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  1. jcheeseright

    Gun picture thread

    I think that's what the inverted commas were for.
  2. jcheeseright

    AR15 = pistol??

    it's a stupid technicality in US law, you can own a 'pistol' with a short barrel no problem, so instead of having a stock on the buffer tube they have a brace instead, it's designed to be strapped around your forearm (not even joking!) but works perfectly well as something to put in your shoulder.
  3. jcheeseright

    Need an opinion on an update I'm making to my loadout.

    95 pattern is just the cut of the uniform, there’s 95 pattern kit in desert colours and even MTP. UBACS were produced in desert DPM but never in standard DPM. UBACS btw stands for Under Body Armour Combat Shirt, the S isn’t pluralisation.
  4. jcheeseright

    Genuine Gas Masks for Airsoft Face Protection

    Hahahah, running round in an S10! I’d rather boil my own balls.
  5. jcheeseright

    UKSF? What kit is this?

    Plate carrier is a JPC not AVS.
  6. jcheeseright

    Advice Needed - retracting sling

    Just get a decent 2 point, you can cinch a good one down very tight across the body in a second.
  7. jcheeseright

    THE TM MWS thread

    That does somewhat explain the outrageous range these things get!
  8. jcheeseright

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Replica already exists; https://grey-shop.ru/Tachanka-helmet fuck wearing that all day though, look at how much it weighs!!!
  9. jcheeseright

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Don’t milsim shame me ‘brother’, I won’t be able to hold down my operator coffee, I may even spill it on my ART15 tee shirt! #milsim #oaf #hoodrats #etc
  10. TM MP7 GBB, best gun I ever owned, so accurate and so much range. One shot headshots at 50m we’re totally achievable. Sold it to raise some cash to upgrade my night vision, don’t entirely regret it but if I had the opportunity to pick up another MP7 I’d take it!
  11. jcheeseright

    Gun picture thread

    Yes. Stop it.
  12. jcheeseright

    THE TM MWS thread

    Have to just get a real one then!
  13. jcheeseright

    G&G advice

    if you're after solid reliability get a bog standard combat machine and feed it 7.4v LiPo batteries, it'll fire without fault for years and years.
  14. jcheeseright

    TM NGRS 416 issue

    Check the little lever inside the magwell is centred, sounds like it's jumping and hitting the magazine which is stopping it from coming down.