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  1. Out of interest is that the 7.4 or 11.1V model? Have heard good things about them.
  2. Have used them about four times this year. No complaints. Usually ship the next day after ordering. Have had orders come via the Post office and DPD couriers. Good for some of the more obscure parts or to bulk buy BBs if your usual sources are out.
  3. Which is the current motor you are trying to fit? Find the ASG motors a bit chunkier than other brands. For example the Tienly equivalent was small enough to fit in a motor cage where an ASG couldn't.
  4. These days it's G&G and ASG devil blasters. Also picked up some open blasters in heavier weight. Haven't used them yet. Geoffs are also a good option. Had feeding issues with one of my guns on Swiss Arms BBs. Tried the Geoffs and fed perfectly.
  5. That version three gearbox video is excellent. Have consulted it in the past. Even just the manner in which her describes different ways to install the various springs is handy. As regards the Pinion to bevel shimming, it's the manner in which I do my shimming lately. The only caveat is to make sure it doesn't interfere with a ETU like a Gate titan, if you're using one. Have a friend who starts with the spur gear. Works for him. Both of us are using fairly tame builds so being slightly off in shimming isn't the end of the world. One thing I will say is it's usually s
  6. Could the egg shape be the result of the force used to break the BB?
  7. Car-15. Largely because I can't remember the last time I saw one on a skirmish field. Niche appeal.
  8. That is very annoying. Ak's as a platform are poorly served if you want a standard looking trigger. You have the E&L trigger which is seldom ever in stock. Then you have the lonex model which is nicely constructed but has compatibility problems. There is also a guarder model which is difficult to find and doesn't include all the parts. Find myself just using LCT ones but the trigger springs are lackluster. So sometimes replace them with airsoft Pro models. I have heard of slop developing in triggers but that's the first time I have heard of shearing off. Not promising...
  9. Try emailing classic army to see if they will sell you one? Alternatively you could try a real steel FAL or L1A1 swivel. Here's a good site for bits and bobs. https://www.milweb.net/webvert/a4057/96468
  10. Will give E&L credit for making some of their AKs available in kit form. It's useful if you are intending on changing the internals from the get go. Some of the LCT lineup are coming out of the box with magwell spacers. It's annoying that they don't do it across the board.
  11. Have had a similar problem with a wooden grip. AEG sounded great until the pistol grip went on. Ended up using a rough grit sand paper to take material off the sides of the inside of the grip. Another option might be a small O-ring between the screw and the pistol grip to replicate the way it came from the factory. Just to echo the above poster, shimming the motor cage might be a good idea. In the past have glued a pair of 1mm shims to the top of the motor cage (either side of where the pinion came out). Eliminated the slack completely.
  12. From what I remember it has a very decent hop up unit. You should be good to go with .28s. Related video if you haven't seen it.
  13. With regards the mesh goggles would recommend heroshark goggles. Have a pair I use during chronoing, test firing and as an emergency back up. Think he does most of his business on Facebook. With the sweat band I have just used an olive green bandanna in the past. I use an Czechoslovak surplus one. You can get various stuff on eBay such as tan British army sweat scarves to do the trick.
  14. Will be curious to see whether any companies make an airsoft version. We have LCT, E&L and Arcturus cranking out AK 12/15s. Not a bad looking rifle.
  15. Pretty much as above, try placing the old part back in and see how you get on. From my experience the LCT parts are very decent inside the gearbox. Find the barrel and the motor can be shoddy but the LCT gearbox is a performer.
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