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  1. Tiercel

    Overpriced clothing

    Yeah the amount of money people are prepared to spend on clothes is staggeringly retarded. This god awful creation? £1600 All of a sudden £70 for a UBACS dont seem so bad
  2. Id quite like one of them, but theyre £100+ on eBay. Wheras my cheap chinese plate carrier was £25 and came with several pouches free
  3. Wow, so much hate for the plate carriers. Time to untwist those panties I love my PC, because unlike fixed "assault vests" I can put whatever I want on it, and change it as needed. Fancy a chest holster that day? No problem. A few extra grenades instead? Got it. Using a gun that uses larger mags than the common M4 mags on most vests? Pouches for days fam. That being said I do run a MOLLE belt rig for hot summer days because otherwise I boil up and die in a PC. Its really obvious when youve been hit, PC or no PC, you can still feel the impact and hear the THWACK of the hit. Anyone saying they "didnt feel it" because of the carrier is a cheating prick and even if they werent wearing a plate carrier would find another excuse why they didnt feel it. "oh it hit a mag pouch with a mag in it" - "oh it hit the thick strap" - "oh a leaf landed on me and deflected it so I didnt feel it". Dont hate the PC, hate the player
  4. On a slightly different tangent, but still dreamers none the less. Something that as a seller really fucks me off big time: People messaging me with stuff like "wats the lowest ull go?" That is not how haggling or bartering works - you make me an offer, you dont ask me to name my lowest price. I think Im already offering things for a reasonable price, Im not going to suddenly say "oh go on then mate, you can have it for a fiver." Generally anyone who messages me this I assume theyre either not a serious buyer, or simply going to make a ridiculous lowball offer.
  5. Tiercel

    petition on knife law changes

    Another utterly ridiculous kneejerk reaction by a government that doesn't have a damn clue what it's doing. All the Dindu Nuffins are busy Dinduing, so let's ban private ownership of classical and historical swords on display in the privacy of your own home... Because that's what the Dindus are using. Oh wait.. no they're not. They're using Poundland kitchen knives and.. according to Harrow MPS, pencils.
  6. Tiercel

    Ess v12 problem, marked lense?

    The ESS NoFog cloth? I've been using the same one since I bought my first pair of ESS ICE glasses about... 8 years ago? And it's still going strong. It's a bit tatty and manky by now, maybe I'll consider buying a new one.
  7. Tiercel

    Help on buying a new gun

    I'd never heard of them either til I picked one up at a too good to be true price, and it's amazing. The performance is on the sort of upper end of average. However it's the build quality that impressed me so much, it's absolutely rock solid and one of the best made guns I've ever had. And full of nice features like quick change springs.
  8. Tiercel

    Help on buying a new gun

    If you want a 416, Specna Arms are well worth a look!
  9. Tiercel

    Mounted torches any recommendations?

    The one above is pretty good, the batteries last forever. I have one and find it too big for pistols but looks good on a rifle. Also its one of the very few ones Ive found that has a simple "on/off" feature, Im so SO very sick of all the TACTICOOL flashlights with 17 million different modes you have to cycle through. I dont want on/low/mid/high/flash/strobe/SOS/signal/disco/off. I just want on and off.
  10. Tiercel

    Compatibility Notes Thread.

    The nozzle return springs for a KSC/KWA/ASG MP9, also fit perfectly in the KSC/KWA/ASG Mac11 https://www.milspecsolutions.co.uk/fg-airsoft-kwa-ksc-mp9-nozzle-springs.html Which is great news seeing as the Mac 11 chews up these springs all the time on full auto, and replacement Mac11 parts are like rocking horse poo now!
  11. Tiercel

    Wanting to get into 'Namsofting

    Way ahead of you on that front at least! Got a lovely M16A1 on its way to me thats going to be upgraded to the max, and planning on picking up an M14 at some point soon as well. Ive always loved the M14s and had about 3 different ones so far, but that was back in my poor student days when I had to sell guns on a regular basis to raise funds I regret selling most of my collection! Went through about 40+ different guns in 3 years! I reckon it'll be a good laugh, but I wanna try it out on the cheap before I commit myself to investing any serious money in period authentic gear. The chaps on FB have been really helpful though. No stitch counters in sight yet! Several have suggested "any plain green trousers and shirt will do as long as its not obviously super modern" which is ideal
  12. Tiercel

    Wanting to get into 'Namsofting

    My default haircut is "CBA with this shit Ive got better things to do, cut it as short as possible so I dont have to do this again for a while" anyway so that should be fine at least! The "obsessively anal stitch counting" side of it is something Im mildly concerned about. Things like an M56 webbing and ALICE webbing look virtually identical, but the M56 stuff costs an absolute fortune
  13. Tiercel

    Wanting to get into 'Namsofting

    Ahhhh I really hate using facebook for group stuff, I find it so difficult to keep track of things, no handy "threads" to keep contained to! Darn kids these days and their pesky bookfaces. Forums are so much better for organising things, but I guess thats not "trendy" anymore! Convieniently it seems Eversley are running a 'Nam weekender right on my birthday in September too, seems a good as excuse as any to go to that!
  14. As the title says really, Ive been playing far too much RO2: Vietnam, and watching too many movies and Im bored with regular airsofting and wanna give something else a try, so why not try some 'Namsofting? I've been looking for Vietnam airsofting forums, but they all seem to be in the US or inactive, I cant seem to find a decently active UK based one, any suggestions? I've got a rough idea of what to buy for a semi passable first attempt at a basic OD GI look, but Im having real trouble finding OD jungle fatigues in the UK that arent hella expensive reenactor grade "repro" uniforms that cost the earth (Im not paying £80 from SoF for a shirt and trousers). I'm on the chunkier side of gentlemans' size clothing, and obviously soldiers back in the 60s were somewhat more spritely and could probably get away with wearing children's sized clothing. Now Im pretty sure Im not the only person here into this and having similar problems. So, UK based active Vietnam airsofting forum/groups to join? And where to buy jungle fatigues for fatties real people?
  15. yeah pretty much every site Ive ever played at that has things like steel barricade construction site barriers etc as "walls" say to treat them as floor to ceiling even if theyre not, no shooting over them, throwing grenades over them, or lying on the floor and shooting peoples feet underneath them or rolling grenades under them. Kinda common sense really.