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  1. It was good... until I read who did the upgrades... avoid like the fooking plague.
  2. Don’t use the prommy smooth, it’s shite. Listen to the above post. Talking a lot of sense.
  3. Are you sure it’s in the right way round? It only goes in from one side. May seem a little harsh. But I wouldn’t be suggesting it if I hadn’t made the same mistake myself.
  4. Try DTW Colchester if your man enough. And have friends to brings with you. That’s extreme CQB.
  5. Search the forum for Police/CTSFO/SWAT loadouts and read the few lengthy threads that go through everything in depth. I posted a couple of websites on one recently that provide kit.
  6. We have all been there. I have said previously, I purchased a G&G L85 that wasn’t working correctly. Paid £50 for it, took it apart, the hop nub was missing, put a spare in, tested it, all good. Sold on for a hell of a lot more. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.
  7. Upgrades(in order of cost effectiveness) - Lipo or Life battery(hasn’t the GC16 already got the mosfet in to run on 11.1v-someone correct me if I’m wrong) -Heavier ammo(minimum 0.28g until you upgrade your hop rubber) -Prommy purple hop rubber and nub(or get that G&G flat hopped) Battery will not increase FPS, just RoF and trigger response. Service the gearbox- check for wear etc before buying new parts. I wouldn’t change the barrel until very long down the line. Good choice of parts, Message @ak2m4 about compatibility, he knows his stuff and is super helpful. If he says to get something else, I’d trust his opinion.
  8. Have you had it apart to look at hop unit/nozzle? That would be my first suggestion. After that, it probably needs a service. I would get it done yourself(will add to what it’s worth imo) or just sell it knocked down so they can get it serviced- you’ll lose more this way.
  9. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. Qc is non existent, you either get an ok gun that you will upgrade and spend fortunes on and wish you’d purchased a better gun, or you’ll get a complete lemon that you will upgrade and spend fortunes on and wish you’d purchased a better gun. For anyone else who searches for Nuprol guns on this forum. DO NOT BUY NUPROL GUNS.
  10. Dye i4 with rainex anti fog wipes. I’m a sweaty pig and have never fogged up with this set up.
  11. Think Vortex and Aimpoint are the two brands most recommend nowadays.
  12. ^ Send this man a message. I use one of his, it’s cheap, short and works extremely well.
  13. Title of this thread got the old grey matter in a twist before I clicked... then the penny dropped.
  14. Easily £300... think you might be selling yourself short there. Put it up for £400 and make the interested party work for the £300 mark. I reckon you’ll easily manage £350.
  15. Steady on there Fella! You can’t use those sorta words around here! People will go ape! ”Common Sense”— lacking in every part of society in today’s world. Don't bypass the fuse, if you do and something goes wrong, your RIF could catch fire and melt. Some Mosfets have built in electronic fuses.
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