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  1. Are these airtac hpa bundles any good https://airtac.me/products/aap-glock-m4-hpa-adapter-wombo-combo-bundle?variant=45275595243811
  2. Is the airtac wombo combo bundle any any good
  3. Wot hpa adapter do you guys recommend for the AAP01
  4. Wot hpa adapter do you guys recommend for the AAP01
  5. They hop up great getting great distance and accuracy
  6. Wot bbs are people getting best results in there G&g wildhog I am currently using 0.28 only play outdoors
  7. Thanks for all your help??????
  8. Looking to hpa my AAP01 already fitted the cow cow hammer kit wot else do I need to do to the gun or can I just get the hpa mag adapter and use it
  9. Has anyone used these are they any good?
  10. Have seen a TM GLOCK 26 in classified very tempted
  11. Well did my first day last month at no man’s land great day and kicking mustang was on my team looking forward to my next day playing didnt rent had already got a Nuprol delta pioneer breacher with a drum mag
  12. Debating on getting a pistol not looking at spending a lot any tips
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