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  1. https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/angrygun-mp7-qd-silencer-for-marui-gbb-mp7-gen-2-version The proper MP7 style QD suppressor is what Im rocking on mine, and I love it. Does it actually silence the gun? Maybe ever so slightly? I find it changes the pitch of the snap it makes rather than silences it. But who cares when the MP7 sounds so awesome, the loud snappy crack of it firing quite often makes people go "WTF is that?" Though its not quite as satisfyingly noisy as my mates B&T MP9
  2. Yeah Im fed up of sites basically charging for UKARA, Ive yet to have mine at a site that didnt charge some kind of fee for it, usually a "well UKARA is free but in order to prove it you need an annual membership at our site which is £X and we wont stamp your UKARA form til you pay it" But hey its minimal cost and whats the point in fighting it when youre not gonna win.
  3. Nah Ill leave that to the younger fitter players who want to sprint everywhere like mad, Im happy going for a little bimble in the woods with a few mates and shooting at whatever we find along the way Personally Id be happier just constantly being a rogue team with me and my few mates going out of our way to just annoy the other teams whilst theyre busy shooting at each other, come in for a little 3rd party action.
  4. We carry them in the LAS now have for several years post the 7/7 bombings, along with Olaes, Russel and Nightingale dressings. Most recently used to good effect in the Croydon tram derailment where multiple people had limbs essentially cheese-gratered away by sliding along gravel and broken glass. Plus the recent mass surge in knife/gun crime. I've never had to use one, don't ever plan on using one, it's a last ditch hail Mary, but its nice to have one in the never-event should you need it. Clinical studies & indications show a safe-ish application time of about an hour, and no permanen
  5. Yes. Small molle pouch that on small regular skirmishes lives with my kit in the safe zone, and on weekenders/larger events where Im a long way from the safe zone I put it on the back of my plate carrier. Plasters and bandagers and other generic boo-boo stuff I leave to the site to carry in their own first aid kit and dont waste my time/space/weight carrying them. Whats inside? Trauma shears, micropore tape, sterilisation solutions, IV cannulation kit, giving sets, saline flush pods, a selection of syringes and needles, IV pain relief, a CAT torniquet, gloves and clinic
  6. Straight to the media playing the racial victim card and wanting some compo, rather than being more concerned that their son is waving a toy gun around in a manner which ended up with getting a visit from the armed police. My parents would have beaten me to within an inch of my life if I was responsible for a visit from the police, let alone something that results in a raid by the armed police. As for police not knowing what a two-tone is, would you want to take that risk as a police officer? "ah its only a toy gun being pointed at me Im sure, its got a bit of colour on
  7. Recently treated myself to a semi-new build as my current system was being bottlenecked by cheaping out on an i5 rather than i7. Except my current i5 was like 2 generations old now and I couldnt buy a i7 of the matching generation anywhere. So needed a new motherboard, decided to switch up my storage too as I was running a mish-mash of old hard drives and SSDs of varying sizes. Decided to go big or go home, not cheaping out on any components anymore so jumped straight up to the i9 rather than i7. Probably complete overkill but at least I wont have to upgrade again anytime soon. Ho
  8. Youre asking if something thats aimed at the more hardcore fans who want to take it seriously, is too serious? If you have to ask that question its probably not for you.
  9. Sadly we're nowhere near getting a vaccine, and probably wont have one at all. To my knowledge weve never successfully vaccinated against a virus of the corona family (MERS/SARS etc), however that could simply be because they never really spread outside of small parts of the world that pharmaceutical companies didnt really care about because the limited profit probably outweighed the R&D cost, with a global pandemic with no end in sight that may be a different matter. Regarding herd immunity the big problem we have there is we simply dont know enough about the virus yet to say how long imm
  10. Usually whatever is on Planet Rock at the time. However at camp at the NAE etc you can usually hear this drifting from our team camp And at some point inevitably this will come on
  11. Ive been meaning to use it as an excuse to fix my M14. However I absolutely cannot be arsed to open that cruel and twisted design again and I dont even know whats wrong with it, so Ill have to take it apart to find out, then realise I dont have a bit for it thats broken, put it back together, then take it apart again when the bits arrive. Instead Ive been spending too much time on netflix.
  12. I think the whole reason they last so long is theyre not wet, theyre dry wipes that you wipe onto a moist surface to activate. It says to breathe on your glasses first to make them fog up, then the moisture in that is what the wipe reacts with. But then the instructions also say they can be stored with a few drops of water on them to keep the wipe moist. So really I havent got a clue, all I know is it works really well.
  13. ESS NoFog cloth that their glasses/goggles come with. Im a big fat sweaty mouth breathing manbeast and this is the only anti fog stuff Ive found that actually works. Still on the original cloth that came with my first pair of ESS V12s 6 years ago.
  14. Short answer; yes. Longer answer; you get what you pay for. They sell some branded stuff, and if you buy branded itll likely be the same as if youd bought it from anywhere else, except it seems more expensive from them. However its the cheap "SUPER ELECTRIC POWER HIGH SPEED M4!" for £24.99 that will be utterly cheap garbage shite. Theres also loads of reviews slating them for piss poor communication/customer support/service.
  15. Very much looking forward to seeing this open, a stonesthrow from where I live and Ive been craving some kind of indoors CQB shootypew since the Mall left a hole in my heart.
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