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  1. The property management team only got in on Wednesday and need a week so Wednesday i'll be back to work on the site Cant wait to ho ho ho with a machine gun Mr Hans
  2. Been away in Wales for the weekend just got back. You may find out that the building was sold to Medway Council again - I can say that this is a normal thing apparently with this building but our contract is still in place and will continue as normal. We've been asked if they can send inspectors into the building this week so no work will happen while they do that. Not sure why we cant be in there at the same time but w.e. Will update this time next week
  3. Unfortunately only two, We're working out how to manage it so its not a cluster fubar . Any idea's will be greatly recieved.
  4. Because of the cost of the building & rates it will be every weekend with and games during the weeks such as short night games etc
  5. It wont be this weekend lads as I need to goto wales for the weekend. We are looking at the 6th but that's best guess right now. Cant wait to pew with you all as I'll have a game or two will need plenty of testing
  6. @Robert James That is a great game mode - I believe we have something in mind thats very similar to this but we wasnt sure how to handle the respawns. We shall give this game a go and see how it plays out! My ultimate goal would be to make it very tense on each floor and giving the defending team a choise of where to start - from floors 2 to 9 for example. I tend not to enjoy out door airsoft myself anymore since I feel indoor as so much more intense and action packed.
  7. Said that at 2ish am haha I meant we want at least 3 floors ready providing 43000feet of gameplay area. Right now only 1 and half floors are done
  8. Cannot confirm 1st March if we did it might not be very good will let you know asap
  9. We finally got word from the council ALL IS A GO! Will look this week at when we host the first game! This will be pure CQB chaos! Welcome to the block? Name to be decided
  10. I'm okay thanks haha some complications from a surgery awhile ago. This weekend? No. Next weekend? its a possiblity. Alot of things need to fall in place for that to happen. We're only going to start with 3 floors as we simply dont have the funds to fill out all 12 floors. We should be done within a week. I really dont want to make the same mistake i did with the school and annouce it to early and have to keep pushing dates back as thats not fair to you. I believe we have decided to go official on where it is though. As soon as we get a lock on that rear door that was busted in..
  11. Maybe I've been ill for a few days and havent managed to do much but just got back on it today with lots of emails regarding our dates. Will see when its most viable for us to start and update here and facebook.
  12. Sneaky bugger. You got us. Please keep it hush as we wouldnt want to jeopardise anything...
  13. @LSUK Thanks for the offer we have a web developer on the staff payrole so we're all set. Website should be back up to speed now. Little photo for you all today. I cant say that we will be hosting a game this Sunday. Time scales are too tight and we've still not heard from the council regarding a few things. We are working constantly though to get this ready asap.
  14. Got several big empty voids to fill out before we open up all the floors. Any ideas? Want to avoid just the no effect pallet stacks
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