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  1. what would also be nice is some kind of standardisation or calibration of chronos, 5 different chronos will give 5 potentially vastly different readings. The ones at the mall always made my guns hot even when they werent at other sites! Very annoying to be told your 330fps gun thats been 330fps for the last few years at every site youve played at, is now 351fps according ot theirs! Obviously this is impossible to do really, but it would be nice! I also had a highly embarassing moment the other day with my VSR, its been plodding along at 450-ish FPS since I got it, decided to give it some love with a new tapered cylinder head, PTFE evereything, heatshrink nozzle, new hop rubber etc. Chrono'd it at the start of the day and its now doing 560fps on their chrono. Whoops! Didnt think it would boost it that much! Must have had some truly crap air seals. That quickly ruined a planned day of sneaky snipey fun.
  2. Your FAQ page doesnt work. Do you have a physical shop or online only? The only way I could find a physical address was through smallprint in your returns section. Who are Twenty-8 and what do they do? (apart from a "stipple job" tee-hee-hee) Googling for them all I find is essential oils and natural juices. What services do you offer? Do you do repair/upgrade work? It also seems you dont actually have much for sale, a random selection of magpul and M4 parts and thats just about it. Maybe Im being pessimistic and I wish you all the best but I cant see that as being enough sales to keep afloat. Wheres the guns? The variety of magazines? The upgrade parts? It says you have "more coming constantly", perhaps waiting to launch til you actually have something to sell would have been more prudent? How do you plan to compete with the likes of Gunfire/Taiwangun who can get me the same kit at a fraction of the price?
  3. I had no end of trouble using a ProWin in my G&G M4A3. It jammed all the time and simply would not work. I found it helped slightly replacing the stock spring that sits ontop the hop with one that sits over the barrel instead. It still didnt work well though, I ended up taking it to a store's tech to look at it because I was tearing my hair out couldnt figure it out after taking it apart a dozen times trying to figure it out. The only thing they found was the piston was very worn, replaced the piston and it worked like a charm ever since. It may be purely coincidental, may have been nothing to do with the piston and perhaps the way he put it back together was ever so slightly different to me and it all sat together properly? I cant really see how the piston would affect it, unless perhaps its so worn its not pulling the tappet plate back properly in time with the gears or something. Just throwing it out there as a random idea.
  4. SWWG were brilliant as well, I do miss the old fort night games! Some proper manic CQB there. The Village was a really good site too.
  5. Whilst I cant help with a lift as Im currently living in London, I used to play at Mad Mommas when I lived in Plymouth many years ago, one of the original members who helped set the place up (my first UKARA number was MMA0004 or something like that!) so of course Im biased - but its a bloody brilliant site and some wonderful people running it. I keep meaning to go back down there and play a game again but it never seems to match up with my days off. Very highly reccomended, but take good grippy & ankle supporting boots because the terrain can be a bit severe in places!
  6. Pretty much every site Ive played at wont allow you to launch pyro from anything, because would you want a heavy solid burning grenade fired at you? As for which one is better? Whichever is cheapest on the day, theyre much of a much-ness and lets be honest hardly anyone uses smoke cover effectively in airsoft and hicap heros can just dump a mag through the smoke anyway
  7. So I caved and went with the Cyma because its simply so cheap I couldnt say no really. My god its good. The first several shots seemed to be pretty woeful, BBs dropping at 20-ish meters with the hop doing nothing, I assumed the hop was broken or something, thats ok I thought - its a project, and I wasnt expecting magic from a stock clone gun. Then after a mag or so the hop started to kick in properly and the range on it is phenomenal for an out of the box Chinese gun. My regular gun testing range has a target at 50m which I consider to be the benchmark of a semi decent gun being able to reliably hit that, it's sailing way beyond that with .28s. No way to accurately measure but eyeballing it guesstimation its a good 60-70 or further meters at 320fps. Nice that it seems Cyma have downgraded their guns to EU friendly levels rather than the old 400+fps you used to get with their AKs etc. I've started stockpiling upgrage parts, but with it performing so well out of the box Im reluctant to fiddle with it. Will probably go down the route of stockpiling a full upgrade and then when it eventually breaks do it all in one go. In the meantime might send it to someone to get a mosfet fitted as I dont really know what Im doing with them or trust myself to do a good job of it.
