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  1. If it's just for storing in your bed room plenty of furniture places sell ottoman storage benches, find one that matches your current furniture and it will blend right in , then just get some foam inserts to protect the guns inside
  2. lemon191

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Nothing fancy just a relocation cable for my radio , testing out this to see if it improves the performance over the standard Ariel, so far the FM radio reception is vastly improved hopefully it does the same for squad comms
  3. lemon191

    Perfect weather for a game

    Dry, no wind(maybe a slight breeze ) warm enough for a T-shirt or a light jacket but not hot.. cold is ok to aslong as it's dry and not to much standing around waiting for people to reload after every game (preferably no waiting just one long running game) the weather has yet to beat me and I've played in pretty much all of the extremes of the British weather lol
  4. lemon191

    MAS G

    Lol question is which did you put your money on lol , there's still plenty of time for it to still go either way
  5. lemon191

    Do cameras help prevent cheats???

    Any decent Marshall will not base a decision off of one complaint or video of cheating anyway so his word v mine isnt a issue. they will get the complaint then tail the person themselves and come to their own conclusion, hence why it's important to provide accurate descriptions above anything else and if your close enough to say he's cheating your close enough to be able to ID what he is wearing etc (with the exception of NAE where they ask for the player number which for the most part is going to be near impossible to see unless you are really close..) the problem with cameras is unless they are wearing something that really stands out to someone watching it back that wasn't there the person could be any number of people alot of the time. it wouldn't be the first time a site/ Marshall has known already and has turned a blind eye for whatever reasons but if that's the case genuine players will realise themselves and take their money else where. Bottom line is don't waste your money on cameras to detect cheats, buy cameras because you enjoy filming /editing game days and treat catching a cheater or 2 as a bonus if it happens.
  6. lemon191

    MAS G

    That's mine and a friend's thoughts aswell, they may well make a good grenade but they don't appear to have any business sense at all, the price is going to be the biggest issue for alot of people. My friend sent me a picture of all the parts it's made up of and there is alot of them.. better hope it doesn't break.
  7. lemon191

    Do cameras help prevent cheats???

    It's not about kicking up a fuss, as long as you approach the marshalls with the facts of what happened they will make their own decision after that. If it's a genuine cheater they will continue and get caught and let's face it, if they are happy to cheat a camera is going to make very little difference to them.
  8. lemon191

    MAS G

    I know they were talking about putting a few measures in for security, one being it only works with the original charging unit/base but off the top of my head I don't know if they went ahead with doing that.
  9. lemon191

    MAS G

    I see this grenade has been finished and shipped to the first reviewers, it's taken years of delays and excuses (not to forget the people who originally backed them are still waiting). I'm not a backer but have watched their FB page for developments etc over the time and I really can't see how anyone would trust these guys to deliver let alone pay £195 for the pleasure. We see enough £80 TRMRs go walkies So I can't say I would be overly confident throwing one and hoping it's still there later. is anyone a backer that's still waiting or actually considering buying one ?
  10. lemon191

    Do cameras help prevent cheats???

    Hit the nail on the head there,as far as I'm concerned i would only report someone for cheating if I saw several of my BBs bouncing off him (one can be not felt/heard quite easily where as several shots is alot less likely) . The amount of people I have seen in woodland scenarios shoot at people clearly out of range and then sit there And complain to the people next to them about how he must have hit him loads of times is ridiculous, and people seem to forget that small twigs /undergrowth can knock a bb completely off course.
  11. lemon191

    Do cameras help prevent cheats???

    No.. the only way to prevent cheating is players providing decent info to marshalls at the time and marshalls who act on that. Cameras have been shown plenty of times to be not clear enough to actually show a bb hitting at distance and I doubt many sites will act off some random footage sent after the gameday once they can't do much about it.
  12. lemon191

    Mesh googles/glasses

    I've been a mesh user since I started 2009/10ish, I have tried some cheaper glasses like bolles and some others before with anti fog but I still fogged them up quick. I have yet to have a single issue with mesh In that time, I play a good mix of sites both woodland and close CQB, I have however seen more than a few games call a ceasefire because of glasses allowing bbs to enter from the back/sides so mesh isn't the only risk to consider .. Whatever you buy just make sure it's from a reputable company/manufacturer and replace if you start to see damage..
  13. lemon191

    Hold all in every camo there is.

    Have you got a warehouse to store all these bags of gear ?
  14. lemon191


    The Gaol Events in Oakham is a great site, well run and quite unique as it's a old prison, multiple 2 story buildings /cell blocks with a decent size outside area aswell, The corridors and cells are very dark inside so a good mix. The lower player games are really good.
  15. lemon191

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Ordered the Earmor head set + earmor PTT and helmet mounts from patrol base after having issues with the Ztactical Ptt connector not fitting both my baofangs I'm hoping earmor is better quality connector