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  1. Esoterick

    X-site RIP

    I can't say I'm surprised, this was once my go to site that became one I wouldn't go to unless I wanted a reasonable chance of a shit day. The games used to be well organised and were actually planned the night before, once all the old marshaling team left games were just planned the same day more often than not and cheating was at times pretty rampant. Yes it was pretty basic as far as woodland sites go but the standard of play and atmosphere used to easily make up for it. For anyone else that runs a site with regulars that cheat: please ban them or at least don't wonder why no one wants to play at your games anymore. The site would benefit a lot from being opened up and not having weird random sections cordoned off for paintball. The netting in general that isn't used for covering the safezone could do with being removed as it gets in the way and can be used as a shield when you are really close to it. Not to mention loads of the site has been quite badly damaged since at least the winter of 2013 when I started playing.... Killhouse walls falling down, Windwill is a deathtrap(nearly broke my finger there once), Howitzer is so rotten you can't see it, holes in floor in the Vietnam village.
  2. Yep on the range at RIFT, can hit targets almost as well as with my recoil at that distance. You do realise that people swapping internals with negligible benefit is more or less as common as people overstating ranges with no actual metrics right? It's good that you checked I had though, instead of just assuming I'm pulling ranges out of thin air...
  3. This is one of the reasons I love the HK45 along with it fitting my hands perfectly. It seems to be a H&K thing though as my MP7 and MK23 both have the same type of ambi mag release and it looks like the USP does too. I'd recommend asking people to have a test of their pistols at a skirmish if you can't make it to stores very easily. It's like I found the ergonomics of the Glock 19 and P226 to be dreadful, which is partly but not entirely to shooting left handed. For some people though this doesn't seem to be so much of an issue as a number of popular models of guns have things like mag releases in weird places or bad fire selectors. I also still wonder why people can't get 50 metres out of TM pistols stock, it shouldn't require changing anything to achieve on Abbey or Green Gas with 0.25g BBs.
  4. If it's second hand and showing signs of being faulty I'd replace it, even if I knew the history of the battery I would personally chuck it. Might just be me but I'd rather not risk damaging a gun or anything else for the sake of £15. It could have previously been charged with a poor quality charger at a guess.
  5. As someone that gets unreasonably bothered by slings restricting my movement I doubt I could run a HPA line. That said I remove anything from my loadouts if it causes me any clearance issues at all, it's why I won't keep a torch on my rifles so I may be a bit of an outlier. Do HPA guns have any more recoil than GBBRs? As I have yet to come across a GBBR that actually has much recoil despite what the owner of the gun says.
  6. Do they still insist on Chronoing on 0.2g BBs though? As that's less than ideal for factoring in joule creep.
  7. These policies never make sense, so remove parts that are very unlikely to fit on a real gun. Anything that mounts on a Weaver/Dovetail/Picatinny rail? Nah that's fine.
  8. I've still not used a sling which I would consider as good as my Magpul MS3, downsides are it's only 1 and 2 point and is a bit pricey. On the other hand the hook system it uses means it's really easy to attach and detach from your gun and it doesn't have any of that bungee nonsense.
  9. The one day I played at South Coast had the worst standard of play of any site I've played at in the last 4 years. Hot guns(I had scars on my thigh from being shot at around 30 metres by an AEG for 6 months and we watched people fail chrono to be told it was fine), people slowly drawing and shooting on you after being hit, people being extremely aggressive when shot and even someone full autoing someone whilst he was dead and waiting just outside the game area. The biggest problem I've come across is where there are assumptions made about what someone else is doing, which I think ties in with what I've quoted you saying. For instance if you think they are cheating you start overkilling everyone or shooting their head "so they feel it" and i've seen a clear rise in people deliberately aiming for the head in the last couple of years after all the conversations online about shooting people in the head if they "cheat". Problem is unless you know for a fact they are cheating you are just being a dick. Not to mention site operators that think people shouldn't be banned if they are a regular or make mediocre youtube videos. Funny how sites that just ban people for this behaviour don't have nearly the amount of issues with suspicious players. I actually think it's a shame full auto is generally banned in CQB but I can see why as all it takes is a few people being silly. However, the players that spam the trigger really hard on semi tend to have awful trigger discipline so will merrily keep shooting you for a while after you shout hit and raise your hand so I don't think it really eliminates much overkill.
  10. That link goes to a selection for what battery type you would like. It would be helpful to specify which of the mAh ratings you are looking at.
  11. I just use one of the TM M4 mag style ones, I've had for 4 years with no issues. The only thing I'd really prefer a pistol mag style loader for is sniper rifle mags.
  12. This is a massive assumption, some sites have no DMR rules at all, i.e. you can't use them at all whilst others range from 370 FPS to 450, I've personally not seen any sites that allow above 450 so that is certainly not common. I'd suggest you check this more thoroughly or you will struggle to find sites you can use your gun at.
  13. One of my mates got one recently and is really pleased with it, aesthetically not my cup of tea but the build quality is decent. Supposedly they are on par with the TM M870 in terms of performance, but I have no idea if this is correct. It's a shame Airsoft gun reviews tend to either be affiliated with a shop or consist of "I got a gun and a box and it fires BBs, would give a 10/10 without bothering to use in a few games" Gas shotguns are pretty fun but functionally they don't do anything that a 40 quid springer wouldn't, other than I guess be easier to cock and some have a 6 shot option which I always thought did nothing other than waste ammo when I had a breacher. In terms of playstyle I find shotguns benefit most from popping in an out of cover between shots as the fire rate and magazine capacity are limiting factors. There's a chap who is a regular at Combat South that does an upgrade service which is meant to give these guns really good range and that's where my mates currently is. As we should be heading to Rift COM 3 next weekend I am hoping to see what the effective range is like as they have a measured shooting range.
  14. This seems contrary to what is commonly recommended on both the VSR owners facebook group and Airsoft sniper forums, which is to use a 430mm barrel even in a G Spec when using weights around 0.40g
  15. No and there's evidently a reason i've never come across any sites that have allowed anything past a MK5 or 9mm blank. As Trigger said MK5s can be dodgy enough, especially as the majority of sites I've played at allow them to be thrown overarm increasing the chance for them to land on you or go off near your head. Between this and hard case pyro being able to ruin your day/life if they hit you in the face I think the use of pyro is already enough of a calculated risk.
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