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  1. Its an 11.5" barrel not a 14.5" like an M4 would have . The mag clamp pictured appears to be an MFT one
  2. there are other Uk dealers with magpul products that are not as extortionate or as slow as brownells . However it will be more expensive than US due to the added cost of shipping it here and then high duty costs for imports from the US as well as VAT
  3. There used to be a lot of players and groups around Worcester but not so much now
  4. No the biggest problem people have with RATECH is their parts don't often actually fit as they are poorly cast or machined
  5. use good ammo and don't over load the mags and the loading nozzles will generally give you no issues . however the L85 has one issue where the recoil springs can wear away the holes at the rear of the bolt carrier . This is very easily sorted by adding two thin ,steel washers to prevent wear . Don't be tempted to throw RATECH parts at it . Most of the reliability issues with WE rifles come from RATECH's crappy "upgrades" and the fact people think they are better than the stock parts.
  6. G&P have stopped doing proper Colt marked and correct patterned replicas so get it while you can
  7. What do you need to know ? They have now arrived in Hong Kong but most of the details on them have been out for months
  8. an extended Sig is going to look nothing like a 454 casull
  9. You would be better off basing it on a 1911 or 2011
  10. Don't ever buy H&K parts from the US . They are far cheaper and more available from either UK or Europe . In answer to the question it depends upon which Umarex GBB G3 you have . The WE one I do not know if any will fit but the VFC made one will only take real stocks . Either Zib militaria in Germany or D&B Militaria or DWS-UK in the UK. You will need to remove the recoil assembly from the real stock which requires a bit of patience but I did mine in 30 mins
  11. I have a lot , I do try to make use of most of them but some have never been used
  12. I've had all of them . If you want an AEG then LCT is by far the nicest as not only is it metal, it's all steel. My personal favourite is the VFC GBB
  13. That pretty standard across all industries . If you take apart your xbox one or smart phone don't expect the warranty to cover you. Obviously in this case the Op did it by instruction of the retailer so it's a whole different thing now
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