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  1. They look Gucci Operator as fuck. Thats about it really. Like all other cheap airsoft optics, theyll eat batteries like theyre going out of fashion, wont hold a zero against the recoil and I find they just get in the way.
  2. If you can afford to buy a TM, buy a TM. If you cant afford to buy a TM, save up until you can buy one.
  3. Having googled the gun in question it looks very much like a VSR clone, and according to the internet it is and all parts compatible. Ive never taken the SA-S03 apart but if its like a VSR and has a VSR style hop unit, there should literally be only one way it can physically go in the gun, so fuck knows what you've managed to do to it! As reccomended above, when asking for help give as much information and pictures of the problem as posisble, "it broke, downside up, halp" doesnt give us much to go on. As for places to take it to, your only realistic options from where you are is Wolf Armouries (expensive but good tech work, I've used them a few times when I've reached the "fuck it, I dont even know anymore" stage of working on my own guns) and Socom Tactical (use the shop a lot, seem like a good bunch of guys, but never used their tech work so cant comment from first hand experience)
  4. What exactly needs doing? Youve not specified what actually needs repairs. You said you re-installed the hop "down" and what exactly is the problem? Surely you just need to take it apart again and reinstall the hop "up"?
  5. Got bored of my old dad car VW Passat. Whilst it was a perfectly good functional unit of car, it was terribly, terribly dull. So I treated myself to this :3 Jag XE R-Sports. Absolutely love it. It is however completely impractical for airsofting as the boot is big enough for about 2 bags of shopping and there is no way Id want to take it up the absolutely dire off road paths most airsoft sites have. Just means Ill have to buy that Ford Ranger Ive always wanted as well to go airsofting in
  6. Im not entirely sure what the point of that is other than to be mild to moderately annoying. Its not like a proper flashbang that would disorientate you, its just another annoying strobelight to ignore.
  7. Trousers and shirt go in the washing machine, everything else stays as it is. Guns get a wipe down and barrel clean if needed
  8. TWAT Airsoft is technically in Croydon. It's in the middle of buttfuck nowhere farmland outskirts of Croydon about 3 miles down a winding country lane from the nearest bus stop which isn't ideal for lugging all your kit. Probably ok if you're renting.
  9. I have no idea how well plug-n-play mosfets like that work, but for £20 more you can get the Perun V2 Gate Titan clone which is a very simple drop in install, I have one in my CM16 and its a brilliant bit of kit.
  10. As long as it's a TM it'll be fine. Pick whatever you like the look of. Their 1911s are good but due to having slim mags don't hold a huge amount of gas and can struggle in colder weather.
  11. As everyone else has said, there's nothing wrong with GBB guns providing you don't buy shit ones like you have xD Anything by TM or even WEs new offerings like blocks are the only ones worth buying
  12. Ive ran my FN5.7 on green/propane all year round for as long as Ive had it (several years now!) and its bloody brilliant. Its loud, snappy, makes an awesome sound indoors, and has a gargantuan gas reservoir normally getting best part of 2.5/3 mags of BBs on a single fill and has some kind of magic that just keeps on working regardless of temperature. Love it. Get one you wont regret it. As for slide cracking, everyone and their mum apparently "heard from a friend who knos someone whos mate's cousin's friend had a sister who once heard their brother's friend's dad's uncle's mate" that they crack all the time but never seen or heard of it from a first hand owners report. Maybe if youre going nuts with the trigger trying to make it full auto in the middle of a Texan summer heatwave running black gas it might, but then so might anything.

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    TM P226 & 3 gas-tight mags Replaced the standard outer barrel assembly with a shiney chrome one because I think it looks awesome. The P226 sights have been replaced with Glock17 night sights, this required a tiny bit of dremelling to fit properly but I think they look good, please check the photos provided to ensure you're happy with this. Gun in perfect working order, shoots with the usual TM efficiency. Can be collected from Croydon. £100 collected, can be posted at buyers expense, postage will be around £15 insured/tracked etc.


    Croydon, surrey

  14. https://www.uktactical.com/p-8929-warrior-universal-pistol-holster-a-tacs-fg.aspx This thing, its expensive at £50 but youll never need to buy another holster again. Ive got a 1911, G19, XDm, P226, and Dan Wesson revolver. It holds all of them perfectly. And considering a retention holster for each of them is around £20 it works out cheaper than buying a different one for each gun. ... I just wish Id known that before I bought 4 different holsters.
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