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    Specna arms SA-HO2, Marui 5.1 Hi-capper, E&L ELAR M18 MOD1 M4, E&L AKM, G&G AK74E.
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    Tactical helmet old British army camo jacket and trousers PTS mid cap mags
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    special ops MK. Absolute Airsoft Reading.
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    Archery, shooting, fishing,airsoft,darts

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  1. with E&L its the platinum gearbox you want. Patrol base
  2. gasman

    French newbie

    Bonjour et Bienvenue
  3. gasman

    Airsoft GB rant

    Now Now children play nicely or I will take your toys away LOL
  4. gasman

    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    Players that don't take hits, Marshals that don't marshal. Poor safety briefings particularly for noobs. Hot guns that have cheated chrono. Poor facilities drinks, food toilets. Trip hazards, logs , brambles. Lots of things piss me off but I love to play & attacking games are best when the teams are equal.
  5. gasman

    The Airsoft Second Hand Market

    I find most second hand gear not as advertised ie almost new never skirmished, its a year old has a problem the owner could not sort out so will only buy new now.
  6. Some people can fix anything others should never buy tools or touch anything that is mechanical. A good learning experience is worth its weight in gold, just do a little research online before taking anything apart.
  7. gasman

    Testing BBs

    Hi I just heard that a batch of green ASG blasters was found to be very poor quality like the consistency of a polo mint only softer and off colour. Very chalky and breaking up on impact. If you have any of the blasters get some pliers and check if you have the substandard ones, just squash with pliers and see if they turn to small broken parts or just split in two. If you have the bad ones come on here and let us know where you got them and when so we can identify the batch. BB's like these are a danger to airsofters that use wire mesh face-pro.
  8. gasman

    Old but new

    At 45 I was just past my peak your a youngster still.
  9. I love a man who knows what he wants
  10. Thats over a grand gone there then
  11. A little over kill but nice. Look at the pictures from High Wycomb and you will see leggy with his new 2 shorty Ares Amoeba AM-003 M4 CCP He is very scary with these and they put him on the children's side after the 1st game. For guns with 308 FPS on .20 he was out ranging a lot of players with hotter guns. Shooting in two directions at the same time LOL. He is the one with dreadlocks on his helmet.
  12. So I know lots of you are fixated on a particular gun but what would you really buy if cost was not an issue. I would buy a Polarstar to put in an smart M4 platform with a barrel length around 355mm at 350FPS. My second choice would be a Polarstar DMR with a slightly longer barrel for those long distance sites.
  13. gasman

    Testing BBs

    I'm old my teeth are not that good. I have been happy with the way the .25 Proballs performed in game so far and look forward to range target testing the others, just not enough time.
  14. gasman

    Testing BBs

    OK so this is the latest BB testing update. Sorry that the BBs tested are all Proball thanks to Lewis from Socom Tactical for the samples. The normal Proballs get darker as they increase in weight and seemingly harder to shatter. The Proball Bio BBs are whiter for the same weight but shatter easier and into slightly smaller pieces but not as many or as small as the Nuprol BBs. The slight out of roundness I am sure is from the sheer marks from the injection process which leaves a pin prick crater I have to use a strong magnifier glass to see. Need other brave manufacturers to send me their BBs for testing or have you been scared off for fear of not doing well... [individual scores = 10 is the best and 1 is the worst]
  15. gasman

    Wycombe Airsoft 11/08

    Enjoyed the day good to get Duff back for the couple of times he got me was fun 3 of us on full auto was funny, Duff doing the phew phew dance LOL. The new guys running it have a lot of work to do but it is a good site. The full barista coffee and soft drinks on tap are really good.