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  1. The sa-eo3 is a quick change spring you don,t take out the gearbox done from stock tube dead quick
  2. Just bought one in the sale how can you go wrong at that price only SA-EO3 model
  3. Just like my wife shopping therapy LOL
  4. The only thing making me blue is getting older and slower but making my cheapo guns out-shoot the young guys with their £1000 guns is a great laugh. Most airsofters I find are good guys out for some fun and shooting your opponent in the ass is a laugh when you can do it, as no permanent damage is done. If you take being shot with a BB personally you are playing the wrong game and if you get depressed about it try something else.
  5. Was it you that was sent off site for being aggressive and in the marshals face yesterday Bobby? As regards chrono some people were chronoed the HPA guns and a few that had not been through chrono before. With a hundred and fifty people playing it is very hard to run perfect games always. The site could not use the Berlin wall or castle yesterday which is controlled by the paintball side due to maintenance and insurance issues. A couple of the games played were an experiment and did not go as expected with the aggressive and unexpected speed of some of the younger players completing the task before I even fired a shot! As for the pizza being cold I have no answer for that I never eat take away food! 2 weeks ago all guns were chronoed with 3 people doing the chrono on all guns and only one hot gun! A few weeks before that random chrono in game happened, again no hot guns.
  6. Thanks Samurai I agree with your reasons why the gearboxes are breaking I was just trying to find out how many other guns had suffered the same breakages. The gearboxes do required reinforcing and with such short barrels a softer front rubber on the cylinder head would be a start.
  7. Well my idea of close was around 30 meters and since he was acting immortal most of the day I do not feel guilty and nor did the others that full auto-ed him. The aim of this game is to shoot and not be shot but like many of the sports out there it is a game of honour! the words game and honour are prime, marshals are often too far away from the action to make judgement calls and non hit takers are spoilers in any game. I have been in many games where people are optimistic about hits believing they are hitting the opposition when in fact the BBs are falling short but when you hit the 4 people next to the non hit taker and continue shooting him and his hand still does not go up thats a lack of honour!
  8. love the picture. On the site I play yes we get the brief and if the more experienced players see bad eye protection we tell the idiots aiming for full eye seal where possible. if they insist on being pricks even after being warned with witnesses they don't have a leg to stand on. Note, site sells full seal goggles for around £5/6
  9. I do feel for players when they get hurt and have on many occasions chosen not to shoot at point blank range players and taken a hit when I could so easily have hit them and hurt them. I wear proper protection for the sport so BBs bouncing off have not worried me being shot on the fingers at point blank though ouch!
  10. How many sites have been sued by players blaming them for inadequate protection or the marshal did not say!
  11. When I get the chance with a non hit taker I will always lite them up the closer the better doing the BB pain dance is the best remedy for a non hit taker A certain ex member of this forum did not take his hits at Wycombe and three other players as well as myself all lite him up on full auto at reasonably close range and he had the cheek to complain to the marshal about over kill. I must just be a grumpy old man at 65 LOL
  12. I wonder how quickly he will sue the site when he losses an eye blaming them for not protecting him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Ares Amoeba AM-003 M4 CCP now have 2 of these that have broken at the front of the gearbox has anyone else had the same fault?
  14. I agree with what you have just said Rogerborg no loyalty and a lack of consistent quality. As I have said many times some Chinese goods are great or start great but they do chase every buck and if that means thinning or using a cheaper material they will do it!
  15. Yes I agree but what it takes to shatter them and how they shatter is a whole new game Nuprol BBs break into small pieces that pass through mesh if you do not believe me get some and fire at some mesh sub 350 FPS. Look at BB testing on forums. This chat was about FPS and cheating. easy test for nuprols is a pair of pliers
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