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    Umarex Peacemakers, 100th Anv M1911A1, Derringer, TM P90, CA M249, G&G ARP556, Cyma 702A and more.
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    I vary alot but usually i either have a green cap or skull mask on.
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    Combat Action Games & Battlestations Snetterton but I travel a lot to sites across the country and play abroad.
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  1. Game Cam

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Thanks for the astute observation, its cause it got cut up and the nail ripped off 10 years ago. I get a lot of weird looks when I wear sandals.
  2. Game Cam

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    My Tanaka Peacemaker has turned up. In pretty much perfect condition besides a few scratches on the cylinder. Chronos at 250fps. Gets decent range. Looking forward to my first game using it!
  3. Game Cam

    justbbguns / Justbbguns.co.uk

    In all fairness I usually avoid them like the plague but they had a Classic Army M249 on sale (£260 instead of £360) so I caved and took the risk and fuck me they delivered. I got the M249 in good condition besides a slight crack in the stock which I fixed in 5 mins, it also came with a high cap but i instantly threw that shit away and got a box mag. So far ran it 3 times and gun works perfectly! That being said I might as well be Robert Patterson cause I am "the lucky one" it seems as everyone else seems to be getting screwed over. So I probably won't risk it again........... unless they have a £200+ discount on something
  4. I had half my team almost up and leave today. There was 6 Ukrainians (judging by flag on gear) that: 1. Weren't taking their hits (the classic) 2. Blind firing every 5 mins (marshal picked them up a few times for it but they kept doing it) 3. Shooting through cracks (which was not allowed at this site) 4. Full-Auto everywhere (not allowed in some places) 5. lobbing nades like their free (not cheating but lobbing grenades around every corner you come to is a bit frowned apon) 6. Calling out our guys really aggressively even though the marshal said they didn't hit shit. See now I have never ever called out a cheater - I usually assume I have missed or he just didn't feel it. But I had to call out one of them after I shot them, they raised their hand, walked into the container next to them then peak out and shoot me. .... I honestly was gobbed smacked, complete disbelief, mindblown. Me and my mate rose above it though and just messed around and had fun regardless but for the rest of our team it ruined their day.
  5. Game Cam

    Old But New Too.

    - My regular outdoor field is Combat Action Games - My regular CQB is Battlestation Snetterton - There is Skirmish Norwich which wasn't terrible but I didn't get on with some of the regulars there. - Haven't tried Combat Airsoft Thetford but Hope to play there in October. - Haven't played at Tuddenham but have heard good things so hope to swing by in November. - Haven't played a Battleground Airsoft but its on the list. So you will have to ask other folk about those three. Those are all the sites in Norwich I know of but you don't have to stay in the county, there are some great sites further afield if you willing to drive.
  6. Game Cam


  7. Game Cam

    Old but new

    To be honest I have seen people kicking arse in Airsoft in crutches or a wheelchair. The thing with projectiles is they do most of the moving for you!
  8. Game Cam

    Old But New Too.

    More Norfolk lads the better! There are some great sites around the county and most of the folks playing are the right sort. Yeah you are gonna burn through a lot of disposable income and get some bruises but its a lot of fun. There is tons of info on getting into the sport on here and lots of people you can ask questions. Hope to see you around mate!
  9. Game Cam

    New-ish returning player

    Good to see you guys getting back into it!
  10. Game Cam

    Hello from Brazil!

    Nice guns, videos look good too!
  11. Game Cam

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    From what I have seen - Patrolbase
  12. Game Cam

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Just bought my BBs for the next 365 days. 12 bottles of ASG 0.2gs 12 bottles of ASG 0.25gs And instead They sent me 24 bottles of .25s Happy with that result 😁
  13. Game Cam

    The end of The Mall, Reading :(

    (Looks at the ground nervously) (Whispers) - i was gonna bring some cameras and record it i mean if you don't wana be in it I can edit you out.
  14. Game Cam

    Talk me out of it? (New gun)

    In all fairness it's hard to compete with this
  15. Hey guys/girls, I am heading up to Scotland to play some Airsoft as from what I have seen from videos it's basically the national sport. As much as I would like to try all the sites (and I'm sure I will at some point), I will be going to Section 8 on the 16th of the September (as this site stuck out most for me) and would appreciate someone for local knowledge and jolly cooperation. I also made this thread for those of you that live in the area or those that are traveling up to play at section 8 to find battle buddies.