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  1. You just remove the buffer tube and you access it through there.
  2. Another vote for Specna. They're good for the price, mines shoots well, and the build quality on them is decent.
  3. I'm not entirely sure what I just read. If you're on medication I think you're not taking enough of it. Or maybe too much.
  4. That's fair enough. For the balance charger I had the ASG balance charger in mind. They're £20 from patrol base. Might not be the best, but they're suitable as a starting point. I've got one and it works well enough although it doesn't have features like setting the battery to a storage voltage. Red dot wise you can certainly get cheap ones off amazon and ebay for £10+, but for closer to £40 (possibly with a riser) you're looking at G&G, G&P, ASG, Vector, etc. which may be a bit more durable. As you say they're not necessary and the money is probably better spent elsewhere initially.
  5. Personally I would recommend the Specna Arms edge series, too. With your £300 budget you'd have a good AEG for £180 (including 2 120 round mid cap mags and a foregrip), then £20-30 for 2-3 more mags, £10 for a speed loader, £40 for a red dot, £25 for a couple of 7.4V lipo batteries, £20 for a charger which puts you £5 over your budget for everything you'd need (minus ammo and delivery costs).
  6. Translation: Do they take semaphore?
  7. Roof stops rain. Checkmate, weather.
  8. The contractor look is an easy one to replicate. 13 hours shows this well with khakis/jeans, t shirts, and then tactical gear. I've just gone with jeans and a fitted hoodie with a chest rig and it looks alright. More importantly it's comfortable and cheap.
  9. I've had trouble with fogging, and bought a pair of Bolle X810s. There are removable blockers at the top and bottom of the lens so you can get free flowing air all the way across the lens with no restriction. The gap itself is pretty small, so the risk of anything getting in is minimal, but you can always just remove the top blocker to let hot air flow out of the top. I've had a little bit of issue with sweat, but they haven't fogged up.
  10. These can be had for £125 from Fire Support, but they're asking for £120 with what looks like wear on the mag on a 'New' gun.
  11. M4 mag adapters for pistols. If your pistol is taller than it is long it just looks weird. They end up looking like boomerangs.
  12. Heath

    TM gen 4 G17

    It looks like theres a TM Gen 4 G17 coming out in 2020. Does anybody have any additional information on it?
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