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  1. Honestly, for a first gun I'd get an TM NGRS over a GBBR. Its great out of the box (only need to mod the connectors to deans, and Eagle6/Camoraids will do that for you), the magazines are much cheaper, and it'll work hassle free all year round. You get some "recoil" and stop-on-empty/faux-bolt release immersion too. Then once you've played for a while and you know your playing style, get a GBBR (my recommendation: TM MWS). You can then run the GBB as a primary, but you've got a great secondary if the GBBR isn't suitable. I've got 3 GBBRs (TM MWS, GHK MK18, WE L85) and a TM 416 Delta. I always aim to use a GBBR, because they're way more fun, but I also always take the Delta. Couple of weeks ago the wind was so strong at my local site that in order to be competitive I had to use the 416 - semi-auto just wouldn't have cut it in 15-20mph gusts.
  2. Yeah considering the Ergo - mate has one coming for his GHK URGI, so I'll see if I like it. Would love to see some pics of your L119A1 if you've got any! Was also considering the MOE+! Similar in profile to the A2 I think, but without the nub. I've got a BCM Gunfighter on the GHK, which is lovely, but not correct enough for this build.
  3. I know, it's a very deep rabbit hole to go down! I'll probably draw the line at the correct trades - I'm aiming for a ten foot build (i.e., from 10 feet away you probably can't tell... 🤫). Planning to get the barrel shortened and the FSP lug ground down, and got my eye on a CAR-15 stock from Brownells. The pistol grip might end up as something more modern though - I can't stand grips with the nub, because I have small child-like hands 😂
  4. Holy Jesus, just finished reading the full 216 pages 😂 Here's my newish MWS - started life as a 14 inch M4A1, but just swapped out the barrel for the 10.3. I'd originally planned for it to be a project gun, with my GHK MK18 remaining my primary, but it's just so good I think the TM has usurped the GHK! The plan will be an L119A1/C8 CQB inspired build, so if anyone has any suggestions or advice I'm all ears. I'll be keeping the internal stock (except the SixG nub which is already in there).
  5. Got to disagree there - he's had my friends money for 18 months and no sign of a grenade. I ordered one at the same time, and used a credit card so got the money back after 6 months of lies and then silence (March last year). My friend is still out of pocket. I think it's pretty clear that they've ceased trading, but have left the website and payment gateway intact. That's either highly unethical (you'd think after getting money through this they'd have switched it off) or a con - I'd ordinarily give people the benefit of the doubt, but I'm not willing to in this case.
  6. Good stuff! Finally getting to to a skirmish today with my new SCAR, so fingers crossed I’ll still love it by the end of the day!
  7. Yep, although I don't know why you would unless you're some sort of heathen 😮. The wire is visible, but it looks pretty sturdy and doesn't get in the way when the stock is folded.
  8. An epilogue to this sad tale. I chased for the refund at the beginning of March, having asked to cancel in December, but it seems that the phone number on the site is now disconnected. The site is active and still seems to accept orders. Fortunately I paid by credit card and they've refunded the amount. My squad mate, who also bought one at the time, was less fortunate and paid by debit card. He's now out of pocket with these charlatans.
  9. If you're thinking you'll end up with a TM down the line, then get it now. No point getting a VFC 416, only to then replace it with a TM. The only draw back for going for a TM setup is the initial cost. The SCAR and 4 PTS EPM mags set me back the best part of £600 (😳), and the 416 is more expensive than the SCAR. Whilst I believe you can use non-TM mags in TM NGRS', you won't get the stop-on-empty, and you need an adapter. The TM NGRS mags don't fit non-TM guns either (at least they don't fit my VFC). Ergonomics wise, I think they're pretty similar but I'd agree with Wo1f - the SCAR edges it. The 45 degree throw on the selector switch is much nicer. I'd say the SCAR also feels slightly lighter, although I've not weighed them.
  10. I've got a VFC 416 and I love it. Solid gun, shoots well and the external finish is excellent. I was in the same position as you last year (TM vs VFC), and opted for the VFC for pretty much the same reasons: LIPO ready, got existing STANAG magazines, and it was cheaper. That being said, I've just bought a TM SCAR-L NGRS and I'm sold. I've not skirmished with it yet, but the recoil shock is awesome, and I can see the empty stop will add to the immersion. Like I said, I love my VFC, but if I had my time again I'd probably get a TM 416 (or the new Mk18)
  11. I ordered a SWAT BFG on the 2nd October. No communication from them, despite several phone calls throughout November (each time told that it would be shipped imminently). I've finally given up and called to cancel the order. "Hi I'd like to cancel an order with you [gives order number]" "Ok we'll get that sorted for you [puts phone down]" Didn't ask why, nor offer to help resolve any problems. What utterly terrible customer service. Based on my experience, they don't deserve anyone's custom.
  12. I've had the magazine-fallout issue on my Sig, but discovered that by making the holster tighter the problem seems to have stopped. I put the pistol in, closed the first strap then removed the pistol, marking the point when the strap stopped. Then I tightened it by another 5mm or so, and then closed the rest of the straps. As the holster is material, there's a bit of give anyway, and it's now a snug fit and doesn't flap around anywhere near as much (which I think was the cause of the mag release being depressed). Touch wood, I've done two CQB games with no issues.
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