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  1. Im there to shoot people and have fun, if that coincides with the objective then great, otherwise Ill happily pick off other players and let someone else worry about the objective, too much running around for my liking But mostly it depends on the site and what the objectives are. Ive been to some where its just so damn convoluted that I simply gave up even trying and just turned to shooting people. I dont remember the name of the site, somewhere near Peterborough I think, old disused RAF base (not SWAS, another one, First and Only perhaps?) where the site was huge, Id never been there before, the objectives were seriously confusing and simply too much going on, they wanted us to split up into individual squads and squad A get the morter to position B whilst squad B gets some flags from point C to point F and at position F swap those for money to buy rounds at position D to take back to position B for squad A to use to support squad C who are at position X waiting for squad D to.... etc. etc. etc. and I just gave up. The site was massive, didnt know my way around. Each respawn point had a poorly laminated tatty map stapled to it in the worlds lowest .jpg resolution that I couldn't make heads nor tails of. So we just headed towards the sounds of any shooting and joined in. If you try to make it too in depth people are going to stop caring, it why simple games work best. Everyone knows what theyre doing with a good attack/defend rolling respawn or plant the bomb style game, and you still get plenty of shooting done which is basically what we've paid to do.
  2. Ive always been a little hesitant to try them in an all plastic stock TM pistol as they may be a little overkill. But I'll give them a try next time. Then again some people are adamant TM pistols will explode on regular green gas and I've never had that happen in the past decade of airsofting either.
  3. I have the TM 1911 MEU, and I love it. But it is absolute pants in cold weather, Ive tried normal MEU/1911 mags and the new M45 ones. Theres not much of a difference and it does struggle to empty a full mag on cold days using either mag and running green/propane. In warmer weather theyre absolutely fine and work no problem. Its just not a winter gun. My trusty P226 fills the winter role nicely. Though Im thinking of retiring that in favour of the XDm which is like a bastard lovechild of the 1911/Glock/P226 all rolled into one.
  4. Avoid like the plague. Do you have your own transport or relying on public transport? Because that will greatly affect suggestions.
  5. Anyone using "puff dino" green gas? Is it any good? In my quest to spend as little money as possible I need BBs and gas. I want .28 bios, and green gas. Usually using Nuprol 2.0 however the only site that sells .28 bios doesnt sell Nuprol only sells Puff Dino and Abbey stuff. And the site that sells Nuprol gas doesnt sell .28 bios. I dont want to pay for two lots of P&P if it can be avoided! Puff Dino seems relatively cheap, about 3/4s the price of Nuprol. Is it going to be garbage? Im struggling to find any info on it on google.
  6. Id never heard of specna arms, saw one of their 416c pop up for a bargain price and thought it was worth a try. It's brilliant. Rock solid construction, nothing creaks or wobbles, feels really nice in the hand and like it's well made not like your average Chinese knock off, it performs really well, the quick change spring system is great. Would thoroughly recommend them. I see they've just released a VSR clone but one that has proper magazines, and only £80. Strongly tempted.
  7. Yeah I always load all mine the night before. Batteries in guns too. So literally all I have to do is turn up and put my kit on and I'm good to go. Though I normally have about 30 or so mags X) I have a varying number of midcap MP5, M4, VSR, AK, MP7, shotgun shells, Glock, 1911 and P226 mags that need filling 😛 if I just had 6 M4 midcaps to fill I'd probably do it on the morning. I like to take too many guns and use whatever takes my fancy for each game x3
  8. It'll be fine on green/propane. I've run TM plastic pistols on green/propane all year round for many years with no problems. Including the MEU, also have a P226, FN5.7, G17, G18c all TM plastic body and never had an issue.
  9. In that case no idea, if not you can probably sneakily sell them for a profit at £10 each and nobody would ever know because theyre totally unmarked branding-wise and £10 seems to be the going price for mags usually. Christ I may have just discovered an amazing airsoft ponzi scheme, dont let Seth hear!