  8. Had a WE G36, used it ocasionally at regular skirmish days. It was hella fun to use, but I was massively outgunned all day long. It would be ideal at milsim days, or even days where they regulate ammo count. But on a normal skirmish when everyone and their mum has 10 hicaps on them and youve got 5 lowcaps its a bit one sided. I have a TM MP7 now which at 50 round mags is slightly more useable for regular skirmishes, slap some .28s in it and its got phenomenal range, and it dominates at CQB but I probably wouldnt run it as a main woodland gun unless Im just in the mood for pissing about with it because its so much more fun to use than an AEG. GBBR Pros: - so much fun to use GBBR Cons: -literally everything else
  9. Full auto and hicaps are for people who can't aim 😛a handful of midcaps is all I need, though the G&G ones do seem permanently out of stock. It's the all wood furniture that's really selling it for me... But not sure if it's selling it £200 extra
  10. So I fancy an M14 again, one of my fav guns of all time. Had a Cyma M14 SOCOM as one of my first guns and if was pretty decent. Had a TM full length that I got 2nd hand but was shagged out so sold it on. Now the bug to buy one again is itching. My dilemma is do I get the cyma or the G&G, as this looks gorgeous https://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=2096 So questions for anyone who has one, is it worth double the price of the cyma? How is the out of box performance? The real wooden stock tbh is doing it for me so hard. And what makes the G&G the "advanced" model, I can't seem to find any info on it anywhere. Also how does it compare in terms of ease to dissasemble/work on, same as any other M14? I stil have night terrors over the thought of taking my old cyma one apart. And I see the mags are slightly different shapes than the Cyma/TM clone ones, better/worse? Or simply no difference just a different shape.
  11. I think the most fun game I've ever played was a simple piss-take wind down game at the end of the day, an Airsoft version of trouble in terrorist town. For those of you unfamiliar with TTT (GMod game usually ), basically at the start of the game everyone stands in a circle. Eyes closed heads down, marshals pick a number of players at random to be the "terrorists" by tapping them on the shoulder as they walk past. The people picked then look up when told to know who they are. Once they've been picked (usually 2-4 depending on total number, we had a group of about 30 playing) everyone looks up and the round starts. The idea is those chosen have to kill everyone else, without being found out by the others. Which leads to much hilarious banter and accusations of who's the terrorist and who isn't. If a non terrorist executes another non terrorist both players are out to ensure they can't just kill everyone consequence free. I've probably explained it poorly but it was absolutely brilliant fun
  12. Older WEs are rubbish and a 50/50 chance of getting a total lemon. When I first started I bought a few of WEs early offerings and they were complete shite. This includes their 1911s which were terrible. I will concede some of their newer stuff is actually rather good, their Glock series in particular are fantastic value for money and perform admirably. As for that particular gun? I personally wouldn't. But of course your mileage may vary and I've no doubt plenty of people have had superb WE 1911s that outshoot their mates TM all day every say and regularly use it as a counter sniper scoring 200m headshots
  13. I think we've found the problem chaps, you're using regular BBs, not the new SUPER ACCURATE BIGGER BETTER AND HARDER Novvy own brand BBs... Which bizarrely seem to be... 6.5mm BBs...
  14. All booked in, me and THE LADS + 1 obligatory girlfriend who wont let us have a boys weekend away, all ready for it. Cant wait, last year was our first time there and it was stunning just a shame about the weather.
  15. Ah if only he'd had his UKARA licence, this would never have happened. Good to see that all the hoop jumping honest players have to go through stop idiots getting hold of airsoft guns and causing problems with them... ... oh wait 🤔
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