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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    A "needs must" / Downscale as im going to be moving out soon. And I dont play nearly as much as I used to. For Sale In good, used condition. 5x Long mags, all good condition with base plates and feed lips intact. Ive fettled it and only skirmished it once in my ownership. Installed a Maple Leaf hop rubber. Hops .28's lovely All burst modes work, trigger group how ever can be a little sticky but a good blast of silicone spray gets it going again. Spares include different hop units, rubbers, spare fill valves (hard to come by some times), rocket valves, and nozzles. Will service the weapon prior to sale. Located in Rochester, Kent. Collection in person is a must. I wont ship this replica. I drove nearly 2 hours for this when I bought it. If you want it come get it Any more info/pictures/videos feel free to DM me for a Whatsapp. Asking £780ono


    - GB

  2. Cipher-032

    TM M45A1

    Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Having to shift on as im moving soon. Tokyo Marui M45A1 Only been fettled with. Never skirmished. Some subtle weathering effects but easily removed. Has Nineball gas routes, 3x magazines and a Modify Tan hop rubber (one of the best IMHO) Any more questions/pictures/Videos, DM for Whatsapp infomation Postage VIA parcel force 24/48 Asking £120


    , Kent - GB

  3. Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Having to shift on as im moving soon. Tokyo Marui HK45 Tac with lots of goodies! My first TM Pistol and was used as a side arm for a good while 4x magazines (Yes 4), Hammer spring, nozzle, piston cup from guarder. DCI RMR red dot mount (NO Red dot included, sorry!) ML Crazy jet and rubber. Shes a bit battered from BB stikes. But no cracks. Still shoots like a champ Any more questions/pictures/Videos, DM for Whatsapp infomation Postage VIA parcel force 24/48 Asking £140


    , Kent - GB

  4. Ive had a Bunch of PM's in regards to items for sale. My emails havent notified me! Im really sorry and have responded to everyone

    1. Speedbird_666


      @Cipher-032 Seems to be an issue for some of us. There is a thread about it here:


    2. novioman


      I no longer receive email notifications either. 

  5. Cipher-032


    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
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    Having to shift on as im moving soon. GHK AUG package 5x mags, how ever several mags have broken feed lips (common GHK issue) from storage/to and from airsoft boot sales. Comes with RIS front end, A1 Optic, ALL power nozzles. Mid power currently fitted, and some spares. ZCI 6.02mm inner barrel cut and crowned, paired with a G&G rubber. It may have a H nub in there too but im not sure. Really user friendly GBBR. SUPER simple to use, disassemble and work on. Brilliant kick directly into your shoulder. Best recoil impulse Ive felt on any GBBR to date. And you can HK slap it! 3 stage safety, with a two stage trigger. SAFE>SEMI>SEMI/FULL. Hop up is accessed by locking the bolt to the rear, and removing the outer barrel VIA the nub and twisting it out. Super easy I will service the weapon prior to sale. Painted green, can be removed with thinners/rubbing alcohol and elbow grease. Skirmished once in my ownership. Any more questions/pictures/Videos, DM for Whatsapp infomation Postage VIA parcel force 24/48 Asking £375ono


    ROCHESTER, Kent - GB

  6. Has there been any news or updates on the next batch of these? Been a very long time since the first batch released, I know there where issues with the second batch
  7. Had one for a little bit. Has a "Mosfet" but doesnt really act like one. I jammed my other M4's hop set up into it, a better motor. So I cant comment on stock performance But for looks, weight, and nice easy MP5 mags. Its a nice replica. Get the OE King Arms plastic MP5 mags, metal ones dont fit. Simple and cheap. Dont know long term reliability.
  8. So spill the beans you lot. Give me your opinions on this gun. I have a Scorpion Evo A3, and I agree with many others. Its probably one of the best AEG's out there. But Im still not a massive fan of the sewing machine. More of a GBB person. The bolt stop function is nice. But I still fancy a bit more on top. (Call me greedy). So honest thoughts, gripes etc. I know its probably a while till I can get a hold of one. But I want to be sure before I invest in a NGRS.
  9. At least you can get parts for the MWS if it breaks. MP7 is good, but finicky and fragile.
  10. I imported mine from KY airsoft, just make sure they put your UKARA on the front of the box
  11. They both use the same hop unit, barrel and bucking. So it might still launch BB's to the stratosphere or you might be fine.
  12. I have 3 on the way from here: https://paintball-online.com/ And 2 on the way from rainbow 8, Rainbow 8 will only ship 2 mags to the UK due to weight limits. I also saw on Discord some one found some on Amazon? Ill let you know about the ones from PBO, Should be with me by next week.
  13. Okay having owned both: WE MP5 SD3: Ive owned two of these guns. And it has two flaws. First is the MOST annoying thing on the planet. The hop up. The hop up on this gun is poorly made. And will overhop .4's to the moon even on zero hop. The gun also only seems to like Maple leaf buckings and barrels. So to remedy this issue. I run two Silverback supressor spacers, a 310mm Crazy Jet, and a 50 degree Autobot with Omega nub. Now it will lift .28's nice and straight. The Spacers are a must as the inner barrel is too short to reach the supressor, and the stock one is a odd size. Ive tried a normal GBBR barrel with my got to hop rubber, the modify tan. And I had more misfeeds than ever. Second issue is bolt bounce. Both the MP5's ive owned seem to have a bit of bolt bounce, and you'll end up with BB's in the trigger unit. And loosing functions, semi auto fire, saftey etc. I dont know a fix for this yet. But it only happens so often. TM MP7 GBBR: Mine was bought 3rd/4th hand and neglected. But these suffer from leaky magazine base plates, rear chassis brakes. Nozzle failure. OEM spares are near impossible to find. But I think a New MP7 will serve you better than a WE MP5. Kindle it with the right parts and you'll be golden. I suggest the Laylax rear swivle sling plate which will reinforce the chassis at the back, stock up on Eagle 6 Magazine O rings. And be prepaired to modify, or remove the full auto disconnector to eliminate the "Dead trigger". Bolt stop on empty can be "meh" but if your willing to modify the bolt. Bolt lock will be more reliable. A guns modify Nozzle with OEM rocket valve will see 330FPS on green gas with hop set to .28's. Modify Tan bucking or Stock bucking. Barrel a good clean and polish and it will range well. Read my thread here:
  14. I pulled apart my MWS to service the hop/ polish the barrel today out of boredom. And the mod tan in there is shot. Ive dropped in the Marui standard rubber with the SiXG for now. Not that I can really test but has any one found a better rubber than the mod tan paired with the SiXG nub or is the Tan still the supreme combo still? Just out of interest, If not ill order another as they are only a tenner plus postage on Bullseye
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