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  1. There's that Korean Made M4 , GBLS DAS or something, that breaks the norm but it essentially seems to be an automated VSR/ sniper rifle scaled down. BO MTO and the Real sword analog to that seem to be vaporware.
  2. that feel when car insurance is over 6000 euro a year for me so I can't commute to the nearest site that does weekly games (((((

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    2. GiantKiwi


      You trying to insure a Challenger 2 MBT?

    3. Unrustle_Thine_Jimmies


      I'm trying to Insure meself on a 1998 VW 1.9 TDI. 6k. A 2015 Yaris is 3000. Ireland is class :DDDD

    4. Monty


      What the f*ck?? Got quoted £200 as a secondary driver right after I passed today for a 1.4 Jazz. Get a bike!

  3. Finally did the TDC mod on my VSR. If you can't afford an Action Army Hop unit and want to get rid of curve,don't hesitate on doing it. I delayed doing it way too much. Deffo worth it for 20 mins of work

  4. That looks pretty trick. Pretty much pre upgraded compression/ trigger parts and lots of steel. Kinda like the A&K M24. Copy of the PDi unit is cute but sadly they suck. Shame it isn't compatible with standard parts(especially hopup) but cool non the less Nice to see companies coming out with good stuff and not just cloning marui pot metal
  5. Might just be the placebo effect but holy fuck this little thing is good. Noticably better and consistant hop. Getting much flatter trajectory. http://imgur.com/MzvM6dZ Hop up is stock with antiflex plate mod and pdi-w hold. 15 euro shipped,purchased direct from AirsoftPro.cz. shipping took about 10 business days to ireland. Upgrades like this are always nice. Good to get you stoked for the next outing.
  6. The local had helicopters https://youtu.be/mgKEYa1e9fg?t=3m53s Dunno if Khatanga Conflict (The next big summer series,starts on the 20th) will feature helos. Otherwise it's just hiluxes and players can bring their own vehicles. One particular example being an awd toyota previa with an MG mount
  7. Comms upgrade for the big game in August )) Baofeng UV82 and UV-5R 2000UAH / 58 British Pesos from a local distributor,QC'd and pre programmed. Not too bad I hope.
  8. RIP KLMK Onesie 2012-2016 The trouser part was torn to shit and too small for me. Had to do a good amount of stitching at the bum flap and the torn back pocket. Also added velcro instead of using the shitty buttons. Done this ages ago but just dug it out of the closet.
  9. Operation Chendeka Crisis at Bellurgan park. I am still alive and playing )) Just less chairsofting. Hopefully I will have enough money to switch things up with an RPK-74 for the next big sim in August. Just as I ambush a group of lads from behind in an open field. I got my sh*t pushed in by an MG gunner right after this was taken. ^^ Props to the photographer for capturing my wide variety of firing positions )))
  10. Christ It's been ages since I chairsofted. Anyone try the ASG cursed BBs? Their .28s seems like a great bargain

    1. Qlimax


      I'm currently the .28 cursed BBs, they're excellent.

  11. Doing my test mid-January,but since my provisional is still valid that gives plenty of excuse to be chauffeur for ma. Driving a 1998 Volkswagen Sharan MPV. Old school diesel,400,000km on the clock. Autotragic which is a shame since the engine has a fair bit of go. Plenty of room for airsoft kit and mountain bikes ))) If I have to get a first car I'd deffo like a small panel van,Like a VW caddy or something. Insurance is cheaper and I need space. I also refuse to be forced to drive a small french death trap. My brother's first car was a standard Clio and it was terrifying to be in. And
  12. Yep,had the idea to do it from the asf but never bothered since my mags always dropped out nicely. Now they don't due to wear I guess. If I had the time,patience and a non blunt drill bit,I would deffo recommend drilling and looping paracord. I had to melt the nylon lace ends to a 'plastic' form,then lightly sand the mag indent to actually bond it properly because otherwise it came off with a little bit of force.
  13. Some nylon shoelace for like 50c. Made some mag pulls because I found myself throwing my gloves off to reload too often. Used glue because drilling volatile plastic without a bench drill sounds like an awful idea to me. https://imgur.com/ILL0gDF
  14. Will buffing smooth leather boots help water resistance,or is it better to keep it slathered in dry polish and have that waxy texture?

