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  1. As has been covered before on the forums it's fine . On another note those patches are not out of date . Met ones are different to the national CTSFO patches because the Met like to be different /speshhuuul
  2. As the others have said , it's better than WAS by a bit of a distance
  3. Agreed they should chrono the batch and put the actual approximate fps online
  4. Not everybody in the world uses 350 fps so some regions specifically want more The magazines have last round cut off Spare mags are now fully available in the market for local distributors to buy That said i'll stick to my GBB
  5. I'm going to add to that slightly by saying that People and Companies outside the UK are not subject to our laws . However the person importing it would be the one getting a knock for it as the import is a crime in itself
  6. Haha , I didn't call him a queen but ……….. 😂
  7. Air rifles are firearms by UK legal definition . Rogerborg was being slightly dramatic but correct
  8. I have found most issues stem from people trying to "upgrade" them. Sure there are some models that were not great but many of the WE rifles are actually very good as long as you don't try to ratech them . Ratech parts are actually the weak point in pretty much all models except the M14
  9. It actually does not matter if it says "Police" as long as it's worn only at events and you do not attempt to convince people you are a police officer . The Offense of imitating a police officer is quite specific with regards to it being a result of actions more than a result of clothing and insignia
  10. Save even more and buy E&C directly as they OEM for Specna and Arthurian E&C are generally pretty decent but they offer a wide range of specs you can choose from when getting them to OEM. The basic gearbox and externals are generally the same but options such as markings , mosfets and furniture add to the basic price. Buying an E&C means you are getting the same rifle but not paying for the Specna or Arthurian markings to be added
  11. for a proper SLR your only choice these days is the Ares one as the KA version has been discontinued for years and is very rare . No one else makes a proper SLR or anything close to the correct length
  12. The AI "advertisers awards" I don't think you need votes
  13. I'm afraid that's just typical of Umarex . They do not forecast to the factory well on anything and because the factory (VFC) is very busy doing OEM for lots of brands as well as their own catalogue items it will take some time to make more
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