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  1. Any particular benefits over stock?
  2. New mags arrived, time to hack em!
  3. Hoping that my WE MP5 gets released from customs... pretty please, should have my UKARA on the front 😳

  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • As new

    Scorpion Evo BET Carbine Includes: Acetech? Airtech? Hop wheel adjuster. Can easily adjust the hop up on the fly ASG Ball bearing spring guide ASG 7.4v Lipo and charging bag 4x mid cap magazines Fore grip and rail covers ARE NOT INCLUDED Bought back in December 2019, factory warranty is still present. Gearbox has not been opened and is completely stock. Firing around 280FPS with the hop set for .28's Only skirmished a few times. I just prefer to use GBBR's now. So its time to move it on, It was a massive impulse buy at the time. But has worked a treat for me while ive owned it. And can see why people love them. Asking £350 plus postage.



    • For sale
    • Used

    King Arms PDW Supressed with 7" M Lok Rail. Included are: 6x King Arms plastic MP5 magazines SHS High Torque motor, stock motor included Prometheus 6.03 barrel, cut and crowned Prowin Hop unit R hop, Modify flat hop bucking and nub All grip pieces are present 1x 9.6v crane stock battery Deans connectors on both the battery and on the rifle Only skirmished a hand full of times. Happily lifts .28g bb's. Gearbox has been untouched. This come with a simple mosfet from factory And mechanical trigger. Plastic bodied, this will make a perfect starter gun, great for CQB and can easily still range out in the woods. Asking £175 plus postage. These retail over £200 new. Any more info just ask. Selling as I prefer GBBR's.


  6. Firesupport have 35rd magazines IN STOCK, as of this post 67.
  7. Stock hop unit is sound. Lifts 28’s easy. I know G17 slide releases fit, and slide locks. I recently fit Guns Modify ones and works a a charm.
  8. I seriously want one of these so bad. Im wondering why they opted for a cylinder design where you'd need to change the gas router on the marui magazines? Gunna be a slight ball ache owning a TM Glock and then buying WE glock mags. Either way this will be my new Sniper rifle side arm for a little while. Shove a giant fat suppressor on there for the giggles.
  9. The Mk18 front rail is now few and far between, I got lucky with mine. Last place I got one was Daves Custom airsoft. And they are now out of stock. (Just checked) Nuprol made one, but are out of production and stock almost every where. You're gunna be hard pressed to find a front rail new. The Madbull rail fits the MWS even if it states its only for AEG. As that is what mine is.
  10. It’s held in place by the buffer tube castle nut. Doesn’t go any where
  11. Looks like that one just bolts onto the buffer tube. I run a knock off Magpul ASAP late on mine. It works.
  12. @Festerfly exactly this.
  13. @Cyberlawyer I personally run a 6.05 in my SRS Silver back. It gives more accuracy over range. 6.03’s are usually good in a normal circumstance. Plus I’ve always herd good things with Orga. But worlds your oyster. Also bare in mind you want a barrel with good bore quality. This weekend I’ve updated the paint on my Mk18 Mod 1. I wasn’t happy with the first results. Too pale. This has much more character and depth. And all the weathering is deliberate 😁 Just waiting for some more stock magazines, Angry Gun high speed bolt. (Thinking the bronze BCM one) and maybe start thinking about upgrading the trigger box to full steel.
  14. Heya guys, been a while since ive poked my head in here. thought I'd share some updates. My MWS has gone through a slight change to become a Mk18 Mod 1. The paint isnt final, waiting on some darker shades to arrive. Inspired by Garand Thumbs Mk18. Done some upgrades and bits and bobs, I thought I'd better swap out my BCG spring set, but surprised the nozzle return spring had plenty of life in it still. But I have a question, has any one tried any of the available piston cup seals, and found them to be any better over the stock seal? And the BAD lever is the First factory one, heat shrink on the bolt catch, two turns out on the buffer tube and it works lovely. Just dont use after market mags.
  15. TM MP7 owners, do me a small favour please, carefully remove your nozzle return spring, and measure the outer diameter of the spring and length please.


    lost mine, order a new one from Europe €21!!!


    wondering if I can get some eBay specials and cut them down

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