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  1. If DU rounds passed, you can always use matter from a neutron star.
  2. This. I have half a dozen of the Iron Airsoft Pmags..... if I don't store them fully pressured at a stable ambient temperature then they'll leak all their gas out and I spend a fun Saturday evening dunking them in hot water.
  3. I can't add much to this convo.... Kls77, you were clearly tucked up. I assume neither you nor your mate had a crystal ball or tarot deck to ascertain that the marshalls expected you to pass with .30g bbs? I am absolutely for spot checking and zero tolerance toward people cheating. However, unless the site CLEARLY states their policies and procedures in this regard beforehand (on website, physical site notices and briefing), then enforcing your arbitrary rules that you have written on the back of your hand just makes you look like a bully and a wanker. Just a thought, if your friend had passed with the marshals 0.3g ammo, would the marshal have put increasingly heavier ammo in until your friends gun failed chrono? What's the heaviest ammo you can get?
  4. Took a while and one form that UPS had me fill in but it arrived last week no problem. Actually surprised as UPS is an absolute shit show usually
  5. About 10 years ago I bought up someone's entire kit. Kept the bits I wanted and sold the bits I didn't. Made most of my money back. You'll be cutting your own throat if you sell everything in one go.
  6. “......you can’t blame people for being worried if they see someone in camo gear waving a gun around.” Yeah you can, if the "gun" is a bright red toy. 🙄
  7. Totally agree, some episodes I really disliked but some have really stuck with me.
  8. There's a great episode called In Vaulted Halls Entombed, kinda can't say much without giving anything away but it combines a few things that I really like. I was however triggered by pic related. Must be a clone.
  9. I wouldn't play at a site that mandated face pro. I find anything covering my face to be incredibly uncomfortable and distracting. Absolutely more than happy to take the risk. As for injuries, 2 spring to mind. First one was I had dislocated an ankle whilst rock climbing during the week. On the Sunday, I bound it up super tight, put my boots on and promised myself I'd 'take it easy', halfway through the day I vaulted over a fence and dislocated my other ankle. Second was at a tiny cqb site called the body farm. They had a small van with 2 open sliding doors in the play area. I ran and jumped into it and out the other site. Unfortunately I caught my scalp in the top door sill. It peeled a part of my scalp back like the lid on a sardine tin. Had to get stitches and have a bald spot there to this day.
  10. Bought my first 'proper' RIF from a site called Ebaybanned around 2007/2008, seemed a bit shady but damn I wanted that Kart M14 EBR so bad. Also bought a JG G36 around the same time. So, with 2 RIF's, me and various Buddies would run around various patches of woodland in South Wales playing 1v1. 2009 I played my first actual game of airsoft at Dragon Valley, proceeded to play every game there for about a year before starting to try other sites. God damn I miss the DV forums.
  11. I've had days like that, for some reason I'm just not feeling it. I think like you woodland sites don't do it for me any more. Just draw a ine under it and rock out at your next skirmish 👍 I thought mesh at first. I see BB's shatter all the time so wouldn't even consider using mesh. How do the polycarbonate goggles affect your contact lenses?
  12. Not sure why that would be. I get direct hits to my eye pro at close range VERY often and have never had a single issue. I can only think that perhaps the impact deformed your goggles causing them to apply pressure to your eye or area around it. Objectives are so much sweeter when you mug them off the opposing team.
  13. OK, so that's pretty much what I figured. I thought there might be a reason I was unaware of that made more sense. Surely if you're playing close quarters you should expect to get shot at very close range, at energies up to 1j no matter what the weight? I mean, 1j stings but its not earth shattering. I honestly don't see the problem here.
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