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  1. One of the most retarded things I've read on here for a while. Should a 9mm pistol replica should have a power limit 1/3 that of a 5.56mm rifle replica?
  2. MTP can be bought pretty cheaply as surplus gear. I don't understand.
  3. I'll bite, wtf are you wearing NODs during the day?
  4. It's just a V2 gearbox, either your selector plate or cut off lever is broken.
  5. I've no issue with it, clearly none of the more prominent ones these days are breaking the Official Secrets Act (they'd get nicked if they did) and so they're selling stories/sharing their experiences and people are paying them. Fair play! People like Ant Middleton have taken it further and used their forces background to open doors but the stuff he's doing now isn't really military relayed anymore, he's just going off on adventures and doing difficult things for our entertainment. As for your young mate who's just about to join the army, right now he's full of piss and vinegar and dreaming about his glorious career serving the queen. Once he's had the plug cut off his kettle a few times and been AGAId a few more he'll have a more realistic attitude!
  6. You're not missing anything, you could buy all that new for less
  7. You're not missing anything, you could buy all that new for less
  8. Travis Haley certainly seems to think it can be of use; If you're unaware of who Travis Haley is, look him up, he's about as credible as it's possible to be when it comes to doing cool shit in dangerous places. His point of view however is that Airsoft guns can be used for safe, cheap training of muscle memory in your garage. Airsoft skirmishing isn't going to improve your chances in a real firefight, if anything it may make you more prone to taking risks because in your Airsoft games there have been no consequences for making shit choices. Likewise, real room clearing techniques etc really don't stand up all that well in a skirmish game, because there is no punishment for getting shot.
  9. Won't make any difference at all, though as mentioned it will make zeroing the sight a bit of a chore as to move the dot left or right you'll need to alter both elevation and windage.
  10. I've had this a couple of times with shitty chronos being operated by idiots who have no idea how they work. Went to a site near bristol a couple of years back with a stock TM that was somehow doing 550fps with .25g BBs.... or was it? Of course it wasn't, the marshal had the chrono set up with the sun shining down the 'tube' which confused the shit out of the sensors and made it do all sorts of crazy shit. Turned the chrono 90 degrees so the tube was in the shade and we were back to a normal 250fps.
  11. Jesus that gun sounds like it's about to drop dead. If it were a racehorse, I would shoot it.
  12. Yeah, I've never disassembled a gun to paint. Just tape off the muzzle and stuff a load of newspaper into the magwell.
  13. 150% recoil spring may be a bit much,it'll sap your gas usage loads. I used to use a 120% and that was fine.
  14. Putting some ice in with your water in a carrier is totally valid, helps keep it cold longer. If you want to keep yourself properly cold though have a look at iceplate; https://airsoftimports.co.uk/products/qore-performance-closed-iceplate-cooling-only?variant=13338312999030
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