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  1. Oh okay. That's why. Anyhow aha thanks for correcting/confirming me and I'm going to keep the knowledge as I live I'm Scotland so it's always cold!
  2. Oh my i fell of my bed laughing. Susquehanna should of checked that hahaha lmao
  3. Holy sh*t... AHhahahhahahahahahahahaha
  4. There is a site in Aberdeen, banchory called paintball battlegrounds. Yes the name throws it off but it's so fun and a great site for airsoft as well. Good website as well so at least check them out
  5. TheWolf

    Game play & Kit

    Also do you know where the closet milsim is ? Haven't really looked wondering if you have ?
  6. TheWolf

    Game play & Kit

    Yeah I get you with the plastic stuff as I am in the cadet s so used to having a metal (handguard is plastic) gun. There is so many options for weapon systems so not sure myself where to go aha. And yeah guess I do almost have a team already. Let me know how you get on and might bump into you on the field sometime aha.
  7. I don't own any weapons my self so I could be wrong in saying this but I think my brother (he has a gas blow back g18) said gbbr and any gbb don't always work in the cold. Not sure why or if that is correct but I'll have a look around and if I see anything I'll be back for you. More experienced airsofters will have a better answer though, and welcome to the sport.
  8. TheWolf

    Game play & Kit

    Let me know if you find out as milsim is something i would like today with my brother and possibly my dad but I'm not part of a team so not sure myself. Gun wide I'm fairly new to airsoft compared to these guys so probably not the best guy to answer but have a look around the site as their are plenty of posts available with good info. Good Luck and welcome to the sport.