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  1. Isn't it lovely when your gun shoots lasers until you hit the field, then shots go everywhere but where you aim.


    Nonetheless it got me a couple of otherwise impossible hits :D

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    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      May I ask what loadout you was using today


      fires lasers then shoots all over the place...


      Hmmm Stormtrooper jokes inbound...


      IT's not my fault that i can't shoot straight its the blaster's fault - sad  stormtrooper | Meme Generator

    3. Skara


      Specna M4, G&G 0.25s..

      But as mentioned before, the barrel has two nasty scratches on the inside, 2/3cms from the crown. No clue how they have been made, but I was planning on changing the barrel anyway.

    4. Shamal



      I've come to the conclusion that I am cursed.

      I can't seem to have a decent performer in my arse


      I think some of that post got lost mate. What was the rest?


  2. King arms pdw yay or nay?

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    2. Skara


      Alright let me make a thread.

    3. AK47frizzle


      I still have my review posted in that section. Great gun imo for £160 when I got it.

    4. Skara


      What got me interested is the fact that it's stupid light and that takes regular mp5 mags.


      Aight making the thread.

  3. >Chronoes the arp, does 0.5J

    >Opens the gearbox and finds the spring snapped clean in half

    >Puts SP90 (around m100) in, chronoes at 0.7J

    >Puts M110 in



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    2. Skara


      Yeah I know.

      But still pisses me off..


      Btw the arp spring guide has a spacer, not a proper thrust bearing but does the same thing.

      Oh well :D at least I got to clean up the mess created by the plastic king arms piston I previously had in the gun.

      There is an air leak around the nozzle, but I'll wait to rebuild the whole box to fix it.

    3. Steveocee


      Beat me to it, was going to suggest of course obligatory broken spring replacement but whack an 0-ring nozzle in there whilst you're at it.
      On my Ares 008 I'm using an M90 with spring and pistonhead bearings with a 128mm 6.01 inner and it sits just about on 1J, really shouldn't need an M110 to get you there.

    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Piston Spacers...




      15mm O/D

      5mm & 10mm thickness


      Alas the 5mm thick has only a M5 hole

      so you may need to widen it a bit depending on piston head fitment


      a 3mm tooth equates ROUGHLY to M05 or 16.4fps

      so ROUGHLY a 5mm spacer adds up to 27 fps

      & ROUGHLY a 10mm spacer adds up to 54 fps


      Or a 5mm spacer will offset most of power lost from SS 2 teeth

      & a 10mm spacer will offset a smidge more than SS 3 teeth


      APROX - it kinda works but airsoft physics never works out

      exactly in every case - but along those lines somewhat


      One word of caution though...

      If using a 10mm spacer, double check some longer spring guides

      do not bottom out on spacer at full 101% stroke

      it is very rare but one spring guide just kissed the 10mm spacer

      at full retraction

      Not really an issue for me as I SS quite a few boxes

      but on say a full length AK 455mm where you keep full or most of stroke, then it is something to remember if trying to boost power

      (either a m80 spring to get 350fps or a m100 spring for DMR use)

      Then if boosting the spring compression/power with a 10mm spacer

      just see if the guide/spacer come close to bottoming out...


      FUCK IT - pics say a 1,000 words...


      variation in spring guide lengths:




      (no they are spring guides not collection of "other toys")


      and some instances where a longer spring guide might bottom out




      Now admit that is due to the collar from bearings being used...




      but you get the idea of what to watch out for

      (and why you should not push it with longer 15mm or 20mm long spacers inside piston)


      So I use 5mm or 10mm thick 15mm spacers


      and wtf as i revisited my old imgur account

      here is 007's view on which gears to use...



  4. https://eu.novritsch.com/product/ssx303-stealth-gas-rifle/


    €270 and won't be shipped before April 2021.



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    2. Cr0-Magnon


      @Skara - Yeah I don't really get what the supply chain issue is. Even if you pre-ordered yonks ago you won't have one in your hands for another four months.

    3. Skara


      Speculation in the SniperWorks discord says that this delay is because he's making them on order (from what I've seen they actually machine the uppers in house).

