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  1. Something like rustoleum or hammerite might do the job. Do you have access to an oven? Baking it after application can help things.
  2. Used to nearly say LCT as a default but since the Nuprol deal with the corresponding price increase, a lot less difference in prices. Is there a particular model you are looking at (tactical/Cold War era)? Find the LCT easier to work on but the E&L is slightly sturdier.
  3. Saw in another thread, someone suggested skirmishing in June might be optimistic. Reckon there might be some truth to that, July might be more realistic.
  4. You could try asking a retailer with a good selection of King Arms products e.g. Fire Support to get one? The might be able to source one from the suppliers. Alternatively just order from abroad. Unfortunately neither of those two options will be quick.
  5. I'm impressed by how some sellers are dealing with it. Far less AK slings listed, with far more SKS slings taking their place.
  6. Small box of G&G 0.28g BBs. Going to compare them to some Geoffs I have. The standard precision 0.28 feed nicely in my AEGs with the exception of the RPK. Will eventually get round to trying the super precision ones.
  7. Similar to the above, find 0.28 to work nicely with most guns. Have one AK that feeds and performs nicely with 0.30g, while another aeg (KA Galil) is a no go with that weight.
  8. Retro arms would be one option. Pricey though.
  9. Get around to fitting some sorbothane pads to a few Aegs. Also a deep clean of the house, partly because I managed to lose the clip that attached the barrel to the body on my PKM. Hoping it will re-emerge.
  10. Their custom length service is very handy. Ideal for some of the awkward models.
  11. See that the new Jefftron Leviaton for V3 gearboxes is optical based, so went with a BTC Chimera for one of my builds. Non bluetooth version but it will do.
  12. Could always look into modifying a real steel FN/ SLR trigger guard to fit? There is a chap on eBay that has been very good at sourcing parts for both L1A1 and FAL parts, you could send him a message. User name is buckers50. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/buckers50/m.html?_trksid=p3692
  13. If I had to put a price on it, about £350-400 range. Might be a bit in either direction depending on shop selling it. Basing that figure on previous prices of the FAL series and what the cost was of KA's re-release of the Galil range (2019).
  14. King Arms FN FAL from a few years, offloaded it to a friend who made a DMR. Looking forward to the re-release this year. Planning on picking one up, intend on just adding a canvas sling to it.
  15. LCT have teased photos of MP5s before so that might be a future option? At their rate of release it will probably next year before their range is out. Will second G&G's range as nicely built and good performers.
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