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  1. there is a knock on effect of Chinese new year too. Plus the cost of shipping such heavy and bulky items means they have to be sea freighted which takes 6 weeks
  2. That's why I used an A2 upper . It is worth noting that the m733 is a transitional model though and there were various uppers and even barrel diameters as they moved forward so there are some M733 models with A1 uppers
  3. I made one from a WE Xm177 a couple of years back and modified a PTW A2/M733 upper to fit . I'll try and get some pics when I can
  4. G&P Stoners are probably some of the best LMGs out of the box . Proper LMG but they have select fire so you can use in buildings etc and very robust . They are basically a V2 gearbox so easy to get parts and upgrades for if you so wish but I've always found them great from the box
  5. It's not just staff costs etc but also that CQB venues especially are expensive to hire . You have to balance this cost with the maximum number of players you can have to make a site enjoyable . Therefore you can't over book to compensate else you run the risk of everyone turning up and the site being too jammed to be fun or no space in car parks, safe zone or possibly exceeding max amounts for fire regulations . On the other end of this you have the risk of not enough players turning up to cover the cost of renting the property for that day or booking food etc
  6. Dolg M2 or Dolg M3 slings are the best and are also used by some branches of the Russian military and Interior
  7. Most Umarex were S&T and Ares back then . The body density and dimensions can vary slightly from one brand to another but the G36 optic has enough flex to fit most replicas . However the 22LR replica actually needed modification which was funny as airsoft guns get the dimensions more accurate than something firing live rounds
  8. it fits most as they are somewhat flexible I had a load of them and have fitted them on most things . The hardest to fit on was actually a 22lr G36
  9. The biggest issue is actually that most factories produce in "runs" and then don't revisit that product line for months or even longer . TM production schedule is very sporadic for example and very small proportion of those runs actually make it out of Asia as Europe is a tiny market compared to Asia . The other issue is that most of the decent factories do a lot of OEM work these days and so the production schedules are even more spread out . Then you have economic issues such as material supply . China has increased it's material costs massively and this will filter down to most people (even TM buys some of it's internal components from PRC) Add to that the increased fuel surcharges , licensing restrictions and the fact that to keep up with the market you need to fly new releases and popular products in rather than shipping in bulk . This last one is often a shock to people but RIFs actually have very very poor mark up and have a high cost to import so most retailers would rather supply a broader range of accessories with a better mark up than the high value , high risk products like RIFs
  10. to be fair it does come with both the pictured upper and a shorter chrome complete upper as well as a hard box . That's much better value than a lot of TM releases
  11. I think 96 was the last count but some have come and gone since September when my missus last counted
  12. the legality has nothing to do with the armour . It's due to the fact that Virtus has not been put on the surplus market by the MOD so any you buy on ebay is stolen . Osprey MK4 and MK7 helmets were the same but have now both gone to disposal so can be purchased legally via disposal agents . In fact Osprey Mk4 is so plentiful you can pick them up for £10 each
  13. it could very well be Gunze Sanyo . It's certainly Japanese so not KWC etc
  14. .from the words of armed police officers themselves . Wearing Police uniforms, patches and equipment (other than illegal weapons) is perfectly fine in an airsoft setting as long as you make no attempt to deceive or pass yourself off as a police officer to members of the public . Also if you commit any crime while in in possession of police uniform will see a whole raft of new charges being added to your prosecution . Be sensible , only wear at the events. And for your own personal security , keep it out of sight when not at the event
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