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  1. Bolt stop issue? Using a heavier buffer will negate the performance of the high speed bolt.

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    Hello! Im looking to sell on my 2020 ASG Scorpion Evo, as I mainly run GBBR's, and have recently got myself a TM MP5 NGRS for the too cold days. The 2020 edition comes pre wired from factory with a deans connector, Mosfet, 3 round burst function. Has a stop on empty function. Reload and pull down on the mock bolt release keep firing. The replica has never been opened up, and unmolested internally bar the ball bearing spring guide which is quick change. The package includes: Paske Sapper Real steal handguard UKFOB Zuhkov Stock adapter Cyma Zuhkov AK adjustable stock 9.9v 3S LiFE battery wired to deans 7 Mid cap Magazines, and trust me I burnt through all 7 some games! Carry case modified to accommodate handguard and stock 14mm CCW Silencer adapter Ball bearing spring guide. A 'Must have' upgrade off the bat Original parts included Bad bits: I had to modify the outer barrel to get the Sapper handguard to fit. This does not detriment performance. Just looks a bit ugly. But not noticeable with either the Sapper or Stock handguard on. It was either modify a £60 outer barrel or another handguard. I chose the latter. BB strike to the mock bolt. Can be replaced if you want to tear the gun down Centre sling swivel point is missing. Lost it taking out the battery. Spares are available. But I use a single point sling on the key ring. Looking for £275 plus postage, collection welcome. NO SWAPS/TRADES The gun was £350 alone. This is a steal of a bundle deal Any more questions please DM me. Happy to do demo vids via Whats APP if needed.


    Gillingham - GB

  3. If its a struggle, I do have a complete Madbull Mk18 handguard set up which I ran on my MWS for a little while All you need is either a barrel adapter or a different outer barrel, like the laylax modular one.
  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hello! Looking to move this as its surplus to requirements Bought new from Patrol base, and used for parts for my Mk12 Mod H build on my TM MWS Ive never used it, or shot a round through it. So use it as spares, or a DMR project. Comes with a 20 round short mag style, hi cap magazine £50


    - GB

  5. Can I get a whatsapp contact so we can talk about the kwa vector if it's still available?

    1. Cipher-032


      It sold months ago.

  6. Ive had mine for years. It leaves a witness mark on the rubber but no cuts. For Nozzle spring strength, you only need to up is rate if you increase your ROF dramatically. I would think that makes sense. So stock to 120% should be perfectly fine
  7. Google Super Lube Multi Purpose Synthetic Grease Grey tube, does any thing and everything and wont eat your seals. Brilliant video (And I HIGHLY recommend their other videos)
  8. Kinda wanna keep it standard power as the optic can be on one power and act like a red dot. I do have a spare bolt, so its possible to get a spare safety and DMR it. Might think about it in the future see how I feel
  9. My MWS Mk12 Mod H (ish) build is about 90% finished. Used a Double Bell AEG as a donor. Spent a fair bit of time working the barrel nut on and off to get it to cut on but I did it. Drilled and tapped threads to accommodate a longer bottom rail. 1-6x24 vector optics, optic. Works like a red dot on 1 power. im just gunna run this on standard power. Just polish up the stock Uber barrel again and run it on 0.32’s i love a normal kitted out mk18, but how many mk12’s do you see about?
  10. Looks like its made for flat hop / R hop style hop rubbers. A 3d printed version of Maple Leaf's omega Nub Different nubs work best with different rubbers. The SiXG will probably always work best with your normal mound type rubbers.
  11. Not all of them do. TM's are often optimised for 0.25's. Its kinda luck of the draw if they lift a .28g My MWS's nub was so squishy, it would hardly lift a 0.28. I had it torn down the first week I owned it to replace the nub for a solid H style one.
  12. Ive bought a fair share of cheap sights, obviously you get what you pay for. But most of the T1's ive used Ive hit my targets. Case of making sure you set your hop then set your zero
  13. Depends, I like T1 style or a eotech style sight. How ever im getting a LVPO for my current MWS project
  14. Hello! Is part 26, the Socom Suppressor still there? Is it a spring/foam filled one?
  15. Explains the resistance from the slide. Ill look into a new BBU and hammer bearing for him.
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