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  1. Merry Christmas folks! Here's to a awesome 2015, see you on the field.

    1. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      2016 ya mean ? but yeah Best wishes to all of us old/new.

      Lets keep this sport alive & safe and hope you get all the new bits & toys you wish for

    2. Esoterick


      Merry Christmas guys.

    3. HSCtheta7


      Merry Christmas to you all, may your rounds be polished and your hits called.

  2. Russian and Danish at the moment. Russian gorka is the way ahead in this weather!
  3. I'm gunless, Need more Russian in my life!

    1. Josh95


      you never replied to my messages about the ak74, it does have the box by the way

  4. I was thinking late cold war or modern Russia. They are a up and coming force at the moment. What type of AK variant is being used now? Also what can I get for £150 or so?
  5. I was curious as to which brands made the best versions of them. Or to be more accurate who to avoid
  6. Morning folks, I'm looking on starting a Russian load out and was wondering which Russian style guns were best and if anyone new good sites to get genuine Russian kit? Thank you muchly.
  7. I need a decent AK variant. Got a WE Katana Raptor to swap for it.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Raggedy_man


      You damn right bud, How's the health?

    3. reiver


      Not sure if I'm getting better or I'm just stoned all the time Lol how s the shoulder?

    4. Raggedy_man


      Pretty much still f*cked. I do hope you get better swiftly squire.

  8. As I'm soon to have a new job I'm going to save for a new AEG. So are the TM recoil series of rifles as good as everyone says or not?
  9. Also, time to sell the Katana Raptor me thinks.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Raggedy_man


      No bud. Swapped that already, I'm saving for a TM recoil. Plus I need pennies lol.

    3. reiver
    4. Jedi_Master


      I love my TM recoil, solid build and great fun and you certainly need the pennies for it. But the hobby in general means there is always some to new buy, upgrade, change, add to, etc. Which gun do you want to buy?

  10. Thinking of selling my TM Famas with 5 or 6 high caps. Would anyone be interested?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lozart


      Famas am bestest gnu!

    3. Raggedy_man


      Yes... Yes it is.

    4. proffrink


      Man, you should totally upgrade the sh*t out of that FAMAS. They're such an old design people immediately think they're not much of a threat. Perfect sleeper gun shell.

  11. Gum shields is gum shields. I know some very expensive ones they mould it directly in the store mind you.
  12. Gum shield from a sports shop would help I imagine bud
  13. GBB that's whats on my bloody mind!

  14. I'm guessing the same brands who make good AEG's make good GBB weapons or is that a dangerous assumption?
  15. Good topic, I have been thinking about this too. Cheers folks!
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