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  1. Recently treated myself to a semi-new build as my current system was being bottlenecked by cheaping out on an i5 rather than i7. Except my current i5 was like 2 generations old now and I couldnt buy a i7 of the matching generation anywhere. So needed a new motherboard, decided to switch up my storage too as I was running a mish-mash of old hard drives and SSDs of varying sizes. Decided to go big or go home, not cheaping out on any components anymore so jumped straight up to the i9 rather than i7. Probably complete overkill but at least I wont have to upgrade again anytime soon. However the absolute best thing I did was upgrade my monitor from a bog standard 1080p somethingorother, to a 1440p 144Hz G-sync monitor. Cost almost as much as the rest of my PC combined but my god do games look good now running at 140fps and I didnt realise how big a jump in quality it was from 1080p to 1440p. Also replaced my ageing corsair H1500 headset with a new Steel Series Arctis 7 which are phenomenally good and comfy. New build: Asus ROG PG278QE G-Sync monitor MSI Z490A-Pro motherboard i9 10900KF CPU 32GB Corsair Vengence RAM GTX 1080Ti GPU 1 x 250GB Samsung EVO 970 M.2 for boot drive (god damn these are fast, absolutely worth the upgrade, you push the power button and you're already at your desktop) 1 x 2TB Crucial something or other SSD for games library 1 x 2TB mechanical HD for mass slow storage
  2. Youre asking if something thats aimed at the more hardcore fans who want to take it seriously, is too serious? If you have to ask that question its probably not for you.
  3. Sadly we're nowhere near getting a vaccine, and probably wont have one at all. To my knowledge weve never successfully vaccinated against a virus of the corona family (MERS/SARS etc), however that could simply be because they never really spread outside of small parts of the world that pharmaceutical companies didnt really care about because the limited profit probably outweighed the R&D cost, with a global pandemic with no end in sight that may be a different matter. Regarding herd immunity the big problem we have there is we simply dont know enough about the virus yet to say how long immunity is actually provided for, the working theory at the moment is that you get "at least" 2-3 months of immunity if your body has been able to produce the antibodies, beyond that we simply dont know, plus theres a good chance itll mutate. We've started doing antibody blood tests at work (the proper lab blood sample ones, not the finger prick useless scam Chinese ones) to try ans get a vague idea of how many have/havent had it. Turns out I've had it and didnt even realise, had a few days of feeling crap and losing my sense of smell but thought nothing more of it. This virus will probably become another seasonal flu type thing, we'll have little annual outbreaks and hope not too many people die and if we do get a vaccine that we manage to guess correctly which annual strain to vaccinate against each year. However the government cant come out and say "yeah prepare for the long haul, were not getting a vaccine anytime soon if ever. Now get back to work plebs its costing us too much money to keep you all furloughed". It needs to dangle these little tid-bits of hope and "if youre good boys you can go to the pub again soon" infront of the public to keep them on side.
  4. Usually whatever is on Planet Rock at the time. However at camp at the NAE etc you can usually hear this drifting from our team camp And at some point inevitably this will come on
  5. Ive been meaning to use it as an excuse to fix my M14. However I absolutely cannot be arsed to open that cruel and twisted design again and I dont even know whats wrong with it, so Ill have to take it apart to find out, then realise I dont have a bit for it thats broken, put it back together, then take it apart again when the bits arrive. Instead Ive been spending too much time on netflix.
  6. I think the whole reason they last so long is theyre not wet, theyre dry wipes that you wipe onto a moist surface to activate. It says to breathe on your glasses first to make them fog up, then the moisture in that is what the wipe reacts with. But then the instructions also say they can be stored with a few drops of water on them to keep the wipe moist. So really I havent got a clue, all I know is it works really well.
  7. ESS NoFog cloth that their glasses/goggles come with. Im a big fat sweaty mouth breathing manbeast and this is the only anti fog stuff Ive found that actually works. Still on the original cloth that came with my first pair of ESS V12s 6 years ago.
  8. Short answer; yes. Longer answer; you get what you pay for. They sell some branded stuff, and if you buy branded itll likely be the same as if youd bought it from anywhere else, except it seems more expensive from them. However its the cheap "SUPER ELECTRIC POWER HIGH SPEED M4!" for £24.99 that will be utterly cheap garbage shite. Theres also loads of reviews slating them for piss poor communication/customer support/service.
  9. Very much looking forward to seeing this open, a stonesthrow from where I live and Ive been craving some kind of indoors CQB shootypew since the Mall left a hole in my heart.
  10. I've been a few times, not for a while though due to distance. Really good site unless anything has majorly changed. Its not particularly big but hasd a good mix of close and long range opportunities and a good atmosphere.
  11. Ahhhh got it, works perfectly! Thats where I was going wrong, I just assumed youd have to have the bolt back! Ta
  12. Love mine to bits, its a stunning performer. However I wonder if anyone has any suggestions, Ive never been able to adjust the hop unit on mine, I know youre supposed to lock the bolt back, push the trigger forward, and the adjusment wheel moves into a useable position. However my trigger wont push forwards. Im reluctant to take it apart because it looks like a ball ache and the standard hop position seems perfect for the .28s I use but it would be nice to adjust it if I needed to.
  13. 10%?! Jog right on, seller is chancing it. Its something loads of people do, really common in the airsoft world for some reason. Feel free to point out from PayPal's T&Cs: 4.6 No Surcharges. You agree that you will not impose a surcharge or any other fee for accepting PayPal as a payment method. You may charge a handling fee in connection with the sale of goods or services, as long as the handling fee does not operate as a surcharge and is not higher than the handling fee you charge for non-PayPal transactions
  14. A blowback tacticool ruger? I quite like it... However unless its cheap enough to not care, Id be reluctant to spend a significant amount of money on a unknown manufacturers gun, sure they make ok VSR parts, but its a big jump from that to GBB pistols. Ill let someone else brave buying it first
  15. They look Gucci Operator as fuck. Thats about it really. Like all other cheap airsoft optics, theyll eat batteries like theyre going out of fashion, wont hold a zero against the recoil and I find they just get in the way.
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