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  1. So almost new never been used I bet
  2. As an old git of 65 with no cartilage in my right knee and other broken bits I still love playing it gives me exercise I would not other wise get. I cant run anymore but do a quick shuffle and get more than my fair share of hits (given & taken).Just worried I may drop dead while playing and ruin somebodies day LOL. Look on the classifieds you will find many good complete sets of gear at cheap prices also some very over priced junk. High on my list would be quality eye and face protection you only have one set and they don't grow back. Do not spend a fortune on gear at this stage apart from protective gear, wait and see if he is still keen after a couple of months by which time he will have asked the people he is playing with lots of questions and will gain some knowledge of what to buy
  3. the warranty only applies if you put it in a glass case, to look at only. In the event of use the warranty wont apply LOL
  4. Was it a registered air softer that left it or some dim wit acting terrorist trying to look big with an imitation gun. If it was an air softer he should be slapped and maybe banned for a few years!
  5. I quoted you saying you ran guns on full auto firing over 500 FPS that made them fire arms in the eyes of the law!
  6. So you want rifs the police would consider firearms, that is one way of killing a sport. Perhaps you would like to shoot .22 rimfire at your mates!
  7. Ahh the joy's of physics. I just say keep it simple, keep it uniform and constant, test all at every game and cheating stops and safety improves. Test all on .2s for FPS and if you want the ultimate test all sniper rifles on joules. My greatest joy is getting close to snipers inside of minimum engagement and shooting the shit out of them LOL. We have the FPS limits just firmly apply those limits stopping any gun from use that goes over, end of.
  8. My son in law has been known to phone my wife to ask if I can come out to play!
  9. I was up to 5 firearms, 4 for target and 1 for pest control when I decided to surrender my fac. The police were making it harder to keep firearms and kept reducing the amount of ammunition I was allowed to hold to levels that stopped the purchase of batch tested and matched ammo for target shooting usually a minimum of 5,000 but normally 10,0000. The grounds I used to pest control for farmers also became encroached by housing and people so no longer suitable for an FAC weapon. Of course pistols are not available to the shooting fraternity after Dunblane when Thomas Hamilton shot 16 children and a teacher. We were all vilified and freaks for wanting pistols but we only shot paper targets. I have never felt the need to kill or inflict pain on a fellow human being, having shot firearms from an early age and during most of my life, I am 65 this month. I do at times miss the death penalty for certain criminals and traitors to this country ( I was taught religious education at school by an ex hanging judge, a man I respected) at a time when police were respected. There is no bang rule at the site I use but I still at times choose not to shoot rather than hurt at close range. The problem is anything that looks like a gun scares people, I know the local police used to train the firearms team by sending them out to my brother & I when we were rabbiting after we informed them where we would be shooting. The team actually had loaded weapons pointed at us on more than one occasion, very scary. I was camoed up one night and 4 of them almost walked on me, was tempted to shout boo as they past but decided it was safer not to, they did not find me that night and had I been a terrorist we would have been 4 plod down. Ooh forgot to say how else would I get to shoot my son in law
  10. My E&L AK without any hop will chrono at 367FPS with .2BB but with hop set to lift .25bbs will chrono with .2bbs below 350FPS. So does that make me a cheat no because I am using that hop setting in game with .25BBs at 317FPS. So many things that change FPS Hop, good or bad BBs, clean barrel or dirty even the temperature. I am happy to chrono anytime for anyone and a chrono is so cheap I think all air-softers can afford one then they can see what their changes to a gun does. Air rifles in England tend to be tested by the police using super heavy magnum pellets thus creating the maximum possible joule figure.
  11. Thats a little harsh but in the news today Scotland 1200 dead from drug related issues and stupid plod want to legalize drugs. I suppose it keeps them in a job finding all the cannabis farms arresting drug drivers. Now if Scotland really want independence having a population suffer drug induced psychotic events and staying in the euro zone says it all.
  12. What is it the police would say ignorance is no excuse. Druid spoke about people asking questions which are basic and covered here on this forum in so many places I do not find I don,t understand an excuse
  13. Perhaps you look honest and probably been watched without you knowing it. We watch certain players that seem to lack honesty enough to even take their hits! How long I wonder before we put up cameras to watch players more closely big brother is coming everywhere. I think you should name the site! My son in law seems to cause lost of pain with his pair of midget m4s and we always make a point of chronoing his guns to show they are at best 310FPS. It is just when people are rushed and up close the pain seems more intense. I chronoed mine and found one had gained nearly 10 fps on the last time I did it at home, putting it over 350 no problem back in the bag and that was a lot less than ten percent. If I come across a marshal that is over I will be the first to make a noise about it THEY should Know better!!!!!
  14. I agree with you 100% but I believe chrono before game play is the way to start and attentive marshals on the lookout for the type of cheating you describe. It is not required to have high FPS for range but it does help. When my guns which I get as close as possible to limits and are as tuned as I can get them are out ranged by another AEG by some distance then I want them chronoed! As for chrono,s giving different readings we put 3 different makes up and all were within 3 FPS to 5FPS. I have noticed cheap BBs give lower readings compared to GGs with the cheaper BBs giving a wider spread of FPS. A consistent approach of testing all guns on every game day is I think essential to deter those cheats that think they can flout the rules with the same .2 BBs used in all guns. In game chrono of some pistols would be good as well with all the different gasses out there
  15. Well I did the chrono again yesterday and had 3 excellent examples of why it should be done at every game. I wish snipers would come up with empty mags and make my life easier! It is amazing how the owners of the guns that failed all play dumb and ignorant of how their guns happen to be so far over legal!. 3 M4 AEG derivatives well over 450fps ! one at sniper FPS !!! There were those trying to pass off .25s at chrono as .2s that's why we made you use our mags with .2s or loaded your mags with our BBs. We also had the other end of the spectrum those owners that do not realize their guns are firing at only 200 FPS because they do not service or have not checked their function. I believe these are the players that are constantly saying other players are not taking their hits, well that's because you did not hit me, you did not get anywhere near reaching me. These same players are the ones that also do not know how to adjust their hop so they are over or under hopped always. If you are going to do a sport even airsoft at least learn how the toy weapon you play with works!! One last thing a shop is selling solid aluminum BBs in .3 weight how bloody irresponsible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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