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    TM CQBR - DE

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    Hi All, TM CQBR BTC v1 363mm Prometheus Inner Barrel Upgraded Spring (345fps .2) Upgraded Recoil Spring Shimmed with Laylax parts AOE corrected Deans Firefly Hop Rubber Firefly Flat hop nub 2 x 1500 7.4 batteries All upgraded and serviced in July 2017 by Eagle 6 Took it to June 2018 Catterick game (didn't use) but using a range finder on the range, it was hitting 70-74m on .25s consistently on man size targets. £465 plus delivery. I am based in Cambridgeshire. Thanks for looking


  2. SgtTalbert

    Gun picture thread

    Family Photo....kinda Missing the G&G TT RK105 and my TM USP Tactical
  3. SgtTalbert

    Photos from the field

    1LM Takeover - Skirmish Nottingham 1LM Takeover - The Gaol
  4. SgtTalbert

    Gun picture thread

    Hi Guys, Here you go - https://www.weapon762.com/holster/667-tmc-lightweight-bearing-concealment-holster-for-g17.html?search_query=HM077-BK &results=1&_pcnocache=1504007641520 Its held up well after 2 game days, only time iwll tell, however, for £15 delivered, its worth a try
  5. SgtTalbert

    Gun picture thread

    Sorry for the delayed response - here is my retention holster for the Glock (sorry for crap photos)
  6. SgtTalbert

    Gun picture thread

    I haven't had mine long but seems great so far, the kick on Co2 compared to Green is very good. In terms of paint coming off, as long as internally its all good, I don't mind, will add to the look really if anything
  7. SgtTalbert

    Gun picture thread

    Haven't been around for a while so thought id post some new purchases. TM SCAR L & Secutor Gladius Glock 17
  8. SgtTalbert

    Options for Glasses Wearers

    It seems he has deleted FB. Our PM is down and his page is no longer accessible https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=411327232217480&ref=ts&fref=ts
  9. SgtTalbert

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

  10. SgtTalbert

    Gun picture thread

    I think all new G&G rifles now come with a mosfet
  11. SgtTalbert

    The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    £20 rifle case - https://jdairsoft.net/deals/day-3-xmas-deals-50-off-gun-case Free delivery to local UPS point or £9 standard UK delivery
  12. SgtTalbert

    Nuprol Deltas

    We have just purchased a few (Pioneer Defender) for hire guns at 'The Gaol' and they seem to be holding up so far... Had a couple issues on Sunday with feeding but compared to our G36s, they are much better for our hire range. Time will tell if they continue to be as good as our Cyma 'bomb proof' AKs though.
  13. SgtTalbert

    ACOG Shootout

    I use this - very nice eye relief http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/gbase-4x32-unmarked-acog-with-green-fiber-optic-illuminated-reticle
  14. SgtTalbert

    Sniper Mechanics

    Great site, enjoyed reading
  15. SgtTalbert

    Photos from the field

    I realised I was standing behind you in the queue waiting for the briefing at HTIS....but didnt twig until later else I would of said hello
  16. SgtTalbert

    Gun picture thread

    Ah OK, makes sense. Our Group is Police so we're all in either Grey or MC Black to distinguish ourselves from the standard 'NATO'. My CQBR was imported from Echigoya in April / May time. Externally its all stock, internally no. I have had the following done to it: R-Hopped Prometheus 300mm 6.03 Tightbore M95 Spring Prometheus Spring Guide Recoil Spring BTC Spectre
  17. SgtTalbert

    Custom Velcro name tags/signs etc?

    This company are good - http://www.stitchmeup.biz/
  18. SgtTalbert

    Gun picture thread

    Ah nice, you on Nato? M4 is TM NGRS and the M16 is G&G Top Tech Gen 2
  19. SgtTalbert

    Gun picture thread

    My role for the weekender is Police so using it as my backup as there will be a lot of building play and getting in and out of vehicles
  20. SgtTalbert

    Gun picture thread

    Getting the rifles ready for Blue Fox 2 next weekend
  21. SgtTalbert

    Gun picture thread

    This. I need this in my life.
  22. SgtTalbert

    OD or Black .338 Pouches

    That is good to hear, I only ever play at The Gaol (CQBish) but it would be nice to have a decent 'cheapish' (when upgraded) rifle for Milsim events etc..
  23. SgtTalbert

    OD or Black .338 Pouches

    Does this mean the rifle is decent if you are thinking about pouches for the magazines?
  24. SgtTalbert

    Firehawk vs scorpion evo

    I know...I was assisting someone else who didnt understand what Sacarathe said