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  1. @xaphor Incredible! Please post some pics when the build is finished. Mine is set to be just under 2 kg. But I find it hard to lose grams beyond that. Will it be a CQB, Recce or normal assault? And do you also have any advice regarding barrel / cylinder optimisation for 0.28s?
  2. Hi there, After years with GBBRs I have decided to build myself a lightweight AEG. The base is a G2 gearbox from a used G&G SR15, which will get new polymer receiver, buffer tube, carbon fibre barrel and handguard. This is where I find myself stuck on the build. I haven't found enough info that can steer me into a choice of barrel length nor cylinder. Well, neither spring strength as that is a part of the mix. I would like to have a replica that is built around the 0.28 bb. What is your experience - what would be the ideal barrel length / diameter and cylinder + spring strength to proppel the 0.28? (350 FPS full auto or just under 420 FPS Semi doesn't really matter) Also, How compatible is the G2 gearbox with older G&G polymer / nylon receivers? Or even Cyma receivers? Thanks in advance!
  3. @Halo I have the DAS with the weakest spring (m90) and it shoots around 55 - 60 m with 0.28 - 0.32. The DAS is really a niche rifle that plays into the market between the TM MWS and NGRS series, in terms of its function. I have really only played with GBBRS the past 10 years but managed to pick up a GBLS for a very fair price from a kind seller. Since then, I have sold my GBBRS even the MWS is now being sold as the GBLS really caters to what I want from an airsoft rifle for skirmishing. # realistic manipulation ( this is true fro the GBLS except for the first heavy cocking of the spring, which can somehow be improved with a lighter spring ) # acceptable modularity # reliable / solid # lightweight mags that you can drop on the ground over and over again (although I don't think I'd do it on concrete / asphalt standing up) # customer support ( Ross is doing an outstanding job helping me with all kinds of questions over email ) In other words this is not a rifle that is top of the line in terms of its performance but simply does a lot of things as a hybrid of sorts. This comes with a major caveat: the price. I could never afford a new one.
  4. I’m gonna defend this item. It is far from needed but it made my alu bolt slightly snappier and gave the rifle a very satisfying sound. A sort of metallic rattle. But for the new club members. # HSB buffer # mod the nub or buy the sixgun nub # actually bring the rifle to a skirmish!!!
  5. Any thoughts on the new drum mag?
  6. @Jacket thanks for the info. Another order to be made...
  7. Is the brass collar needed for aftermarket outer barrels? I just scrutinized the picture of my recently ordered 5KU barrel and realized that it doesn’t have the brass collar known to the original part.
  8. @rocketdogbert Do you have any recommendations of mags that are good candidates for this mag build project? PTS EPM?
  9. It doesn’t sound all that tricky to pull off. But one might buy a few mags before finding one that is compatible with the larger follower. I guess that KWA ERGS 120 mags should work.
  10. @rocketdogbert Do you mean that a conventional AEG midcap can be used and still retain the bolt stop? Can the GBLS follower move freely in a typical AEG mag channel? I don't know why but I feel like building a gbls mag which looks like a PMAG 40 rounder.
  11. I think I’ll try to mod one KWA ERG mag according to the video @Chev Chelios posted. That gives you 120 rounds. But I don’t think I’d ever sell my mags and fully commit to modded mags.
  12. @mightyjebus just found the answer in the GBLS discogs group. Around 90 bbs is the maximum you can load into the HPmag if you leave out the pin entirely.
  13. Hey I got a reply from Gunsmodify’s customer support (wrote to them earlier this spring..) They said that they are planning to release their Pmag in September ( this year )
  14. @mightyjebus could you test the capacity of the HP mag without the pin set in any of the slots? Does it retain the bolt stop and how many bbs can you get inside? much appreciated.
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