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  1. Why is it above the price of a new one if it is used? Is it upgraded or something?
  2. This is my safety sir ☝🏻 I have gloves they are just not in the picture, I have viktos wartorn gloves which are supposed to be “the best” The helmet sizing is just because I have a different suspension system in it right now, it sits slightly higher than it should. I am going to put a team wendy or maybe just a repro system in as soon as I can
  3. Hey guys, I am kind of new to airsoft and had started out doing more milsim with gbbrs and have now moved over to AEGs and running around shooting people in the arse. What else should I have on my person to make me go faster/shoot people in the arse better?

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    Hey guys, I’m looking for a gate warfet and all the accessories with a mini tamia connector. I’m happy to either buy or trade for one. Send me your shit!



    • Wanted
    • Used or as new

    Hey guys, I’m looking for about a dozen LCT Lowcaps for my loadout. I’m willing to either buy them or trade for them. PM if you have some you are willing to part with.


  6. Time Left: 1 day and 13 hours

    • For sale
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    Hey guys, for sale I have my custom ballistic face protection. It is based off a revision/galvion cobra mandible, visor and mount. I had them all professionally resprayed and added my own decals and stuff onto them. Included is: The visor The mount (can include bolts but should fit standard helmet bolts) The mandible (I had transport bags for it but I can’t find them. I will update this if I can find em) It will fit any standard 3 hole low or mid cut helmet. Mandible provides above NIJ3A protection and the visor provides slightly less. Mount can mount NVGs and has two pic rail adapters for flashlights or whatever. I am happy to slap any extra custom decals as long as it is paid for up front. Price is pretty fixed, have a look on eBay at the standard kind of price and you’ll find I’m being very fair. Willing to trade for a ballistic visor, ballistic nape guard or a helmet cut ballistic mask. Postage or collection from Perth, Scotland available.


  7. Hey guys, I got this ASG CZ S2 and I’m trying to make a kind of cursed tarkov type build. Does anyone know if there are any top and bottom rail attachments that are compatible with it and what else should I chuck on it to make it as cursed as possible? (Yes that is an AK muzzle break) (This is the kind of rail system I mean by top and bottom rail)
  8. Time Left: 2 days and 9 hours

    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    “Hawk” brand soft body armour vest with “high threat” collar & virtus arm and pelvic protection. (Soft armour in all, no hard plates included) Vest has been slightly modified with a velcro patch sewn onto the front to help the collar stay in place much better. Pelvic protection and arm protection are both resprayed from MTP to black. Vest can fit ECBA hard plates in the front and rear. Already has wraparound HG2 K2 (stab proof + similar to NIJ 3A ballistic protection) Open to offers, postage available but collection/meetup is preferred because it is big and heavy. I am located in Perthshire, Scotland. Contact me either through Airsoftforums or 07858449119 (WhatsApp) for more details etc Vest on myself (pictured), I am 5 foot 9, 34 inch chest


  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    WTB TM Shotgun Shells, need around 24 but will take any amount to work my way up to that amount ( probably with spares too ) not fussed about colour etc. Willing to pay around £3.50 each for them, willing to pay more for larger amounts. (Not interested in golden eagle and other spring shells, just TM)


  10. Time Left: 2 days and 9 hours

    • For sale
    • As new

    Imported from Russian Govt manufacturer, tried on and found it doesn’t fit. IRR treated, digi flora camo. Very very warm jacket, has removable liner and waterproof membrane. Size is in pictures and shown on myself (34 chest, 5 foot 9)


  11. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hello fellow larporators, I present to you: gun Known issues: semi locked, high fps, leaky mags, sheared stock retention pin. Comes with: 4 polymer mags & 1 steel mag The RIF itself shoots fine with a nice snappy recoil, loud muzzle report and realistic function. I just have not been able to find the time to fix it’s issues. I have an O ring kit to replace the O rings in the mags, a valve removal tool and a new auto bar for the inside which I will bundle in with it to help fix it. I had this whole idea about cutting down it’s length, upgrading it and making it a CQB beast but I just had never found the time. Happy to trade for a uzi/mac11/10 GBB or any other kind of GBB machine pistol/PDW. If you think any trade would interest me I will probably be interested so don’t be scared to shoot it along to me. Postage available, I can meet up if you are anywhere near Perth, Scotland


  12. Postman might have some questions about the two pistols and a rifle in the package 😂
  13. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hey y’all, looking for a Secutor or Golden Eagle gas shotgun. Willing to trade any of the stuff that I’ve got up on my profile rn and would pay cash for the right deal.


    - GB

  14. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hiya guys, I am looking for a black or multicam black plate carrier. Has to be one of the gucci tacticool brands like crye, ferro, spiritus or WAS.


  15. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Here I have for sale an ex british armed response ballistic vest, the vest comes with HG2K1 rated panels and a collar with HG2 panels fitted. It is sized small-medium although for running around it would fit someone closer to medium as it is designed for a relaxed fit on a small person and would bounce around etc without modification. The vest is used but is pretty much completely undamaged bar slight wear to the elastic on the sides. The vest has tonnes of real estate on the molle all around the vest and the collar has quite a bit too. Vest also has tonnes of room for patches on the front and back Vest has an extra loop patch sewn on to the breast so that the collar fits much closer. Drag handle is located under a hook and loop panel on the back. Also available is ballistic upper arm armour and pelvic protection for an additional cost. I am looking for £120 for it but am open to offers too. Selling because I’m looking for something modern like a slickster in multicam black or a WAS LPC in multicam black. Postage available for £20 as it is quite large and fairly heavy. Collection is also available, I am based in Perth, Scotland


    - GB

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