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  1. Mine was a v1, but there is no way I am giving them any more money for a v2! Using customers as paying r&d / putting out shoddy products is not acceptable.
  2. Yeah it was the AG nozzle and components. With out some fettling with a file the internals lack the flat sides that the TM nozzle bore had. I have ordered a G&P valve stopper (that attaches to the front of the nozzle spring) as it has 3 different sets of holes drilled in it for the tiny Phillips screw to locate in - each hole allows the stop to sit forward (lower power), in the middle, or further back (higher power). Zero chance of self-adjusting or doing odd things to the valve flow Hopefully this alomg with the DP valve will give consistent results, as before, but
  3. OR use a gas rifle where 35rds per mag is usual! Once you get used to it you can work around it and know when you can make a shot and when to hold off and get closer. On the plus side carrying 6 heavy mags around the field is a great work out!
  4. AngryGun are the Wish of the airsoft upgrades - change my mind!

    1. proffrink


      Aren't they extremely expensive? Maybe things have changed but I remember them putting out a lot of very exotic (and sometimes entirely unique/original) external parts.

  5. Just tried to set up my spare Dynamic Precision bolt with an AG nozzle set up - absolute tosh. FPS was +/- 18 and all over the place! Replaced it with DP nozzle (very tough, dense feeling plastic, all DP springs) and RATech Black NPAS and it is much more efficient and FPS is pretty consistent. I will be taking the springs and screws out of the AG valve as back-up last-ditch spares and binning the rest!
  6. Dynamic Precision MWS rocket valve test. Purchsed from the great people at Fire Support. https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/dynamic-precision-enhanced-nozzle-valve-for-marui-m4a1-mws It looks a lot like the polymer TM one but is made from Aluminium. It fits nicely in the nozzle and works with the TM spring. Testing it in direct comparison to the TM set up with ASG gas and 0.30g BBs there was an average gain of 8fps, but a reduction in fluctuations between shots (+/-4fps, vs +/-7fps with the TM valve) Switching to the stronge
  7. Solid work 👍🏻 I notice that there isn't a linear relationship between the 0.30g and 0.20g results - Take for example the TM bolt set up with an average of 285fps on a 0.30g, the same energy 0.20g BB should be going about 350fps....but the result is only about 320fps. I guess this is to do with the acceleration of heavier BBs, time to clear the barrel and effect on how fast the rocket valve closes. In all AEGs I have tested shooting at 285fps with 0.30g will always fire a 0.20g at 350fps just by changing the ammo weight. So well below the limit if tested at a site on 0.20g BB, but a
  8. I found that the little valve spring can make a big difference. I tried the set up with the well used TM spring and a newer, stiffer and longer (Ooh matron!) RATech one. The RA tech spring gave another 10-15fps as it kept the valve open longer. I am guessing that might explain the difference along with minor variations in hop applied and chrono tollerences.
  9. So a £1600 gun that gives you blowback-ish but stops when the weather is damp? Or buy a Marui MWS, 5 spare mags, a box of gas bottles, bag of BBs, a speedloader and a nice Vortex optic....and have enough money left for a dozen game fees 😃
  10. Today was my designated tinkering day with the MWS before my first post-lockdown game next Sunday at Spartan Woodland, Bristol. I have set the MWS up with all stock bolt, nozzle and valve (NOTE: I have taken 0.15mm off the back of the valve to up the output to about 10fps). Running 0.30g BBs through a CrazyJet 250mm barrel, Modify tan bucking and Laylax hop arm. The shed was a balmy 13degC (or there abouts) and the mags and gas were all at ambient temperature. I gave each mag a 5sec fill, in bursts of 1s and then left for 5mins to let the temp settle. Each gas was give
  11. I can't recall a specific issue with the barrels but I and others have had endless issues with gas nozzles / NPAS, buffer tubes, rails and rail nuts, supressors/flash hiders, charging handles, bolt catches and mag releases.....
  12. The issues seem to be that they "sort of" fit...if you are lucky. And if they do fit they might actually make things work worse than the stock ones.

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    Mainly used for storing guns in the house but there is some wear and a tiny (4mm) rip on the big middle pouch under the flap. I have replaced the nasty zip pulls with some 550 Coyote paracord that is much easier to use and means you can spot where the zip is easier than a black zip pull, on a black zip around a black bag...in the dark! Can be carried in hand or via the removable padded rucksack straps. One big compartment with padded divider with velcro straps and "pockets" for the barrel and stock. Smaller SMG outer padded pocket (my pistol grip shotgun fitted in there fine) and 3 pouched with velcro, buckles and elastic to adjust volume. Great for bags of BBs, spare mags and batteries. Two flat zipped pockets on each end behind the MOLLE panel where you can add your own pouches. £55 new, asking for £20 collected from Gloucester or Spartan Woodland on the 18th April.


  14. I would check on the customs fee and VAT thing, it is your property being moved between countries for your own use. No different to taking a suitcase of clothes on holiday with you I would see about using a shipping firm (as used to move peoples belongings when emigrating) rather than a commercial courier who seem to slap spurious charges on everything and have awful customer service!
  15. Alcohol pre-injection swabs. Tear them in half and use on the cleaning rod supplied with the gnu You can get a box of 100 for a few quid on Ebay or Amazon.
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