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  1. Tiercel

    120bbs shot in once.. in the face?? i want it!!

    They weigh a tonne, dont really do anything, the shells cost a fortune and will leak. But man they look cool. And great for clearing a hallway
  2. Tiercel

    Custom setups

    This idea is bad and you should feel bad. Nobody is going to pay you a ridiculous amount of money to "put a custom loadout together for them", are you trying to be the Gok Wan of airsoft? "Oh DARLING, ACU is SO out this season, and MTP makes you look fat, sweetcheeks its ALL about the CADPat this season! Though I do hear tigerstripe is making a comeback later this year" Customising your own gear and tweaking it to suit your own needs is a personal choice and not something you need, or want, a "pro" to do for you. I recently fancied making a belt loadout with those cool MOLLE Blast belts for a lightweight pistols only game, I went into a shop, picked some bits I thought would work, and spent half an hour fiddling with pouch combinations to get it to do what I need to do, job jobbed.
  3. Tiercel

    WE G36c GBB package

    Time Left: 1 day and 23 hours

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    WE G36c GBB rifle, comes with 5 gas-tight mags. Great package for someone looking to get into GBB rifles. Has been fitted with RA-Tech NPAS giving a very consistent gas flow & FPS, and an unknown brand TB barrel. As a result its got a pretty hecking decent range & accuracy. Mags have a titanic gas capacity, can easily get 2-3 mags full of bbs fired off per fill, happily works all year round though full auto struggles in the cold, not that youll ever be using full auto for prolonged periods with this anyway as the mags only hold 30 bbs! Though dumping them all in a loud rattle of full auto never fails to put a smile on your face. Sounds great, nice clunky recoil too. Condition wise - its in overall very good condition, has the "authentic" real-steel trades sticker in place of the WE generic ones. No cracks, scuffs scratches or gouges, paint has flaked on the fire selector on the left side and thats about it. I've owned it from new for about a year, and in that time skirmished it twice. Would be great for mil-sims where everyone else is limited with ammo too, but I always find myself taking my AEG instead for normal skirmishes otherwise Im hopelessly outgunned by hicap heros! I really fancy an MP7 GBB or a sniper rifle, so sadly this has to go to a new home to fund it as I simply dont use it enough to warrant keeping when I have new toys to fund! I may possibly be tempted by offers of PX/Swap for a similar MP7 package or tasty upgraded sniper rifle (or AEG DMR! Love the Mk12 or SPR-25 platform) Price includes PP fees & insured, recorded delivery. Based in South London, can be collected for reduced price.

    275.00 GBP

  4. Tiercel

    New Classifieds Feedback and Bug Hunting

    Ok so I'm very mixed on it. I both like it and loathe it. On one hand its very pretty and flashy and hip and newfangled looking and all the kids probably love it. Im old and hate change. I find the forum post method to be much easier to browse through. That being said it does have some very nice features, especially the map showing where the gun is. All too many times people will put "local collection available/only" but not actually put where they are. Or Ill think "ooh thats a bargain... collection only... and its in Glasgow, nevermind" Im not quite sure why some ads display the price under the pic on the main screen so you can quickly see the price and some dont, is price not a mandatory box to fill? As has been said before, I think there needs to be some refinement in the sub-sections, particularly the lack of a shotgun catagory confused me (it took me ages to figure out shotguns are "Spring - Single Action", Id suggest renaming it to shotguns to avoid confusion perhaps?)
  5. Tiercel

    What do you look for in BBs?

    All I want is decent performance for a decent price. Im sure Geoffs or whatever are amazing but the price just simply isnt worth it for me. Bag/Bottle I dont care about, currently use bottles because thats what ASG Blaster Devils come in, and those are the brand I stick with. Weight vs number, I prefer number. I dont care how much it weighs, Id much rather see " X number of Y weight BBs" rather than "1kg of 0.25g bbs" ans try to do maths and figure out how many Im actually getting.
  6. Tiercel

    WE G39c reviews

    I have one, its absolutely brilliant. Tonnes of fun, pretty good on gas, decent enough kick to it too. My only complaint is the mag capacity of 30bbs, 50 would have been nicer! It came with an NPAS fitted already so I cant say what its like without one. I love it but I dont get to use it very often due to it always being so bloody cold, and the ammo restraints make it more suitable for mil-sim or specific skirmishes rather than casual walkons where everyone is being a hicap hero
  7. Tiercel

    Torch and pouch.

