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  1. Haha affraid so. Bribes arnt cheap (joking)
  2. Hextable is an absolute beast. Its just a shame Brexit and a section 77 is holding bits up (dont ask me why, Stupid council workers!) As soon as we get word we are allowed to get in there we will be dont you worry! The new site. Not revealed yet is just as beastly although its alot more CQB as hextable had some open areas. We're recording on Thursday a reveal video should be done within a week. We've exhuasted a massive amounts of money on both these sites now. almost 150k and we havent even played a single game. So we need the new site to open with a bang Fingers crossed.
  3. I dont think we will put the effort into the Sheppy site as its not worth the effort compared to the new one and the Hextable school. We do plan on opening both though! Might not seem like it but we have actually got about 320 properties that we can select from. Then they need the usual checks etc. But we went for the second biggest (the first is to expensive lol)
  4. Appreciate the idea I dont think we need to worry about it at this point almost 70% of the site is empty need to figure that bit out first any other idea's though please suggest
  5. Oh good one! We would ideally like abit more of a "destructible" enviroment. We will have an office floor and you can throw the desks over and have all the stationary go every where etc. But atm this is just an thought we havent really got the funds to pull it off just yet due to the costs of the building. But we'll do it eventually! We have loads of ideas for each floor and although atm only 9 are usable we will hopefully change the theme of floors every now and then. Keep em coming! I dont think they would like us doing that haha I'll trust people not to steal the riot shield and marshals will be on the stair wells to enforce what rules we decide on. At the end of the day. You the players make the rules as long as its covered by insurance
  6. Great suggestion! We thought of this too but the hardest part is to make sure people listen like you said!
  7. Love the suggestions. Will see what we can do There are two main stair cases. and 5 elevators. The other stair cases are linked to a AFA (Automatic fire alarm) We are trying to see if we can disable this but might not be able to due to its classification as a "high rise" We've talked this over alot infact as we know this will be a serious problem in gameplay. We will just need to see how it unfolds in gameplay but some of the ideas are to have 1 stair case per team and your not allowed to go in the other teams. We might block the stair wells going up to certain floors forcing players to go through the building. Or just take the elevator 😜 Any suggestions would not fall on deaf ears!
  8. Before someone beats me to it Airsoft site usage confirmed, Signed agreed all that jazz. We're going in this Thursday throughout till Tuesday to outfit the site. Games will be bookable once the site is ready. We'll be annoucning the site, its location and all its glory via Airsoft Nation (not totally agreed) either end of this week or next.
  9. We got it! Stay tuned on this page and fb for an annoucement soon! (approx 1-2 weeks) and a game date to follow the following week.
  10. Just recieved the initial proposal for use of a 12 story office block in Kent! Its looking good. Fingers crossed!

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    2. clumpyedge


      Just don't let it turn out like red1 with people not having the balls to move up sets of stairs 😂

    3. ak2m4


      Good news indeed....

    4. djben9


      Sounds interesting....dont fancy looking more in the Cambs area!:lol:

  11. They are flats arnt they? Either way it isnt that building
  12. Haha gotta hand it to you lot for attempting. We will start advertising before December Its privatly owened and was an office block. Downside for us they want alot more then we would normally go for and ticket prices might creep to 40 per game and 30 for a night game. At this time I wont say any more about the building or location until they sign any type of agreement of use and the exclusivity deal for airsoft I even agree with you. We had a signed contract with KCC for the two schools and they pulled out due to a section 77 change of use application and that wont change till the new year... I'd be sceptical too which is why we arnt going to pre sell any tickets until we have concrete dates From the initial reports we've been told its due to be knocked down by 2030 for flats. I live near there 😮 I can confirm its 90,000 square feet or around abouts that.
  13. Neg all above ground, I wont say more as I don't want to into to much detail incase it doesnt happen.. Nope not a car park
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