      Although pre-ordering seems to be the standard now for new guns/gear/everything.

    4. Cr0-Magnon


      @Skara - That's one way to ensure healthy cash flow!.....also I may have accidentally ordered one but thinking of cancelling it in hindsight. I've just ordered another SSX23 and that shoots about as far as I would need it to. Plus, really struggling to compute having only 24 rounds in my primary magazine (plus those MK23/SSX23/SSX303 mags are a bitch to load). 

  5. So I found this telegram group.

    People are buying/selling airsoft kit.


    There's enough material to post once per hour on Macks for the next 15 years!


    I've put a few items in there too (at reasonable prices, 65% of rrp yallayalla), I'm getting some dumb offers, didn't know I had "charity" next to my name.

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    2. Shamal


      Nawty nawty.

      You'll not get presents this year. Think on that!



    3. Skara


      I don't care :D

      I want to get rid of the stuff I'm selling so I can fund other projects (like my new tournament M4)..

    4. Skara


      oh man.


      "Selling my old KWA G19 as non functioning due to a slight leak at the magazine base, €50 posted"


      "hey, is the gun working? what's the price?"


      5 seconds after posting the ad.


      The fuck?

  6. I fucking love when your gun is fucking spot on at home (even after fucking extensive testing), but then on the field it does whatever the fuck it wants.


    Fuck off, really..

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    2. Shamal


      Catcrap is amazing. I don't fog up any more


      umm I think I will go with Rogerborgs suggestions.

      thanks anyway. 🥴

    3. Impulse


      Just google it. Catcrap antifog. It changed my perspective on antifog.

    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      If your gun works at home perfectly

      but screws up on site


      make your own CQB site in your house

      never have an issue with your gun again


      might have buy a new TV, mirrors, lights etc...

      but your gun will thank you for it

  7. Does anyone have any experience with Perun Optical mosfets?

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    2. ak2m4


      For 19 euros it's a steal.  I purchased the metal version a while back from AE but it didn't fit on any of the uppers 😞


    3. ziCk_


      I mean go for it but why making ARP9 longer than it has to be? 

      As for delivery, don't worry - pretty much all of my AliExpress orders over last 6 months were delivered within 1 week, bar couple exceptions taking almost three.

    4. Skara


      Because a 5" carbine is called a pistol.

      Also my ARP already has a 9" front end.

  8. Ares motor died, finally, after 4 years..

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    2. Skara


      I lied.

      The gun somehow came back to life on its own 😕


      i suspect a jam, because when I took the barrel out there was a BB stuck inside.


      Gonna take it apart nonetheless to check for actual damage, at worst a new tappet plate and piston (which I already have).

      If the sector is damaged I'll just swap the whole set with the stock gears from the specna.


      Also installed the SHS HT into the ARP and my club's tech suggested to run the gun as it is until it dies and only then open it up to install the 13:1 set.

      I'm also turning off active braking because it heats up the motor like.....a motorfucker (yay I'm funneeee)..

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      If the other gears are OK then just try replacing the sector only

      & see how it rolls/spins/meshes perhaps


      Std sectors are usually compatible - just if they mesh smoothly

      If the bevel/spur are OK, shimmed OK & meshing nicely

      eg: bevel to pinion, then just look to change sector

      (or as little as possible)


      Also some have said the std SA gears are not that robust

      BUT I don't own one or a SA set myself


      Yes AB is all well & good but heat can increase

      on a ferrite motor, the motor continues to spin - a lot

      Where as on a neodym motor, the strong magnets slow th

       motor much quicker than a ferrite motor


      On "the bench" the ferrite motor spins a lot longer

      The neodym motor slows much much much quicker

      In reality though the spring starting to compress slows them both

      But I feel the neodym motor overspins slightly less in the box

      So on a neodym motor AB is not needed perhaps


      A clip showing AB on & the AB off with a neodym motor



      YES with AB off the motor spins more

      BUT no where as much as std ferrite motor does

      This is a SHS High Speed so it is spinning faster

      But doesn't carry on spinning like a std motor would


      Now as said, ON THE BENCH

      In a gun, in actual use, the spring would slow a weak ferrite easily

      So it is debatable just how big the overspin difference really is

      between neodym/ferrite motors in a working gun perhaps


      But I feel neodym motors only need very very slight/light AB

      to stop them and even without AB they still overspin less


      AB imho should be used to accurately stop the cycle on pre-cock

      or when trying prevent double firing when a gun is cycling too quickly


      When people use AB to prevent double firing it can be a sign of sticking switch, worn COL or most commonly just taking the piss rof


