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    Umarex Peacemakers, WE GBB Thompson, Derringer, TM P90, CA M249, G&G ARP556, Cyma 702A and more.
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    I vary alot but usually i either have a green cap or skull mask on.
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  1. Really excited to go play tomorrow!

    For quite a few reasons:

    1. Trying out a site I haven't been to before - Combat Airsoft Thetford

    2. It's nice to be playing in Norfolk again after traveling and playing alot.

    3. I'm not running solo, haven't had someone to watch my back for a while.

    4. Haven't seen my mate in ages so it'll be nice to catch up.

    5. Fixed my sniper so I'll be able to run that for the first time in months.

    6. I have been going to the gym so instead of needing to sit down after game 2, hopefully I'll have unlimited pace ;)



    1. Monkman


      Enjoy...I'm travelling up north to try out 'the fob' myself at west midlands airsoft.  Need to pew pew pew.

  2. Well fun is a very personal thing but I always think of fun Airsoft as when people give in more to the fact that they are grown men running around with toy guns. I think if you are gonna televise it, it's gonna be more what's entertaining. Animated deaths are more entertaining than just putting your hand up, I have been in fits of laugher after I hit someone and he went into a Oscar winner piece with a medic. Teamwork is always very satisfying to watch from coordinated sweep of a building to a well done flank so having players that work together would help. Variety and aesthetic gear would also help make it more interesting to watch so having players with all different guns and uniforms (WW2 to Sci-fi). Big personalities.... Eh. I mean just having folk that talk and are slightly likeable would be enough, folk are gonna watch for the pew more than the character drama. I think you would have to have game modes that are interesting and varied. Adding in some people playing VIPs or villagers would add in more variables. Epic plays would be great but I think as long as it doesn't get stale and stay interesting it should be fine. I mean if I was doing it and REALLY wanted it to do well. I would be tempted to go down the WWE route and have everything pre planned and just have actors being players. But anyway that's just off the top of my head. I don't think TV would do that well since you can just watch stuff on YouTube.
  3. Game Cam

    Secondary Ideas

    I have seen a MG42 (can't really miss it) but I haven't seen a makarov but it is not a massive pistol so might have missed it. Definitely stands out from another M4 and Glock 😀
  4. I can see televising Airsoft might be a idea but only if you had fun and energetic players. Not for the competitive aspect but for the entertainment. I think competitive Airsoft will always be plagued by huge issues. (Also this thread has been hilarious, keep it up lads )
  5. Game Cam

    Secondary Ideas

    Another rifle? I honestly know a fair few people that just run 2 rifles (usually a long one and small one) cause reloading is dumb I guess. Personally I would just get what you want and not worry about standing out as 9 times out of 10 someone else has that rare gun too.
  6. I am really looking forward to doing the next part of my new series - Airsoft Tourist

    I have just uploaded my first part which is where I go to see my northern neighbours in Scotland.

    I will probably go to Spain next!



  7. Game Cam

    Game Cam Airsoft Videos

  8. Game Cam

    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    I dislike when people get annoyed when I try and have a bit of fun and do a little roleplay when I get shot. I dunno about you guys but I always love it when I shoot someone and they actually pretend to be shot (preferably in a comedic way) but some people get really annoyed cause they think I'm not taking it seriously enough.
  9. Game Cam

    Real knives, folded for knife kills???

    I can't wait to use knuckle dusters at my next game. ...but yeah in all seriousness I wouldn't trust a barber with a blade around me, let alone some random hoodie.
  10. I'm already thinking about my April trip to Spain to play Airsoft in Valencia.

    I want to take my WE Thompson which runs on Green gas.

    I know I'm going to have pick up the Gas when I get there and I don't wanna buy too much there so I am thinking about getting a side arm that runs on green gas so I can get one gas for both.


    I'm thinking of a full metal M9 but can't decide which one.


    I'm thinking WE because

    1. Popular so loads of spare parts

    2. Same make as Thompson

    3. Not massively expensive


    Anyone got any recommendations?

  11. Game Cam

    The last AFUK Mall event

    The thing I noticed most was how loud people talked about what they were going to do: "Hey when you peak, the guy is crouching!" (I stand up) (Guy peaks, shoots low and misses while I hit him) "Thanks for the warning dude"
  12. Game Cam

    The last AFUK Mall event

    I would be up for Annual or Bi-annual but I don't I could make to anymore than that with my current level of busy.
  13. Game Cam

    Game Cam Airsoft Videos

  14. Game Cam

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Oh and if you kids are interested -
  15. Game Cam

    The last AFUK Mall event

    It depends, did he look like this: I am sorry sometimes my vanity/insanity is too much