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  1. Seth has been trying to organise dates for both himself and for other users . However the site owners seem to have either very poor admin skills or lack of enthusiasm for actually taking money which is probably where the problems started in the first place . I know for certain that other agencies have arranged training etc there only to find organisation grinds to a halt at the office end and then had to cancel last minute. DAG have an event there and it seems to be based upon luck and who you speak to on which day as to whether anything actually gets done.
  2. I agree except flash hiders are actually restricted where compensators and thread protectors are not . I've found it's down to the wording on the paperwork usually . AKs don't generally have flash hiders so no issues there anyway as most are compensators or muzzle breaks
  3. This is a POF made one so a little darker green but easy enough to fade and it's otherwise correct https://dwsuk.org/epages/057184c7-2fa2-4321-880c-a30e87657239.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/057184c7-2fa2-4321-880c-a30e87657239/Products/HKR33POF
  4. For embassy era it's the old West German marked A3 with sliding stock , SEF selector group and slim fore end . I'll get a pic of mine later this evening
  5. Ok Seeing as MP5s have been my thing for many years i'll try and tackle this MP5N was never used by SAS but most of the features of the N model were carried over into the regular MP5s that they did use . Mp5 set up changed a lot right up to the end so my first question would be which period are you wanting to replicate ? Is there a specific mission or event you are looking at ? Embassy period Mp5s were early west german A3s with the slim foregrip and SEF group and early version sliding stock with metal butt plate Later on you started seeing the introduction of Surefire foregrips , A5 trigger groups , Navy trigger groups , later type A3 stocks (Not the J stock!) , red dot mounts , flash hiders , rail systems etc Once I know the period you are going for I can better advise you He has said he is going for a certain look . Those slings are still totally usable and good to use if you set them up correctly
  6. hostile environment training for the security industry mainly
  7. Pilgrim has actually been open for years and despite what might be expected has actually not really seen a lot of use by either MOD or HO due to the fact that those who would most benefit the type of environment at pilgrim already have their own facilities for training . Airsoft has only recently started at the site due to the academy needing more revenue streams with the wind down of activities it was designed for . Hopefully plans are in place to see increased usage of the site so that airsoft among other activities can continue there but we shall see
  8. Not everyone but there are a couple that do . For others it's not worth the bother in honesty
  9. In the last 6 weeks there was a massive drop in currency value for GBP and although it's started going back up a little you will see some residual increase from imports at the time . With Firesupport just be aware that they have been known to adjust prices to much lower when items are out of stock on the website
  10. I assume he meant Glock 20 or 21 which are both bigger KSC glocks haven't aged well at all (I've got a couple somewhere still) . The gas system is very outdated and the 18C and 23F were the worst of them . That said select fire glocks from anyone are weaker than the semi auto versions in my experience
  11. I use and prefer a VFC steel Glock 19 . However I do have a Tm Glock 19 (stock) as a back up and for super cold days
  12. You are welcome . may as well make use of knowledge gained through my unhealthy addiction haha
  13. I use a real RDS on mine and have done for years . I did find the WE mags were actually more efficient than the Umarex VFC mags . For cheaper VFC mags , look for GK tactical magazines as they are the same mags but without the "Glock" branded label on the packet I know where you were coming from as the TM Glock 17 was over sized but I was countering your statement of every airsoft Glock being the wrong size which they are not
  14. Yeah stark arms were early VFC OEM . They refined them a lot since then . Side note though , Serpa are awful holsters for Glock although the Sig ones were actually quite decent
  15. Not true , only WE and Older Tm Glocks were over sized . Tm G19 fits in real holsters perfectly . KSC, KWA and VFC Glocks are all real size . If you want the most realistic then go for the VFC (Umarex) as they are dimensionally perfect and if you get the steel slide version the weight and balance is very very closed indeed
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