    LenserLED torches come with a MOLLE/belt pouch, I got the i7DR model which is rechargeable and its absolutely fantastic. My only complaint with it, and with all modern torches really, is that its got the stupid multiple functions High/off/Low/off/High etc. I dont want that, I want ON and OFF no need for it to cycle through strobe, disco, SOS, high, higher, a bit lower, somewhere in the middle, upside down etc.
  8. Tiercel

    Carrying rifle on motorbike

    Cyma or Classic Army are probably your two best bets, about £30 difference in price and both rather good, so whichever you like the look of more. Cyma does the plain grip, wheras CA does the SEF ergonomic looking grip type.
  9. Tiercel

    Carrying rifle on motorbike

    The ARP9 is lovely to hold, but the wierd shaped mags are a pain in the ass to carry in standard mag pouches, and thats a deal breaker for me MP5k 4lyfe, everyone always underestimates it thinking "oh that thing has such a tiny barrel, that cant have any range or accuracy" then getting blatted from miles away
  10. Tiercel

    Carrying rifle on motorbike

    Ive done it a few times on my bike, had a hiking backpack that my M4 just about fit in (the top few inches of barrel poke out [just the tip!] which I cover in a binbag taped around it). It sucks. A 50 mile trip to The Mall and back via the M25 was horrendous, bag slipping all over your back no matter how well you strap it down, gun rocking about inside, hunched at an unnatural angle to keep the bag upright, by the end of it my back was killing me. So I bought a large top box that I can fit a folded up tac-vest in, some mags, and an MP5k in. Motorbike friendly loadout done.
  11. Tiercel

    Recommended red dot sight?

    why on earth do you need to spend £150 on a RDS? £20 on ebay will get you plenty I use one of these, love the changeable brightness and reticule choices and red/green choice. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Walther-Holographic-red-green-dot-sight-Airsoft-reflex-sight-Fits-20mm-rails/171315882245?hash=item27e338e905:g:~G8AAOSwxCxT0244
  12. Tiercel

    Build (a list of parts for) my gun for me!

    Perfect, thats pretty much exactly what I wanted No need to think for myself!
  13. Tiercel

    Build (a list of parts for) my gun for me!

    Thats all a very good start and tonnes of reading to do! Tactical sneaky semi auto is very much my thing, I've cut my loadout down from 10 hicap mags when I first started playing years ago, to 3 midcaps and that normally lasts me most of the day! Problem is living in a flat in London, finding somewhere I can privately test a guns accuracy and range is difficult at the best of times, without armed police knocking my door down Tech-wise Ive done a lot of simple repair work, and direct replacements for GB internals, I'm quite happy opening up and going inside GBs but I've not really dabbled in the upgrade side of things like different gear ratios, AoE etc I've never really bothered with as a I dont quite understand what I'm doing and that seems like a recipe for a broken gun! I've always been reluctant to put a Fet in myself, as whilst I can solder to an acceptable standard, Im worried of melting the trigger plate as it looks like thin flimsy easily melted plastic, but after buying a gun with a Fet fitted 2nd hand and seeing how incredible it is, I need one in all my guns now. Porting cylinders is something Ive heard a lot about but dont really know much about either, same with R/flat hop etc, it looks like something thats easy to balls up and break! Are there any particularly good, well explained idiot-proof guides to the above?
  14. Tiercel

    Build (a list of parts for) my gun for me!

    All of which I answered in the original post except specifying an exact RoF I guess, because I dont really have one in mind. All I know is the current one is somewhat sluggish, dont really have any way of measuring it. One of my mates has a chrono Ill try and pinch to see what its RPS is. Basically I want a nice snappy trigger action, with accurate mostly semi woodland shooting.
  15. Tiercel

    Build (a list of parts for) my gun for me!

    I know a lot of people used to really praise the TM EG1000 "hyper" motors, not sure how they compare for price. Saw Z1 are currently selling Systema motors reduced from £80 to £35 which seems like a bargain, but not sure about them. 11.1v lipos seem a bit overkill! but worth a shot for a laugh, friend has one I can try but not one that will fit in a HK416 stock. Ive had trouble finding replacement batteries small enough to fit in the stock, only the Specna Arms one it came with seems to fit, the normal nunchuck lipos I have for all my other guns are too chunky, I think I need a streamlined one with fairly low mAH to fit. Really not a fan of ugly battery bags on the outside of the stock and untidy wiring, so fitting neatly inside is an absolute must.