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  1. Found the guy, he’s called Rouge some thing. He explains the issue well, says to make the sear spring “lighter”. Ive trimmed the said spring. And makes little difference. The issue is the bolt not hitting home with enough force to hit the sear. He also said that a 150% recoil spring will help the issue. So I’ve found a creation recoil spring and ordered it from China. ive also polished the chassis and bolt for extra cyclic rate. @Wo1f, the nineball routes help keep the FPS down a touch but offer good efficiency still. Once I can nab a stock nozzle I will. Just hope they can stand Nuprol 1. If not I have spares!
  2. A month or so ago I bought a slightly used, and abused second hand TM MP7 GBB with 5 mags for a decent price. Came with a few extra's. Which is great! Needless to say this gun has been a labour of love to get working right. Leaking mags, broken parts of the chassis. Much swearing and threatening to throw it off a cliff. But I kept at it. So, After every thing is finalised. It has a Mod Tan bucking, and the Nineball gas routes fitted. It also came with a Guns Modify nozzle. Fill a mag with green gas (Nuprol 2.0) and im getting 360FPS. Pop a stock gas route back in and it starts creeping to 370. I had the thing firing at 380FPS at one point! So I buy some Nuprol 1.0, and it fires bang on 350. Only downside is I had to trim a coil off the buffer spring (The spring on the stock plate) for the bolt to travel back far enough to engage bolt lock reliably. So if I find and fit a stock nozzle, and return it back to stock it might fire 350 on Nuprol 2. What FPS readings are you getting? It be nice to run the gun safely on Nuprol 2 for the crisper function. But I have no idea if the FG discs will fit, and no known NPAS's are available. (That I can find). I have no clue why this thing fires so hot! (For a TM any way) I will mention, I did use it on a warm afternoon, on Nuprol 1, with the little tweaks, and it worked well! But god the recoil spring is sill weak to reset the auto sear. Hate having dead trigger after bolt release!
  3. I was hoping to take my prowin out of my G&G, and fit that. Got a r hopped prommy barrel too that can be cut to size as well. Make it a laser beam. Im not too fussed with all plastic. As long as it can survive some minor abuse. Not a fan of that sling mount, probably snap off first moment it gets.
  4. Having my first afternoon with my TM MP7 GBBR working, I really liked having a tiny gun. The agility is great! But ultimately, gas guns are gas guns. I can run the MWS on Red during winter, but it will always be nice to have a simple, cheap lekky gun to use as of when. And not be too scared to loan out to friends trying airsoft for the first time. So as you do, popping on to patrol base I was met with the KA PDW SBR SD (How many acronyms do they need for one gun?) It has a electronic trigger, but other sources state it has a mosfet. Battery space is decent. Takes MP5 mags which are cheap and plentiful. Its inexpensive which is a huge plus. (£175 on Patrol base, £160 Taiwan Gun) Its got a quick change spring system. But what I want to know is, what are King Arms like as in a brand, how do there other guns shoot like? Any first hand experience with this gun? Does it take normal M4 hop units? Not much on Youtubes as of recent.
  5. Cipher-032


    I had a G39 for a short while, never skirmed it outside. Which was a massive regret. Big problem is the size of the mags. Worked really well. Ive personally not seen nor herd good things about the MSK. As Wolf said, their M4's require a bit of work to get running. How ever both myself and Wolf will 100% agree on saving up for a MWS. Worth every penny.
  6. If your using the Flamingo in your stock hop up chamber, your using the bare minimum of the hop patch in the bucking. Have the barrel and hop assembly out and press on the lever and look at the patch and you'll see what I mean. Yeah it will lift ammo, but not to the buckings full potential. Ive tried it in the Laylax hop unit, And still have contact issues. In the laylax unit its stupidly tight, and wont put pressure on the arm. Back to Mod tan and SixG. ill use the flamingo's in my Pistols.
  7. I did the same, striped it down, and found the barrel nut worked its way loose from vibrations...
  8. Now how do I carry all the expensive fragile mags...
  9. If you are already 100% happy with your MWS's accuracy, then no need to change. Just stick to what you have. The Mod tan and SixG nub has cemented itself as the "Go to" set up. It just works. How ever Im a mechanic by trade. And I enjoy tinkering and trying stuff so thats why ive forked out the extra to get the right hop unit to make the Flamingo work. Any bet the Laylax unit will make the normal set up even better too. From the initial get go of the Flamingo bucking in my HK45, it was consistent and accurate. Some thing the TNT TR buckings really are not. Mainly due to the small locating tab allowing it to rotate in the hop unit.
  10. Remember you can remove the fill valves from the brass fitting that holds the tube! No risk that way!
  11. Ive bit the bullet and ordered a hop unit. Obviously in time will see how it performs, once broken in etc. If not I wasted a good chunk of £30 for them all. But if you dont try, you dont know. But I am looking forward to using the SRS buckings. Its funny cause my TM MP7 GBB uses a similar design as the Laylax unit to push on the bucking centrally. Probably would work well in that unit. Ill get back to you guys once ive had some results.
  12. Update on Flamingo buckings: Needs a the Laylax hop unit to work really. The stock Marui unit just pushes down on the first part of the contact patch, and not the whole area, regardless of nub. How ever, What I can tell you these do fit the stock Marui barrels. I've fit one to my HK45 with a H plate, and it shoots just as good as the mod tan currently. Ill range test it at the field Sunday
  13. Never played at bunker 51. But BSX is very small.
  14. Played there many times myself. And simply cant bring myself to go any more. Why? The arena is just too small, and too compact. This has only become recent. As back when it first opened to airsoft. It was much more open. And easier to traverse around, albeit less cover. But as of now you easily get bogged down in the same spots in basically every game mode. This just makes it rather dull. As soon as you make a decent flanking move, your basically in the enemies spawn. Some game modes you can just push up and camp, or when said is being done to you, it gets rather irritating very quickly. Gavin went from pistols only, to shot guns and pistols, and then he started to allow 'SMG's', but people started bringing full all sorts of M4's and the likes. Granted they have different weeks of Pistols and shottys to every thing. It can get a bit OTT specially when some one brings a grenade launcher into the arena, and I have taken a good hit from a 40mm shell. Or just over killed with a decently set up M4. I personally feel It should stay Pistols and shottys only for the above reason, and keep every one on a level playing field. Seen it a few times when his "player marshals" get argumentative with other players in the past. Not very marshal like. Played on a few days where it was just too many people in that cramped space. It gets crazy some times. But granted numbers are now being limited. If BSX where a bigger arena, (I mean much bigger). I would probably find it far more enjoyable. These are just my two cents.
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