      If your gun does really need AB (for set pre-cocking)

      then don't or at least try not use it, or only very soft AB


      I don't use AB, so any motor heat is purely down to the build itself

      (than reversing the polarity at the motor)


      TLDR again - yeah turn off AB if you can 

    4. Skara


      Yep, already did that on every gun I own bar the Ares as the EFCS allows for fuck all customization. I rarely use semi auto anyway and when I do it takes seconds to turn it back on (at least on the ARP)


      Regarding the Ares gearbox, I have yet to open it. I might do it this Saturday, so I can also figure out a way to rewire the thing to the front. Will make a new status update once I see what's gone and what's still useable.


      Thanks for the help mate!

  9. Mmmkay.

    Bought a Guarder SP90 for the striker, it chronoes at 1.05J on a Guarder SP100.

    One would say "good, it'll drop to 0.9something", right?

    Nope. 0.6J...

    Decided to nip a coil off the SP100, power goes up to almost 1.1J...

    Another coil off, 1.08..

    A third of the spring is now in pieces and finally the bloody thing is below 1J....

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    2. Skara


      The spring has always gone in the same way, the more tightly would coils at the spring guide end.


      I heard about this theory, but when I tested it (with both springs) the results were the same.

      1.05/100, 0.64/90


      The gun could be creeping a bit, haven't chronoed on 0.2s to be fair.

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Specs change but SP90 seems irregular at one end...



      slightly tighter at one end than the other

      so you "should" have got some difference


      compared to a regular spring...

      Element Airsoft Upgrade M155 Grade Irregular-pitch Spring for AEG - 560 FPS  for sale online | eBay

      (which should be same either way round)


      Some other irregular springs are tighter in middle

      AND one of the ends are tighter than the other...


      Honestly the way the spring is fitted can make a difference

      (as said I've flipped a spring to squeeze another 10fps more than once)


      The SP90 or SP100 should just be tighter at one end

      so should have made some slight difference

      BUT like I said specs can change and be a different spring

      or most likely just them qwirky airsoft gremlins


      as said these spring/power stuff doesn't always follow logic

      Probably why Mr Spock doesn't do airsoft

      (his ears would be stinging as easy big target)


      you got it sorted & that's all that matters

    4. Skara


      Yep, I am definitely gonna experiment more with this irregular spring theory. I've heard it in the past but never got to "play" with it.


      SP100 is done but I still have the SP90 and I can always buy another SP100 :D after all it's €7.50, won't lose my sleep over that amount, plus having an extra spring in my spare parts drawer is always nice.


      i just thought it was funny to cut a spring and gain power :D

      Now I can SlAy ChEeTaHs on Sunday :D

  10. Big game on Sunday with all the teams from the region.


    Field looks seems to be really open.


    Shall I take the sniper or sling 0.32s in my AEGs?

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    2. Skara


      Ahahahah, I'm afraid our adventures with the cheetah club are over :(

      After "stealing" our worst members (literally, they took in a guy who doesn't call his hits unless he bleeds and another who thinks he knows it all lol), we decided to never invite them on our field again.


      With that being said, I think I'll bring the AK, although I have to check the shimming as it's a bit of a whiny bitch, if I can't fix it in time then it's Honey Badger time with the specna as a backup.

      I have ML rubbers in all my guns, so hopping them rocks isn't really a problem..

    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Referrs to .32's as rocks


      *Looks at several bags of .48's*


      *Looks at dragonuv*


      *Decides to shut up and not dig himself a hole*

    4. Skara


      Got more Intel on the field I'll be playing at.

      Seems good for sniping..


      Okay, gonna take the sniper BUT I am also taking the AK + smersh combo, just in case shit gets real and I need to fling many BBs over there in a short time.




