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  1. I would clean and lube the cup seal to make sure the nozzle can move in the bolt carrier smoothly. Did you replace the rocket valve spring too? That being stiffer / longer will increase the FPS. For reliability you only need to swap out the nozzle return spring (the one in tension), the rocket valve spring is fine with the TM part. I would check the nozzle is smooth and not catching on the bucking rubber thus slowing things down.
  2. I tried the Madbull and AI metal adapters and never got them to work even with o-ring mod. Some people found the plastic AI adapters worked better. Unfortunately AI are no more so don’t know what a good choice would be. With ASG Ultrair being on offer and propane prices rising quite a bit I wasn’t going to save much if anything.
  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    ——————————— Genuine Magpul AFG. Used a little but in Mint condition. £15 inc UK p&p ——————————— Wadsn Scout light, takes 2x CR123s and is really bright! Comes with clickly tail cap and remote switch plus a RIS mount for the tape switch (better than the crappy velcro!) All boxed in nice padded hard case. I also have a lens holder and red 2mm plexi lens protector / reduces glare in CQB. Used for a couple of games and in great condition. £25 inc UK p&p ——————————— 25mm barrel extension 14mm CCW to 14mm CCW. £5 inc UK p&p



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    1) MoD Goretex MTP jacket, used once for a Milsim but never had to put it on! Nice lightweight layer with no pockets on the front to get in the way of webbing, but sleeve pockets with velcro and under-arm zips to allow some ventilation. 170/90 - I am 6'1" and 12st and it fits me fine. £30 inc P&P and Paypal 2) Unbranded multicam UBACS with elbow inserts. Again if you are average build and 5'10" - 6'1" it should suit. £15 inc P&P and Paypal 3) Helikon SFU trousers in "camogrom" (Their version of Multicam, NO LONGER MADE!) 32-34" waist, were long leg (34") but they have been trimmed a bit and genuine Multicam webbing tape and velcro added at the ankle. £20 inc P&P and Paypal 4) Helikon CPU shirt in "camogrom" (Their version of Multicam, NO LONGER MADE!) Size says Small but fits me fine, worn for one Milsim. Lots of useful pockets, armpit zips, can have the collar up or down. £20 inc P&P and Paypal




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    Manta TacWrap rubber fore end cover. Only used for a couple of games so in great condition. Comes with all mounting kit, instructions and oil. I had to dremel one of the mounts (size 2) to clear the torch (Inforce WML - very close fitting!) but it works fine AND all other sizes of mountings (1, 3, 4 & 5) are perfect condition. For reference UGRI forend is a #3 (I managed to get the #2 to fit but it was a struggle!) £50 plus shipping new. Asking £25 including UK post.


  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Used but in great condition. For TM MWS buffer tube. £20 inc UK postage


    - GB

  7. Check the little horizontal arm sticking out the front of the nozzle isn’t pushed up (if it is it will ride over the top of BB in the mag, not push it into the chamber)
  8. Raid modded my Helikon BDU shirt. Wrist adjuster and chest pocket buttons replaced with velcro. Lower pockets removed and large loop velcro patches added. These were then attached to the upper arms. Also bar tacked over a small rip. Quite a productive afternoon given how bleedin’ hot it was! Coyote brown velcro from ContactLeft (Ebay) and Gutterman thread (colour 208 - from Amazon)
  9. I have the G&P one and after replacing the plastic (!) grub screw with a stainless one and a dab of loctite it has been working well. Have an RATech in the spare nozzle as well and they both do the same job, might be down to what is in stock
  10. I have a PC but mainly use it with weighted plates for running in! Once this weather cools down a bit I will probably run it for the odd colder game day when I am just using the M4. I have it adjusted correctly as with 12lb plates in you need it correctly placed to avoid painful rubbing. TBH between my minimal belt set up and the M83 chest rig I don’t really *need* it. But since when has airsoft been about need?
  11. Hao stickers are to fix issues with their bolt carrier. If you are using the stock TM one you won’t need it. BB choice is a mien field as there are so many variables. Search back a few pages and I published my results from shooting groupings from a clamped rifle at 10m. Diagonal spread went from 70mm down to 30mm depending on brand and weight. SPOILER the heaviest, most expensive ones weren’t the best. I have re-tested the BBs with my two AEGs (Cyma MP5 and ALS-74U) and still had the same clear winner = Geoffs Super Precision 0.32g YMMV! SixG super nub, SixG buffer spacer and replace the nozzle spring; the only upgrades an MWS ever needs.
  12. Sounds like that was a milspec threading which is close but not close enough.
  13. If the rail is an airsoft std one the mounting nut should screw straight on. Milspec one will need the receiver rethreading! If you change the barrel nut you will need a shim to make sure the barrel nut holds the outer barrel that is different diameter to AEG ones. Not tried it but apparently the PTS adapter shim only works with PTS barrels. There are a few others, I think WiiTech, Hao and others. Have a look on FireSupport (search ‘MWS’and then select “view all”)
  14. I run an MWS so 35rds is the standard. In CQB type games I probably get through 2 maybe 3 mags tops. I carry 3 spare mags and a full 90rd speedloader so I can top off empty mags as I walk to respawn, the mags contain enough gas for ~100+ shots but only 35 bbs…. Woodland I carry 6 spare mags and have never felt out gunned. If the Bbs aren’t hitting move closer or break contact and try a different angle. Low bb count mages certainly make you pick your shots and try to keep count of how many times you have pulled the trigger! I find that I am wondering if I should reload and there are still 8-10 shots left in the mag!
  15. FireSupport often have the G&P npas in, best to replace the plastic screw with a stainless hex grub screw (think I have spares, happy to post one if anyone needs one) With a dab of loctite it doesn’t work lose. https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/gp-marui-mws-gbb-cnc-adjustable-power-nozzle-valve-50 RATech black is good but fiddly to adjust. Think Emporion have them, FireSupport also list them but out of stock (maybe worth emailing them) https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/ratech-ra-npas-kit-for-marui-gbbr-mws Failing that you can make your own NPAS by drilling a small hole in the stock rocket valve and threading a heated grub screw through it to cut a thread. Pretty sure someone on here has done it and posted photos.
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