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  1. ICS perhaps? Just a guess. Every MP5 Ive ever seen or used (and its been a lot, I love them an unhealthy amount) has had the TM style sliding stick hop in the ejection port or a lever in the foregrip. Ive had TM, CA, Cyma, JG and some others, only one Ive not had is ICS and I know theyre a sucker for proprietary parts.
  2. I only use mouth protection in the form of a mesh lower mask for CQB. woodlands I generally don't bother. Gum shields get really uncomfortable, bad enough wearing them for an hour playing rugby let alone wearing them running around the woods all day. The one tigris style soft/mesh lower masks seem good to me and avoid any fogging issues compared to hard face protection, but I still don't like them.
  3. Theyre quite uncommon arent they? Ive only seen that kind as the Angry gun powerup type for the MP9/MP7. Never seen one for a pistol. That being said, having a suppressor on a pistol looks really cool, but every time Ive used one (inner barrel or not) its been totally impractical and the extra weight on the outer barrel causes cycling issues.
  4. Heading back to the safe zone and changing the inner barrel on a pistol post chrono would be a bit suspect though
  5. I normally use .25s or .28s in my pistol depending on what I have available at the time 😅 the 390 is just what it chronod with the .2s the mall put in for you. Never played at a site that measures in joules yet so I have no idea what it would actually be doing in energy terms.
  6. As an example, in my ignorance I added a nice new tightbore extended barrel to my WE G19 running through a suppresor. The site I used to play at didnt chrono pistols so no big deal I thought. Then I went to the Mall, where they did chrono it. And it was running at 390fps on 0.2s with green gas. Whoops. 😦 Its now been sitting on my gun rack for months gathering dust as I havent got round to buying a new/original sized barrel for it and misplaced the original.
  7. Where else are you going to put your lasers and flashlights and scope cams and selfie cams for all that SICCCCCCCC footage of you not taking your hits and screaming at people for cheating?
  8. Yeah Camden tube station has some kind of wierd 1-way system at peak hours when its exit only. Mornington Crescent is the next stop on the northern line and about a 10 min (lazy) walk from there. I believe the exit-only hours are something like 4-7pm weekdays and 1-6pm weekends. Which is ridiculous really, but I'm sure it makes sense to one of the TfL Tsars whos paid far too much money to do nothing.
  9. Its my local store so I pop in there in person on occasion. Prices are higher than most, but then again they've got to pay for London real estate. Friendly and helpful staff, the chap who does their upgrade/repair work is always happy to have a chat about what upgrades to buy and will happily go rummage through their pile of bits to find what you need.
  10. Used GR25 for £420 or brand new for £310 Im not sure a handful of midcaps and unbranded scope really boost that value
  11. Prebook the kind of gun you want to use on the day? Piss right off with that idea. What about those of us who chop and change throughout the day? Sometimes I'll want my sniper rifle, others my DMR, perhaps my diddy MP5k, or my shotgun depending on the needs of the game and kind of mood Im in. If Ive been running around like a nutter all morning to (coming back to your BF analogy) "PTFO" then after lunch if Im feeling lazy and dont want to run much Ill happily relegate myself to sitting in a bush and plinking at people lazily. Its annoying enough having marshals shout at you and tell you what to do, nothing more irritating than marshals screaming at everyone "Push up! Get in there!" etc. I'm here to play my own game leave me alone. It might help with the rentals and kiddies who dont know what theyre doing, but I've got a cunning plan
  12. Im gonna pledge to play as a sniper more often now just to piss on Seth's chips. Theres still enough budget on the credit card for a cart full of Novrisomethingorother crap
  13. Ugh exercise and airsoft? "Athlete airsofter" sounds like a total chode. Theres enough posing wankers in trackies at the gym being all dude-bro and "muh gainz" and discussing utter boring drivel like the latest whey protein, they can stay there I dont want them at my airsoft days. Sounds like you just want mil-sim, go play that.
  14. Id be pretty pissed if I turned up at a site and got told "too many snipers, you cant use yours". Ive paid to be here and have fun and thats what I want to do. Mil-sim etc a different story, but for a normal skirmish day? As long as my gun isnt hot I should be allowed to use whatever I want. That being said I generally turn up with a car boot full of guns and change between them depending on how the mood takes me. I've been airsofting for the best part of 10 years now and only within the last few months got into sniping just to try something different, its thoroughly enjoyable and unfortunately I've been bitten by the bug of upgrades. What started off as a 2nd hand £50 VSR clone just to give it a try and see if I like it on the cheap, is quickly turning into a £50 with £250 of upgrade parts Though I tend to play more as a squad marksman with a bolt action rifle, keeping up with my squads and giving them a little extra range rather than being a bush wookie. Though to be honest I dont think Ive ever turned up at a site and thought that theres too many snipers, you normally see a small handful posing in the safe zone in all their cool gear and then dont see them again after that... which I suppose is the point But Ive never thought in game "Wow theres so many snipers its making it so difficult to advance", because as said above generally most of them are pretty ineffective. Myself probably included in that. But I find what Im doing fun, and thats all that really matters in airsoft isnt it? Sure winning is great and all, but fun is more important. Id rather have a fun day doing what I like and "lose", than be stuck with a bunch of super alpha male tryhards who MUST WIN and have no fun being shouted at by someone thinking theyre a green beret on weekends.
  15. Id also suggest getting the stuff in a dropper bottle rather than aerosol spray, the spray one goes fekkin everywhere even if you try and give it a little light tap on the button Also depends on what parts youre wanting to lubricate too, generally silicone oil a tiny sparing drop onto the blowback unit to keep the plastics sliding is all you need, for the frame/slide theres better lubes to use, for my metal on metal moving parts I use white lithium grease on the slidybits because thats what I happen to have lying around, no doubt other people will have other lubes of choice.
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