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  1. Have you tried a different type of BBs? Certain brands don't go well with certain hop up configurations. Additionally have you tried a different type of magazine? It can be quite frustrating messing around with your aeg, if the problem area is your mags or ammunition.
  2. Ordered a set of flip up sights. Arrived after a few weeks, was cautious after reading various reviews online. Would probably only use it for smaller value orders or if (for example with the sights) couldn't find it anywhere else.
  3. Definitely is more offerings on the market. See that Specna Arms and King Arms have some for sale. As regards the physical sizing they can be a pain at times. Couldn't manage to get one to fit in a G36 motor cage before.
  4. As regards the holster, some of the Commonwealth gear could be a decent sub such as a Canadian or Australian ones. Alternatively if you are patient sometimes the 58 pattern holster can show up listed on the bay as canvas holster or old army holster rather than 58 pattern.
  5. Just a quick question or two. Would you be okay doing your own tech works and are you already happy with the performance? Also which type of M4? If so would probably look at the calibre of lipo you are using and then see about a mosfet. Those would be two areas to explore to deal with semi lock-up. If your already using a decent spec lipo, then something like a Gate Titan NGRS model would probably help. If you do choose to go for one, make sure you get the correctly wired model. E.g. Rear wired for the Sopmod, Front wired for Socom.
  6. Depends on the gun. Something like a basic LCT AK would take it out. The Tavor when I had it, I tended to leave it in while I did so. The latter took a near total disassembly to get at the inner barrel. In contrast the G&G FN2000 was an absolute pleasure to get at those components. So If I had say three aegs. Would take out the barrel and unit for two of them to clean.
  7. There seems to be a lot of the same posted by them here and the Airsoft Society forum.
  8. It's also the sheer number of potential loadout it would fit. World War 2 Para, Nam Aussie, GWOT Coalition, CIA SAD and Bush war Mercs. Something like a MK2 and MK1 (with a conventional sight) would cover a massive range. Even would make a decent holster filler for a generic Opfor.
  9. Different sites and events will have different criteria and rules. Some make it calibre based such as only 7.62/.308 replicas. Others have minimum engagement distances with power levels. Bolting a scope on a M4 and using it to spam semi at a higher power, is looked down on by many.
  10. It's a bit annoying. Especially when your consider that the company had a hi power springer many years ago. If you want a GBB you are pretty much stuck with the fairly cack WE. In contrast say the Tokarev, has had WE,SRC and KWA making models as one stage or another.
  11. Imagine it will be an impressive price. Speaking of newer guns, surprised it's taking the various manufacturers so long to bring out a MCX Spear.
  12. DerDer

    Marui G36c+

    Nice to see the G36 get a tune up. Hopefully they will do similar to the K model.
  13. Might be waiting a while. Think he burnt his smock.
  14. Will be interested to see what kind of gearbox arrangement they have in these. Hopefully the wait between a shell ejector and a skirmishable model isn't as long as the K98K.
  15. Fair play for originality. Suggestion would be a pair of boots.
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