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  1. https://www.uktactical.com/p-8929-warrior-universal-pistol-holster-a-tacs-fg.aspx This thing, its expensive at £50 but youll never need to buy another holster again. Ive got a 1911, G19, XDm, P226, and Dan Wesson revolver. It holds all of them perfectly. And considering a retention holster for each of them is around £20 it works out cheaper than buying a different one for each gun. ... I just wish Id known that before I bought 4 different holsters.
  2. Unless Im particularly desperate to play, if heavy rain is forecast Id fuck it off and go do something else 😛 Ive been airsofting long enough now that I dont feel the urge to play in uncomfortable weather! Though airsofting in the snow is fun. Rain is just cold miserable and wet. Also if you are going do make sure your gun is waterproof! Obviouslyh easier on some models of gun than others. Mates CM16 got caught in a downpour and just went mental full auto in the safe zone until he pulled the battery out! Lucky the mag was already out.
  3. That's not a bad idea for a helmet set-up, I become a sweaty manbeast even without a helmet on. My ESS goggles have superb antifog and don't fog up but the problem is sweat dripping down the inside of the lenses, I wonder how this setup would cope with that?
  4. My SA 416c is a fussy bugger with mags, the only mags Ive found that feed every shot to the very last one without any problems is the Nuprol mid/low cap selectable ones.
  5. Sadly not, in the words of the site owner "DMRs are for people who dont want to be hit" which Id completely disagree with, theyre for people who can actually aim rather than dump half a hi-cap on one person in a bush. 350fps for all AEGs and 500 for bolt action. So I mainly play DMR for the aesthetic of them rather than any significant advantage over any other 350fps AEG. Though there is another site I play at that does allow DMRs up to 450 so Ill probably buy a 2nd M14 for using there love the M14 so much, I think I have an obsession... Definitely need to replace the piston, the one thats in there at the moment is absolutely crap, the O-ring is too small and a poor sloppy fit with and rubbish compression. FPS is absolutely all over the place, so new piston & piston head are going in too. The ASG ultimate stuff seems fairly decent and what I've used previously on most guns to good effect, hows that compare to a FMR/Cyma White?
  6. So many different types, speeds and ratios out there! I don't know where to begin. So I've put an active braking mosfet in my M14 and happy with how it's performing, running it on an 11.1v lipo but I feel like the trigger response/gearbox cycling is still slightly sluggish and could be better. Due to site limit I'm only running it at 350ish FPS so no ridiculous chunky M150 spring in it or anything like that, so I'm thinking the next logical step is to change the gears and motor for better but not sure what to go for, high speed or high torque? And the various different types of gear ratios, wat do? I never use full auto, just want a nice snappy almost instant response from the trigger. The only thing I've replaced inside the GB so far is the cylinder head & air nozzle, motor, gears & piston etc are all stock Cyma.
  7. On a related note, I've not had any luck with Baofeng UV5 radio earpieces, every single one I've had ranging from the cheap cheerful ones they come with up to a £50 TomTac bowman setup have all failed after minimal use. Do people have any tried and tested long lasting recommendations?
  8. So on a trip to socom tactical the other day to buy a Titan, they recommend I saved my money and bought a "Perun V2" which is a polish made knock off of the titans for £65. It's amazing and half the price. Does all the same stuff, still a drop in V2 unit and leaves plenty of money for other bits. Only difference is it sounds like a ballache to program via trigger pulls rather than a coding card but in practice it's actually rather easy.
  9. I came very close to admitting defeat and doing that with the M14 But I persevered. I did definitely learn that in future Id probably rather just give it to someone else to do right from the start, I value my time too much for this bollocks xD
  10. Yesterday I decided to brave the dreaded M14, I wanted to fit a MOSFET and some other bits to DMR-ify it. After nervously biting my nails for hours on end, watching YouTube tutorials and having cold sweats at the horror stories I'd heard of how hard they are to work on... I dived in. How hard can it be really? 8 hours later it was done. 8 hours of nonstop swearing and pleading with various dieties it wa finally done. Bugger me sideways I never want to have to look at an M14 again. Except now I have to open it up again because something has gone wrong and my FPS is all over the place so a likely air seal issue somewhere. Arse. Now the V7 gearbox itself was actually relatively pleasant to work on, and the Frankenstein looking concoction of springs and levers on the outside of the box actually make really good sense when you know what you're looking out, and much easier than trying to cack-handedly hold everything together and hope it fits like a V2. It's all the steps required to get to the gearbox that's the issue. I still can't assemble the bolt cover to work properly despite having followed the mechbox tutorial to the letter. This got me wondering, what is the worst gun out there anyone has had to work on? I can't imagine there being much worse than an M14.
  11. I started off with surplus kit, DPM and some ALICE webbing stuff. It was ok for a budget starting loadout, but it didnt suit my needs. A "one size fits all" loadout from surplus pouches and ALICE kit bodged together is just nowhere near as useful as a MOLLE setup for exactly what Im using that day. If I was going for a certain era look Id be all over that surplus. But for a generic skirmish loadout Ill go with whats comfortable and works for me. Which usually isnt surplus kit. Unless we go up to super modern surplus and start using MOLLE surplus kit, but then Viper et al sell all the same stuff for a fraction of the price of a surplus plate carrier etc. ALSO why ARE we RANDOMLY allCAPS some RANDOM words?
  12. OTHERS, OTHERS, OTHERS! Everyone wants to be on the cool kids side after we wiped the floor with Delta last year. Yeah little dissapointed the big Z1 marquee wont be there, that was a life saver last year when I forgot to pack my boots And it was nice to do some impulse buying on the day. Youd have thought theyd make a tonne of sales from impulse buys, but maybe not enough to warrant the hassle perhaps. Still, plenty of other stuff there to buy. Weather forecast is looking good too! Might actually get a full weekend out of is this time! Rather than having it rain so hard last year on the Sunday that my gun shorted out and I had to call it a day.
  13. £20 off Amazon, triple fishing rod holder. Takes my MP5, 416 and shotgun. Big pouch on the front holds pistol & mags, and the smaller ones eye pro and other accessories. Its a handy-dandy all in one bag ready for a game day, just pick it up and go. However because Im absolutely in love with my MP7 and baby it and want to keep it safe, I went all out with a pick & pluck foam case for it which I think looks fucking awesome with the name plate & HK logo I put on it, and tbh thats the main reason I did it, to look cool. Its my CQB box. When I eventually settle on what optic I want on it there will be room for that too. And the case was only like £30 off Amazon including foam, so why not for best part of £500 worth of gun, mags and accessories?
  14. I'd automatically assume anyone talking like OP is a child and not sell them any 🔫
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