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  1. http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/airsoft-rifles-c38/electric-rifles-c45/nuprol-delta-m4-recon-alpha-tan-p5778 what are your thoughts on this? It says it has a tight bore barrel, a decent hop up and the Spring is easy to change if I want more power. I would also have a lot of money left for external upgrades?
  2. So many amazing guns, I don't know which one I want most
  3. Wow pt247 that krytac was nice, what sort of range could it get?
  4. Oh ok thanks guys, I was only considering a dmr because everyone told me to get a new gun.
  5. Well I'm pretty keen on getting some form of dmr. Could probably spend about £300
  6. If I were to get a new gun what would you guy's suggest?
  7. Also what type of Spring would the gears be able to ha die without stripping?
  8. What gun would you suggest if I were to get a better gun rather than upgrading?
  9. Thanks very much for telling me not to get a madbull. Almost everyone I talked to has said to get a mad bull 6.03, so it's nice to hear a change in opinion. One question, can I buy the hop up with all the cogs and stuff already on it; all the ones I've seen say you need to use parts from your previous hop. Can I avoid this?
  10. Oh and I'm using .20's the brand is bulldog
  11. Just giving it a go now, it can reach 100ft however the Bb needs to fly up like a rocket ship with a large amount of hop to do so. I was also a bit disappointed with the 310fps, but hay ho. I've cleaned the barrel again to be sure and it still needs a lot of hop to reach the distance. Any ideas why it's not reaching the range?
  12. Thanks everyone for comments. The gun is shooting at 310 fps and the site says 450fps is for snipers (my bad) for aeg's they say it is 360 for fully automatic. I have adjusted hop up according to duck's advice and it seems to be shooting a tad left (nothing significant though). I also cleaned the barrel and its shooting a bit further however is still struggling to reach 20m, is that normal?I'm sorry for my ignorance however this is the purpose of the post; to help me learn. Thanks everyone one so much for all the advice
  13. Alright, thanks sitting duck. Would I need to assemble the hop up with parts from my old hop up? And what type of barrel or bucking do you suggest?
  14. Thank you sitting duck, that's was brilliant advise and I will consider it. However, I'm afraid I still feel a need to try learn upgrade on this. Even if it's just a new barrel, hop, knubs and bucking I will still feel like I've learnt something. i do agree that the gear box is unknown territory and I certainly won't be venturing there anytime soon. However I can still learn about how to do so from you, the knowledgeable people. thats the real point of this post. I want to hear your opinions (the people who actually know what they're doing), on what brand of parts to buy and wether it will actually make a difference. pt247 I will get it chrono'd today and I must have misspelt; the fps limit is 450 fps many thanks- Gus
  15. I'm afraid I haven't chrono'd it yet, but I would have to estimate about 320fps. The site has a restriction of 500fps ,(so I'm not really limited by that), and yes, the gun is currently entirely stock.
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