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  1. No worries bud. Look forward to seeing you there abit of a drive from Crawley area but It will be worth it
  2. Hey bud. I'll be honest and say it was most likely a mistake on our end and we planned to remove these rules once we do another pass on the website. Ignore anything on the website until we go live with dates. The only thing that we will stop is full auto as its not nessassary in CQB.. In regards to the BB weight. Again its soley an indoor enviroment I see no reason to use anything over .25s. HOWERVER I am open to discussions and if it works I'm fine with it. If people start to bleed we will need to stop it Hope that answers your questions full rules will be updated in a few days and will most likely follow the rules of other indoor sites across the UK.
  3. Keep an eye on Echelon Airsoft - About to open a massive CQB site in Kent near Maidstone. If you drive it isnt too far. < Shameless advertising Other then that I know that the Exter tunnels are opening up again?
  4. Thanks peoples, Should be able to annouce something next week.
  5. Thanks for your kind words buddy. You are right in saying we wont really reveal much until the covid situation is over and we are allowed to host games safetly. We're planning night games either Wednesday / Friday (both if the demand is there) and Saturday / Sunday games again if the demand is there every weekend. Look forward to hopefully seeing you at the site when its ready
  6. I'm up till 4am and then up again at 9am so it might do . You said those parking charges are cheap but the parking structure next door is owned by another company. We dont control those prices.. I just re-looked at the website and saw what you meant yep. Fixed. Thanks haha
  7. Those prices arnt to do with us at all. I hope they wont change
  8. I mean no one has noticed the minor updates to the site (dont buy anything yet please its all me testing bits)
  9. I like it! We plan on doing some more testing games so i'll extend the invite into here for when we can ofc.
  10. We are aiming for August opening but that will be confirmed later which depends on Covid. Unfortunately we need to open sometime in August due to rent etc. Of course we would be running more games but with less players and at a reduced price point. We have just been doing our part and keeping the doors closed until we get the go ahead. When Gyms open then we potentially could..
  11. Only managed to get the one picture as the battery ran out on our flash lights (electrics arnt on yet) I'm using a 3000 lumens wide worklight. I think this really shows how dark it can get and how big this paticular floor is.... I had to revisit the site today to let the EPC engineer back in. We still have yet to do the work required to make this place safe too... so dw about the falling tiles
  12. Thanks fellas, As for the PM's on here and Facebook. Once Lockdown is lifted for Indoor sites we will make the annoucement on whats happened, happening and when the first game da..... ill leave that last part as a suprise. More pics anyone? I'll grab some on the next visit.
  13. On site today getting an EPC done. Here is a photo... Dark enough?
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