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    2 X Specna arms SA-HO2, Marui 5.1 Hi-capper, E&L ELAR M18 MOD1 M4, E&L AKM, G&G AK74E.
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    Tactical helmet old British army camo jacket and trousers HI-cap mags and loads of spare ammo
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  1. gasman

    maddest gun ever

    Is this the maddest gun made to date!? As if one M4 was not enough https://www.evike.com/products/80363/ Its a Classic Army DT-4 double barrel M4 carbine. I think its for the overkill specialists among you, wonder how you play a single shot game? Looks like a talking piece on any site.
  2. gasman

    Rushers / Speedsofters

    For me your one of the best in the game just wish I was young enough to keep up with you
  3. gasman

    Eye Protection Standards

    I wholeheartedly agree with this but I still would hate to be the one that took his eye out during a game so lets encourage the idiots to buy better protection! Oh its also why we don't use Nuprol BBs
  4. gasman

    Eye Protection Standards

    if these are cheap enough then buy them and get a sniper buddy to shoot them at close range if they are good enough for that then your good to go should not even mark them!
  5. gasman

    Eye Protection Standards

    I thought this might be of interest, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIvgdalqiBU or even better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZoLv-MMQTo
  6. gasman

    Eye Protection Standards

    I seem to remember when I bought the very expensive Bolle goggles some very impressive claims as to protection EN166 T at 275M/S (A .22 LR rimfire bullet I believe travels at around 1100 feet per second) ballistic protection also ANSI Z87 so standards do exist that far surpass our requirements. Its all about the letters and numbers that tell you the level of protection. I might take a Bolle lens and shoot it at the rifle club just for the hell of it!
  7. gasman

    Eye Protection Standards

    The standards are already there, they just need to be applied properly, clearer marking and shops saying this is suitable. The cheap crap that does not meet the standards, eBay and Chinese crap should not be allowed to be advertised in the middle of air-soft gear unless they clearly display the products rating. Most cheap goggles designed to be used in engineering grinding applications costing a fiver are strong enough to protect against BBs, not found one my DMR at point blank range can penetrate yet. The first thing I bought when starting air-soft was a Bolle enclosed goggle that fogged on me still best protection you could get for £80. Next I tried paintball masks same problem. Now a tactical helmet with glasses and mesh + sides and lower. Snipers love hitting it and touch wood still good.
  8. gasman

    Eye Protection Standards

    My brother works for trading standards so I understand what you are saying and I can assure you that like any other air-softer I want better standards of safety. Trading standards are under funded and understaffed like any other enforcement body and can barely keep up with illegal tobacco selling in shops, counter-fit designer goods ect. I am aware that people should do their own research and take responsibility for their own safety but would it not be so much better if what is sold for air-soft users is suitable and not what makes shops the most profit. Should the shops not make an ethical decision to only stock a product that meets the relevant standards! I like many others of my generation hate the nanny state that tells us what we may or may not do but, , some people are so stupid they need protecting from themselves. I would not like to be the one that shot out some idiots eye!!
  9. gasman

    Sat 8th Skirmish wycombe

    Would love to join you but commitments, commitments, commitments !
  10. Who thinks we should have clearly marked AIRSOFT suitable eye protection with trading standards removing from shops any that fail those standards. A suitable test would be the same joule value or exceeding that value that a 500 FPS sniper rifle with the heaviest BBs could impart. I would also like all eye protection to be required full fit so no BBs getting in via the sides of open glasses. I cannot understand why anyone would risk their precious sight wearing glasses designed to protect from the front only in a sport wear BBs come from all directions!
  11. gasman

    Testing BBs

    Glad to hear you are doing well MisterG my table above reflects exactly what you say why did you not stay with the G&Gs was it because you had difficulty getting them in the weights you wanted? Dino I would not tell you what to buy or from whom but a good manufacturer does not let a bad batch leave the factory, quality control and men of science with very expensive testing machines make sure of that. Some manufacturers do not have the same quality control and seem to rely on guesswork or poor materials for their mixes hence size, weight, air bubbles injection mould marks, roundness and how and if they shatter. Try as many makes as you can and record if they feed well group well and if you shoot at a close hard target how they shatter.
  12. gasman

    Why has no BB manufacturer done this?

    They never sent me any for testing I guess because they were crap! and he was very quiet about the Chinese supplier which has a poor rep for finish always have a little dimple.
  13. gasman

    precautions you take buying used

    only when they fall in the sea
  14. gasman

    Why has no BB manufacturer done this?

    The gun manufacturer has no interest in BBs only the gun he is selling. The BBs supplied are for quick function test only. Ask most snipers what they use and most are using the same weights and manufacturer of BBs.
  15. gasman

    Why has no BB manufacturer done this?

    No manufacturer will ever do that.