    (Nice clickbait huh?)


    for real tho.

    A mate of mine has an Amoeba CCR for sale, externally it's OK but internally it's utter shit, all grindy and runs at sub 20 RPS on a beefy 11.1...

    I have a Honey Badger, internally it's great but I want a super short rifle with a folding stock.


    Would it be worth to swap bodies?

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    2. Skara


      I just rebuilt the HB in its stock form, with the super unbalanced and heavy OEM 9" rail. It's uncomfortable but it does look good, especially with the FF carry handle (which I bought FYI :P).

      also chronoed it, 0.96J (good) and 16 RPS on a 11.1 (meh).

      New motor's coming in next week (debating whether or not putting the ifrit 25k or the incoming SHS high torque in there, any tip?).


      I've already seen that AY thingy, what bugs me is the metal receiver.

      Not because of the weight (2070g vs 1930 of the Ares and I can still send it to a friend to be skeletonized and shave some grams off) but because after a while all the metal body guns I've seen turned into wobbly cunts. Definitely inviting for the price (apart from the weird gearbox shell).


      I'll check on another teammate who has a CCR, it's been rebuilt recently and runs somewhat smooth.

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Ifrit is more expensive

      25k and main point is it has an " O " type pinion


      The SHS HT is 30k (ish), has a D type pinion


      To me it falls to performance/price and ease of pinion replacement. Even if you got a pinion puller, if you can get or already have spare pinions that some might mesh with bevel being used


      SHS do both type of pinions anyway


      If you got a puller then it boils do to the price/performance & availability I guess


      Both are good motors

      If you got an ifrit in your gun then you don't HAVE to change it like you would if you had a later STD 18k G&G grey motor

      If people find the 25k Blue "Powerful Motor" ferrite motor

      or better still the Orange Ifrit in their new G&G then they don't really need a new motor is what I mean



      tough call but price performance I'd probably go for SHS

      but if a Ifrit came in gun or lightly used one came along for a cheap price I'd consider it


      as said think price/availability along with pinion etc...

      will dictate which one is better - but both are decent




    4. Skara


      Asked because I already have an ifrit (it's in my arp at the moment), since I'm getting another SHS HT/13:1 combo I thought I'd slap the SHS stuff in the ARP and use the 25k on the Ares.


      I'll give it a try tomorrow and see what happens :)


      Not looking at 27 RPS/7.4 type of performance tho.

      but ffs 16 RPS on a 11.1 is just meh :(

  12. @L3wisDwant some abortion pills in Abu Dhabi? :D


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    2. Skara


      I know about the original video, it's been posted in here a couple of times already.


      I thought it'd be nice to remind people to NOT act like they're some speshul forces 



    3. Shamal


      I'm speshul needs 🤪

    4. osteoshot


      Watching somebody watching something.....

      jesus, life’s too short

  14. Modify is working on a Steyr Scout Rifle!!!


    About time!

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    2. alxndrhll


      Oooooooh, that’s exciting! Thanks for sharing 😊

    3. Skara


      I do expect it to be super expensive though.

    4. ziCk_


      I don’t imagine it’s gonna materialise any time soon. Meanwhile I’m still waiting for Silverback’s MDR 🤷‍♂️ 

  15. Time to redo all the loadouts!

    1. Rogerborg


      The new Autumn Crye patterns are out?

    2. Skara


      No, I once again added too much unnecessary shit :(

  16. Move your ass G&G and release the SSG-1 drop stock and handguard already!

    Fuck's sake, I need to build my stupid tournament gun!

    1. Steveocee


      Just buy the SSG1 and be done with it.

    2. Skara


      I don't need a whole new gun, I just need those 2 parts for my honey badger (handguard and maybe the stock) and ARP-9 (stock) :(

    3. Speedbird_666


      Can't you get a drop stock adapter 3d printed?

  17. I swear I don't get some people.


    1st game after the summer break, we invite the infamous cheater club (ye ye why are we inviting them... More people at the field, more targets to shoot at, that's why).


