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  1. What's an online magazine? Do I need a PDF reader to flick through it or is it just a normal website but called a magazine for reasons? Is it going to cost anything to access? If it does cost, then what do you offer that a forum doesn't? You say youre going to offer "bulk buy discounts" on tickets for events? Thats a lot to promise, have you got any event organisers on board with that plan yet? How are you going to deliver that? At the moment it just looks like an email address harvesting site with some big bold claims to lure people in.
  2. Tiercel

    Tippmann Theft Alert

    They dont, they sell it on Gumtree with a throwaway phone number for £100 with "lost the V5, but its ok m8 just let the DVLA know and theyll send you a new one in a few weeks". Then the new owner gets a tug from the old bill because their car has a ANPR flag for being stolen in 6 months time, leaving the new buyer with no car and no money and possibly charged with handling stolen goods (albeit unlikely due to lack of reasonable knowledge). Not to mention nobody really steals cars anymore because its too difficult. If anything high end cars are either stolen to order and put on the next lorry to Polanssiastan. Or things like Landrover Defenders stolen and broken down for parts because theres more money in that and easier to shift. Or theyre stolen to be used in crime like people nicking vans to ram into shops/steal ATMs. Nobody is going to be stealing AEGs to order or selling them on for parts because it's simply not profitable. And its highly unlikely anyone is going to nick an airsoft gun to do crime with. Because lets face it, nobody is going to believe some scrote sticking up the post office has actually got their hands on a real high end assault rifle. A pistol maybe, but why bother with the effort of nicking one when you could just buy a 4.5mm CO2 pistol that looks more realistic from the local dodgey market trader with no questions asked and no risk of being caught stealing. Nobody is going to pay you to come up with some hairbrained idea to be "the next big thing" in airsoft like enforcing an aftermarket security marking on their guns. You seem to be bouncing between various half-thought out poor ideas in desperation to become airsoft-famous or something. And before you go "well cars have VINs..." yes, thats because its an internationally agreed thing to deal with what was major crime many years ago and the system has stuck because it worked. Its also very hard to replace things like the engine in a car so the engine number matches the one in the VIN plate. But what are you going to do to make that work on airsoft guns when people are modding out bits of their guns all the time? Or when they drop it and the reciever cracks and they buy a new one? "sorry mate you cant use that at our site today because the VIN plate on your reciever chassis doesnt match your gearbox and you replaced the upper with a custom aftermarket MLOK rail system. Might be stolen". And before you say "well improve on my idea then", no. For two reason. 1. You're not paying me to think for you 2. Its a total non-starter and anyone can see that.
  3. Tiercel

    Tippmann Theft Alert

    So who's going to pay to retrofit "VINs" to every single existing Airsoft gun in a non removable and tamper proof way and then set up and maintain a database of all the guns and their registered owners? Because Im not paying for it. As for "having it laser etched on new ones" why would manufacturers do that? We are a tiny pittance of a market for them compared to the likes of the US so why would they bother coming up with this just for the tiny UK market. They wouldn't. And where do you draw the line? Cheap market stall springers going to need registering too? You're over-engineering a solution to a non-problem.
  4. Tiercel

    Tippmann Theft Alert

    Ah yes, shall we add each guns unique serial number to our UKARA licences?
  5. Tiercel

    Eyepro ratings and have etc

    Ive always wondered just exactly what those waivers are for. My local site says at every briefing that "they are insured as a site, but they cannot insure the players against injury as you are coming here to get injured... those little BB marks that break the skin are technically injuries." So what exactly ARE they insured for?
  6. Tiercel

    precautions you take buying used

    And there was me thinking that its the person sending the good that has a contract with the delivery company, and is responsible for the goods right up til they arrive in your hands 🙄 Silly me. Or when something does get lost/damaged in the post the seller just gives you the tracking number and says "there you go, you sort it out". Uh, no? Its your problem as the seller, you sort it out. I mean I get that they dont want to post them... so just... dont? "Sorry I dont trust the couriers not to cock it up, so collection only" is a lot easier to swallow than "IF IT GETS LOST ITS YOUR FAULT NOT MINE, NO REFUNDS K"
  7. Tiercel

    Tokyo Marui recoil Mk.46 Mod.0

    I love handguns more than rifles, this all excites me greatly. I want them all. The V10 and FNX look gorgeous.
  8. Tiercel

    Best Airsoft photoshop ever !

