should go into effect anyway.
  3. Just picked up a TM aug high cycle. It's bloody tiny. Takes AUG mags of course, but it's still an assault rifle size mag so you can get some decent sized midcaps.
  4. TM AUG High Cycle. Unfortunately I think it might be over the rps limit at worthing airsoft. Videos really don't do it justice.
  5. You're being judged on how you present yourself on the forum. If you don't want people to think you write like a clickbait writer don't format like one. You won't BELIEVE how EASY it is! I mean, you do you, but don't be upset when people point out how you stand out.
  6. @Tackle you seem to have a pretty poor understanding of what assault really is. You both went to an airsoft game, you both expected to be hit with BB's, even at close range with full auto, which sucks, but it's why we wear protection. What I'm sure no one goes to an airsoft game expects, is... That's assault, and probably battery too. I'm glad you feel guilty about it, and I sincerely hope you don't do such a thing again, because frankly that's taking it way too far in any situation besides you not being the instigator of physical contact. And try not to dismiss people calling you on your mistakes as "trolls". Your original comment tries to paint your grabbing of someone by the throat as not a big deal, when it is, which is the main issue I believe other posters have with your comment and your attitude in defending yourself.
  7. Perhaps bolting a rim onto the inside with some harder plastic, then sliding and even gluing the lens into place would work.
  8. In theory. Maybe make two lenses and test one to destruction.
  9. Well a retailer is going to have to make money on whatever you sell them. Of course you're much more likely to be able to sell whatever you have to them since they aren't buying for themselves.
  10. Which is why it's a shame the double wide electric mags seem to be out of stock everywhere. Or even an electric fat mag would be good.
  11. Basically title, I want to run my L86 as more of an LMG, and I dislike winding hi-caps. I've been looking at drum mags, the single drum seems like it'd be a great fit, ~1,000+ rounds and shouldn't get in the way of a bullpup too much. I'd actually prefer the dual mag style but nowhere seems to have them in stock. Under £100 would be nice, I've looked both the Battleaxe drum mag, pretty cheap but probably terrible build and QC, and the G&P drum mag which should be more solid, and is my current top pick. My biggest concerns are the L86's supposedly long and wide mag well. Though that could be altered, I'd rather not. I'm interested to hear other user's advice/experiences/other mag picks. Thanks.
  12. How much was all the parts for this? The fan systems tend to run at quite a high price.
  13. A simple green scrim scarf can do wonders for hiding your face. Draped over your head with a boonie jammed on top breaks up the outline pretty damn well. It's also pretty easy to see out of if your eye pro. is close to your face, which you might not expect. Though it may induce fogging.
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