    TL;DR version is that everything went well until the last 3 games, at that point nobody was calling his hits anymore 😕

    Spotted the enemy sniper and dumped about half a flash mag on his forehead (before anyone goes full KM, it was the only thing I could see) from close distance (under 10 metres), only to be shot in the neck by a G18 burst as I closed in on him. Meh, took it and didn't complain, he looked like Jesus Christ with his crown of thorns, 'twas enough for me.



    Last game was surreal though, one guy and I did a super long flank on the enemy defenders until we stumbled upon this girl who was looking the other way (she somehow didn't hear us and we almost missed her entirely), at this point I aim at her butt, flick to semi but the gun doesn't fire, she notices that we are both aiming at her from literally 3 metres, raises her gun but I've already vanished behind cover. My teammate went behind the very tree she was hiding in before she could let the first shot off.


    She tried to burst my ass but I had switched to the AAP and put 4 rounds in her mask, my teammates pops out of cover and puts another 3 in her side, meanwhile she sweeps the void in a somewhat desperate attempt to hit us as we were on her 3 and 9 o'clock from her position.


    She calls the hit and rushes to our club's president to call us out because we "blatantly cheated"..


    Fuck's sake it was going soooooo well :(

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    2. Skara


      We're on the same page.

      I'd rather play in 6, but 6 trustworthy and honest players, than playing with 30 others and having to deal with cheaters and dickheads.


      On a not-so side note, lemme start that thread and see what happens ;)

    3. Steveocee


      You played against this team and they cheated.

      You invited them back again for whatever reasons but expected the result to be different?


      That is a textbook definition of insanity.

    4. Skara


      To be 100% fair, I didn't know they were coming, nor did our president.


      It's a member of our club who knows their president and invited them.

      He thinks they're cool, but then all this shit happens every time :(

  18. Looks like Nov's testing another gun..


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    2. Skara


      Another IG story seems to confirm the full auto capability of this SS-whatever

    3. SeniorSpaz87
    4. Shamal


      Haha thanks for that buddy but sorry still cant see it.🤔


  19. Imagine going on a bike holiday with your old man.

    Imagine having the worst luck possible throughout the trip.

    Imagine him crashing in the most retarded way ever, completely destroying his right knee ligaments.

    Just when we reached the best places..

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    2. Shamal


      I expect he thought the same when he was teaching you lol


    3. Skara


      Motorcycle trip, not bicycle.


      He can't drive anymore, so he is stuck at the hotel until a friend of mine rents a van and picks us up on Tuesday lol.


      At least we can still visit some WW1 museums around here :) which is the theme of this holiday 

    4. Shamal



      Hope he makes a good recovery.

      Enjoy the museums.



  20. Fixed M16 stock on an ARP-9 yay or nay?


    Kinda like the WWSD concept, but in 9mm

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    2. Speedbird_666
    3. Skara


      Depends on your idea lul 

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      i'll pm you, lest i get burned at the stake

  21. Does anyone have a spare M4 butt plate with door that he wants to get rid of?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. strykerles


      ahh you mean the mtr stock??

    3. Skara




      I need this.

    4. strykerles


      only one I found was this but fuck knows about compatibility and it's a whole buttstock



  22. Fucking deans, such a pain to solder..

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    2. Skara


      Well you do need a fuckton of tin on the connector's blades.


      XT60s required very little and they have those awesome sockets for the wires rather than a flat plate..


      But hey, GATE mosfets come with deans, not XT-60s :(

    3. AK47frizzle


      Flatten wire with pliers, put some solder on both wire and deans contact, melt them together, boom, done. Then heat shrink.

    4. Steveocee


      Just use a choccy block. saves soldering then lol

  23. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natalia_Poklonskaya


    I suddenly want to move to Crimea

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    2. Rogerborg


      Little Miss Gulag-Chan, I guess some people like them strict and unhinged.


      Natalia Poklonskaya - Wikiwand

    3. Leader Bee

      Leader Bee

      Bit late on this one Skara, her time came and went...but yeah, would bang.


      There's some sexy bikini pics out there of her somewhere.

    4. Skara


      YouTube recommendations, you know..

  24. awwww shit.

    I got paid....................

    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      RIP skara's credit card, your brave service will be remembered.

    2. Skara


      yup, €150 down the drain already.

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