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  1. jcheeseright

    Chronoed my rifles yesterday with .20 bbs.

    The law is NOT in FPS, the law is 1.3j which is 374fps with a .20g BB.
  2. jcheeseright

    Chronoed my rifles yesterday with .20 bbs.

    Get a grip, I'm talking about shaving off 1fps, not 20!
  3. jcheeseright

    Chronoed my rifles yesterday with .20 bbs.

    374 is the legal limit, I expect the 350 is a hard limit for the site and that a 351 on the chrono will put you over the limit. wind the hop-up on a quarter turn and you'll probably lose 5fps.
  4. jcheeseright

    Could this show airsoft in a bad light?

    If by the 'industry' you mean the military, yes.
  5. jcheeseright

    Could this show airsoft in a bad light?

    As someone who has taught the advanced anti submarine warfare helicopter control course for the Royal Navy I can 100% confirm that ASW and land battles do NOT overlap. While data may be sent across shared datalinks (Link11/16/22) no part of hunting submarines links in with what's happening in the land battle. They are entirely, utterly separate.
  6. jcheeseright

    Osprey MK4 - Legal?

    Erm, care to state a source for that? I believe it to be complete horse turd! https://www.vestguard.co.uk/hard-armour-plate-nij-level-iiiiv-34.html https://protectiongroup.dk/ballistic-side-plate-nij-level-4-ceramic-stand-alone https://www.varusteleka.com/en/product/cpe-diamond-armour-plate-nij-iv-stand-alone/29952 https://www.uktactical.com/p-4993-nexus-level-iv-monolithic-hard-plate.aspx For something that is illegal to own there seem to be an awful lot of retailers willing to sell it. **edit, did some research, armour rated ABOVE Level IV is classed as armament materials and is illegal to own.
  7. jcheeseright

    Could this show airsoft in a bad light?

    It's also got an ASW area! Airsoft would be super effective for simulating ASW.
  8. jcheeseright

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    😮 £4k for Gen2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  9. jcheeseright

    Keep an eye out for shattering ASG Blasters (again).

    When I say shatter I mean shatter, if I meant cleanly split in 2 that's what I would have said. Try it for yourself, fire a load of whatever BB you want into a pillowcase or similar and they'll shatter against each other quite nicely. Against hard mesh all BBs will shatter at the right angle. Even better, take the best quality BBs you can find and shoot them at a brick, almost all of them will shatter into many many pieces. As for 'reflex reaction', bullshit, it's an idiot reaction. The brief at any decent site will state quite clearly to never take your eyepro off in the game area, getting some grit in there is not an excuse or a reason to further endanger your eyesight! Simple answer to this non-problem is to wear lenses and not mesh. People's eyes are their own responsibility, the ammo I choose to use or not use is irrelevant if their protection is up to scratch, if their protection isn't up to scratch that's their problem for wearing unsuitable protective equipment.
  10. jcheeseright

    Keep an eye out for shattering ASG Blasters (again).

    And again, ALL BBs will shatter if they hit a hard surface fast enough or at the right angle, even really high quality ones like Green Devils. Similarly, the chances of a serious eye injury occuring as a result are negligible, the particles of BB that make it through the holes in mesh are travelling very slowly and are very small. Uncomfortable for sure, but unlikely to cause even temporary damage. That said, if people wear appropriately rated eye protection then the chances of injury from a shattered BB are nil, because there are no holes.
  11. jcheeseright

    Real Steel to Airsoft Conversion

    Also, Airsoft internals won't fit into a Glock, no way no how. Airsoft Glocks aren't the same size or striker fired for a start!
  12. jcheeseright

    AEG out of the box with electronic trigger

    6.03 is a red herring, a good 6.07 is much better than a mediocre 6.03. Likewise, if the manufacturer can get a programmable MOSFET into a £150 gun they're cutting serious corners elsewhere. If you want a solid performer at that price point get a G&G combat machine.
  13. jcheeseright

    Keep an eye out for shattering ASG Blasters (again).

    Like I said, ALL BBs shatter! If you go to a site that provides mesh for rentals I'd be very interested to see their risk assessment, there's no way on earth their insurance is covering that.
  14. jcheeseright

    Keep an eye out for shattering ASG Blasters (again).

    ALL BBs shatter in my experience. Just depends what they hit. Anyone who wears mesh and blames the BBs other people are shooting needs to reassess their priorities.
  15. jcheeseright

    Eotechs and AN/PEQ 15s

    No one makes a good PEQ16 replica.