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  1. I agree with you 100% but I believe chrono before game play is the way to start and attentive marshals on the lookout for the type of cheating you describe. It is not required to have high FPS for range but it does help. When my guns which I get as close as possible to limits and are as tuned as I can get them are out ranged by another AEG by some distance then I want them chronoed! As for chrono,s giving different readings we put 3 different makes up and all were within 3 FPS to 5FPS. I have noticed cheap BBs give lower readings compared to GGs with the cheaper BBs giving a wider spread of FPS. A consistent approach of testing all guns on every game day is I think essential to deter those cheats that think they can flout the rules with the same .2 BBs used in all guns. In game chrono of some pistols would be good as well with all the different gasses out there
  2. Well I did the chrono again yesterday and had 3 excellent examples of why it should be done at every game. I wish snipers would come up with empty mags and make my life easier! It is amazing how the owners of the guns that failed all play dumb and ignorant of how their guns happen to be so far over legal!. 3 M4 AEG derivatives well over 450fps ! one at sniper FPS !!! There were those trying to pass off .25s at chrono as .2s that's why we made you use our mags with .2s or loaded your mags with our BBs. We also had the other end of the spectrum those owners that do not realize their guns are firing at only 200 FPS because they do not service or have not checked their function. I believe these are the players that are constantly saying other players are not taking their hits, well that's because you did not hit me, you did not get anywhere near reaching me. These same players are the ones that also do not know how to adjust their hop so they are over or under hopped always. If you are going to do a sport even airsoft at least learn how the toy weapon you play with works!! One last thing a shop is selling solid aluminum BBs in .3 weight how bloody irresponsible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. And as for toilets the following https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_JOvx4XROQ
  4. Hi luigi-s I must say that I thought the teams a little unfair as you said lots of youngsters on one side but the banded team never went forward at all all day. As for hits called mine and did not see others not taking hits untill I swapped sides and new I was hitting some. I will say a lot of BBs never reached the target from the banded side on line but short. The snipers were the ones that were hitting their targets. When I play next I will try and get the teams mixed a little better skill wise as it is not all about winning. The young players shooting their own team, well at the end of the day I just yelled at them (did no good). Had I been on your side all day I would have spoken to them and if they did it again it would have been full auto time!
  5. I find this so true of to days police with their shit attitude to law abiding people. It is no wonder a lot of people that once would have helped the police now say fuck you. When I was young a policeman would not be shy about giving you a clip round the ear and pointing you in the right direction where today's politically correct police are more likely to arrest the innocent party. A good example was a friend of mine that caught a thief in his van stealing his tools. The thief locked himself in the front of the van with my mate poking him with some screw rod from the back trying to get him out, the wife having called the police who arrested my mate as the thief said he was just walking by and saw the van door open and went to close it when this mad man attacked him.
  6. I liked the Juggernaut game but it is pretty hard on whoever is playing the Juggernaut . The Juggernaut must have lots of fire power to be effective with snipers doing the head shots to stop him shooting for a ten second count with a player having to touch him to turn his attack to the opposition. I have seen some amazing runs by people! They have to contend with him coming back to life and shooting them or the opposing team trying to shoot them. As an old player even I enjoy having a go mostly laughing to hard to be effective.
  7. I am not advertising the site as getting to busy regularly over 100 players and when over 120 becomes a slower day with more cheats! I did not do as many kills as usual and was killed myself a lot more . I did change sides at the end of the day to balance the teams and found out why the banded team was losing so badly I was shot more by them than the opposing team as was another good player that also swapped. The predator changed it up a bit as he played in green camo without the helmet and caught them all off guard. Good firm marshaling is a plus I approve of.
  8. What makes a good days air-soft. Actually had one of those rare days when you really enjoy your day, very little cheating no one bitching lots of nubes trying to play and taking their hits. What more could you ask as an air-softer I even witnessed the biggest single kill with a grenade, thought they would never stop coming out of the building LOL. Even the big Scotsman was not doing his normal bitching and the marshal was a gentleman.
  9. I Know what your thinking what has a van got to do with airsoft well I just collected it from Northern Ireland as the van was 3 grand cheaper there. While in Northern Ireland I visited Bullseye Country sports to introduce myself as I had spoken to them when buying items and occasionally for advice from their very good tech. I liked their service, I was impressed with their attitude, the shop and stock. I met one of the owners I had been speaking too and the tech a very camera shy guy. Shame I had bought yet another new gun a few weeks earlier as I was tempted by some in the show room, I settled for buying G&G BBs and hi-cap M4 mags as no carriage charge yea. The owner explained that items in stock are always posted the same day if ordered by 3pm which is service as it should be and often I have received items next day. When they post locally it often takes three days to get to customers 10 miles away that's Irish post for you. My point with this post is if in Ireland give them a visit the shop is next to the house I got a good discount and the owner gave me a Country sports tee-shirt for free. I have not met nicer people or felt as welcome at any other shop I have visited.
  10. There is no cure for stupid
  11. I just put an ASG 105 spring into the new EO3 and got 347FPS perfect but less than I would have thought
  12. The stock 90 springs and FPS are fine so are stock hops when set right. If you feel the need to put a stronger spring in a quality 90 spring will give you 330 + and a 95 will push you on or just over the 350 mark with a 100 spring mostly well over. Every gun build is different and FPS will vary with springs and spring manufacturer also the replacement springs are slightly longer than stock springs that come. I bought a selection of springs from 90,s to 130 to start with and tried them all and with my Specnas 90 and 95 are what work for me the one with 95 spring chronoed at 366 yesterday so could not use it. The gun had been set up exactly at 350 with upgrades but due to warm weather now shot 366 so be aware FPS can climb as well as fall. Note it was fun shooting the snipers yesterday at distance love doing that.
  13. The sa-eo3 is a quick change spring you don,t take out the gearbox done from stock tube dead quick
  14. Just bought one in the sale how can you go wrong at that price only SA-EO3 model
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