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  1. SSPKali

    THE TM MWS thread

    SixG nub or Laylax hop arm - so you can lift heavy (0.30g+) BBs that get the best from the system. SixG buffer spacer would be my next suggestion.
  2. SSPKali

    THE TM MWS thread

    There is the one that fits the TM buffer tube and the other one (labled the MWS004 or something) that is ONLY for the G&P buffer tube (larger diameter than the stock TM one) Not used one as I ordered the wrong one and Fire Support were out of stock by the time I had returned it.
  3. SSPKali

    THE TM MWS thread

    As you have eliminated all the other parts I would guess that there is some corrosion in the mag shell or the rear corner where the cut-off lever sits has been bent inwards a fraction, possibly due to being dropped. Assemble each part separately and check it moves smoothly and if not find where it is sticking. Needle files and wet&dry paper will sort out any sticking points. The mags need stripping and cleaning, especially in dusty conditions, to avoid the precision parts like the cut off arm starting to stick.
  4. SSPKali

    THE TM MWS thread

    The WE one will fit *if* you don't mind some work with wet&dry paper as the outer diameter is slightly bigger. G&P also make adjustable valves, but they have a narrower range of adjustment (and not really adjustable on the fly)
  5. Details on fitting here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/atrg.blog/2019/04/22/how-to-install-a-wilcox-a2-front-rail-on-the-tokyo-marui-mp7a1/amp/
  6. A couple of thin o-rings in the slot in the flash hider can also make it less wobbly Some good info about polishing the bolt and internal body to avoid the out-of-battery issue and where to add some tape to avoid the sloppy trigger take up. Was very handy when I got my MP7 secondhand.
  7. My only tips would be "be prepared to order spares from Hong Kong" 🤣 I love mine but it is not as sturdy as the MWS. So far mine has had a broken stock catch, broken bolt stop lever and broken safety. All these are down to poor design (tiny spindle...with a flat face ground onto it...and a screw hole through it. Really TM?! Or the usual pot metal used in places where it is taking an impact. I would suggest a stronger recoil spring (or add some o-ring spacers) and a sling mount to fit on the top rail to take the impact of the bolt off the top take down pin (and prevent it cracking the internal shell, they are expensive and tricky to find) You can also add a cut down section on sniper rifle spring to the rear plate to cushion the bolt more. The fore grip is pants, I recommend finding the MP7A2 kit and running a proper RIS foregrip. ATRG.blog has the details on that. Mine is used for CQB so I keep it short and run a Vortex red dot and 1200lm Olight Valkyrie torch. I have just fitted a sound hog to it and boy is it loud! Green gas with stock barrel gives me 330-340fps with 0.20g but I usually run 0.25g so I can take advantage of the range when needed. Cold weather seems to have minimal effect on its performance, no idea if that is due to the mag shape, size or location in the pistol grip but it is great! Lees Precision makes a neat adaptor for the Xcortech 301 tracer that avoids it sticking out the front a mile. Defo useful in night games!
  8. SSPKali

    THE TM MWS thread

    Excited to get this in my MWS, shame it will be totally invisible! Great to see constant improvements being made 👍
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
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    Press-button QD silencer for the MP7 flash hider (fitted fine on my TM GBB one) Felt lining added to quieten it down a bit, could make real silencer if needed. Few scuffs on the fitting part but otherwise good condition. £30 INCLUDING paypal fees and UK postage.


    Gloucester - GB

  10. SSPKali

    THE TM MWS thread

    AI and Madbull propane adaptors failed to work on my MWS mags (with or without the silent fill mod) so I gave up. Now I look out for deals on Abbey gas and stock up on that SixG responded to me about the buffer spring spacer, think there were issues with the mail system
  11. SSPKali

    Best Ak

    I had the tactical Cyma CM045 and it was good out the box. With some fettling, flat hopped and a Titan MOSFET and it was amazing! Shooting people at the top of Cope Hill Down tower with a short AK 😁 Some surprised TF guys! Have a search on ATRG.blog for a review of it, I am tempted to get another one for my bad guy kit (probably go for the wood this time....sorry!)
  12. SSPKali

    THE TM MWS thread

    Wow glad I haven't forked out £200+ for that trigger set. I like tinkering but not fixing other peoples bad designs or executions! Is there anything worth doing to the stock trigger unit to make it a little crisper on the break point and reset? Would disassembly and polishing help?

    • For sale
    • Used

    30mm scope rings, came with scope but never used. Mint condition and nice and light. £10 Long riser rail, thumb screws. 20mm rise. £10 Medium riser rail, thumb screws, 13mm rise. £8 QR short riser rail, 15mm rise. Great for small T1 type optics. £8 Genuine Tokyo Marui MWS GBBR pistol grip. Slight scuff on one side (about 4mm long!) Hard to spot but I want to be 100% honest. No bolt / washer included. £15 Magpul type short RIS foregrip. Not sure of brand but solid with no flex when you squeeze it (unlike the cheap ones!) £10 Prices include paypal fees AND mainland UK postage.


    Gloucester - GB

  14. SSPKali

    THE TM MWS thread

    The only review on that page says that the ring is too big to fir through the handguard and there is no hole for the screw to hold it together (translation thanks to Google!) Would be good to hear some real-world reviews of users on here before ordering from overseas and the issues around returning it should it turn out to be pants.
  15. Hey pal, I dropped you a PM

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