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  1. I had one for my WE Glock 17 with x300. It was OK - I wouldnt trust it at full sprint but for a general airsoft jog its OK. I've moved to a Kydex system which I have done at full sprint and its not moved an inch. in terms of tracer, yes, that shouldn't be an issue either
  2. Probably military. Theres a fuck off big base just outside of LV. Have a couple mates out there at the moment doing sweet FA for 8 weeks.
  3. Lol, that doesn't help but we were on same side. I slept in the barn. Was a good weekend. Night time play was a lot of fun
  4. ACETECH Lighter Pistol Tracer Salomon Hombre XA Pro 3D GTX Helikon Training Mini Rig in Adaptive Green Helikon Alpha Fleece
  5. Unfortunately, over the last 3yrs, these have gone up massively in price, I purchased them for £105 from Tactical Kit, however, they do work very well and the fan is quiet. https://www.tactical-kit.co.uk/revision-desert-locust-fan-goggle-essential-kit-15381-p.asp
  6. Second this, the PTS magazines I own have never given me troubles (Both standard and recoil variant) If you were to buy another manufacturer, I've also never had any issues (fitment/feeding) with MAG magazines, both their AR and AK variants.
  7. The point was, players could think (much like your statement here) their face is protected. However they could be using £4 shite OR legit stuff that randomly is 1 shot away from failure. Personally, I'd rather be shot in the arse than face, even if I have full face protection. You can't ever stop accidently headshots or if that's all you can see. The point being made is if all of a player is on show...then going for the face is unnecessary from a safety and sporting point of view
  8. It's bullshit like that irritates people. But to feed the troll. If you're poor, forget your dream that won't happen and just play Airsoft.
  9. Why don't you just stop chatting about what you're never going to do and come back when you even have some land. Let alone some HPA, Systems, TM love child.
  10. Time Left: 1 day and 23 hours

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    Never Used Size Large No Rips, Stains, Loose threads etc... £110 all in.


  11. So you're making a blue fox tracker app basically? Do you play airsoft yourself? ever played a milsim? battlesim? plinked in your garden? You certainly can fail at airsoft, down to Squad level, just got to a Stirling themed game. Your Gun and Loadout section on your profile are high end...yet you're questions dont back up someone whos played long enough to even need a 152. Unless its a dummy. I must admit, i find it strange there isnt any photos of your kit or you playing. Honestly, unless you are a troll and just want your post count going up. You need to get setup with people who play and have decent knowledge because your 'pipe dreams' will fail.
  12. Nice one, thanks will do!
  13. A mixture of 7.4 1300 and 1500 25-30c Lipo batteries. Same batteries I use in my SCAR. Never used NIMH in my recoils.
  14. I'm 80% sure they don't or at least, the 'Secutor' GG mag fit a WE G17 but didn't lock in. Not sure if Sectutor changed anything though.
  15. Not in my years of owning NGRS rifles it doesnt, bumping up 50fps doesnt mean replacing other things. If you wanna go above 350fps then yes, I would recommend replacing other elements but if you want around 315-330 then just changing the spring has never caused me problems and i still retained performance of a TM in other areas. I've owned 5 recoils (currently 3) and as ive said above, no issues to report
  16. I knew there was a reason for liking you.
  17. I was being sarcastic
  18. Probably because you called all airsofters morons who store their guns in the open 😜
  19. If you will actually use your sight to aim, then I'd suggest Vortex due to life time warranty against pretty much anything. They will replace the sight FOC. If you are just going to use the BB path to shoot/correct your aim, then buy any clone you like the look of. With mags, you can use the adaptor to run standard AEGs mags, however, you will lose the bolt stop functionality which is one of the main draws of the TM range. So based on using the bolt stop, either use the standard STANAG looking magazine which is 82rds (I believe) or you can get the PTS EPM mags which are 120rds. Both are designed for the NGRS range so use the bolt stop. TM also do a NGRS high cap. Grips - Ebay basically. Pick whatever you like. Stock, again depends on what you like the look of. The CQBR stock is roomy but a lot of people switch it out for a Magpul CTR stock. Eagle6 and Davecustom will do the lipo mod for you Lights - you can go RS...I personally run Night Evolution (clone of all the torches used by the desert dwellers) and they are nice and bright - not had an issue with any of mine. Definitely get the deans mod. Just a point to note from my experience, I've owned 2 CQBRs and AK102 - all 3 locked up pretty frequently on Semi before I put a mosfet in (to rectify in game, switch to full auto and shoot then switch back). However, both my Scars have never locked up on semi and neither have a mosfet. Always been a head scratcher to me as all NGRS are basically the same internally.
  20. Yup, its the new kid on the block (in terms of the look from TM, not the actual MK18) and the MK18 audience is huge and it means people no longer have to disassemble CQBRs or SOCOMs and then buy third party rails etc... The Delta was the same when it first came out, people love being a SEAL.
  21. I cannot help on the valves unfortunately, however, should you end up buying new mags which are not APS, I can tell you that WE Co2 and GG mags along with TM GG mags fit and ran fine in my Secutor Glock (which is actually APS)
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