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  1. That is probably the best Airsoft DIY idea I've ever heard
  2. I have an S-Thunder shell and it stopped working after 2 uses. Maybe I got unlucky but ive got a cheaper shell that works much better.
  3. Yh while I like TM, since their slides are made of plastic it really does put them out if the picture. I think I will just get the WE silver and then find out some quotes for it to be engraved so that I can compare to the price of the slide.
  4. Yh I'm going for a supernatural look like Dean's 1911. I was just debating whether to get a silver 1911 and have the top engraved or to do what you said. Comes down to cost in the end I thought this too which is what has held me back from purchasing. But they are releasing a gen 2 model this December so maybe it'll be better?
  5. I want to buy a silver 1911 that I could engrave the slide to look similar to something in my favourite TV show. Instantly I found the WE 1911 Mexican druglord perfect as it would save me from having it engraved, but I have heard very mixed opinions on WE's 1911s So I was wondering then, what other 1911 brands do you recommend that?
  6. Ik, but I'm not sure how to stop the core from becoming wedged into the top half.
  7. The first image shows what I believe should be the correct position of the core, where it sits on the spring of the bottom half, as the shell does fire like this. The second image is what the core looked like originally to me, with it stuck in the top half. I think I need to glue the core to the spring I think to stop this as I'm noticing the adhesive used on the parts of this shell is quite poor. Hopefully if anyone has a similar problem to me, they might find this post.
  8. I figured it out earlier today, the core was stuck to the top half of the shell rather than attached properly to the spring of the bottom half. I believe it was just bad manufacturing/was tightened too much when assembled. I tested it that if I screwed it too tight it would cause the core to stick to the top half. Idk if I'm describing it right (I'll post some pics when I'm home so that if anyone else has a similar problem they might see this) but it now works. Thanks for the suggestions though and at the start I was confused on how much gas to put in in the first place but i think I've figured it out now
  9. I am but it didn't change anything, I think I have fixed it however which I believe was caused by the two ends of the shell being screwed too tight by the manufacturer. The core was stuck to the top half rather than sitting on the spring of the bottom half. I didn't realise this was a problem as it was my first grenade but after I watched a video review of the shell I noticed his core was sitting on the spring. After I made it rest on it and made sure not to tighten it as tight as it was previously so that the core didn't get stuck to the top half. Its fired 4 times in a row now with no problems so I'm hoping it's fixed.
  10. Best thing I've heard all week 😂😂😂 but is there anything I can do to fix it or is the shell a cool paperweight now? I did get it to shoot once more but I haven't been able to repeat after multiple tries again
  11. So a couple days ago I bought my first grenade launcher and shell, the S-Thunder Composite Launcher and its matching S-Thunder shell. Unfortunately, I could only get to fire it twice before I couldn't get it to fire again. The launcher seems to be working fine so I believe it's the shell. I'd push the trigger of the shell as it instructs, fill with gas, load the bb's and replace the plastic plug. Yet it won't fire and I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. I'm hoping to figure out how to fix it or find out what I'm doing wrong to save me the hassle of sending it back for being faulty.
  12. Yeah I didn't realize till after I quoted him, I'm writing a post on my issue instead now.
  13. Which grenade shell manufacturer did you use? I recently bought an s-thunder launcher as well as one of their shells but it only allowed me to shoot once. I haven't been able to get the shell to fire a second time after refilling with green gas, bbs and a new cap. The launcher works fine as the trigger still pulls and the firing pin moves out which is why I think I have a faulty shell 😕 Trying to contact the website I purchased it off but there's been quite a few complaints about how they never get back to people about return requests so I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this issue? My first time buying a grenade launcher and it's not seeming good.
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