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  1. Qlimax

    Target Shooting.

    Shortened the video right down, out yesterday shooting again. 45yds shooting at a 40mm wide exploding target. First shot and fit, had to adjust by 2 mil-dots up off centre on scope to get it and had right to left wind as well. Cracking little shot me thinks. 17ACF2A6-C8C3-4BCF-B6D2-90B0089A32C7.MOV
  2. Qlimax

    Hill MK4 pump - None dry pack version.

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    For sale brand new The Hills MK4 pump. Purchased for £179 but not required. Taken out of box for photos only. £110 posted for quick sale. Ideal for HPA users. Pumps up to 4000psi. This is the none dry pack version, don’t know why they’ve put the dry pack version on the box. Great branding.


  3. Qlimax

    Target Shooting.

    yeah I know what you mean, they're like a close nit group and it's hard to get into really isn't it. I thought myself being an NSRA RCO would make it easier to join and get into a club but it's not although I have been asked to run their ranges..... Cheeky fecks.
  4. Qlimax

    LED Lenser i7R Rechargeable LED Torch

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    Make: LenserItem: i7R Rechargeable LED TorchCondition: Brand NewSplits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Nx3Price/Payment: £25 Posted via next day service.Purchased but haven't used it due to not playing. Shame to have it laying around.The LED Lenser i7R is a tough, rechargeable version of the i7, offering a maximum output of 220 lumens from a high power Cree LED.Made from robust aluminium, it features the industrial series' signature yellow ring on the inside of the head and yellow detailing on the switch, which is great for visibility in a work place environment. Also included is a yellow rubber anti-roll ring which can be put on the end of the torch to prevent it rolling off flat surfaces and the body of the torch has a diamond knurling design to ensure a secure grip, even with oily or sweaty hands.Featuring the Advanced Focus System (AFS), the patented combination of a reflector and lens allows the i7R to create a light system that provides both a focused beam for long-distance and a homogenous spill-beam for up-close activities. You can quickly focus between spot and flood by sliding the head of the torch backwards and forwards.The beam can reach up to 180 metres range when fully focused into a spot and the fast lock feature allows you to lock the head into place at your desired focus point, so it can stay where you need it.Simple to operate, it has a push button switch on the tail that cycles between the two brightness settings of high and low, with half presses of the switch. Alternatively, one press turns the light on in high and the next press turns it off. A third press turns the torch on in low and the next press turns it off.It uses four AAA NiMH batteries, with superior gold-plated battery contacts to help resist corrosion and keep the battery running well. A full charge can provide a run-time of up to 30 hours on the low setting and the energy saving function gradually decreases the output down to 1 lumen, in order to prolong the output of the torch.The batteries are charged inside the torch battery compartment using the LED Lenser charging station. The tail of the torch unscrews, with the battery compartment attached, and this slots into the charging side of the charging station. The other side is a slot for you to store the head and barrel of the torch while charging is in progress. The included cable plugs into the micro USB port on the charging base at one end, and the other end plugs into a USB port on the computer/laptop or a suitable mains/car USB adaptor.A light around the bottom of the charging station displays charging status. The light is blue when in standby mode, turning red once the battery pack is inserted to show charging is in progress and when charging is complete the light will go green. If there is an error, the light will flash blue to indicate this. A sticky pad is included so that you can secure your charging station in one location if you wish and there are also holes on the back so that it can be wall mounted (fixtures not included).The included lanyard makes easy carrying and the nylon holster stows the i7R safely when the torch is not in use.Operational ModesHigh: 220 lumens; 4 hours run-time; 180 m beam rangeLow: 25 lumens; 30 hours run-time; 60 m beam rangeTechnical DetailsType: Professional hand-held torchLuminous Flux: Up to 220 lumensBeam Range: Up to 180 mRun Time: Up to 30 hours (down to 1 lumen on low setting)LED: High power Cree LEDFocus: Spot to floodBatteries Required: 4 x AAA NiMH (included)Overall Length: 130 mmHead Diameter: 36.5Body Diameter: 29.5 mmWeight: 175 gramsBody Colour: BlackBody Material: Robust aluminium housingElectrical Contacts: Gold plated contactsSwitch Type: End cap switchEnvironmental: Water resistant to IPX4 standardsRegulatory Compliance: CE / RoHSPackaging and ContentsSupplied in retail packaging and includes:LED Lenser i7R LED torch x 1Charging station x 1Micro USB cable x 1Adhesive pad x 1Lanyard x 1Nylon holster x 1Anit roll ring x 1900 mAh AAA NiMH battery x 4Manual x 1


  5. Qlimax

    Target Shooting.

    Took my air rifle out for the first time. Harder to get a decent tight grouping when compared to a .22LF. 25metres it’s nice and accurate but 30m (100ft) it struggles a bit to get the range. 108ft (33m) is as far as I reckon it’ll go with the pellets I had today. Grouping even harder at that range having to aim above the target to get it on target.
  6. Qlimax

    Target Shooting.

    Quick bit of drilling into the frame and the bipod is fitted. Going to a long distance range to see how far out it’ll go.
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    Here I have my used TROY Battle Ax Retractable Stock for M4 which used to be Tan but I sprayed black. No longer needed. Price includes postage and fee. £20


  8. Just purchased a second ASG Scorpion Evo + the EvoTek expert kit :). Why two you may wonder because they're awesome and should one go down I have another as a backup.

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    Make: ASG Item: Scorpion Evo mid capsCondition: used once. Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Nx3Price/Payment: £110 for all 9 or £35 + Fee for each set of 3. Selling my Evo mid caps. No longer required. These have only been used for one game day in fact it turned out to be half a day. All in full working order.


  10. Qlimax

    ASG CZ Skorpion Evo owners ?

    Does anyone have the EvoTek expert kit in their Evo. If so, what are your thoughts. Worth it or not ?
  11. Qlimax

    Target Shooting.

    Air arms is great. I love mine. Well me being me I’ve just purchased a Sabatti Tactical Scout .223. Why not.
  12. Qlimax

    Target Shooting.

    The range I use to teach staff at work UK legislation/law and shooting is a clay pigeon site which is awesome. I'm looking to purchase a .22 rimfire myself. I love my PCP, got to drill the lower frame so i can attached sling swivels for a bipod and sling. I'm tempted to camo the lower but not sure yet.
  13. Qlimax

    Target Shooting.

    This is my Air Arms S410F. Love it and for a £900 setup it’s a cracking little air rifle.
  14. Qlimax

    ASG Scorpion EVO foam inlay soft case

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    Brand new ASG Scorpion EVO foam inlay soft case. Purchased for my Evo forgetting I have a 3D printed longer handguard on it so doesn't fit. Price includes postage and fee. Custom made for the EVO 3 A1 this tactical carry bag is made from Cordura nylon and features a main compartment with cut-out foam The foam keeps the EVO tightly in place with extra space for any type of optical sights the user might wish to mount to the gun The exterior of the bag features 3 mag pockets for a total of 9 magazines