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  1. VFC ones are, though VFC Glocks suck a dick, so.... Just did a quick google, KSC Glocks are RS compatible (ish), you'll need to shim out the sight a little but it's got the right size gap and the BBU doesn't bolt into the sight.
  2. absolutely nails, the BBU screws into the bottom of the rear sight and the cutout isn't the right shape for RS sights. Guns modify do a set of tritium sights with Trijicon trades for TM/WE pistols.
  3. Get a bit of lexan the right size and some big heatshrink.
  4. You'll sometimes get 1 or 2 with some tall tales about "when they were in", but they're very much the minority. Ask a couple of questions and suddenly the whole thing falls apart.
  5. Exactly, 40 metric metres is about 85 Airsoft metres though.
  6. Your rough example is the first time I've ever seen realistic ranges stated in an Airsoft conversation. Everyone thinks their gun shoots 60m, when really very very few shoot anywhere near that far.
  7. These aren't actually made before 1870 though.
  8. Nope, generally clones don't have parts availability. Best just buying a new one.
  9. Basically all guns will shoot further with a .25 than with a .20 I don't see what your point is?
  10. I leave my mags loaded for weeks/months on end, always have. Never had a problem.
  11. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, no. 70m! 70ft maybe, 70m is further than my TM shoots.
  12. TM MP7 is great in the woods too, the range on mine was absolutely phenomenal, I'm talking one taps at 60m, hitting people's gun barrels sticking out at 40m etc.
  13. You're not going to defeat decent night vision, don't even try. If you're constantly getting pinged from a certain building with no light coming from it, just avoid it! Use as little light as possible and don't look at other people's torches!
  14. You've met airsofters, imagine those same people having the opinion that the customer is always right contacting you all the time. I'd rather do back street abortions.
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