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  1. Not every site will be to everyone's taste, I like it as the other players are friendly, if you drop a mag it gets handed in. The games are played in good spirit with no one trying to hurt you. The only moans I heard were from a couple of players that had been hit on the forehead and I say to them if you cant take the pain then wear full face protection. If you have flesh exposed it will get hit sooner of later.
  2. I spent my second enjoyable day at Absolute Airsoft near Reading three weeks after my first visit to the site this time with eighty other players. The day was dry apart from a short shower which was great and after the safety briefing we started a warm up game of capture the trench where players have unlimited lives but to re-spawn one of your own team mates must shoot you. (That,s the way to start your Day). I really like this game as being an old geezer of 63 it means I don't have to keep walking miles to re-spawn and being a time limited game its the number of players that make it into the trench from both teams that matters. Note I was not the oldest player he was 64. After a quick break at the end of that game to reload we are back out playing a game to capture three different objectives in the best time, getting our two man carry bomb into each in turn. Then after a reload break we switch positions and the fastest team time wins. Played lots of other games, again love it using the castle. What I love about this site which is part shared with Delta Force paintball is that Mark the guy running it all wants us the players to enjoy ourselves. Mark keeps his price to play low , keeps the price of the BB's he sells low, keeps the price of all things airsoft he sells low and the price of the food and drinks he sells low. Mark is also a gun tech and very often fixes peoples guns at the events. The other thing I really loved on the day was my very own Specna SA-HO2 which I was so angry about being ripped off with by A2 Supplies of Reading as in one of my early posts. Well I rebuilt this gun with new SHS gears, perfect shimming now, new SHS high torque motor, new grip and pro-win flat hopped bucking and nub. Oh and I replaced the main spring with a 110 rocket spring which now gives a perfect 347 FPS with a .20. The FPS variation shot to shot is around 1 to 1.5 FPS. On Sunday the gun performed great giving me superb range and accuracy using .25BBs and I was hitting almost every one I aimed at apart from one of two lads dressed in black ! come on take your hits!! This site gets better each time I visit. Great. Great.
  3. cheaters (rant)

    Well I am new to the game and in my first game must have shot the same chap 5 times and he did not call the hits. I was hit by the same sniper several times. (not the cheater) once after each re spawn and called each time never did see him good shot though. As an old man I have learnt not to let small things annoy me or small people without honour.
  4. Has anyone got one of these and is it any good
  5. Hi I played there on Sunday with over 70 others and the site now has a new village which is not yet complete but very good. The brambles are being cleared but being such a large site its a mammoth task. We did use the 2 story castle which was a laugh and very impressive. The estate that owns the land has harvested some of the trees so quite a few defensive barriers have been erected for game play. I had a great day and would recommend it as a site which will get better and better. Mark was giving out some ukara cards from a huge pile to players, it is a three month process.
  6. Just played there at the weekend. Very friendly bunch of people and for an old git I had a lot of fun. Thanks to my son in law Les for making it a good day and cooking me lunch! The new village is good and will be great when complete. Thanks to Mark who runs it all and is very good on price for every thing air soft. I wish to say sorry again to the young lad that ran in front of me as I was shooting at one of the opposition that I accidentally shot oops. I changed masks after that as It was steaming up from the sides, still learning.
  7. Tippmann M4 Owners.

    I am into Tipmann M4 in a big way love em. Tipmann facebook page is good. Tipmann parts I have left a link in where to buy for any tipmann part.
  8. Upgrades for Nuprol Delta

    Problem then is you have invalidated any warranty!!
  9. Eagle6

    I have ordered from them and had no problems, but as stated in other posts not the fastest for delivery but it at least arrives.
  10. Tipmann Tactical service

    Try Tipmann Tactical service Its part of BZ paintball and the service is second to none. Any part you require for a Tipmann M4 they got it.
  11. Tippmann Upper Receiver Reassembly

    try putting the metal long u shaped part in the correct position. links bolt to front plastic area and must fit in correct position.
  12. Selling up - All Must Go

    Hello There I am interested in the 7.4 lipos and the lipo guard bag if still available.
  13. New limits...

    I believe that any testing done will be similar to air rifle standards where the heaviest projectile producing the maximum joules will be used, with the maximum possible output of the gun, not what we would use it at.
  14. Andy you are so right we should all insist on bio bbs a shop I was in yesterday in Stevenage told me it did not stock Bio bbs as they fouled the gun barrels compared to plastic which did not.
  15. Tipmann Tactical service

    Hi everyone after my earlier post lambasting a shop I have just experienced the complete opposite from Tipmann Tactical. I had ordered parts from them recently to improve my M4 and had received an item I had not noticed was incomplete until I came to use it, so I phoned and asked for the missing part expecting to have to pay for it as the order was a while ago. My call was answered by John who checked my previous order and from stock codes found I was telling the truth about the missing part. He called me back after checking and informed me my parts would be sent out for free, I said I also wanted a couple of additional parts which I would pay for and to my astonishment he said those parts would also be sent included for free!!! wow did that just happen, that's what I call service. Tipmann Tactical for any parts Tipmann I cant recommend them highly enough.