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  1. Believe what you like..... It always amuses me thst just because someone has or can build something what performs way better than someone else can do or owns, they call bullshit, It's very small minded
  2. These 2 readings are from someone's hpa vsr. And I can guarantee they are 100% legit. Cough#somepeoplecanbuildaewsomeshit#cough
  3. HPA dude, springs are so last season. Ive seen over 30j
  4. Being old and wise, I move slowly and queitly and let the kids do the running around whilst I shoot them 😂
  5. I'm afraid you can get more than 12 ftlbs out of an airsoft rifle...
  6. Tell the police your parents are sending money to Isis and are planning on sending you to Syria to fight along side Isis. That'll get them out the way.
  7. I use A jg as my main CQB weapon and it's great !
  8. Not so much 2016 but I've just put a chopped down m170 vsr Spring and put in my old asg franchi 😂 It smarts a bit being shot with it, much to the wifes amusement... I had to cock it for herbal she couldn't I can't see the trigger holding up too long lol
  9. Trainers whilst indoor CQB and walking boots outdoors. I don't feel the need for lots of heavy equipment playing fast paced CQB
  10. It's only an issue if she lets it be one, like Geoff says get on YouTube as there's lots of examples, she could get a glock with a bollock mag, semi + fully auto with a shit load of bbs before re loading... That would be so much fun for her 👍
  11. I'm with prof on the r hop, I've r hopped my g36 with edgi barrel, that made lots of difference, I've er hopped my bar 10 with orga 6.23 and that made so much difference i could over hop .80 steel bbs if I wanted ! The difference is night and day between a standard flat and r hop.
  12. I'm after something realistic, though it looks cool !
  13. Seems Daytona gun doesn't exist any more !
  14. Just googled what one is! you know what?, for the £40 that it costs I might do it, would be hilarious to rock up somewhere and light it up, I'd have to hide the HPA stuff so it doesn't give it away😂Then I could just swap out the engine to my proper project !
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