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  1. Tiercel

    How many of you prefer tan/fde rifles?

    Nope, cant stand it. Biggest blackest guns for me only plz. I was glad when the fad of the "desert operator" look died out. A few years back everyone and their mum wanted a "sandpit" gun, and every other AI mag had a special on "how to desert look your gun!"
  2. Tiercel

    L85a2 or M16 VN

    buy whatever you like the look of most because all airsoft guns are basically the same internally, just pick the externals you most like the look of.
  3. Tiercel

    Bad Weather - yay or nay

    Ive done my fair share of time as an all year round biker, and its fecking shite. Anyone who says its "enjoyable" or somehow makes you "harder" than those who dont, or that it "makes you feel more alive" or say "just need good gear" is a liar No matter how pukka your kit is, with 80+mph wind blast behind it water finds its way in to every crack. Ive done some god awful cross country journeys in sub zero winter monsoon grade rain and theres nothing fun about it. And fun is what matters, thats what I do airsoft for. I dont enjoy being cold, wet and miserable. And not being able to see anything because your eyepro is soaked and its like looking through swimming goggles. Anyone who says otherwise is either insane, lying, or trying to make out like they're Billy Big Balls the hardest 'softer in the land. They probably spend more on grooming products for their operator beard than they do on airsoft. Thankfully Im in a position now to be able to afford a car for winter use as well, and I'll stick to nice dry indoors sites during the bad weather. Sadly with The Mall going kaput, I need to find a new indoors site.
  4. Tiercel

    Bad Weather - yay or nay

    Depends on just how bad. A bit of drizzle!? Sure. On and off showers? Ok I'll suffer that. Non stop monsoon? Fuck that. Like the NAE this year Sunday weather was bloody miserable and on top of that I don't want my guns getting ruined in the rain, saw plenty of people having water related malfunctions, contacts shorting out and guns being jammed on full auto firing until you pull the battery out.
  5. Tiercel

    Loadout Visualiser?

    Bought a £25 Chinese plate carrier knock off from eBay. Came with some free mag pouches. Looks good and does everything I need. Gradually added a few extra bits here and there over the years of Airsofting. After having it for about 5 years I'm looking at swapping it for a JPC as I want something more lightweight for CQB and summer games. Though coming up to winter the full plate carrier will be a welcome layer of warmth and protect my flabby bits from stingers in the cold 😛 It's a work in progress, you'll figure out what you need as you play more. And half of those "problems" you came up with wouldn't be solved by looking at some online knock up either.
  6. Tiercel

    Loadout Visualiser?

    Yes, its called the human eyeball mk1. Visualise my loadout - look at it laid out on the bed, "yeah that looks good, job done"
  7. Tiercel

    Prometheus rotary hop - mid caps compatability.

    Got a selector delay clip fitted? When I fitted the ProWin hop unit to my M4 it caused all kinds of fuckery and misfeeds and jams until I fitted a selector delay clip (and replaced the piston too because it was a bit chewed up)
  8. Also having looked at OPs website, it claims they have access to a QE Aircraft carrier as a "training aid". Now apart from calling utter BS on that, and all the other ridiculous "training and recruitment" they apparently offer, its also full of random youtube clips that mean nothing and have nothing to do with OPs site/business or airsoft. But at least it looks flashy. Where do I sign up for my Aircraft Carrier training?
  9. Better sign up fast guys, the "invitation to join" is closing soon! And yet still nothing has been posted to give any hint of what the OP actually wants people to do or what theyre trying to sell. Its all vague wordy-bollocks Im now more convinced this is a recruitment for a cult and its going to be like the Jonestown cult except everyone will be wearing speedsoft kit and body cameras and "drink the Nuprol". Either that or some wierd pyramid scheme "join me and be my [made up business title here] just need you to sign this NDA and cough up a £1000 investment! Guaranteed returns honest!" OP if you want people to give you even a vague hint of believably, stop being all vague and elusive and tell us exactly what you want or what youre proposing that will be so game changing. Because at the moment youre about on par with Rainpal
  10. Are you on drugs? What is this pile of wordy shite, its text-diarrhoea. I dont think you've ever even played airsoft and this is some bizarre Nigerian prince scam.
  11. Tiercel

    What's wrong in Airsoft (positive)

    Most sites I play at never bother with gas pistols because theres nothing stopping someone filling up a "chrono mag" with 134a gas, then running on black gas. I recently got a new extended inner barrel for my WE glock, and first game I ever used it at was the AFUK Mall event, where for the first time they insisted on chronoing pistols too. No problem thought I. I know theyre all well under. Turns out with my new 6.01 barrel thats twice the length of the original running through a suppressor that it clocks in at a cool 390fps on its regular green gas 😱 Good job they did chrono it, or that could have led to some frowny faces! Sadly I didnt bring the original barrel to swap back, so spent the day pistol-less because it wont cycle on anything less than green
  12. Tiercel

    Opinions on this face protection please?

    A friend has one, used it for 1 game and never touched it again. Crap peripheral vision, hot and sweaty despite mesh, still fogs up, not safety rated etc. etc. That and it looks total gash.
  13. Tiercel

    The Airsoft Second Hand Market

    Ugh yeah I hate the "send me offers" adverts, I simply don't bother with them. Most places putting a price is a requirement of the advert else it gets taken down. I think the problem is the internet has become too accessible to retards... have you ever tried selling a car on eBay or Gumtree or anything like that? It brings out the spastics like you wouldn't believe. I recently listed a car for £500, and get a message just saying "£150", nothing else, no mention of anything like wanting to view it, no questions, just "£150". And then one like this: what the fuck does that even mean? Now before anyone goes hunting down that ad and goes OMG WAT PRICE??? I am deliberately taking the piss with my asking price because I know its not worth that and Im going to get a collection of dribbling spastics and chancers offering me significantly lower thinking that theyre going to get a bargain, which Ill be happy to accept because its getting more than Id get for it as scrap. Everyone's a winner. Sometimes I wonder if thats what some people are doing on here with their gun prices. Its a bit easier to make a decision with guns though as you can easily find an RRP. Dont even get me started on "amazing custom paint jobs!". Theyre all crap. Every single one of them. I like my guns like I like my amateur bored housewives gone wild collection. Black. I will make an exception for guns that have a purpose being painted, such as sniper rifles as its practical - however they also have to accept it obliterates the resale value.
  14. Tiercel

    The Airsoft Second Hand Market

    Its died, thanks to Combat Machines and other such cheap, well performing guns. A few years back I used to buy and sell guns all the time, Id pick something up for cheap, get bored of it or need to make some money and sell it on. Rarely made a loss on selling 2nd hand guns,sometimes even managed a profit. Now you either have to accept the offer of £2.80 and half a pack of polos, or just accept that youre not going to sell it. Unless you have something particularly rare or interesting for sale. Nobody wants to spend £200 on a second hand gun anymore when they can just buy a CM16 for £130 brand new with a warranty. Its not just the grumpy sellers though, its the cretinous chancer buyers too The art of haggling is lost on them, with constant "wats ur lowest price" "£50 today" "wat best price?" "how low u go?" messages that make me want to gouge my brain out with an ice pick rather than even bother replying to them.