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  1. 10% off at FRV Tailoring with the discount code FEMMEFATALE.
  2. There have been some quality issues with then.
  3. I'd recommend Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, and Handgrenades if you use Virtual Deskptop or the link cable. The best gun interaction in a VR game that I've seen, with a load of different modes.
  4. It reduces the chance of you catching and more importantly spreading it, especially if you're asymptomatic. It's might not be virus proof, but If there's a 1% chance that it'll stop somebody else getting it and all I need to do is wear something over my face when I go to the shops, sign me up.
  5. The issue is that if they get ill, it's not just them that'll suffer the consequences.
  6. £280 for Specna Mk18 (£190 brand new) with a clone sight, grip, peq box, and 4 high caps. It's not been fielded though!
  7. @rocketdogbert, making black TM FNX-45's before it was cool.
  8. It would be a shame if somebody reported it. "Safety briefs will be handed to you in your car" I'm assuming they'll be getting thrown in through the window from a safe distance?
  9. The FNX-45 uses a different setup to the HK-45 for some reason. Considering the FNX is newer, I'm not sure why they've moved away from the design seen on the HK. On the HK it uses a lever to push up a removable metal plate which then contacts a metal frame separate to the slide. On the FNX the slide release lever directly contacts a metal frame. This does mean that if it wears then you have to replace the slide catch instead of just unscrewing a metal plate, but the plate on the HK seems to be pretty soft and was wearing quickly on the gun I looked at. True
  10. Another vote for the TM FNX-45. The HK-45 is good, but it seems like there are some issues with the slide lock not working properly, and it looks like the design of it isn't the best. The FNX-45 comes with a threaded barrel if you fancy getting a tracer unit, a red dot mount built into the slide, ambidextrous controls, decocker, has the TM 15mm BBU, and it uses 29rnd magazines. The performance of it is great, it's comfortable to hold, and it works with the Warrior Assault universal holster. Plus they're pretty.
  11. How about this? They're wireless targets that can be programmed to pop up randomly, or in sequences, and drop down when hit. They're not cheap (€150 for 3, and you need the host one which they don't sell separately) but it's certainly an alternative. They're only available to pre-order at the moment though. https://www.weapon762.com/search?controller=search&orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=stage+target&tm_submit_search=
  12. In all fairness to the owner It could be that the current circumstances surrounding coronavirus may have had a big financial impact, in which case you could do all of the thinking you want but when they ordered it in September there would be no way of knowing what was coming up.
  13. Bolle X810's have good ventilation once you remove the upper and lower rubber vent covers, are made to a high standard, and will do a good job of keeping your eyes intact. They're £48, so a little bit above your budget but I'd recommend it.
  14. There's a certain website which shows things as being in stock on google, only to have them available to pre-order when you go onto their website. It's a fairly scummy tactic to get clicks through to their website.
  15. Empty toilet roll tubes would be good. Maybe raid the recycling bin for cardboard boxed.
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