  10. I have no idea, I can only assume yes if they take standard M4 type mags
  11. So after my old mags that I bought 2nd hand many years ago of an unknown brand packed up and stopped feeding due to worn out springs, and the maple leaf monster springs out of stock everywhere for all eternity, I wanted some replacements. Turns out magazines are bloody expensive, I didnt really want to pay £15-20 per mag. The G&G "blue" mags looked good, pack of 5 for £60 but thats still quite a lot. There were a few options for plain plastic ones at around £40-50 for a pack of 5 but I dont really want plastic ones. Then I stumbled across Gunfire.pl who were selling these. Seeing as my gun is Specna and its bloody good, I figured for the price these are definitely worth a try. Ordered a few other things from GF to make it worth the shipping (flat rate of about £10 to the UK), I was thoroughly impressed with the speed of the order, dispatched the next day, and arrived the day after by parcelforce 24hr worldwide. Bargain, seeing as theres UK sellers who charge more for P&P for "Ehhh we might post it this week, maybe next... and the courier will deliver it sometime next month if they feel like it" delivery. So onto the magazines, they come well packaged in the box shown in the advert and each mag is individually wrapped. Thats nice. The finish is a nice sleek black paint that seems rather thickly layered on and resilient to my initial stabbing at it with a screwdriver. Not bad so far. The first thing you notice though is they are absolutely CAKED in oil/grease. Look at that! the feed lip is a solid lump of grease. Out of curiosity to see what would happen, I put them fresh from the box into my gun and fired off a few rounds. Or rather, failed to. The BBs were so heavily covered in thick grease they wouldnt feed into the hop unit and wouldnt fire. So I set about stripping them to clean them. Easy enough to take apart. One allen bolt on the bottom and the plastic internals slide out. Good god, would you look at the state of this... If there was any more oil in there, America would probably have invaded it. The feed lip wasnt much better. On the plus side, I'm very sure the spring wont be going rusty if its been stored in a warehouse for a long time! So cleaning it all out with a rag and some rubbing alcohol, then applying a few drops of teflon dry lube - reassembly is the reverse of disassembly. Getting the spring back in was a complete and utter bastard, until I figured out that actually theres a small hatch you can unscrew on the plastic body to feed the spring in easily through the guide channel with the magazine internals assembled. You can see the hatch in picture 4 above, the small rectanglular bit held on by a single screw. I have no idea if this is common among all midcaps as Ive never bothered taking one apart before. If its not then its a nice touch and I approve. Put back together, did the "fill and empty 10 BBs at a time" thing, no idea if thats actually needed but it cant hurt. Slapped it back into my gun, and this time it feeds and fires like a champ. No more misfeeding, no more gunked up BBs. Overall Im very impressed with them, for the price they seem like theyre very decent quality, just like every other Specna Arms product I've tried. Build Quality: 4/5 - the plastic insert feels a little brittle and like it would snap when I was reassembling it if I screwed too tight. However the metal shell feels very solid and is nicely finished Function/Reliability - 5/5 - not yet used in a skirmish, however Ive put a few mags through each of them with no problems so far. I've tested them in 4 different guns, including one that has a high RoF setup and theyve fed flawlessly in all of them. This will be updated after a few skirmishes of using to see how they cope. Value For Money 5/5 - Probably the cheapest bulk box of metal midcaps I've seen. The Ares "expendable" ones are slightly cheaper, but theyre plastic and crap. These cost £28.99 for 5, working out at about £5.70 per mag. And they work well. Bargain. Would I buy more/reccomend to others? Absolutely yes, if you're competent enough to strip and clean them, which basically anyone can.
  12. The biggest problem with night/low light games is every other mong who doesn't know how to use torches keeps shining their "Genuine CREE 1,000,000,000,000 lumens made with pride in China" torches in their teams faces to kill their night vision or stands at the back of the squad silhouetting everyone they're with.
  13. ICS perhaps? Just a guess. Every MP5 Ive ever seen or used (and its been a lot, I love them an unhealthy amount) has had the TM style sliding stick hop in the ejection port or a lever in the foregrip. Ive had TM, CA, Cyma, JG and some others, only one Ive not had is ICS and I know theyre a sucker for proprietary parts.
  14. I only use mouth protection in the form of a mesh lower mask for CQB. woodlands I generally don't bother. Gum shields get really uncomfortable, bad enough wearing them for an hour playing rugby let alone wearing them running around the woods all day. The one tigris style soft/mesh lower masks seem good to me and avoid any fogging issues compared to hard face protection, but I still don't like them.
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