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  1. Had the TM mp7 for about 6 years now, by far my most favourite gun and the most reliable, used it hot and cold and once the mag base plates have been sealed its been flawless other than a hop rubber change in all that time, run it on abbey sniper gas most of the time, used .28s and never had a problem, a lot of guys say the nozzle is prone to breaking but i seem to have gotten one that refuses to break😂 cant comment much on the umarex/vfc one too much, had hands on with the new gen AEG and wasn't majorly impressed with the exterior looks (the TM finish felt much better) though the guy using it thought quite highly of its performance.
  2. Id flat out avoid travails plates atm, a teammate has been waiting since November, at the point of paypal dispute now, and theres plenty of storys across the community of people still waiting with no product, i have a set of lightweights myself and they do balance the load and make your plate carrier actually bare weight rather than hang off you. trident gear are one of the other options, and they are coming out with there multi curve set soon i think. Cheaper options involve foam cut to shape or the Chinese plastic plate fillers on ali
  3. Very clearly the brand new AK74u Challenge kit from JBBG, custom paintjob included
  4. Just thought I’d share my experience in this area, i started milsimming solo about 4 years ago now, about 3 games into the series me and a couple of other regulars just sort of became a team, in the last few games the ‘team’ now has 18 members, a team patch, and a good name, through like minded players coming together naturally in game, rather than open advertising invites. From first playing together to team i figure its been about 2 years in the making so its a fairly slow process for my guys but it was a pretty natural way. Try milsim news and events uk on FB for one of the bigger concentrations of milsim players, likely there’ll be a group of guys that go to events from your area, or solo players that fancy teaming up for events.
  5. Tbf The ‘airsoft’ gun was more likely from the market stall than anything that’s actually difficult to get hold of, lots of military shows on recently (not anything wrong with military shows just where flea market bb guns stalls tend to set up) and the market stalls don't really understand anything past can they pay cash not saying the bloke in question is any less of a knob though
  6. Never said it was a great idea.. just remember hearing/reading about it, the yanks we all hear about most are a different breed of stupid anyway (not all of them)
  7. Aren't there yanks that have used .66g bbs on airsoftsniperforum? Isnt our good friend nov a tad kate to the super heavyweight party?
  8. Closest i think you’ll get is the 5.11 taclite plate carrier, same molle design, but no side plate pouches comes in at £117 on uk tactical, so probs still not your idea of cheap alternative https://www.uktactical.com/p-15970-511-taclite-plate-carrier-black.aspx
  9. I just assumed that while public, it doesnt seem to be very well known at all, I suppose its not really worth anything unless anyone has any written proof that WC was owned by zac, who then bought himself out, as he was advertising that wc was purchased by a new company, which shows is actually himself, i dunno, might be enough for someone to convince the community groups that still let him peddle his shit. i havent really been effected by this, just rubs me up the wrong way that these types of people seem to run rampant in airsoft.
  10. https://www.netim.com/domain-name/whois-search.html put darkrhino.com in this, and it will show you he owns everything to do with the company that ‘bought’ weaponcrates, then voila you have some hard proof he is a bullshitting scammer scum (not that the guys on this thread need to know that/ already did this) image linked for the laxy buggers. p.s. I know this surprises like no one, or is even news to anyone, just havent seen anyone show this yet
  11. Agree with trig , survey needs to be structured, maybe a survey for each sport, rather than each page having 2 for each, replies as well, written better, and at least attempt to make it relevant to where your posting it? A lot of people wouldnt even bother with that survey, and how would those vague questions lead to improvements in equipment? I didnt answer anything about any gear or anything. Maybe you should head back to the drawing board with this survey?
  12. Had 1 as my starter gun, from the start of 2015 still going reliably, while it is plastic, it is a nice plastic so to speak, and you don't really notice the difference, i did replace the standard rail with a cheapo metal keymod rail, which fit easily enough, it takes a special tool to get the barrel nut off though. Ive had no issues as of the moment, range could be better, but being a combat machine, its t be expected. Hope that helps as a amateur view (Oops missed a year out i mean 2014, lost track a bit)
  13. By the looks of it, on the website if your undermounting or side mounting you'll need to buy keymod rail sections, if you haven't already, unless the torch is keymod, also from the description, it looks like that gun doesnt come with extra keymod sections, don't know if you know as much, but i do see no one else has mentioned that part
  14. Youve split the reciever first before attempting install right? If not do that, and them fit the adapter piece, before attaching the rail, the rail should come with a small instruction set explaining? Not in the country atm otherwise id give you some pictures, apologies if that makes no sense
  15. Its good to know they have actually been used to some effect, Fair enough, and yeah i've seen the discussions, and tbh i agree with not using on standard skirmish sites, far too close range to even bother, i was thinking more the milsim side, i might just get a standalone launcher, at least until i can find myself a 320
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