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  1. hi has the MP5 been sold ?


  2. Has any one had issues with trigger reset? Mainly having issues with getting this Guns Modify flat trigger working. New Dynamic precision trigger trigger springs. Used an air file at work to carefully take some of the surface off either side and the four corners. The trigger works. But if you reset the sears with the trigger held in, It sticks. And takes a verrrryyy gently push to reset it. Im guessing I need to file off some more, which ill be doing tomorrow. Oddly, if I put the stock trigger in, it does the same.
  3. Nice little quality of life improvement on my Cyma shorty 😄


    1. Rogerborg


      Grip tape?


      I bought some for that purpose, but it felt like sandpaper so I've held off.


      Interested to hear how you get on in practice.

    2. Cipher-032


      Yeah it basically is emery cloth with a sticky backing. But I have an old injury on my left wrist. Been playing up as of recent and this really helps. Doesn’t destroy my hands either. But I’ll be wearing gloves any way

  4. I swear I have bad luck when it comes to parts. G&P stock is a month old, and part of the cut outs for one position has striped. 

    You pay good money for parts, you expect them to last!

  5. Package came as promised today. Very well packed. No issues there. Every thing is in order. Got two free goodies as well.
  6. Couldnt agree more with @ImTriggerHappy If all guns are limited to 350FPS, why limit the weight? You cant 100% police that rule either I would of thought.
  7. A lot of the team Im in are not put off due to Bio bb's. And full auto in a CQB is asking for issues. Obviously feel free to try it out. But I'd say Full auto out doors, but not inside. Is the Bio BB only rule due to the site has requested it or a rule you have put in place?
  8. Might be worth stripping it all off, and then using a fine wet and dry sand paper, or scotch brite to give the surface a "Key" so the paint can properly adhere.
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    4 leak free mags. 2 of which are brand new from Bespoke airsoft. Recent service, skirmished once in my ownership for a morning. Shoots well with ML 310 crazy jet, autobot bucking and hop tensioner. Comes with RIS mount. Collection prefered from Allhallows Rochester, can post for additional cost, send me your post code for a quote. Will post Parcel Force 48. Needs to move on as of recent new project.


  10. Shatters into your eyes? Why else. Ive had a mouth full of BB fragments through my mesh lower face pro... so bugger that in some ones eye
  11. The mesh eyepro is a no brainer. Specially in CQB. Looking forward to next month for sure, MP7 and my new Cyma shot gun is going to get a work out for sure.
  12. @Rogerborg Nailed it on the head. Highly recommend getting good boots and decent face pro if your certainly considering taking up the hobby.
  13. Dropped a small bomb, ouch my credit card: Genuine Magpul B.A.D Lever PTS BCM M lok Rail covers Enhanced trigger spring set for the MWS Guns modify adjustable trigger for the MWS FMA PEQ box 150rd Speed loader. Can never have enough of them KJW fill valve. Vain hope it fits my ASG MK23 mag. Cant see why it couldnt. *Still waiting on his Taiwan Gun order*
  14. Wouldnt surprise me if a lot of people in the states do who do competitive shooting. Yes the recoil is not the same as real steal. But you can still learn certain habits that will improve your real steal shooting in the safety of your own home, with no risk of injury to any one. The perfect way its displayed is literately the lad in the video. Yeah it might be sad to spend hours and hours doing this with airsoft guns. But look how quick he learned to deal with the recoil of a real steal gun. And how safe he treated them, and efficient he was clearing malfunctions. As I said in my previous post. Airsoft doesnt need to be super serious if you dont want it to be. But for his hobby, he enjoys it and gets gain from it.
  15. I admire the kids skill. And it goes to show by repeating what Lucas does, and just watching and learning can do. I enjoy watching Lucas and Ive learned a fair bit from him. Mag placement, types of pouches, blah blah blah. The thing to take away from all of this is, if your serious and want to improve. Make you have that slight edge over the other guy. You can learn a lot. Ill admit ive sat here when im bored, grabed my MWS beside me and just looked at the wall, or what ever just just took aim and hit the trigger at random spots. Even just doing some thing simple and basic like that can make a difference in game. If you wanna keep airsoft casual sure. Its a game, take it as seriously as you'd like. On the flip side of this yes. I do 100% believe that using airsoft guns. Mainly Gas blow backs will help you learn an awful lot when it comes to real steal stuff.
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