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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi everyone, I am selling my 8fields Multicam Tropic Commanders Admin Panel. This is a must have for anyone attending Milsims as it will hold all and any mission critical information from maps and markers to compasses (and lunch money 😄). Shows signs of wear. Features include: Elastic loops for pens, chemlights, compass ect. A large fold-out maps case which can fit A4 paper Velcro front for patches / Identification 1000D Material Price includes postage (UK only) Thanks for checking out the advert. If you need any more photos or information on the item please let me know! - Raptor 😎


  2. Hi mate, is the TMC Safariland replica any good? Im trying to decide on whether to get one or not 🤔
  3. Hi mate, check out UKTactical for Warrior gear they have the best prices and range of products. They also have 10% off Warrior Assault Systems gear at the moment! https://www.uktactical.com/c-54-warrior-assault-systems.aspx
  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi everyone, the time has come to sell my M81 Woodland (DPM) Plate Carrier. This is an extremely comfortable PC which I have used at both Skirmishes and MilSims and is still in great condition. I am selling this as a complete setup making it perfect for new beginners and veterans of the sport. The package includes: 1x Plate Carrier (Tones of MOLLE space allows unlimited customization) 1x Dummy Plates (For added realism, and a satisfying 'Thwack!' sound when hit 😄) 2x Double G36 / Quad M4 (STANAG) mag pouches. These can be configured one of two ways; 1) Closed Velcro Top or 2) Bungee Retention for quicker access. 1x Triple Rifle/Pistol Mag Pouch. Takes 3x 5.56 and 3x 9mm mags) 1x Triple G36/7.62 Mag Pouch. (Great for those larger, more bulky mags such as G36 or Scar-H!) 1x General Purpose Pouch. (Can hold a verity of things from phones to ration packs. I personally used it to hold 4x WP40 Smoke Grenades) 1x Assault Back Panel (MT). Brilliant bit of kit, can hold a spare mag or smoke grenades in the top pouch as well as a lightweight jacket in the bottom. This can also hold a 1.5-2L water bladder. 2x Velcro Cable/Bladder Tube Routers. (These help to keep any radio wires or bladder tubes under control and out of the way) (All 8Fields) Thanks for checking out the advert. If you need any more photos or information on the rig please let me know! Price includes postage (UK only) - Raptor 😎


    Banbury, Oxforshire - GB

  5. Hi mate, what brand are these items?
  6. Check out the newly listed section, someone has a wooden TM M870 up for sale.....
  7. Would you split and sell the drum mag separately? If so, how much for it? Thanks, Raptor
  8. Hi there, I've sent you a PM about this bundle Thanks, Jacob
  9. Would you consider selling the drum mag separately?
  10. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi everyone, I am selling this brand new killflash from NUPROL as I had stupidly ordered the wrong size. It is £6 posted ( PayPal only please ) Any questions PM or text me on 07983014138


    Banbury, Oxfordshire - GB

  11. Is this the 90° one or 45° ?
  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    This hop chamber has had light usage as part of a test between the stock hop chamber and the upgraded one. The item has never been skirmished and is in good conditon. There are some small cosmetic marks on the unit from installation, however these do not affect performance. I am asking for £40 posted (via paypal) Any questons text me on 07983014138 Thanks for viewing


    Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire - GB

  13. Hi there, Would you be willing to just sell the flashmags? If so, how much would they be? Thanks, Jake
  14. The box states that it is an ASG. Which is it Ares or ASG?
  15. Hi there, had the same fps issue with my Striker as01. Out of the box it was also 280-300fps on 0.2g, so I bought the ares SP450 (bad idea!) Unfortunately this chroned at 380fps on 0.25g (do not get ares springs!) So my next spring will be a guarder m150 I had also installed a Lycan Romeo 90° sear which increased the general reliability and prevents any chance of slam-firing. I was comfortably hitting players at 50-60m for the first game day! Both of these upgrades and the rifle totalled around £160 (+£40 for a 4×32 optic) My next upgrades will be a new hop up (Action Army) and hop rubber (undecided on brand) What upgrades would you recommend?
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