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  1. Spring depends on a few things, you might need a 3j and loose a few coils. But Rapax is the way to go. Use the bucking that comes with the fast hop. Mags; Plastic are obviously lighter, metal are more robust. They are also twice the price. o7
  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Silverback SRS A1 20” Sport Sniper rifle for sale. Brand new and comes with the following; 3-9x40 scope, 2 extra mags (3 in total), Silverback mag pouch, Rapax 2j spring, Nuprol hardcase.


    Farnborough, Hants - GB

  3. Yes Honestly get a 2j rapax spring, were talking a few quid, or any m150 spring which are cheaper than the rapax but toughen the bolt pull. The rapax is the way forward tbh. Any m150 spring will get you up to max or near as dam it FPS. Stock you can take 70m clean. With a rapax you're taking 95m kills. Tldr; like I said , yes
  4. SRS A2 is due out in May, check out Skirmshop for the information page.
  5. Nice 👍 I’d be interested to know if you have to cut a couple of coils off the 3j rapax to get the req j’s
  6. Out of interest which silencer did you go for @Steveocee?
  7. Edit: Cancelled that order, had a change of heart. SBA fast hop chamber, FOW nub, 60 RHop and 100% Chamber seal. Instead of a barrel, piston and silencer I’m going to get my boy some kit for his birthday. Any of you guys able to play despite the plague? I’ma say screw it and gonna play on the 12th 🤫
  8. Hedzshot

    Patrol Base

    I spent a great deal of money with Patrol Base when I started airsoft. It would have been a great deal more had they been able to get the srs a1 ( which on first contact they said they could source ). The order was split despite being told stock was there. Which was a ball ache as I was playing that weekend - which they knew. The scope came a few days later, but the wrong one. They were fuckin terrible about getting it back and replacing it, so I thought I’d cut my losses and make do until I could get my hands on a Vortex. Setting up the incorrect scope I found that it would not sit on the rail flat. It has a fixed base rather than turrets. So the cross hairs are pissed, like leaning tower of Pisa pissed. At this point I received an email from them saying they had got my scope back - it had gone out on an incorrect delivery. First thought was, that’s cool someone could have quietly kept a new scope but had the integrity to return it. Further on in the email I was asked if I wanted a refund or if they should send it out. Again I could have said yeah send it out / refund me but I replied I had received a scope all be it the wrong one. So I called them up. Went through the boring story of what had happened AND that the scope was as useful as a chocolate tea pot, but also that they may want to check the other scopes they still had to see if this was an issue with the batch / all of them. They couldn’t have given less of a shit, they had my money, I had ‘something’ to show for it. They weren’t going to do anything about my scope or any of the same scopes that they are still selling. The rest of our kit was bought from Surplus store, about 1500 quids worth - ( a mate bought his ML G spec vsr, I grabbed my srs from them too ) and although their website runs on 2 anorexic hamsters, they couldn’t have done enough to get our kit out, answer questions and generally just be stand up fellas. The difference between the 2 is vast. Patrol Base cut their nose off to spite their face and missed out on what has been and will continue to be a lot of money. TLDR; Patrol Base are pony
  9. Okay so when you say take your time and get it perfect, are you talking about tweaking the hop to get the desired flight..straight then rise and drop...or..? Is there a limit to the bbs we can use?
  10. Hey guys Does anyone know what weight bbs I should be using with a stock A1 ( m150 spring only upgrade )? From what I’ve read else where, 0.40’s looks like the right match...any help would be appreciated 😁
  11. Thx man, grabbed some better eye pro and the scope is obviously mounted so it's already better than Sunday. Whilst I'm here... The bolt pull or last centimetre of it ( i know this is not a new thing), i removed the trigger sear spribg, no different. Its lubed up with silicone and dry ptfe. Am i right in assuming that the only way to have a buttery bolt is to upgrade the piston - wasp/silverback etc?
  12. Wassup all 😁 new member, new to airsoft and new SRS owner. Kinda thought fuck it if you're gonna go, go big. Grabbed myself a 20"sport stock apart from an m150 spring. Ran it on Sunday out of the box. No idea how I did... No scope ( didn't arrive in time) and the eye pro i had was pony. I could'nt see a scooby, at all, all day. A scope would of made chuff all difference. Playing on the 16th hopefully with the help of vision 👍.
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