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  1. Tokyo Marui M4 and Pistol mag style ones. Still on my first one after 2+ years.
  2. Having seen the message in classifieds I’ll take “doesn’t have a defense” and “under eighteen” for ten 😀
  3. Only one way to find out 😁 I am putting money on +20-25fps gain with 0.30g BBs. place your bets now!
  4. I have one in my WE G19 and it made a huge difference. Interesting to see how the std TM barrel compares (I am “downgrading” to the TM for power issues)
  5. I would say that looks good but you could fit twice as much cover / barricades / buildings in that space! If you imagine it like a village with 2 meter wide “side streets” and maybe one 4-5m wide “main road” (with maybe a road block / check point on to break it up) When you are laying it out make sure there are some interesting angles on the roads / alley ways to keep people on their toes! Keep us informed as you build this site, looks like it could be a great semi-urban field 😀
  6. Another snippet of info that might be useful; TM 250mm barrel > CrazyJet 250mm barrel gains you about 10-15fps. Now back to your scheduled program…

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    Pretty much as title I am after an AEG outer barrel in 10.5" or 11" to fit my G&P M4, not too bothered on it being perfect condition as I am happy to respray it. Needs to have a CCW 14mm thread on the end and the slots for the A front sight block pins. Also in search of XM177 type flash hider....probably a bit of a long shot but you never know! Thanks, Alex


  8. My daughter is still a bit young (7) but has shot my GBBR at targets in the back garden. She played her first LaserTag at the weekend at a friends party. She racked up 20 kills in a short game and was mainly annoyed that once the whistle sounded the rest of her team ran off like headless chickens 🤣
  9. Some good stats there! Nice to see a scientific approach. The spread of FPS seems pretty usual, Joule output seems reasonable. Heavier ammo will give a tiny rise in Joules (due to joule creep) but in pistol length barrels it is negligible. Heavier ammo will, in theory, wear hop rubbers faster but probably not noticeable unless you fire THOUSANDS of rounds each weekend! I would be interested to see grouping sizes at 10m and 20m for the pistols, not really useful at ranges over that, that is what the rifle is for. I would decide what you want from your pistol (CQB at sub-10m? Out door secondary out to 20m? Sniper back up that has to reach to MED?) Then test at that range with different BBs and see what the grouping is.
  10. Couple of things to check: If you have done the “green gas mod” to the mags, check that you are not over filling the mag with liquid gas. Are the mags filling correctly? I tend to fill mine in 1-2s blasts, leave it to warm up, then do again. A 8-10s fill (in stages) is plenty for 100+ shots. Is there an air lock in the mag? Give it a blast of gas while holding the release valve open, then try filling in stages again. let us know how you get on
  11. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    AEG fit CAR15 stock, must be working ok, not bothered if it has been painted or a but scuffed up.


    - GB

  12. If only because all airsofters want to Seal-Delta-commando-tier1 heroes (because they can never be the “bad guys”!)
  13. As a GBBR user that sounds fine to me 😀 Carrying 7x 35rd mags is a killer workout! One gun that is always fun is a little AK, the Cyma CM045 (AKS-74U) is a cracking gun for the money and mags and chicom chest rig are cheap and very different to an M4. Sometimes fun to play “the bad guy” Also the v3 gear boxes are easier to work on if you want to start tinkering…
  14. Low tech solution here - dual pane glasses from Pyramex I-force slim. Using them with FogStop they were perfect EXCEPT when you pelt it to the 4th floor of C wing and then stand in the corridor defending “Dave” (UCAP VENDATTA players will know!) when I started to fog up in the left lens only (my shooting eye and the only one I wear a contact lens in…weird!) I then took a dremel to the outer gasket frame part (having removed it from the main glasses body) and opened up the scalloped areas to allow more air flow. Still can’t fit a BB through the gap and none should be coming directly UP or DOWN anyway! Result is now that I do get a tiny strip of fog at the top of the lens, probably because the baseball cap slows the airflow but the main part of the lens stays clear. Pics below show one side modified vs the standard vent size
  15. Any standard AEG hop rubber should do. Maple Leaf are highly rated, and I have had good results with G&G green and TM black. Have a look on AK2M4.co.uk
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