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    2. Esoterick


      I use Granger's wax on my boots a couple of times a year, seems pretty decent. Actually got a few spare tins if you want one.

    3. jcheeseright


      kiwi polish, brush it on, leave it 20 mins, brush it off. Never failed me.


    4. Jedi_Master


      Second the Kiwi polish. If you do not want the shine in the field then just apply it by brush or cloth and let it dry to give a matt finish. Always worked for my combat boots.

  15. Swedish M90 is a killer in the Summer. Italian Vegetato is also extremely effective bar the browner winter months. If you want something nobody else has,and have deep pockets,Check out Prof1Group's 'Varan' (Lizard) Camo. http://p1gtac.com/catalog/verhnyaya_odezhda_5_?color-varan-varan-camo&min=0&max=6815&orderby=1
  16. I dabbled in this mod quite a bit after digging up an old airsoftsociety thread I personally prefer using epoxy to shape the new nub as I find the pencil eraser is inefficient and can cause curving issues at long range I found it jammed up the whole gun when applying too much hop. with epoxy or some similar filling you can file it to shape similar to a Dangerwerx arm,the parabola is way better(in my experience) Of course,the inefficiency problems using a square eraser nub are only with standard buckings,a W-hold in my case,with R-hop or G-hop where pressure is applied differently
  17. I think it would be a good idea to have a VSR-10 master thread/sticky on this forum section,fair amount of sniper posts coming up nowadays.
  18. Time to sell the old G25 for fund a forcecore AK )))

  19. Welcome to Irish sniping I've talked with a couple of lads to reddit to update myself on what's best and it seems not much has changed. What I run is quite a budget build with a lot of DIY stuff but it can all be replaced with shelf parts. First thing's first,you will pretty much have to play at AEG ranges so be stealthy or quick . Small 3x or 4x optic is good,no point in a massive 3-9x40 like I run. Adding inertia is a good idea,as long as the gun is balanced. PDi-W hold is probably the better bucking for 1J VSR builds. I've been told the Maple leaf has the best sealing quality
  20. PDi W-hold rubber,from Xfire. 4.40 euro. They had free shipping,and mine has begun to wear out and has been damaged(Left the gun in the damp,cold attic,with a little bit of mud,dust and water contamination ) I find it offensive that small cast chunks of rubber cost me 10+ euro,PDi ones are much more lighter on my wallet
  21. Had the pleasure of using a Scar-L at a game recently. Very good performance. Especially at 1J,the Irish legal limit. Shot pretty much better than any other ootb AEG at 1J I've used,2-3 round bursts were hitting pretty much everything in average engagement distances of 30-40 meters,even through foliage. The recoil just makes it a bit more satisfying to use. It's cool to have. While it's nothing near a GBB,has good passable feedback for every shot you make. When firing in small full auto bursts it's much better,single fire it's 'meh'. For me though,the biggest factor is the bolt st
  22. Decided to make a paypal acc. to buy some stuff off Xfire. Not letting me top up my account,giving me some kinda 404 error. Anyone else having issues with Paypal?

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    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      well my credit card is linked to it and it all goes on the credit card bill next month. You don't have to have funds in paypal account - it just goes on plastic

    3. Unrustle_Thine_Jimmies


      Alright,that's grand then. My fault for not cleaning the gun and bucking really,so much dirt and muddy water built up in it. Cheers for the info

    4. M_P


      Yeah mines just linked to my card, I only ever end up with money in the actual account when someone has paid me for something

  23. They're tempting me too. This seems what E&L should have gone for during release,cornering Dboys and CYMA with better quality externals. Deffo on my next buy list.
  24. Those Forcecore/E&L AKs on Gunfire seem like a solid deal,almost too good to be true. 180 euro for an AKS-74U,full steel and looks like they just have the old generation E&L internal parts which are by no means bad. Is there a catch to them? That's Dboys money and E&L quality is far higher.
  25. Remember to have appropriate footwear! http://ak-hdl.buzzfed.com/static/enhanced/webdr02/2013/2/26/14/enhanced-buzz-10938-1361906540-5.jpg or if it;s winter: http://s1.womanjournal.ru/sites/default/files/imagecache/body-590x/article/87559/images/poloski_na_botinkah_specialno_k_shtanam_podbiral_aga.jpg
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