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  1. Oh yea it still happens all the time but I just suppress it and compartmentalise it.
  2. The heat shrink pain man. I don’t forget it anymore. Ive been in that hole too many times, no more.
  3. Yup, quick and easy. I had 0 trouble with it.
  4. Hmm, I dunno man. I wanted to place an order for £220 and it asked me to complete form but gave me nothing to fill in - after speaking to customer service via email that said they couldnt confirm if I could place an order at this time.
  5. Airsoft Nation - Airsoft Radio bring it back !!

  6. Buckshee not heard that in a while haha aye I’ll hold out
  7. Cheeks clenched however they’ve refunded the amount!! Gonna get one off Amazon..
  8. I E-mailed them yesterday re an order and when can I place an order: "We do not have that information yet".
  9. They've offered me a refund - They haven't made a proposal yet however.
  10. Aye, I guess I'm too used to Western Customer Service. I'll tear open this 1kg bag of jerky and sit back.
  11. I've asked them to cancel it but apparently its already shipped which I seriously doubt - (no evidence of this)
  12. Why does the image make me angry? No, not angry, just disappointed..
  13. I feel much better now that you guys have chipped in. I've always been cautions to trust AliExpress (first order) but if you guys say WIPSON are good people then I'll start twiddling now.
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