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  1. Hi, I'm hoping someone may be able to help me finding s decent tech around Surrey and the surrounding areas. I really don't mind travelling as long as its no more than a couple of hours each way. I hurt my left ankle pretty badly a couple of months ago and the surgeon I saw yesterday said that it would never fully heal and I'll always be at risk of dislocation, etc. I still want to play Airsoft when I'm mostly recovered (or as good as it will get). So was thinking of going down the DMR route? I have a sniper already, but the idea of being a DMR really appeals. I have a G&G warthog with an upgraded barrel and piston, but that's it at the moment. I'm not too good at trying to upgrade the guns myself (I did try on a couple of boneyards with poor results). So I'm hoping to employ someone to do it for me. I know that DMR's are made as opposed to bought (except the few that come up on the classifieds from time to time). Any thoughts or suggestions for techs would be massively appreciated 🙂 Andy
  2. My wife just called me as she took the gun back (I'm currently immobile with my badly sprained ankle). They acknowledged there is an issue and are going to fix it. They said the reason they changed the original hop-up is because when they tested it was jamming. They offered to put it back in for me... So I can have a none working gun with other upgraded bits? I said to my wife to tell them the reason I took it too them was because I am paying for their knowledge and experience. I've worked with cars all my life and can tell you a decent part. I asked that they use either a Lorex or Prometheous hop-up and apparently the technician looked at my wife like she was from another planet? They've now said they'll call me too discuss the options? I'm so frustrated right now as all I wanted was a working gun. I have no knowledge of parts or what works best which is why I paid someone to do it on my behalf. I've told her to go back in and too get the old parts put back in and I'll take it elsewhere.
  3. Thank you so much for the above advice. I'm going back today, so will take heed of your suggestions. When I took it in originally I discussed what they were going to be doing. They said that they would "upgrade" the hop-up unit if needed. They talked about a promy, rotary hop-up or similar. I didn't imagine for one minute I would be downgraded...
  4. Thanks for the advice, I've been using devil blaster 0.25's with g&g mags. Interestingly one of my mags looks like it's malfunctioned as the BBS look to be stuck inside (not feeding to the top). But even using another mag it's still not right as fires a few rounds and then makes a loud screeching noise. I'll pop it back to the shop anyway and might ask that they put the original hop up chamber back in as I think my original is probably better than the nuptol one they replaced it with.
  5. Hi, hoping for some advice before I take my G&G M4 back to the Airsoft ship that upgraded it for me. I took it in as it was only shooting at 230fps with 0.25g bbs. I had a good chat with one of the techs about upgrades and agreed upon a list of parts I wanted upgraded. 4 weeks later I get a call saying it's all done and shooting at 349fps on 0.2's I picked it up and paid the £130 for the parts and labour. I never actually got to fire it at the site as I turned my left ankle literally 2 minutes into the first game. One of my boys fired it at the range whilst I waited for my other half to pick me up and commented that it's firing every other shot (mis-shooting). This morning I tried it out in the garden and the first few shots barely came out of the gun. Then it shot s few bbs, then when putting it on full auto a few came out and then about 5 came out (like shotgun pellets) all at once! I tried another mag (I use G&G usually) and it did the same thing. I barely got through the mag when it made a horrendous, high pitched squeal and I thought it was best to stop! I've posted a picture of the upgraded parts they used. The guns was a stock G&G warthog. I know people will say "take it back" but I just wanted to get some opinions on the parts used, etc. This has soured the experience for me and I don't want to end up with a money pit of a gun... Thanks in advance
  6. So I've been going to sites for around a year now with my 2 boys. I normally wear some high ankled (supportive) boots, but being really hot yesterday I wore an old pair of ultraboost. Big mistake... I took a tumble in the first game and my left ankle copped my hefty frame. I had to be helped into the back of a site van, taken back to the safe zone and then had the indignity of sitting for a couple of hours while my other half got an Uber to drive me home. So when people say "wear decent footwear" listen to them 😉 p.s. sorry about the state of my feet! I've had 2 operations on my right foot and before the operation I was told by the consultant that my feet had been "well loved" over the years. Pretty well broke most of the toes in my feet over the years...
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