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  1. Tactical-kit.co.uk have a decent range. If you're after second hand stuff then real steel advice and sales on Facebook is a good shout.
  2. Streaking always comes before dust and after decals for me, keep the thread updated though!
  3. Looks good, interesting that you've decided to do decals after weathering though.
  4. 3.2j firearm... really? I'd expect it to fall under the definition of an air weapon, and not a specially dangerous one either.
  5. The barrel on a Glock does move though, not back and forth, but the muzzle end goes up and then down. The movement of the slide to the rear causes this. If you add weight to the muzzle it takes more energy for the slide to lift the barrel and thus makes the gun less efficient. Add a 200g tracer unit to the end of a WE G17 barrel and see how well the gun cycles (spoiler: REALLY BADLY).
  6. Well that's not true! There are loads of real and Airsoft pistols with barrels that tilt during cycling. The WE G17 that the OP is asking about definitely has a tilting barrel.
  7. Have a look for the crye roll up dump pouch or a platatac ASD, they both mount the front of a plate carrier right under the plate.
  8. Cracked hop unit is likely the cause of your shit FPS. I'd give the gearbox a once over anyway though, grease the piston seals etc.
  9. Disassemble it as far as you can go, use a toothbrush and methylated spirits to remove the old paint. If you're thorough enough at this stage you may not even need to spray it again as the meths will remove all of the paint and return the gun to 'new' condition. If you do need to spray it, prime with a proper primer (I recommend Halfords grey primer) in 2 thin coats, then spray on the desired colour in not less than 3 very thin coats. So thin that it's not opaque until the third coat goes on.
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Original-Flecktarn-Tanker-Overalls-German-Army-Surplus-Camo-Work-Coveralls-/181441311793
  11. A Baofeng radio is more than sufficient, lots of guys use the UV5-R. As for wet weather gear, some surplus MTP goretex is cheap and effective. Don't bother with the trousers, you won't need them.
  12. Combat missions are generally less involved than theme games (no ROE etc), reliable radios are absolutely recommended as you'll be completely in the dark about what's going on without them. Tan rig is fine for both teams, clothing is what really matters, make sure you have wet and dry kit IN THE RIGHT COLOUR. Food wise do whatever works for you, personally I can survive on cold food for 2 days so generally just take sandwiches/flapjacks/crisps/chocolate etc. There are no cooking facilities provided. You won't carry a bag all day, you won't even need to take a bergan as you'll set up your bed area and that'll be that. Accommodation at catterick is about as good as it gets, you'll very likely be in a bunk bed with a rubberised mattress, though I would take a folding camp bed anyway, just in case. Sometimes it's worth taking a day sack as you may be out for a few hours, but no loose ammo is allowed to be carried so all reloading happens back at base.
  13. so long as it's mechanically sound you'll get £400+ for that, the battery mod isn't the cleanest I've ever seen but a replacement stock is cheap if someone's that bothered about it. Same for the rail, whoever buys it will likely change it anyway.
  14. 6 mags and a spectre? you can get £400+ for that easy, unless the externals are absolutely fucked.
  15. Green absolutely does trigger the blink reflex, IR Lasers do not. However, it doesnt really matter as green lasers can be so high power it doesn't matter if you blink or not, they can cause damage very quickly. Especially since anything from China could be any power at all!
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