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  1. Duff

    Where did you vanish to you sleek old bastard you!?

    1. Nasro


      :D:lol: been working crazy shifts - how you been? 

    2. Duff


      Good mate, well.. shit actually but ya know how it goes. Glad you're still about and that they're working you like the dog you are!

  2. Nasro

    KWA Kriss Vector Owners Club

    How is that turning out? I’m currently trying to learn this from YouTube. Lol
  3. Nasro

    KWA Kriss Vector Owners Club

    Im not sure what the tech has seen/done but a few things to look into would be around the bolt carrier and piston. 1) Check your piston spring, maybe that’s has gone weak. Pull the nozzle out and let it go and it should retract back very fast and solid. 2) when you pull the piston nozzle from the bolt, check the sides and give it a light grease if it has dried out. 3) inside the lower receiver slide where the bolt carrier is inserted near where the bolt moves forward and back when fired should be lightly greased. Something else to check, find out from previous owner if an Npas has been installed, or you’ll need to open the piston and see. If there is one... you’ll need to close it fully for full power. I’ll show some pictures tomorrow when I get home. Let me know now if you’ve done any of these checks above mabs
  4. Nasro

    KWA Kriss Vector Owners Club

    Such a beauty
  5. Nasro

    KWA Kriss Vector Owners Club

    Look nice mate what’s the FPS ?
  6. Nasro

    KWA Kriss Vector Owners Club

    I have been told it can, But you’d want to use a bungee cord to hold it down rather than the mag pouch flap.
  7. Nasro

    Tippmann M4

    contact Tony via facebook. He's one top guy to speak to regarding any Tippmann upgrades. His recommendation status is 10/10 https://www.facebook.com/tonytaffreynolds/
  8. agree with you. The possibility that you'll sell faster on facebook groups is so much higher than eBay and other airsoft market platform. You'll even sell faster on this forum than on eBay.
  9. Wierd... I've personally had no issue selling parts on eBay. Another tip to avoid your ad being removed is: Copy&Paste the link of a Chinese sellers ad (who is selling the same/similar item) on your ad to 'compare prices', but in fact, you're pulling out the 'fair card' "if the Chinese can sell and send to the UK, why can't I sell the similar item in the UK myself?" Also, try using the term "paintball' too just to make it extra obvious that it is only a toy. always state: “the item is an airsoft Toy part/component and will not, and cannot be used as a firearm or replace a real firearm internal component(s)”
  10. You must state that “the item is an airsoft Toy part/component and will not, and cannot be used as a firearm or replace a real firearm internal component(s)”... something along those lines.
  11. Nasro


    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): yes! Any other comments: fast delivery, item as stated and great communication! 5**** Cheers mate @ringo23595
  12. Nasro


    I bought my HPA kit from Chris - Top man great communication and service, very friendly and helpful. I will definitely buy from him again !
  13. Nasro

    Makin'Bug Store

    Hey bud, so far, I’m after the SARS, but from another design (if that’s possible) and also, 3x kriss vector magazine coupler/clamp... Cheers
  14. Nasro

    CQB sites and automatic fire?

    Exactly Some cases, I get with random people in my team where amongst themselves (when they’ve been hit) I over hear that “it’s long going all the way back to respawn” so they jump back in the game halfway and pursui from a different direction... Lol
  15. There are a few things I would be ordering off them if I can’t find them cheaper in Asia