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  1. That sounds swell. I just ordered some MWS pmags from JK Army and got the impression of that I wouldn’t see them until the end of the summer.
  2. hey, thanks for the calming reply. I read around on forums and such but was only left with the conclusion that it eats material both when stripping and anodizing. anyway, I feel comfy enough for the makeover and I’ll ask for the hard anodized finish. thanks again!
  3. So, I have two golden Aluminium BCGs for my MWS that I was thinking of having reanodized in black. I hate the golden look but it comes at price. The anodizing process eats up a thousand of an inch material from the aluminum .. material that is lost forever. Would you advice against this considering how the air seal might be worsen? Or do you think the tolerances will remain just fine?
  4. Lovely! And the bolt lock gets its time to click into place? Or do we need to unscrew the buffer tube 2 cm? 😉 I have had no problems with GunsModify and their nozzle. Their parts are fairly easy to come by and modest in price compared to others. Good luck!
  5. Lovely! Will the bolt lock keep up with the faster action?
  6. I bought a set made by Gunsmodify from Red wolf airsoft. This set has served me well. P.S Redwolf has quite a lot of other parts as well which might be of interest. Otherwise go check out Rainbow8.com Did anyone try the lightweight bolt stop plates from Angry gun and Gunsmodify?
  7. I see, but I think he replaced the gas route lip with a standard TM as well. I recall seeing an image of it at least. Did you try this yourself? Could be that it is too tight or deformed.
  8. So mag sits too high and gas route / rubber lip is too high as well? I remember that badabing changed nothing but the empty magazine tab which means that the protruding lip might be what causes the jam. Did you replace it with standard magazine lip?
  9. It could be worthwhile to read up on Bada Bing Pictures's facebook page. He had more or less the same problems - a lack of recoil and power. https://www.facebook.com/BadaBingPictures/ I have seen very few complaints about the magazines and find myself confident in a purchase. The loss in recoil seems like an acceptable trade off for the pmag style and comfy weight but one should probably do a slight filing to the top of the bolt tab to prevent jamming. But I'd like to hear more opinions. What do you guys think of these? 40 round mags :0 P.S is it time to compile a google doc FAQ and summary of earlier pages on the MWS topic? Something for the beginners but also to formulate a consensus. We had one but it got lost somewhere on page 80. Can we make it pinned somewhere?
  10. I’d invest in one open top pouch with some sort of kydex insert which allows for superior retention and draw speed. Esstac kywi (already mentioned is the choice in the real steel world) is a good choice! But you don’t need to buy these things - you can make them yourself. Buy some flyye m4 pouches ( I have had these for years ) and make a kydex insert. Sheets can be easily cut and bent with a heat gun. DIY guides are easily found through google.
  11. Feel free to PM me if this happens! True, I wasn’t aware of it - one thought it would be a straight forward process as with KJW. You email and see the parts in your mail 2 weeks later.
  12. I got in touch with some resellers of genuine TM-parts to order some bits specific to the MTR-16. Apparently, TM forbids the reselling of the MTR parts. IF something breaks and you wish for a replacement part specific to the MTR - one has to send it to Marui in Japan :(( Just wanted to let you know. I have been trying for a month to source the grip and the real steel equivalent was just taken by the customs.. let me know if someone wants to part with their MTR-grip...
  13. Tinkering with my MWS and realized that the new roller + pin from Gunsmodify doesn’t fit any of my bolts ( standard + uac ) - how is to run a bolt without the wheel?
  14. Anybody who did a similar mod to their trigger? I’d love to know how one gets this crisp reset
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