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  1. Will look nice paired up with my APC9.
  2. Didn't McNamara's Morons teach the US military anything?
  3. I like how he thinks your going to buy more stuff from him. Hopefully when batch 3 turns up the problems fixed, otherwise i'll be getting the file out or getting a refund.
  4. Well at least its paid for. My son will have to persevere with his r25, which isn't a bad 1911(still running well) especially for the price i paid for it. I could always lend him one of my Glocks.
  5. Noooooooooooooooo!!! As in Brexit you mean MARCH?!
  6. Nice review. Got one on order for my son as a birthday/christmas prezzie to upgrade from his aa r25.
  7. Thanks for the ARP9 i purchased from you last week. My son can't wait to use it tomorrow.Fingers crossed for the weather.
  8. Thanks to SWAS for the quick delivery of an ARP9. My son loves it. Plus I'm hoping Evike will deliver a ARES PPSH as they have refunded me twice already. Still waiting for a reply as too why? Sent them a couple of emails but nowt. If they refund again then ill probably get another ARP9.
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