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  1. Oh man, what an idea. I’m sure the first time you go to a game you’ll realise how friendly the airsoft community is. The only way you’ll find out is going and giving it a go! If my dad stuck around I would’ve loved to go with him and from the sounds of things your son is a lucky boy to have a bloke who’s willing to go n get wet, muddy and sling some plastic balls at some sweaty nerds! (Like me) It’s all good fun. I’m not super experienced like some guys on here but I can safely say I can’t wait until my daughters old enough to the point where (hopefully) she wants to give it a go! P
  2. RonLancs


    I concur. I’m also in the market for a new AEG and the clearest option for me is the CYMA platinum. 150 less than the Krytac which means more mags and tacticool (unnecessary) attachments for the RIF.
  3. I don’t get the ad’s where it’s just the single picture. “TM NGRS” 1 pic of a generic M4... Oh because it’s a TM you only get a pic and it’s at a premium. If I’m dropping 400£ on a secondhand toy ima need to see up inside that shit. Of course this can be requested later however it’d be nice to see general overview of the piece.
  4. Yea the E-12 I found to be really poor build quality. We all know the Orion gear box is not the best really poor finish, bad air seals and the shim job was sub-par. It’s really put me off the Specna edge range.
  5. F2000 is actually a Blackpool market special
  6. Indeed. You couldn’t even take it through small claims court as I believe it’s now a minimum of £1000.00. Really is a sh***y move. I suppose all we can do is blackball them from forums such as this. When I sell an item it gets to me that people are dubious of me, naturally I understand why but I always go the extra mile to ensure they know all is well with videos, receipts for postage and the like. Gives sellers a bad rep.
  7. It’s obvious why these people operate but I just don’t understand what goes through their minds. Is it desperation or what? Ultimately they’re gonna get caught out. Like surely can’t your bank do something when you don’t receive the item?
  8. I’d feel better if I bought it at a fraction of the price of its competitors if you follow. In stead of spending 300£ on one knowing it’s got issues. That’s the only reason why I’ve not splurged on an MP7 lack of spare parts / upgrades and issues straight out the box. I don’t fancy a GBB version.
  9. I would love a mid price range variation of this RIF. I feel like CYMA the way they’re going could really nail this and I’m sure there’s a gap in the market as PDW’s are super popular at the moment. What do you guys think?
  10. It fires 328 on .28’s? on M100? You got a Crono there?
  11. Aye I believe this thread is from a few years ago tbf probs sorted it now
  12. From what I’ve read the UAR isn’t the best base gun, although that looks cool I read that a lot of work went into the inside of it just for it to meet the minimal standards. It would be a cool project albeit a lengthy one.
  13. The legends are true, Eldorado exists.
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