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  1. Good stuff. You will get plenty of shots out of that pack.
  2. You're welcome. Hope you enjoy your new AEG.
  3. Rough measurements, because my measuring tape is a bit knackered. Height: 5.6cm Breadth: 17.8cm Width: 3.2cm. Gives you an estimate.
  4. With regards the air nozzles, people seem to have luck with MP5K nozzles. Have a lonex model one in my PKM. The bullgear insert is a very nice piece of kit, provides plenty of space. Fits 3800Mah lipos and life batteries with ease. One thing I would suggest is to pick up a replacement microswitch or two, when you're ordering parts. Convenient to have them to spare. Down the line if it becomes your favourite AEG, you could always invest in a retro arms gearbox.
  5. The Nuprol M79, is it just a re-branded King Arms launcher?
  6. Currently using 6.05 PDIs in my normal aegs. Notice a bit better accuracy than the previous madbull/lonex types I used. Also picked up a 6.08 with the intention of using it with a PKM but have yet to install it.
  7. Yeah the PKM has a fairly hefty capacity. There is also an insert made by Bull Gear which boosts the PKM box to over 7000. https://www.airsoftzone.co.uk/7500rnd-improved-replacement-magazine-insert-for-akraptor-pkmpkp-series-box-magazine-bullgear.html
  8. It is sold separate. Tis pricey and haven't had any experience with it.
  9. Yeah, internals are LCT's V3 gearbox in both. The battery goes in the stock, very handy to find batteries that fit. Also you can install a dummy bolt down the line if you fancy it. Alternatively an EBB kit, if you're into that sort of stuff.
  10. At the moment a 7.4 with a stock gun. Have one LCT that I plan to put a retro arms gearbox and gate titan in, will try a 11.1 with that.
  11. Have had good experiences with this retailer. For some reason I usually end up forgetting about them when I'm looking for a particular item, often being reminded of their existence via a web search. Any orders I have placed have had positive outcomes. One time they emailed me that a particular item, in an order, was out of stock. They suggested some substitutes and didn't try upselling or the likes. Good folks to deal with.
  12. Would you consider a LCT AKM? It has very similar appearances to the 47, wood furniture too. The LCT AK47 is a limited edition so it's fairly pricey and difficult to locate. With regards internals, the RPK and AK are both version three gearbox. The RPD is a different type,. Would agree with the above, it's a rare beast and a head turner.
  13. An Ak with the wood furniture is very appealing. The finish on the LCT wood lines are probably longer lasting than those on the E&L. The reddish tinge on the E&L is appealing to lots of people. That being said both are close enough that you can modify surplus furniture to fit and spare parts (including wooden ones) are available. If you are thinking of going for an underfolder like the AKMS, would strongly urge you to go for the LCT over the E&L. The latter has reports of the mechanism failing. Also from handling both ,the E&L has a bit more wobble. Also disassembling the E&L sometimes requires a bit of force, wouldn't help the longevity of the folding stock.
  14. Depends on the price but would probably recommend a LCT ahead of them. The E&L has some nice features such as the QC gearbox and the popular Russian red finish. Seems pricier than the LCT in the UK. The E&L seem to have some quality control issues. The one I got, the hop was unusable and required quite a bit of work to get it up to scratch. Is there a particular model you are looking at? I.e. classic wood or more tactical.
  15. Similar experience to the above, first order went through no problem. Had stock problems with the most recent order. Response time was poor until a request was put in to cancel the order. Ordered from WGC shop and had it delivered in the same time it took airsoft.tiger111 to process the refund. Only reayl order airsoft parts from Asia these days if I can't get them from Europe, the former is often more trouble than it's worth.
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