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  1. With regard to new Bio BBs I do not believe we now have the same problems of a few years ago, new bio BBs do not swell and I have not heard of any going sticky apart from what Snuff has said. I have said items coming out of china cannot be relied upon as regards quality but the only problems recently with new Bio BBs seems to be that they are dustier out of the bag, possibly because of the powder additives used to make the BBs break down quicker. The dust is much finer produced when grinding to polish and size the BBs seems to static stick to BBs. I have left Bio BBs soaking for a week and not experienced swelling or stickyness does anyone out there have a view?
  2. I would like to use bio BBs if you did not have to pay so much more for them. The bio BBs I have looked at seem to always be dusty so need washing the night before use. The G&Gs seem cleaner than most.
  3. Do let Socom know how bad the current batch is I am amazed, its like they are from another manufacturer. it seems the manufacturer sends out good first order and crap after that, I am going back to G&Gs as they are always the same consistent quality. and you are right geoffs are good for the heavier weights.
  4. It seems that anything out of China is a hit or miss when it comes to tolerance or quality. I cant understand how they would let a batch of such bad quality leave the factory. If I find my next tested bag is poor I will go back to G&G PSBP or Swiss Arms depending on price! I do find Mid-caps as they age feed progressively worse springs weaken.
  5. Ok played at Absolute air-soft Reading yesterday in the snow and found someone with a bag of .25 Proballs that were not feeding in his gun properly. I measured and tested the BBs for size and roundness and though they had come from a sealed bag they were not of the same quality of the Proballs I had previously tested. The BBs were not round , had marks from die seperation and were crap quality but polished. The player had not purchased from Socom tactical but from another stockist. I wonder if this is a random batch or is Proball lowering its quality control! My son in law just bought a bag of 80,000 which are of good quality in .25. So before I buy in bulk again I will sample and test and If not of good quality I will make my stockist and you aware!
  6. Just found a few interesting charts I thought you all might be interested in relating to BB weight and distance. Lots of variables with this as every gun setup is different but your average quality gun should give the same results. http://mackila.com/airsoft/atp/07-b-07.htm I get 120feet using .25bbs in my guns with ease at 350fps and accurate. I can also shoot .32 bb weight and get the same distance but more accurate.
  7. I have one of these best protection going. Been shot by snipers no problems only BB to get in was through vent holes in helmet at close range. Almost no foging ever without treating the lens and I am old and can fog anything. Did mod the head band to soft leather as original covered my forehead in black bits.
  8. Obvious inside information by the thieves, hope they are caught. Perhaps if penalties were higher and thieves were not kept in holiday camps there would be less crime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Is this the maddest gun made to date!? As if one M4 was not enough https://www.evike.com/products/80363/ Its a Classic Army DT-4 double barrel M4 carbine. I think its for the overkill specialists among you, wonder how you play a single shot game? Looks like a talking piece on any site.
  10. For me your one of the best in the game just wish I was young enough to keep up with you
  11. I wholeheartedly agree with this but I still would hate to be the one that took his eye out during a game so lets encourage the idiots to buy better protection! Oh its also why we don't use Nuprol BBs
  12. if these are cheap enough then buy them and get a sniper buddy to shoot them at close range if they are good enough for that then your good to go should not even mark them!
  13. I thought this might be of interest, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIvgdalqiBU or even better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZoLv-MMQTo
  14. I seem to remember when I bought the very expensive Bolle goggles some very impressive claims as to protection EN166 T at 275M/S (A .22 LR rimfire bullet I believe travels at around 1100 feet per second) ballistic protection also ANSI Z87 so standards do exist that far surpass our requirements. Its all about the letters and numbers that tell you the level of protection. I might take a Bolle lens and shoot it at the rifle club just for the hell of it!
  15. The standards are already there, they just need to be applied properly, clearer marking and shops saying this is suitable. The cheap crap that does not meet the standards, eBay and Chinese crap should not be allowed to be advertised in the middle of air-soft gear unless they clearly display the products rating. Most cheap goggles designed to be used in engineering grinding applications costing a fiver are strong enough to protect against BBs, not found one my DMR at point blank range can penetrate yet. The first thing I bought when starting air-soft was a Bolle enclosed goggle that fogged on me still best protection you could get for £80. Next I tried paintball masks same problem. Now a tactical helmet with glasses and mesh + sides and lower. Snipers love hitting it and touch wood still good.
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