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  1. For me the embassy in Leicester was the best site I’ve played at. 3 story warehouse with a pitch black basement open main floor with man made structures then a top floor of offices. Marshals were great along with the gameplay. Unfortunately wasn’t around for long and has now been converted into flats.
  2. Welcome back mate. You are never to old to play airsoft
  3. In the last few years I have drifted in and out of the airsoft scene for no reason other than general life getting in the way But I always find that desire to come back. When I did play a lot (nearly every weekend) it’s got to a point where it was nice to have a weekend off from airsofting.
  4. After dipping in and out of the airsoft scene for the last 2 years I’ve came back to see a lot of hype on social media about TM m4’s and the NGRS system. I’ve also seen a lot of companies doing upgrade packages on the platform and claiming they are the best aeg out there. Would people agree with that and say that they are at the top of the tree in regards to range, accuracy or is there a better aeg out there even with upgrades? The whole reason I’m asking is because in the next couple of months I will be purchasing a rif again and I’m happy to spend that extra if it’s worth it. Thanks Josh
  5. It looks like a lovely bit of kit but I don’t think I could justify spending that much on it £800-900 fair enough but not that much. Especially when you start upgrading it like the rest of the tm NGRS series it’s going to be a £1800 gun
  6. One of my best days of airsoft was in heavy rain whether that was down to less people being there or everyone just slugging it out I’m not sure. Was definitely worth the soggy feet though
  7. It seems that both Airsoft and Paintball sites are being targeted at the moment. seems like a select few going round nicking, should have there hands chopped off when caught.
  8. Well they have been making solenoid markers for a long time now and they keep getting more efficient each time so it will be good to se what they can do. As for full gun or drop in im not sure
  9. So as I play paintball as well as airsoft I’ve heard the one of the manufacturers has applied for a patent to make a hpa airsoft gun. Now if you haven’t heard of planet Eclipse they make the most reliable paintball guns as well as probably the most efficient. what does this mean for airsoft? Well if they can make a airsoft gun like they do with paintball guns then they will be onto a winner. I will keep people updated as I find out more
  10. Getting back into airsoft again and for good this time!

  11. By the looks of it it's up now and working
  12. I will agree with ed on this one z1 forums are a sham to airsoft and make themselves lol silly by not letting to mention any other retailers. As for the shop i have had a hit and miss with them first time ran smooth as butter.2nd time I had to send photo evidence aswell as ukara for some reason to purchase a gun which then they took 6 working days before they sent it out and came out with the excuses. Even at the nae some of the guys seem very clicky and off don't get me wrong a lot of them are decent people. I think if you stick to fire support,airsoft zone and patrol base you can't go wrong
  13. I stopped reading ai when every front cover had a 'pmc' who always had to have a beard (not the same guy) and ever since that's what ai focuses on instead of mixing it up and going back to things like Vietnam,ww2 etc
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