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  1. It was actually horrendous what I posted and I think I'm gonna leave the forum and stop playing for a while till I get my priorities straight. I am seriously sorry, safety should be above everything else.
  2. He is right, I posted before thinking. I apologise for my comment. I have deleted them.
  3. Funnily enough I had a bunch or army boys come by and try airsoft one time and they played very similar to speedsofters.
  4. There's alot of good ones around. TM Desert Eagle had served me very well for a long time but it is a huge bit of plastic. My recent Umarex HK45CT has been awesome so far (I almost bought the G17 instead which is also good). Rest of mine are old or revolvers or old revolvers 😁
  5. This is still going? Oh lawdy
  6. Wow what a bunch of meanies
  7. TM is pretty good for keeping it's performance even if its used. I would say that you gotta really want to stick to the sport if your going for a TM straight off the bat but my mate got a TM Aug for his first gun and he loves it and has served him well.
  8. Whats a good sight for a GBB MP7 since my Nuprol Holo keeps turning itself off?
  9. When I went up to play in Scotland they banned ASG blaster cause they said they shattered. Personally I use ASG blasters all the time and never had any issues, in all fairness i rarely aim for headshots.
  10. Hey, I am looking at buying a TM Mp7 and they are one of the only people with it in stock at the moment. The issue I have is that they have the exact same pictures as patrolbase for it which makes me a bit suspicious. Am I just being paranoid? I am unsure whether to take the risk
  11. It also makes mag swapping between players easy. I usually carry a high cap m4 mag on me in case one of my mates or someone on my team needs it.
  12. So I am looking at getting a TM Mp7 soon and I was going to use this holster (see image) to carry it. I like the MP7 sights but prefer red dot but looking at it, I couldn't fit it in the holster. I looked online and found a flip down red dot sight. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Reflex-Sight-Red-Dot-1X-Holographic-20mm-Flip-Pistol-Picatinny-Sight-for-Hunting/202560783170?ul_ref=http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-53481-19255-0/1?ff3=2&pub=5575376664&toolid=10001&campid=5338268676&customid=7b2b6b97-090d-4479-9dd4-8c6c2af8f1ae&lgeo=1&item=202560783170&srcrot=710-53481-19255-0&rvr_id=1857042110455&rvr_ts=e65c9a781680ab446dd4d93cfff01834&_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1&ul_noapp=true&pageci=9fdc32be-8934-454f-bea7-2e61bc189e52 Does anyone have any experience with these? Are they worth a go? What do you kids think of them?
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