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  1. Yeah, I feared that. The bolt lock is the charm of the platform. A smarter although costly solution would have been a new lower. Or at least no precision milling at home... Im enticed by the light weight mags and increased mag capacity. But the limited nozzles is the next problem. Do you think one can order spares from prowin? Or is two of them enough?
  2. Same here. I use a teal bucking paired with the stock nub which was stabilized by placing a metal rod inside. But I’ll try the Sixgun nub with a modify tan for the coming season as I have heard this is a tad better.
  3. Lovely, let us know how it worked out !
  4. Someone asked about the mod for the short magazines as well a while back, however, no answer so far... I guess I’ll be the first to try out both. I had a long day trying to redeem the sneaky leak from my SAA mags. A word of warning: the aluminum or should I say the threads are very fragile. Actually, the whole construction reminds me of my IKEA furniture whereas it holds up together in its initial build but will be nothing but bits once taken apart. One mag is already beyond repair. Apply PTFE and tighten just until you feel slight resistance. I tightened a bit extra in
  5. Did someone green gas mod the SAA pmags? And how many more rounds did you get out of it?
  6. Any reviews / thoughts on the prowin ar9 kit?
  7. yes, they are not 100% tight out of the box. You’ll need to tighten and lube all screws + valves to get them working as intended. A bit of gas seal tape was needed on the screws on my mags that hold together the upper and lower body. I know all this sounds like hard work but the tolerances on the A1A mags are much more friendly for disassembly in comparison to the OGs. This makes the whole process a piece of cake.
  8. I have this daydream which I guess needs to be crushed. It’s of an injection moulded magazine for the MWS just like the polymer glock magazine from WE Tech. Lightweight and with the same reliance as the original. how does one proceed with such an idea? Has reversed engineering come so far that you could 3D scan the outer shell of the Marui mag and make a mould for polymer? Alternatively 3D print polymer with heat sunk thread inserts for the valves? ...the whole affair sounds terribly costly but I can’t stop thinking about having these lightweight IPSC mags for the MWS.
  9. This has more or less the same sound. Different rifle but G&P parts. ( same camera though haha. I.e same juju ) haha, I have seen his videos a few times. The shooting stance always puzzled me. But back to topic. I don’t think the buffer is needed as the standard is plastic and doesn’t give off any particular sound ( I have tried both aluminum and plastic buffers without hearing any major difference ). The Sixgun buffer ring reduced the spring sound for me but the metallic chiming from the bolt rollers in the videos provided is what I’d like to get
  10. I’m with you there. But if I could just make mine sound half as good as this one: I’d melt every time I push the trigger. ( minus the radio and workshop sounds )
  11. @AlphaBear could you tell me whether the brass rollers of the G&P bolt alters the sound or not? There are some videos of recent G&P rifles that produces a ridiculously satisfying sound. A crisp, high pitch metallic hiss. I hope it’s only the bolt end and not some dark magic I have missed or can’t acquire...
  12. It is supposed to give a smoother operation of the bolt and seem to work as intended. Look at my previous post about their complete kit for the MWS. The sound is incredible. Yet ... the holes are mysterious to me... crossing my fingers. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Hey, did anyone try the G&P roller bolt end? It’s quite expensive for a wheeled bolt end ... but all rifles with it give off such a satisfying sound. Also - G&P has a buffertube with the selling point of holes for exhausting air / gases. Could someone explain to me how this would be beneficial or whether it’s just a gimmick?
  14. I had the same problem. Sneaky leaks. Greased all o-rings. Still leaky. Found this screw and lubed it - so far all fine. how was it to reassemble the upper and lower part? Looks like a pain
  15. I ran my MWS for a skirmish the other weekend and experimented during the day with different ways of carrying the 6 mags I brought along. My setup is more of a DMR with a scope so I only used 1-2 mags per game and brought out the pistol for shorter engagements. It was still useful to have the extra mags for less loading time in between the games but 6 seem like one or two too much for my play style even for a milsim. It is also interesting to see how your pistol sees more action with less mags at hand. An observation I think someone else mentioned here earlier - where the pistol come
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