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  1. There should be a tube-type speedloader in the box, failing that people (including myself) have had good results with the TM speedloaders, either pistol or M4 size. Firesupport have them in stock - https://www.fire-support.co.uk/category/bb-loaders--holders/?manufacturer=87&submit.x=15&submit.y=12 Oh, and welcome to the club
  2. Due to COVID I haven't had much of a chance to use the MWS but my initial thoughts are that the pull is lighter AND smoother with none of the notchy feel the original (and rather well used!) parts had. Break point is crisp and predictable, you can get a feel for pulling it to 80% of the way and holding it while deciding whether to pull off a shot or allow it to re-set. The parts were pricy but worth it and the quality of finish is a whole other level Lets hope come spring I can get back out to play and give it a full work over.
  3. IIRC it has a lot less adjustment range than the stock one so it might be ok but if you are running heavier ammo it may struggle to lift it. This was covered somewhere in this thread...probably page 120-ish??
  4. just measured mine (TM front, WiiTech rear) pins and they are 6.16 / 6.17mm diameter. Hope this helps!
  5. I would look at a Black NPAS from RA Tech in the standard TM nozzle. Easy to get 370fps plus on 0.2g and green gas. I run mine 80% closed to keep under 350fps (0.2g equivalent) with green gas on 10-15DegC days. https://emperionstore.com/npas-kit-for-tokyo-marui-mws-gbb-ra-tech.html Stay away from AG stuff, tolerances and performance are all over the place. Also: FPS does NOT equal range. Run the heaviest BB you can consistently lift, it will be "slower" but actually carry the energy further and give better range. Time to target is minimal (or huge if your BB
  6. A spring won't change its spring rate after 24hrs, I have seen air rifles left cocked for years and still put out 95% of their original power 😁 The lost 5% was probably due to the grease turning into earwax over the years! 🤮
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • As new

    3D printed (not by me!) copy of the classic Surefire SOCOM 556 moderator that mounts on a 14mm CCW threaded barrel The end screws off (CCW thread!) and you can fit a Xcortech XT301 MK2 tracer unit (NOT supplied!) Lovely bit of kit that is really sturdy but light which sadly it doesn't fit on my TM due to not enough barrel past the rail (threads are sunk below the end, see photos) This is due to my set up with after market rail...not the fault of the moderator. You can grab this for £15 less (and no 6wk+ wait list) than the new price as I try and get some money back on it so I can drown my sorrows with beer. £25 inclusive of Paypal fees and UK postage.


  8. Both Cyma AKs I have had from TG had the springs changed and the stiffer, old spring included in the box. The 20fps extra from 310 to 330 will make sod all difference in range or accuracy, don't sweat it 😁
  9. The TM speed loaders (either the pistol sized one or the M4 mag sized one) work well with GBBR mags.
  10. Really slick looking set up! How is the clarity of the mic and any issues with feedback screech when people on the same frequency are near?
  11. I use a small chest rig over a Helikon CPU shirt. That is loser fitting and heavier fabric than a UBACS, stand up collar and underarm zips to keep some air circulating on hot days. Lots of useful pockets too for snacks, wallet, etc.... Available in lots of camo and plain colours.
  12. Not tried one of those G&P rollers but I wouldn't put much stock in audio from mobile phone videos, having posted and re-watched the vids I posted up there 🔝 there is a world of difference between human ears and phone mics
  13. He can take a while to respond, but once he does it is sent out quick. Worth the wait.
  14. All good advice up there: Good quality ammo Clean the barrel If that doesn't make a difference check the hop rubber for tears / damage. If that is ok maybe look at fitting a new nub, possibly one with a concave curve to help centre the BB consistently. Also checking the hop arm for side-to-side play, and the hop unit fit onto the barrel. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
  15. So there is very little take up (due to much tighter tollerences) then a smooth, consistent pull until the break. No second wall or ramping up of tension as you near the break point. Still easy enough to half pull then release, but TBH in airsoft it is usually a quick, instinctive double tap, not a measured single shot at 1000m! Reset is shorter and crisper than the stock set up (which on mine was worn and pretty mushy!) But more of a 'thunk' than a 'click'. Can fire off 2 shots pretty quick, certainly easier than the worn stock trigger. If you are ever playing at a sit
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