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  1. They're an Airsoft retailer, that's their defence, so they don't need ukara for you to sell to them.
  2. This, he's monopolising. Lets be honest, he's very very good at selling very average (if not below average) kit to people for overly inflated prices, there's no real surprise he's gone down this route to sell a load of overpriced SSG 'upgrade kits' that no one else sells to gullible fools. "A fool and his money are soon parted"
  3. Actually, on the gear/heat topic, I hate plate carriers. Best thing I did was swapping to Smersh, cooler and better at load carrying.
  4. They do but when I was looking they were out of stock everywhere so I bought a drum and never looked back. My G&G midcaps seem very hit and miss in all honesty, which is why I don't bother with them much
  5. I use my ARP9 outdoors all the time, happily hangs with the bigger stuff. In airsoft longer barrel doesn't equal range like it does in real life!
  6. On a hot day it's absolute bliss being able to run about with no extra kit on, so I admit I really do like it for the lightweight loadout!
  7. I agree they look wrong, but I've found it's the only mag that reliably feeds, as Skara said. I hate high caps and run mids in everything else, but the arp9 ones are just shit(as well as the normal hicaps) If someone can provide some insight into making the mid caps work flawlessly, that'd be awesome, but I've got zero interest in wasting hours trying to make them work when the drum does the work fine.
  8. This, just do this. I don't understand this obsession people have of modifying an AEG before they've even bought it! P.s. I have a mk2 CRB if that makes my reply any more 'decent'
  9. I've got 2 LCT ak's, a 74u and a 74m. Both have been very reliable, and are suprisingly accurate in standard form. I'll also be buying an LCT VSS Vintorez soon, which shows my faith in the brand The first time I used my ak74u I got numerous incredibly surprised comments about it's range, was out-ranging much more expensive guns, was fun😂
  10. I think this is a very viable option, but is it worth me buying a TM VSR10, or should I save £100ish and get a JG BAR10?
  11. Hi Tony, would you mind listing what upgrades you did to run it reliably as a dmr? It's something I really want to do to go with my Russian kit!
  12. Thanks all, maybe my choice should be between the srs and vsr10 then!
  13. Yep, works mint with my bolle x800, they even have cutouts that are perfect for the hoses! I used to struggle with fog and general perspiration on the inside of any goggles, but the exfog has pretty much eliminated it.
  14. I want to try and keep this thread from becoming a Novritsch argument, but simply put, customer service and quality control issues.
  15. Hi all I'm looking to get a sniper rifle, I've tried a friend's and it's something I enjoy but I'm at a crossroads with what to buy. Option 1 is to buy an Ares Striker AS01 or AS02 (maybe even a broken one) and spend a few hundred quid on upgrades to get it up to par (either HPA or keeping it spring) Option 2 is to just go and buy a Silverback SRS 16" Covert and use it as is. Now, is the srs good enough in standard form range and accuracy wise? I prefer the look of the srs, because bullpup, but I also like the idea of upgrading an AS02 because I like messing with things! All opinions welcome, budget is around £500 as you can probably tell from the above, so if anything better is available, please let me know. P.S I don't want anything from Novritsch so no need to suggest it.
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