    Basically anything from Wish, AliBaba or Chinese eBay sellers! Which makes you think, someone, somewhere, was paid money to come up with this stuff... they must have somewhere along the way gotten it approved by their manager. And they thought "Yes, this is it. This is what will make those white western devils buy our shit. This is exactly how marketing works in the west and will make them buy". Where on earth are they getting these ideas from?
  9. I've slated WE over the years as being utter garbage, which I still stand by for some of their earlier guns like their 1911 offerings. However having tried one of their Glocks recently their newer stuff isnt bad at all. Its nowhere near as good as TM still, but it has a somewhat more satisfying chunky metal feel in the hand than TMs plastic fantastics. If you dont mind sacrificing a bit of performance for a more satisfying pewpew then theyre not bad at all. I have a TM G17 and WE G19, and whilst the G17 shoots much better, it just feels so toy-like in the hand that I go for the G19 almost every time. I didnt even know WE made a D.Eagle. My concern would be its a huge metal slide made of finest Chineseium thats going to weigh a tonne and have awful gas efficiency and really struggle in the cold, which is almost all year round in the glorious rainy UK. Their M9 platform isnt bad, so the biohazard range should be ok.
  10. Tiercel

    How many of you prefer tan/fde rifles?

    Nope, cant stand it. Biggest blackest guns for me only plz. I was glad when the fad of the "desert operator" look died out. A few years back everyone and their mum wanted a "sandpit" gun, and every other AI mag had a special on "how to desert look your gun!"
  11. Tiercel

    L85a2 or M16 VN

    buy whatever you like the look of most because all airsoft guns are basically the same internally, just pick the externals you most like the look of.
  12. Tiercel

    Bad Weather - yay or nay

    Ive done my fair share of time as an all year round biker, and its fecking shite. Anyone who says its "enjoyable" or somehow makes you "harder" than those who dont, or that it "makes you feel more alive" or say "just need good gear" is a liar No matter how pukka your kit is, with 80+mph wind blast behind it water finds its way in to every crack. Ive done some god awful cross country journeys in sub zero winter monsoon grade rain and theres nothing fun about it. And fun is what matters, thats what I do airsoft for. I dont enjoy being cold, wet and miserable. And not being able to see anything because your eyepro is soaked and its like looking through swimming goggles. Anyone who says otherwise is either insane, lying, or trying to make out like they're Billy Big Balls the hardest 'softer in the land. They probably spend more on grooming products for their operator beard than they do on airsoft. Thankfully Im in a position now to be able to afford a car for winter use as well, and I'll stick to nice dry indoors sites during the bad weather. Sadly with The Mall going kaput, I need to find a new indoors site.
  13. Tiercel

    Bad Weather - yay or nay

    Depends on just how bad. A bit of drizzle!? Sure. On and off showers? Ok I'll suffer that. Non stop monsoon? Fuck that. Like the NAE this year Sunday weather was bloody miserable and on top of that I don't want my guns getting ruined in the rain, saw plenty of people having water related malfunctions, contacts shorting out and guns being jammed on full auto firing until you pull the battery out.
  14. Tiercel

    Loadout Visualiser?

    Bought a £25 Chinese plate carrier knock off from eBay. Came with some free mag pouches. Looks good and does everything I need. Gradually added a few extra bits here and there over the years of Airsofting. After having it for about 5 years I'm looking at swapping it for a JPC as I want something more lightweight for CQB and summer games. Though coming up to winter the full plate carrier will be a welcome layer of warmth and protect my flabby bits from stingers in the cold 😛 It's a work in progress, you'll figure out what you need as you play more. And half of those "problems" you came up with wouldn't be solved by looking at some online knock up either.