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  1. My buddy has a Vortex Optics crossfire which he says is excellent. Frankly, an this is my opinion, if you want something that works and can withstand an airsofters' handling. Then you'll need to dig deep... most stuff for under £100 is good as display props and little else.
  2. QQ: What's the best barrel nut wrench available for the mws?
  3. Not a big fan of spray jobs but that looks bloody nice.
  4. That's not actually a holo sight, it's likely a chinesium red dot dressed up as an eotech. Given that a genuine eotech will set you back half a grand (give or take), for 30 odd quid you'd be lucky if that didn't lose its zero in a slight breeze. As for what to do about the reflection, not sure tbh, the reflective coating as far as I'm aware is intrinsic to the operation of the red dot.
  5. Hydrate and stay hydrated, stretch your muscles as much as you can before you start playing. I think generally having a daily level of activity in your life so that a day's airsofting isn't such a shock to the body is the best way to avoid a lot of aches and pains.
  6. Can you prove the provenance of the scribble? I work on the assumption that autographed memorabilia is fake unless otherwise proven.

    Air pistols

    Bought one of those years ago. Dunno why, hated it.
  8. Thanks for the confirmation, I hate tinkering with my pews and have no confidence in my abilities lol
  9. OK, just fitted my new madbull rail on my mws. Frankly buying stuff for my pew has been a panacea for me these past 12 months. Don't regret a single penny. Internally it's all stock, I have a Magpul UBR (I took the little compartment out as I love the skeletonised look), rs Eotech xps2, rs Surefire M900a, an angry gun tracer unit and a Ferro Slingster.
  10. So I bought the 9.5" Madbull Daniel Defense rail for my mws. After tightening the barrel nut, I've found there's a very small amount of wobble on the outer barrel. I've ordered the Madbull barrel nut washer set.... is this right? Seems strange that the rail didn't come with some anyway.
  11. A fair few years back, a bunch of regular players and myself at a local site kinda coalesced into a proto-team. Though we by no means took ourselves seriously, we'd play at various sites and had matching gear. Some of the others then started to take it a lot more seriously and ended up with some other guys and formed Cobalt. Never appealed to me trying that hard at something I do to let off steam every fortnight or so.
  12. I've been using HSGI taco pouches for years. They've been perfect for glock mags and 1911 mags so I'm sure they'll do the trick.
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