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  1. Any recommendations for a nice GBBR? I want to start using them.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Defender90


      I do love my PTS/Mega MKM, although the hop up adjuster and the firing pin/valve knocker must be immediately replaced with Guarder steel ones as soon as you buy it...

    3. jcheeseright
    4. Careless


      brought a ghk m4 a few months back , lovely gun very well built, downsides> had a random issue with it very it wouldnt fire , it turned out a bb had cracked in half in the chamber and managed to get its way inside the trigger mech, so dont use bio bb's with these as the chambers rather harsh on bbs , also had the gas mag seals leak on all 3 of my new mags! but seal kits and tooling and spare parts are all available, i guess it all depends on how new the mags are , they could of b...

  2. Gunfire.pl seem to be doing a sale on some E&L AKs. Oh boy

  3. CommonComrade

    Forcecore by E&L, any good?

    Cool. Make sure you link me to the review when it's up!
  4. CommonComrade

    Forcecore by E&L, any good?

    I've frequently seen the Forcecore AKs popping up on gunfire.pl and they look pretty damn good. What are they like as a whole, those who've owned them?
  5. Hi, booked my place for the NAE and was wondering if anyone else will be there.
  6. CommonComrade

    Comms headsets

    Any imitations. I looked at Z-Tac and Element.
  7. I could literally scratch the paint off of the two guns I bought from zero one.
  8. CommonComrade

    Comms headsets

    I'm looking into buying a headset to wear alongside my fast helmet. I'm thinking repros of either Comtacs or Sordins. Any advice on which to go for?
  9. CommonComrade

    Can anyone tell what make this is?

    do you know where I could get it cheaper?
  10. CommonComrade

    Can anyone tell what make this is?

    Quote as much as you want
  11. http://www.helmetworld.co.uk/ekmps/shops/helmetworld/images/airsoft-ops-core-tan-sand-de-swat-tactical-maritime-abs-helmet-jump-rail-l-xl-36773-p[ekm]300x299[ekm].jpg I thought it was an FMA Maritime but I'm not 100%
  12. CommonComrade

    [FIXED] Dirt in a gas pistol..

    It's a long story involving my friend and him 'knowing all about gbb pistols'
  13. CommonComrade

    [FIXED] Dirt in a gas pistol..

    Not properly compressed. So should I just hand dry it?
  14. CommonComrade

    [FIXED] Dirt in a gas pistol..

    Majority of Vaseline is out. Can't get the little areas... Would compressed air do anything or should I wash it?
  15. CommonComrade

    [FIXED] Dirt in a gas pistol..