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  1. jcheeseright

    If money was no object what RIF would you buy

    Wow, that's pretty clear cut!
  2. jcheeseright


    VHF generally will give a lower range at an airsoft site where there are lots of obstacles.
  3. jcheeseright

    Abbey 144a low power gas.

    the thing about TM slides breaking with green gas was based on like 1 or 2 guns in really hot places popping when people used crazy chinese gas. Even an original release G17 from like 2005 would run fine on nuprol 2.0. However, abbey predator is great stuff and will give you about 260-270fps consistently at 20C
  4. jcheeseright

    The last AFUK Mall event

    I suppose since the end is nigh I should get my arse to the mall. Either day is fine for me, though preference is for the 13th.
  5. jcheeseright

    Radios Baofeng

    That’s exactly what I mean, the indicator as to which channel you’re on is small and the button to switch is easily pressed. Under stress you could very easily transmit on channel 0 when you mean to transmit on channel 99 or vice versa.
  6. jcheeseright

    Radios Baofeng

    Baofeng UV5-R can do 136-174MHz and 400-480MHz, so yeah it’ll be able to work on marine channels. I wouldnt advise trying to use it to do both team and coastguard though, 2 frequencies on one radio isn’t ever really a good idea for user. A very high chance of screwing up and transmitting on the wrong channel.
  7. jcheeseright


    So you’re saying that if I sell a product to someone in China I should be able to communicate perfectly in their language? What about customers from Russia, should I also learn Russian? It’s not bad customer service, it’s your expectations being too high. You made the mistake and then asked for a favour to fix it, they didn’t have the capacity to do so and now you’ve got your knickers in a twist.
  8. jcheeseright


    Try emailing them in polish instead, might get a more sensible response.
  9. jcheeseright

    Identify Flashlight???

    It’s a surefire centurion, they’re pretty hard to come by these days.
  10. jcheeseright

    Possible to get a proper trigger break?

    On a standard AEG there’s no way to replicate it, the trigger just doesn’t work that way. GBLS have released their DAS system though which features a fully mechanical trigger in an electric gun, the trigger pull isn’t super crisp, there’s a little bit of mush in there, it’s representative of a real trigger. Just not a really good one.
  11. jcheeseright

    Would Airsoft be bigger in the UK without ukara?

    Really? Before 2006 anyone could buy a RIF and I don’t remember there being chaos on the streets!
  12. jcheeseright

    TM ebb body compatabilaty

    Nope, different spec.
  13. jcheeseright

    Gun picture thread

    Its certainly different!
  14. jcheeseright

    The Current State of UK Airsoft Magazines

    Who are you again? 😎
  15. jcheeseright

    Packs in game?

    Lol @ autocorrect there @AshOnSnow! if you’re after a simple bag to take out then any rucksack or shoulder bag will work to be left at the respawn. if you’re looking for something to carry with you, for a skirmish I really can’t recommend any kind of bag. Just use a big pouch and a bag of BBs.