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  1. Marvel is owned by Disney. Well the cinematic universe anyways. Disneys contract with Netflix has a clause that says they cannot reprieve the shows for X amount of years, think it’s between 2-5. Can’t remember 100% what time frame.
  2. Truer words have never been said. But they can keep Iron fist cancelled, was shite. Jessica Jones was Ok, but your dead right on those two being the best. From what I have read, Disney are planning on having a separate “attached” page for the maturer content, considering they are trying to big up Star Wars, and they have all been 12s as of late.
  3. It won’t be for long, I think we will wait 2 years till the clause is out and Disney will release it on their platform.
  4. Finished the first and second series mate, superb, I think he’s the perfect actor for it too.
  5. It may not pay the bills. But it’s the right way to live.
  6. Neither would I, but I’d rather be a poor man than make my money in he way he has.
  7. That I did not know, well shit. Looks like I need to find some new boots.
  8. Don’t have to buy them from him, but it’s easy to try them on and see if you like them. I do share your sentiments about that cretin.
  9. Go to sports direct and try on the Karimor walking boots, I swear by mine and have a pair now specifically for Airsoft.
  10. Welcome fella, your English is great, hope you find everything your looking for. If not, plenty of people around here to help you.
  11. My honest opinion is don’t bother, sell and get something better, even if it is a project gun. I really cannot rate or recommend Nuprol guns for anything. If you want a project gun, can I recommend you find a receiver(eBay or here) , and a gearbox from @ak2m4 and then do everything you want to learn with that box, upgrade little bits at a time, try whatever you want. I did this myself, and my scratch built project gun is now the only gun I like using.
  12. A friend of mine uses a shemagh with a mesh piece sewn in to protect his teeth, still looks “operator” but does some protection.
  13. I have yet to use a sight on any of my RIFs. I just point and shoot, and if I am off(usually the case) I correct when the bb is in the air. You dont need to send bursts flying, I usually triple shoot. 1 for aim, 2 to hit(allowing for wind/twigs)
  14. It started well but dropped off a literal cliff. I have never liked Ben Affleck, I don’t think the bloke is an actor, just plays himself.
  15. Don’t quote me- but is it something you can lubricate? So the blanks don’t get stuck- if you get my jist?
  16. @L3wisD is Reading based I think. He should be able to help you with sites. Welcome back fella.
  17. ^ This 100%. If your set on keeping the gun, Prommy purple hop rubber and nub, 0.25g BBs. I would highly recommend outing it and buying something a bit more reliable and with better tolerances. Search the forums and you’ll see what we all recommend.😉
  18. You can hate them, but to deny they are a massive part of Airsoft, and probably the reason the sport is still growing in size isn’t a wise idea for someone trying to change the sport.
  19. Slightly file the walls down the bottom of the mag where the BBs go. Then you can speed load them from there, I have done that to all mine and they work perfectly.
  20. Delusional Fucktard came to mind, but I’m trying to be more polite.😇
  21. You are completely Bi-polar when it comes to opinions. You give it the bravados about about knowing things about the military, and Airsoft in general, then you make a completely stupid point^, are you actually a troll account being piloted by multiple people?
  22. I have ASG and Nuprol, and both work perfectly, one of the only Nuprol products id actually use and recommend.
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