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  1. Cheers for the replies guys Guessing that's a real wood stock PT? Looks pretty sweet though would personally go for a darker/redder coloured wood.
  2. As the title (sort of) states, does any one have any experience with this rifle? From what I can tell it's a clone/rebrand of the KJ Works KC-02 but is it fully compatible with the same parts? Looking at building a gas DMR and my first option (the KC-02) is out of stock everywhere I've looked. If this is as similar as it seems then I'm laughing. P.s. Please don't start advising me on AEG DMRs. They're too complex for me. I find gas rifles much easier to work on.
  3. When people use BBs that are too heavy for their gun's fps and then call you a cheater when you step out of the way as you can literally see their shots coming towards you. Sure mate, your Supertacticooldeathmachine M4-123abc may be able to lift stuff heavier than 0.3g but the round moves slower than a tipsy bumblebee.
  4. Do you have access to car? If so then you have MAW in Melton Mowbray and The Gaol in Oakham. Both sites do rentals. The Gaol is (in my opinion) the better site and is very newbie friendly.
  5. Recent purchases: Kombat UK Spartan Plate Carrier (Black) Quick mag open top m4 pouch (Black) Shotgun 12 shell pouch (Black) Double Eagle Shotgun shells (6 pack) Bottle of ASG Blasters 0.2g Building a new CQB plate carrier for my shotgun loadout. Should really be saving up for a new car but I'm really tempted to buy one of the ASG CZ 75 SP-01 Shadows after shooting one at my mate's house the other day. Very accurate little thing.
  6. Personally like the transparent tone more, but the red is the least offensive coloured option.
  7. Czech helmet cover - £4.90 off eBay Fobus dual magazine paddle holster for CZ 75 ~£19 off eBay
  8. It's very hard to mess up the internals of a bolt action. Just check YouTube for disassembly guides and then buy a spring that roughly equates to what FPS you're looking for. If not then go for the TM VSR as previously suggested. Under 350 fps but with the magic dust TM apply to their hop ups you get excellent range. The TM L96 models are more what you are after but they are (IMO) more fragile than the VSR models.
  9. 350 fps... So basically it's a regular AEG with a scope?
  10. Thanks for the heads up. Most of my guns don't stay stock for long so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle (for me) to get it shooting beautifully.
  11. ASG SVD-S (Spring) - £118 from Gunfire.pl Bought using the money I saved on my car insurance. Added bonus I don't have to justify buying it like I did with my ex last year haha
  12. Yeah this looks a lot better than the M16 as it has no plastic parts. Tempted to hire you to do this to my AK haha
  13. MFH Boonie Hat in Czech vz95 - £8.99 Czech flag patch - £3.99 "My favourite time is quiet time" patch - £3.99 proffrink's vsr stock - £20 Czech hat and patch is for my Czech special forces loadout. Cannot wait till ASG release their CZ Bren 805 at some point - especially with it being compatible with M4 mags with the changable mag well. Quiet time patch because I love my mk23 so the patch seemed appropriate. VSR stock because I broke mine haha
  14. http://www.thegaolevents.com Worth joining the Facebook group as well since that's where all the special events and regular ones get posted. Next month they're doing a "The Division" themed game day. Going to be awesome!
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