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  1. I have never seen a plastic bushing fail. I have seen MANY MANY cracked metal bushings.
  2. why not just give them a punch in the face and then have everyone laugh at them? since we're dishing out corporal punishment mixed with public humiliation.
  3. I had an old TM M4A1 that was in it's box in the loft for nearly 10 years, shot absolutely fine. Gearboxes are pretty well sealed up, your lubricants won't dry out.
  4. I'm calling bullshit on concussion from BBs. A concussion is where your head is hit hard enough for the brain to impact the skull and swell a little, unless that 2g of BBs were travelling at Mach 3 when they hit there's not even a remote possibility of causing concussion. A nasty bruise and a bit of discomfort maybe, but concussion, no.
  5. Exactly, rather than limit people with HPA guns to a reasonable rate of semi auto fire, they ruined it for everyone. Since HPA guns can shoot auto too their advantage if anything has been magnified rather than reduced.
  6. This is exactly why I don't go to strike farce anymore, as soon as they introduced the burst rule (to allow AEG users to keep up with HPA users. I shit you not) it became a joke. Everyone there seems to think it's their god given right to put a 5 shot burst into everything they see and it's just shit. Full auto in CQB never really works that well, there's absolutely no need for it at all!
  7. Totally agree, there's a reason I sold my PTW and went back to a recoil shock gun. What I was disagreeing with was the suggestion that the PTW was basically just an expensive ICS, which really isn't true at all. So very very far from the truth.
  8. Cycle completion, instant trigger response through precocking, stop on empty, 1:1 dimensions, completely different hop design, planetary gearbox.... If you've got the money, they're very much worth it. If you don't, they're not.
  9. "Systema is just an ICS" Err, no. Completely different design.
  10. It's not a real gun, the lube the factory applied is absolutely fine.
  11. Ignore me, turns out G17 and G22 have the same slide dimensions!
  12. They're both real size, the G22 has a wider slide than a G19.
  13. Your TM MP7 is more like 80% size, they're much smaller than the real thing.
  14. Don't have it anymore, but here's my old Systema Mk18. Systema PTW MAX2 CQBR Daniel Defense Mk18 RIS II HAO Mk18 Barrel* Daniel Defense QD sling receiver end plate 'Surefire' SOCOM 556 suppressor* Insight PEQ15 SOPMOD Holosun HS403GL Night Evolution (I know...) M600C* Hogue grip Magpul CTR Magpul AFG2 Shame I had to let it go, but having nearly 4 grand tied up in an Airsoft gun I only used once every couple of months seemed daft 😭
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