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  1. Slamz


    Live not far from Platoon Stores, good guys and will continue to use them
  2. Slamz

    G&G Airsoft CM 16 FFR A2 Any good?

    CM16's are well known for being very good starter guns, I personally had one (albeit an older model) as my first and still have it, so I doubt you'll have any issues with it
  3. Slamz

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Where did you get this from? Seems to be out of stock in a lot of places
  4. Slamz

    UKARA Number

    I was specifically talking about UKARA not the VCRA in an attempt to show it's limitations, maybe I failed. Is UKARA even mentioned in the VCRA as an acceptable defence actually? As I can't find direct reference.
  5. Slamz

    UKARA Number

    Unfortunately it's not this clear cut. Technically a UKARA holder could go buy a RIF, then gift or sell the RIF to the OP and it would not be illegal. UKARA is there to protect retailers and satisfy the government in that regard, once the initial transaction with the retailer is complete, UKARA becomes irrelevant. I'm not saying we should be selling or gifting anything to the OP, but there's no illegality in someone without UKARA buying or being given a 2nd hand RIF, hell I owned multiple new ones before I had UKARA (different scenario yes, but shows UKARA ain't everything!) OP trying to use someone else's UKARA number would deffo not work though, due to it being registered to a different name and address, they'll only ship to registered address iirc. Just to make it doubly clear, I'm not saying we should hand out 2nd hand RIF's to any old Tom, Dick, or Harry, obviously use your brain when selling, especially as us players cannot even access the UKARA database to check legitimacy!
  6. Slamz

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Because everyone needs a bullpup.
  7. Slamz


    That's fair, I can definitely understand the confusion. I think there's a lot of confusion with regards to Airsoft 'law', contributed massively by the VCRA and also UKARA and peoples interpretations of them both. In my opinion (which is worth as much or as little as you want) from my experiences with section 1, 2, and 5 and what I can pull from those acts, a 'hot' airsoft gun is not a section 5 firearm, you may break air gun limits, but they're not automatically section 5 either (I think some people wrongly think anything not 100% kosher, gun-wise is automatically a 'section 5 firearm' which is not the case) This obviously doesn't take away from the fact that if you go holding places up with an airsoft gun (under or over an fps limit) you may end up having a section 5 charge thrown at you. I'd also advise completely ignoring anything that site marshall ever says, as he's clearly not got a clue!
  8. Slamz


    Can I ask where you've got this info from? As 415fps may be over legal Airsoft limits, that doesn't suddenly make it a Section 5 firearm, and nowhere in section 5 of the firearms act can I find any reference to Airsoft max powers (as Airsoft guns are RIF's, no Firearms). The only reference I can find from a quick Google is from Airsoft retailers/sites with no actual point of reference as to their claims. I'm not trying to be obtuse, I genuinely would like to know why this is a thing?
  9. Slamz

    Buyer pays fees

    You wrote 'to be honest I’m not interested in yours' in the reply after mine, and you're going to try and say it wasn't aimed at me? 😂 But fair enough if it wasn't, you must have aimed it at everyone on this forum, which begs the question, why create the thread in the first place? Anyway I think this pointless argument has gone far enough and we should agree to disagree and get on with our nights 😘
  10. Slamz

    Buyer pays fees

    That's fair, maybe it's more of an isolated issue within few communities. I enjoyed the hypocrisy in this, thanks for the laugh! This is a good point, honestly selling on the internet is a nightmare, whatever you do you'll get moronic questions. Don't forget the 'how much would you take CASH for this' as if cash (in capitals for effect) is somehow worth more to a private seller than bank transfer etc.
  11. Slamz

    Buyer pays fees

    There's no need to be tight when you're as good as me though If you're unable to debate without poor insult attempts that's fine though, you do you.
  12. Slamz

    Buyer pays fees

    But why would you work a Paypal fee into a price for something that may be collected? Expecting a seller to pay buyer protection on a posted item isn't tight in any way, seems like quite an ignorant way of looking at it, but that's only my opinion Someone's touchy 😂😂
  13. Slamz

    Buyer pays fees

    Can I ask, how does adding the fees and postage on (if the buyer decides this) make the seller a skinflint? As that makes literally zero logical sense. If doing a very basic sum over-complicates things to the point you won't buy it, I think a quick trip back to Primary School maths class is in order. I'm genuinely intrigued as to why this is such an issue for some on here, as I've never seen anyone have issue with it on any other forum/marketplace I've been on
  14. Slamz

    Buyer pays fees

    I don't see the issue tbh. For example I've sold thousands of quids worth car parts lately (via forums and Facebook) and every single one I've posted I give the buyer the option of adding fees or sending as a gift (I'm pretty well known in certain car communities which helps) and always say buyer pays postage. Not once has anyone had an issue. Advertise for the price you want collected, if they want posting and paying via Paypal, they add fees, it's not at all hard, and I won't be changing anytime soon (why the hell should I lose out because the buyer wants protection?) In all honesty if someone had a hissy fit about paying a few quid in fees I'd more than likely just delete their message and sell to someone else.
  15. Slamz

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Ah they've got AUG's on offer today, why have you done this to me!