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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 8 hours

    • For sale
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    Hi all, Here we have a Osprey M4 body armour cover with various accessories. Price includes postage and fees. Thanks Ron


    - GB

  2. Time Left: 6 days and 8 hours

    • For sale
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    Hi all, Here we have a few accessories for a DMR project that will sadly no longer be taking place. 3-9 x 40 scope - £15 15” RIS rail (very nice however the left and right are on the wrong side. Ask if you’re not sure what I mean) - £20 Bipod -£15 Dummy suppressor -£8 All in for £60 Including postage and fees. Thanks Ron


    - GB

  3. RonLancs

    Raven EU-18

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    Hi all, Here we have a Nuprol Raven EU-18. It was originally two tone it was sprayed black when I got my UKARA and after it chipped I decided to remove both layers of paint to reveal the silver finish you see in the images. It comes with all accessories you see in images. -x3 Mags (1 leak free but it’s an easy fix) -Blackhawk holster -Nuprol hard pistol case Price includes postage and fees. Thanks Ron


    - GB

  4. Time Left: 6 days and 8 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Hi all, Here we have a Nuprol Delta Enforcer. This was my first ever RIF and has been with me for over a year. It has had the following work carried out on it by Charles at Airsoft Engenuity: -SHS 13:1 gears -SHS Piston, piston head and nozzle -Prowin Hop up unit with Prometheus purple and namazu flat hop nub. -AceTech Mosfet It can accurately shoot up to 110 feet on .28’s so I imagine it’d be even better on .3’s. It’s very snappy and ROF is fast - please ask to see videos. As it is my main skirmish rifle it comes with wear and tear which is natural - please see pictures. The lower receiver was replaced with another Nuprol Lower due this is why it has a different lower. Should you need more pictures or have questions I will endeavour to provide these along with videos including an overview of the RIF working. I’m selling due to financial problems so I’m open to offers but please be reasonable. I’m sad to see it go but needs must. All attachments in the images are included: -Replica T1 sight (Focuhunter) -Replica SureFire M300 with pressure pad -FMA angled Foregrip -FMA mock PEQ 15 (Battery Box) -x3 working Nuprol Mid-caps. -QD Sling mounts with a choice of slings Price included postage and fees. Thanks Ron


    - GB

  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi all, A used E-12 purchased from patrol base on 13.04.20 (never seen a game) I’ve fired approx 300 rounds through it. comes with all original box and manuals. I have test firing and overview videos available should you be interested. Details on RIF: https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/specna-arms-sa-e12-edge-carbine Package includes: Front & rear sights 2 mid cap mags Slight scratches on rail where an optic has been fitted and as its lived in its box, for whatever reason the dust cover has rusted (please see pics) Comes with a 3rd party stock without the rubber but pad. I have shimmed, lubed and used Velcro on the buffer tube to reduce stock wobble. Thanks Ron


    - GB

  6. Urgh, so it didn’t come yesterday and now it’s supposed to be here by the end of the day - It feels like a week already.
  7. Is it a DMR yet? Haha this is the E12 - B06 is arriving tomorrow.
  8. Nothing wrong with the SA80. Sure it’s the heaviest current service rifle at present. Sure it swings of your back and cracks you in your knee when you bend down due to the issue sling. Sure it will not fire when you get mud behind the trigger, but hey, it is what it is and I can tell you from experience you can draw a smiley face at 200m with it and give it a rough clean of carbon and it’s good for 180 rounds on deliberate fire. They ain’t pretty but they’re there for a reason Gov got them on the cheap and they were upgraded by Germans. (A2)
  9. Hey man, how you finding it?
  10. 😂 if it wasn’t for BFBC2 I wouldn’t know what that was. But yea as I said I’m going to DMR it or at least attempt. Thanks again guys Ron
  11. It’s 200mm and in all honesty I haven’t yet assembled it. I’ll take it for a test tomorrow.
  12. I’ll have a re-shim. Upon closer inspection tis a bit tight and no not had chance to fire it yet. Thanks Ron
  13. IMG_1499.MOV Hi all, Here we have an V2 Orion Gearbox from Specna. I’m planning to use it as a base to build a DMR. Now, I’ve fitted what I believe to be a M110 (that comes with the Specna as appose to the M90 that is also provided) and it wasn’t the quietest gearbox when I first got it however it’s been shimmed, motor height corrected and it’s been lubed it to where I believe it to be suitable, yet it is now really loud. Below are 2 samples of before and after the insert of the stronger spring. The video with the one with the metal tray is prior to the heavier spring. IMG_1722.MOV Thanks in advance Ron
  14. Any ex squaddies out there who can still hear their old section commander in depot? “GET THAT F****** HANDLE DOWN”
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