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  1. How often do you have to apply the wipes?
  2. Already bought the Bullet Ants now, like them so far.. haven't had the chance to test them but want to be prepared. Thanks for the recommendations though just in-case they aren't up to scratch.
  3. I've heard that taking the foam out of the Revision Bullet Ants goggles will help with fogging, is this true? Don't want to start removing stuff if it doesn't help. Thanks.
  4. Then whats the reason to get a more expensive one? just the looks? Thanks for the info
  5. I'm open to any style really. But like I said, nothing too big or heavy. Thank You, will look into that one further. Thanks for the suggestions, I noticed the Evo 3 previously but wasn't sure if it would be good at longer ranges. I guess it is then?
  6. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this.. but could someone recommend me a rifle that's no more than £400? Preferably on a site like Patrol Base where I can use a finance option to pay for it. Want to get a weapon that will last for some time without me having to upgrade. I'm 21 and 5'3 so nothing too big/heavy. My ground has CQB and longer scenarios, in a forest and quarry type area. Thank You!
  7. Thanks for all the links etc. Is there any reason to get the SRXL over the SRL / SRS? I'm also a left hander so not sure if that matters. The Firehawk looks rather cool but I wouldn't know where to start with a Mosfet/ETU and how to fit them.
  8. Yeah, this is going to be my go to weapon so want the best I can get. For no more than £250 if possible. I'm looking for a rifle that can be used for CQB and Longer Ranges - I'm not very strong, so preferably not too heavy. But i also want to 'realistic' feel. If you have any suggestions link me
  9. Yeah, couldn't find many postings of the Revision Sawflyes so going to stick with the Revision Bullet Ants or ESS V12 as they'll be better for CQB anyhow. How large are those?
  10. Will look into it then, thanks
  11. Those are like £120, sound about right?
  12. Ah okay, I'm a bit hesitant on mesh because i've heard about BBs shattering etc.
  13. Give me your bias one i'll be looking into reviews anyway. And why would it be bias?
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