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  1. Anyone able to recommend a decent holster for an MP9? Similar to the COP one @Immortal posted would be great!
  2. I should have said, mine's the JG version so I can't comment on the G&G ones. Completely forgot they changed manufacturers!
  3. Nuprol Midcaps are tight in my Cybergun Fn2000, but do go in. They're only tight in the back, and the magwell has small tabs to help it locate that you can file a small amount off to make them fit better.
  4. I've been using Nuprol's metal midcaps for a while and have had no issues, feed absolutely fine in my Krytac CRB, G&G CM16 and Fn2000. Some people hate Nuprol, and some of their stuff is a bit cheap, but I can't complain about these.
  5. I've found Invicta to be pretty good, better run for sure but unfortunately not as big and varied as Apoc. Not Kent but I'm a fan of Airsoft Plantation in Essex, big site, very well run, Marshall's push the game along too so it's never stale. Well worth the extra drive. Hopefully trying Doomsday soon too. You?
  6. Unfortunately the owner is as bad as the marshal's when it comes to things like this, they really don't care as long as people are paying. The 'regulars' quite often get away with doing whatever they like, such as never calling hits, and get away with it due to being pals, as Tackle also said. It's why I don't go there anymore, especially as the South East has an abundance of much better sites.
  7. Much better than my last time at Apoc, where someone tried to start a fight with me for shooting him. I'm behind a bush, catch a glimpse of him moving up reasonably close, I pop up and fire a very short burst at him, 2 BB hit him for sure. He ignores this and runs for cover, I give him a chance to call hit, he just keeps running. Another (slightly longer) burst, at least 2 hit him again. He then stops behind a tree and shouts 'What the fuck was that' I respond 'call your hits'. He then gets aggy, starts shouting, and demands I 'come over here then'. I got shot by someone near him, and called my hit straight away, I'm walking past him to go to respawn and he's still being a knob, I got a bit shouty back and he backed down. Same guy we'd watched walking back to his respawn dead, only to turn and shoot 2 guys in the back on our team who had just passed him, as well as getting aggressive with multiple people for daring to shoot him. We had reported him to marshall's, as had numerous other people, nothing got done. I don't understand it, you're gonna get shot, it's the name of the game! 😂
  8. While I do agree with you, my issues reside from the choice seeming like a knee jerk reaction. Obviously I don't have access to the Home Secretary, so I can't say for sure if this is the case, so I'm just going on my interpretation (however correct or wrong these are) She's also been stripped of it without actual confirmation that she's got, or able to apply for, Bangladesh Citizenship. Bangladesh have also come out and said she hasn't and cannot. Part of me couldn't give a toss what happens to her, she's made her bed and can lie in it, and even contemplating joining a group like isis disgusts me. But another part of me feels we should be questioning quick decisions to revoke citizenships in such a way, as we should always be questioning politicians (especially in the UK's current state!)
  9. Just to add, great service received from FireSupport yet again. Even after my address cockup, that was easily sorted after a quick and pleasant phone call. Thanks again!
  10. This. This is exactly what everyone in the UK should be worried about. Unfortunately most people are too enthralled in their hate of her to see the dangerous and worrying precedent that taking away someones citizenship without trial sets.
  11. Just boils down to this really, I'm not the only person who has mine either, so I guess both are valid. Calling people morons for their valid opinion though devalues your opinion, imo.
  12. And why does that have any relevance to hanging them on your wall? I'm fully aware of the impact of a RIF out in public, but the wall of your house isn't public space. Do you spend your whole life worrying about the tiny possibly of 'what if someone breaks in and steals my toy guns'? Your house is secure, there's no legal responsibility to lock away or hide your RIF's, therefore do whatever you want with them inside your own home. There's very little difference in them being hung on the wall or put in a wardrobe, someone ransacking your home will probably find them wherever they are. Your opinion is your opinion at the end of the day, calling people morons for their choices INSIDE THEIR OWN HOME and within the confines of the law, just makes you look silly. (In my opinion, of course )
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