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  1. Why don't you just measure the hole..? Best/cheapest option would be a sheet of Polycarb and cut to the size you need. 30 seconds work with a Dremel.
  2. Tiercel


    As much as I hate hicapas, and Novritsch's reputation for being a sellout and cheating tryhard... Im blown away at the gas efficiency of that green gas mag and it does look like a rather nice gun. Really good review too!
  3. Tiercel

    Got two Maruis pistols but have a problem

    Oh thats the new one. Well if you really care about a pointless feature feel free to go through the hassle of returning it? Personally if the rest of the gun works fine I wouldnt bother. As for how to return it, youve answered your own question. Ask fire support and use the method they suggest. So if it gets destroyed for being a gas container or whatever then thats not your fault surely.
  4. Tiercel

    Got two Maruis pistols but have a problem

    As for the gas, every time Ive ordered one theyve been empty. Perhaps they put a drop of maintenance gas in it for storage. Not like it really matters what gas they put in, despite all the OMFG ONLY USE 134a GAS OR ULL XXXXPLODE UR GUNZORZ!11!1ELEVENTYONE! TMs will not suddenly catastrophically fail if you use anything more powerful. I run all of mine on propane all year round and have yet to see one fail. And yes, they dont actually have a de-cocker.
  5. Tiercel

    Opinions/help on a sniping setup

    Pick something you like the look of, and play with it. Theyre all much of a muchness. Its all the same principle inside the gun, its just finding an external shell you like the look of and feel comfortable holding.
  6. Tiercel

    The "What I wasted money on" thread...

    Viper triple M4 taco style mag holder pouch thingy. Compete shite and no matter how much you tighten it, the mags still fall out when you run.
  7. Tiercel

    Slow selling recently?

    Yeah Im not quite sure whats happened, but Ive been struggling to sell anything for a while now unless Im willing to take a pocketful of lint and half a pack of polos for it. Fed up of being bombarded with "wats the lowest u go???" PMs. Its almost as bad as selling cars on Gumtree and the "I work on oil rig, send Polish van to collect, paypal yes?" emails. Back when I first started airsoft about 8 or so years ago, Id be buying and selling guns like its going out of fashion. Buy something for £150-ish, see if I like it, if not sell it back on for pretty much the same price and try something else. Or if times were hard, being a pleb student, Id sell a few guns to raise some cash. I went through about 40-50 guns over a few years. Now people expect you to sell your Krytec for £80 because they can buy a CM16 for that. "I no wot its worf innit?" Thankfully Ive reached the point now where Ive got enough disposable income to not have to sell guns for peanuts out of necessity, so Id rather just keep hold of them and save up to buy something new rather than sell something to buy something. As a result the pile of guns in the corner of my room grows ever bigger
  8. Tiercel

    Has Tokyo Marui solved the 1911 problem?

    The Hicapa looks like blingy gaudy tacky shit though with the exception of the plain "Ops" ones. Much prefer the svelte 1911/MEU style guns. Im not too keen on the M45 in itself because I hate tan guns too. If it came in plain black Id be interested. For now Ill just suffer the crap gas efficiency of the MEU.
  9. Tiercel

    Has Tokyo Marui solved the 1911 problem?

    I have an MEU, and can confirm the gas is mediocre at best Its pretty much 1 fill of gas for 1 mag of BBs. Whilst picking up spare mags for it in Wolf Armouries the chap there reccomended I try the new M45 mag as its compatible with the older MEU/1911s but has improved gas capacity. It is somewhat better, whether its a massive improvement or not I cant really tell, but the mag was only £1 more expensive so I thought Id give it a try. I can only assume that it works better with the actual M45's ?improved? gas system too for maximum results?
  10. Tiercel

    Cheap Chinese X800 goggle clones

    My £15 ESS ICE and V12s have lasted me many years, hence why I struggle to justify a pair of X800s when I already have perfectly good cheap eye pro, I just think the x800s look gucci as fuck, especially when paired with a FAST helmet
  11. Ive seen loads of people wearing these, I love how the X800 looks but genuine X800s are bloody expensive. So when these popped up on Wish for £5 I thought it was too good to pass up. They look the part dont they? And at £8-15 depending on where you look theyre an absolute steal compared to the genuine Bolle X800 goggles which go from anywhere between £40-90 depending on where you shop. However do I want to trust my precious eyeballs to a <£10 piece of chinese engineering? Lets find out! How are we going to test these? Well, by leaving them strapped to my helmet so they cant move, as if theyre on your face. And hitting them dead center with a 500fps bolt action rifle and a .43g BB! Shot 1! A minor scuff of plastic BB residue, wiped away no problem. Not bad at all, looks like theyll hold up well. But wait... lets not get ahead of ourselves. Lets see how the rest of it looks. Whilst the lenses themselves held up admirably, a single shot was all it took for the frames to shatter and the lenses to partially fall out. And this was under nice stationary steady condition. Now imagine you're running full pelt, its going to fall right out and potentially expose your eyes to a hail of BBs if youre taking to up close full auto. I've heard this is a common complaint about a lot of Chinese eye pro, their polycarb lenses are just as strong as anyone elses polycarb, however the cheap shoddy manufacturing shows in the poor quality of the actual frames. Which is a shame, because when I first opened the package I thought they looked, and felt, very solidly made and had high hopes for them. Im glad I decided to test for myself rather than find out in action.
  12. Tiercel

    Competitive Airsoft

    The fact my post was dripping with hyperbole should have made that obvious I'd have hoped
  13. Tiercel

    Competitive Airsoft

    Looks about as much fun as getting teeth pulled. Its like theyve taken the worst bits of paintball, and the worst bits of a regular walk-on day full of hicap hero rental chavs in teflon trackies and combined it to make something even worse. I can absolutely guarantee this guy hangs out in ASDA carparks after dark in a Vauxhall Corsa with a crap badly applied body kit he got off eBay blasting RnB through a sound system that cost more than the car trying to impress questionably legal aged girls so he can use his well practised speed finger in the back seat. I'll take crawling through bushes for hours to get that one perfectly aimed shot over running around spunking their HPA high cycle everywhere like a teenage boy whos discovered pornhub for the first time.
  14. Tiercel

    'DMR' fps question

    DMRs always seem to be a bit of a grey area, I love the idea and role of DMR, I very very rarely switch any of my guns to full auto. I wish I could have a dedicated DMR however the few sites I play at all have varying rules ranging from 450fps to flat out banning them. So Id need a seperate DMR for each site I play at, which would get very expensive very fast. So I just settle for a 350FPS woodland rifle build and a 4x ACOG on it to do the same job and my BASR for the rest, but playing with the BASR as a squad marksman running around with my team giving them some extra range rather than hiding in a bush like a anorak wearing Twitcher
  15. Tiercel

    VSR FPS drop with higher power spring?

    So I got a second opinion chrono reading at the NAE, its coming up around 390-ish FPS. Still not great considering the spring in it. However it performed admirably and pinged many Deltas who thought they were being sneaky sitting in a bush or well out of range So its definitely a keeper! Time to lavish money upon it for some nice upgrades. I think next step is going to be a replacement hop unit, either the Airsoft Pro or Action Army ones both seem to get equally good reviews and many happy users saying theyre practically airleak proof due to being such tight construction. A new hop rubber wouldnt hurt too incase this one is old and worn and potentially responsible for airleak.