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  1. I tried a different bucking combo last weekend. All I can say is the madbull red with the stock barrel is terrible. Went back to TNT TR and the maple leaf and it was much more consistent. Albeit with a rushed rebuild and not 100% perfectly aligned. Ive decided to buy a modify tan bucking. And emailed SixG to buy their super nub. I wanna give this popular combo a try. So what inner barrels are people using with said bucking and nub? Stock, Prommy or other? Bucking is advertised to be 60-65 degree hardness. Hope it can lift a .28 in the cooler weather currently. Failing that ill use the Super nub with the TNT and see how that fairs.
  2. I personally run 6 main mags. And 3 secondary. Seems to do me well enough. 5 might just cut it fine personally but that's down to you.
  3. I think you need some more mags.
  4. Would it not be worth reverting each mod back to stock bit by bit to see if things improve? So you can isolate the cause?
  5. KJW/ASG KC02 is a good GBBR DMR for an extra £50. Works good out the box and gets better with upgrades. Was my first GBBR. Takes real steal AR grips and stocks. After market parts are slowly growing for them. Mags are relatively inexpensive and easy to work on.
  6. Real steel magpul pistol grip. Exterior build is nearly finished 😎 Diesel May have had a paw in on it 👀
  7. Out of interest, does any ones nozzle return spring twang? Mines obviously seen a few game days and some red gas on the cold days. Its started to do the old springy twang noise. Normal or is it about to let go?
  8. Fit my PTS Centurion arms rail today. I was scared it wouldn’t work but she fitted happily 😍 awaiting the the rest of my parts to come. Magpul stock, pistol grip and fore grip. Ive also returned to the stock barrel and bucking to see how that fairs . Might go down prommy purple, prommy barrel job. Keep it simple
  9. I find it just as entertaining when you move up to a group of people on your team, you start letting rip on the enemy, and your team snap their heads round in suprise not realising its a GBBR and how noisy it is. 😄
  10. Really well explained. You can also see in the pictures the different cuts on the barrel windows as well. @[Rogues]Loki let us know how you get on with the S+ barrel. Bit of a interesting set up.
  11. Guessing possible worn semi auto sear?
  12. Mines just a 300mm GBB/VSR CJ barrel I had spare when I tried it in my Striker AS01 I think Tokyo Marui cut their stock barrels differently. So after market buckings dont work with their stock barrels. I tried to put a TNT bucking on a stock TM HK45 barrel and wouldnt fit at all. This is most likely due to a stock barrel, being designed to with with a bucking with a standard contact patch, not one like Maple leaf, or TNT.
  13. Refit and keep checking before you put it back together. Make sure you pair the TNT with the crazy jet barrel
  14. Yes. That’s because the MWS stock barrel has different shape. You need to run a h nub, like so That way you get a nice concave patch. I’m trying a trimmed down Laylax nub now for more contact area
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