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  1. jcheeseright

    First gun purchase?

    £52 is going to come up closer to £70 once you've added on the £12.40 VAT and the handling charge from royal mail. Better off just buying a new gun
  2. jcheeseright

    Gun picture thread

    It's not a 115 either, it looks a lot like an L96 receiver on a folding stock body. Barrel profile, magazine size and muzzle device are all wrong for an L115A3.
  3. jcheeseright

    UK/Euro Sig Sauer Optics Retailer?

    It is however a made in the USA niche product which is going to be sold in very small quantities in Europe, the price reflects that 😩
  4. jcheeseright

    UK/Euro Sig Sauer Optics Retailer?

    A T1 is a red dot, the Sig Bravo4 isn't.
  5. jcheeseright

    UCAP Redemption

    The bunker makes me sad every time, full auto in the dark with people that think hit taking is optional.
  6. jcheeseright

    Milsim/Other UK Events (Multiple days)

    Stirling Airsoft do this sort of thing all the time. The 'camping' part is in game though, so pack a comfy set of goggles
  7. jcheeseright

    Stirling Airsoft

    Yeah, even at their 'roleplay' events they're pretty easy about guns. Though i would say don't turn up to an event looking like a PMC dripping in crye if you're on the OPFOR side. It's not green Vs tan, it's NATO Vs Baddies.
  8. jcheeseright

    Eyepro ratings and have etc

    They need to expand their standards, the reason most eyepro is missing the EN166B rating is because the testing hasn't been done. Any decent ballistic eyeshield will meet ANSI Z87+ though.
  9. jcheeseright


    All you need is a Casio F-91W 😀
  10. jcheeseright

    Lose handguard TM 416 Delta custom

    Ignore the barrel nut comment, that's not how the rail attaches. There's a nut on the receiver end of the rail on the right side, tighten that and the wobble will go away.
  11. The joules ARE the hitting power, force = mass*acceleration. FPS is largely irrelevant without the mass, a feather hitting you at 100fps will hurt a lot less than a brick hitting you at 100fps. An Airsoft gun shooting at 1000fps even with a .45 g BB won't be to do any real damage, short of hitting an eye.
  12. jcheeseright

    New FMA La5 PEQ

    I found the IR laser on the old FMA PEQ to be fine, not quite 830nm but still hard to see. Adjustment was crap though, I had to open mine up to get the adjustment to work well though to zero. At that price though i reckon the Invisiblesight MK2 is a better option since it's got a proper laser illuminator.
  13. jcheeseright

    Airsoft tournaments and competitions

    As soon as it's possible to 'win' people start to cheat. That's just the way of the world.
  14. jcheeseright

    This looks awesome for anyone that can make it..

    My point was more that 9.4 isn't exactly a barrier to most people. Especially on a 15m test!
  15. jcheeseright

    New to airsoft, got some gear...

    When you say 'slightly better' we're thousandths of a second difference over that distance. .25 hurt more too, which improves hit taking marginally.