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  1. I think I'm in a unquie position to answer this as we are opening two sites in Kent - both schools - both abandoned. The rent alone costs nearly 600 a day per site. Plus paying for staff on the day. Then we have the inital setup costs - So far Hextable school cost around 6500 and it isnt even open yet. On top of that we need to pay for the health and safety aspects. I cant speak for other sites but that is our reasons why a game will cost around 30-35 for a day. £20-25 for a session lasting 3/4 hours depending. I would imagine other sites are close to what we are going through.
  2. Oh yes. CQB. Check out Echelon Airsoft facebook and website with some juicy pics
  3. I'll be opening two sites in the very near future (both in kent) Hextable, Swanley and Isle of Sheppey! Welcome to airsoft prepare your wallet and get a re-mortgage..
  4. The minute we know is the minute you know!
  5. Platoon Stores will be on site to provide any rentals providing they are pre-booked
  6. Hextable will run most weekends Sheppey will run smaller games or night games on Wednesdays. Sat or sunday games to. How often we run all depends on you lot.
  7. Hey fellas, Sorry If I havent got back to anyone. Its not personal. We actually have had over 600 messages! Very difficult to answer them all and only two of us do it at the moment! Everyone that I have said can come test the site will get a message - when dates are annouced give me a quick message so i dont forget.. We will be posting the address of the sites soon but as I'm here might as well quicky do it. For the first - larger school its Hextable School. 39 Egerton Ave, Swanley BR8 7LG The second site is.. (I only have a postcode) ME12 3BZ The Third site is.. Oh wait we havent annouced that yet. No times on the first site yet due to the asbestoes. On the way home I had a quick popin and nobody was there working... I have a site inspection booked in for Thursday hoping its all clear! As for the second site in Sheppey. Its ready to go this weekend. We just need to get in there and open its doors. We want to build it out alittle but we might host a quick 2 hour game this week (But will confirm tuesday)
  8. Yeah, As Grantcollins said. Please check our Facebook page. Its very difficult now to update every area. We're trying our hardest Thanks for your booking. If you can't make the first game we'll refund you or you can move your ticket to a day you can do.. Up to you! We'll try and get the first game dates out later next week! We've got alot to do between then so fingers crossed.
  9. The bio bb was just added for... i dont know why haha Full auto outdoors and semi indoors - agree on that
  10. We're working on the rules. They are NOT set in stone. These rules were just thrown together. We will change them soon after testing.
  11. WEBSITE is Live! https://echelonairsoft.co.uk/ Dont forget to follow us on Facebook!
  12. We will have a generator on site as there is no power / water or toilets. We'll provide it all But no one better leave any suprises for us in all the non working toilets lol!
  13. Just got word that we will be opening late September / Early October. If only the council wernt so slow!, Sorry the website isnt up we had the power cut for some of yesterday and it stopped our progress!
  14. We're going to break it up with 7 foot chip board. But this would be done possibly after the first game! As the Met Police need to sign off on it as well. Alot of the school is empty and we're having to bring it 100's of furniture bits and make our own as well! Are you suggesting we wear tutu's? Website is almost ready. A few more tweaks here and there. We don't want to rush this but we dont want to hold back! Here's some more images! I'm hyped myself. Want to play!
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