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  1. How common is it for batteries to do this? I live in an apartment, and don't want to risk burning it down. Should I just stick with Gas maybe?
  2. Thanks. I'll look for some. I did discover the LBX 0400 plates after making this post. But they're 30GBP, so probably not worth lol.
  3. Hello, could anyone recommend plates for the LBX 0300-S Plate Carrier? I want to be as light weight as possible while keeping structure. I haven't bought the PC yet, trying to plan ahead since it's quite costly. Thanks!
  4. Yup, that's the exact table I have I believe. I'm going to contact them tomorrow (if I have time + remember) to see if I have the sole trader or organisation license, as I believe I need the latter - hopefully I do already :S
  5. Thanks for the information looks like I'd have to get a really old used version of those as they don't seem to sell them new anymore?
  6. Which is the reason I bought the Ofcom license, so I don't have to transmit on the free frequencies? or am I misreading something here. I'm not sure which one I got to be honest. I may try contacting Ofcom tomorrow, it does say this in my License Document: 2. Purpose of the Radio Equipment 2.1 Subject to the administrative and technical requirements set out in this and the subsequent schedule(s) to this Licence, the Licensee and any person authorised to act on the Licensee’s behalf is hereby authorised to send and receive messages concerning the business of the Licensee between the mobile stations.
  7. I'm pretty sure yourself and your friends/company/org are covered under the same license. So you wouldn't all have to spend 75GBP
  8. Hello, does anyone have any recommendations for a headset/earpiece setup while using a Dye i4? Prior to the i4 I used a headset, however this is way too big for the goggles. I'd prefer to keep a headset-like setup if possible since my earbuds hurt my ears after a little time - though I understand that this may not be ideal with the goggles. Does anyone have any recommendations for buds/earphones that would fit - along with a microphone. I currently run a Z113 PTT, so not sure if I may need to replace that too? My radio is a UV-5R
  9. Hi, that's correct. I never did a foundation course, maybe I would know this stuff if I had lol. I never got as many frequencies as you just showed me. I got 17 in total across all of the bands.
  10. Hello, I bought an Ofcom license in March 2020 for the ability to use radios while playing Airsoft. However, it has been unused since lockdown. I'm now trying to get back into Airsoft, but I cannot remember how the license works. I have the option of using one of multiple bands all on a 12.5 kHz bandwidth. These include: Low Band (77 MHz-86 MHz), Mid Band (164 MHz-164MHz), High Band (169 MHz-173MHz) and UFH1 (449MHz-458MHz). I'm assuming that means I can use any of the frequencies listed? But i'm not 100% certain on that - plus I'm not sure what band is best to use? We use UV-5R radios.
  11. Hello people I'm trying to set up some UV-5R radios for airsoft. I've bought a license etc from OFCOM (better safe than sorry) and am now going about setting up the freqs on the radios. Does anyone have any links to any good tutorials for this? I'm pretty lost right now, there's two sets of numbers on the front (homepage(?)) of the radios, setting one of those numbers on each device links them up, but whats the other number for? and is there anything else I should be changing?
  12. How often do you have to apply the wipes?
  13. Already bought the Bullet Ants now, like them so far.. haven't had the chance to test them but want to be prepared. Thanks for the recommendations though just in-case they aren't up to scratch.
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