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  1. The angle and I haven't adjusted it yet for elavation
  2. It's more of I went over kill with some stuff on my gun but it's how I've always wanted it to look I'll probably never use iron sight ever but it was cool having them on the side
  3. Well I like the look off them but I have a 3x maginfier so I have them for a reason but this one won't fold and click away properly due to the winditch knob I was hooping to swap it to the other side but can't seem to get it off so I guess I'll have to think of another plan
  4. Rest of what? The front one is flipped down in the photo
  5. I'm guessing mad bull arnt good and explain the laser beam please
  6. Hey guys is there anyway to remove the screw that adjusts the sight left to right as I need to swap it around or it won't stay closed and keeps flipping up
  7. I'm going to zero in my halo sight here soon just need a good place with 25m distance then once it's all fine I'll do the 3x and see how it goes Thanks everyone
  8. So I was wrong guys the guy I'm going too stocks only madbull 6.03 barrels don't know why I thought it was .01 but yea Also what is full auto like with a flat or r hop ?
  9. No I mean cause off wind and evaluation do I make my crosshair go in the middle off the magnifier or does it not matter if it's off little
  10. Also guys if I zero in my sight from a distance of say 20/25 meters do I zero in the 3x to a futur distance or same ?
  11. I've still to zero in my halo graphic sight so when it's done I'll see what I can do with the 3x if it's still off bad I'll get a new mount
  12. Hey so I bought a 3x Flip down magnifier scope they look so cool But I need help!!!!! As you can see in the picture off the birds eye view it's off to the left of the holographic sight and the other picture the red crosshair is top left but on the halo graphic sight it's in the middle ?? Anyone able to give a fellow airsoft noob a hand ???
  13. I got told 20/25 meters is good my garden is only like 15/18 So I need to find somewhere to do it next week I'm getting a tight bore and flat hop or r hop so I'll get it zeroed then with .25s Thankyou
  14. So I have a holographic sight that needs zeroed in. Also have a 3x Flip down magnifier coming soon too! What is the best way everyone zeros in a new sight and what is the best distance to do it at?
  15. Spare room lol but I could paint it like that
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