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  1. jcheeseright

    Advice on inner barrel cleaning

    bit of iso on a patch of lint free cloth works fine for me.
  2. jcheeseright

    L85A3 Release publicity.

    I've carried an SA80 around for days on end, fired it quite accurately during and after. I'm not exactly the biggest guy going either. 90% of the people who complain about the weight (and reliability, and ergonomics, and accuracy, and....) haven't ever spent any actual time using the rifle. Almost all of the weight is in the back and middle of the rifle which makes it very easy to hold steady when it's in the shoulder.
  3. jcheeseright

    L85A3 Release publicity.

    Woah! You're a little behind the times! Performance of the rifle didn't need to be improved really, though the barrel being free float should theoretically improve (already very good) accuracy and the new upper is supposed to be easier to maintain. It's 100g lighter than the A2 as well, which means the SA80A3 only weighs 45Kg! It's HKey, slightly different standard.
  4. jcheeseright

    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    Sounds like a shit site. While they're still getting your money they have no incentive to change, vote with your feet and play elsewhere.
  5. jcheeseright

    Real knives, folded for knife kills???

    That's what I'm saying though, I have been hit, (many times) and it's really not bad. The 'bang' is less loud than a Mk5 and the impact itself even up close isn't actually painful, certainly a lot less so than a BB to somewhere squishy. I'd certainly rather take a tag round to the face than a .48g sniper BB like the above video!
  6. jcheeseright

    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    Manufacture cost alone is not the total cost. R&D time, mould costs (especially for injection moulded hard plastics, the mould alone can cost many thousands), machine time, distribution costs etc... All adds up. The extended battery cover for a honey badger as an example, up front costs were probably a few grand. If there's say 10,000 honey Badgers in circulation around the world and EVERYONE bought one you'd still be looking at a few quid per part, since not everyone is going to buy one the company making them need to ensure they make a profit... As does the retailer and the wholesaler. If they made millions of them they'd cost pence, but they didn't make millions because they wouldn't sell millions.
  7. jcheeseright

    Real knives, folded for knife kills???

    You are correct, I'll amend my post. That said, 0.39g of black powder has a lot more 'bang' than the <1g of whatever firework pop is in a tag round. As a demonstration, here's a video of an idiot accidentally shooting himself in the face with one point blank! He's fine, singed his eyebrows a little because the green gas from the launcher was lit by the cracker in the projectile, but that's not going to happen to anyone on the receiving end, unless their magazines are REALLY leaky!
  8. jcheeseright

    Real knives, folded for knife kills???

    No it isn't, the powder in a bullet is a lot more powerful than the low grade firework snap in a tag round. I HAVE been hit by an impact TAG, it's less painful than being hit by a BB. The round itself is huge and weighs next to nothing, the charge that makes it go bang is tiny. *** Edited for my bad maths
  9. jcheeseright

    Real knives, folded for knife kills???

    Direct hits from impact tags DO NOT HURT, it's a shock for sure, but the 'charge' inside is tiny and the projectile itself weighs bugger all. I've been hit directly a number of times, and I'd take a TAG to the chest over a BB to the inner thigh any day of the week. Likewise, if you're wearing just glasses in a game in which TAG rounds are available that is YOUR risk to take, full face is always available to everyone.
  10. jcheeseright

    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    I think it's the rail that doesn't line up with the receiver that does it.
  11. jcheeseright

    SCO19 gear

    I wouldn't trust a pair of helikon trousers to survive a Sunday skirmish.
  12. jcheeseright

    An interesting view of airsoft

    Why does real-cap always come into milsim discussions? There's not a single credible game organiser in the UK that recommends real-cap magazines.
  13. jcheeseright

    An interesting view of airsoft

    I don't think you 'got it' in that case, for me that video sums up the takes it too seriously Airsofter perfectly!
  14. jcheeseright

    TM Sopmod Sling plate/Sling alternative

    Or a small loop of paracord?