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  1. I honestly don’t know mate. I use it semi and have done since I got it - surely you mean pews per mins? (It’s a Nuprol)
  2. Like that is it? 😂 it’s aimed at those people who are getting into airsoft and are on a budget and want full metal. It’s not the best, and I did have first buyers regret however after using and abusing it I came to love it.
  3. Here is my NDEB - It was my first AEG and I’m happy to answer any questions anyone has regarding this as when I bought it there was hardly any reviews or information out about it (still isn’t)
  4. I remember on a tour when a unit member mid places a side arm (G17) and obviously faced severe consequences - a similar issue when faulty and UFS HMNVS was again mis placed and the soldier responsible was of a certain rank and there was no repercussions. Ultimately when a solider is de-kitted it’s up to the RQM or their staff to properly de kit a soldier - things like virtus body armour are taken into consideration along with respirators and other expensive serialised equipment. If it was a true offence and equally a risk to military security, then surely a crack down or monitory service would be in place enforcing particular rules and regulations.
  5. Hey there, I took the leap. I wear prescription glasses underneath my goggles and fogged up like a MF. Short answer to the question of functionality: yes, they do work. Are they 90£ worth of anti fogging goodness.. Hmmm, I played for 4 hours straight at the mill in Wigan and they fogged up once whilst stationary. However, not as much as my goggles used to fog up and it was to the point where I could see and my red dot was a lil blurry. So if like me and others on the thread: you wear glasses under goggles and you’ve simply had enough of fog and walking back to the safe zone (and got 90£ burning a hole in your dump pouch) then yea they’re worth it. I was sceptical, yet proven wrong. Overall good product and just by the skin of its teeth worth the investment. If anyone wants to see the set up I’ve got and how I use them just let me know. Ron
  6. Wahahahaha - no, no I do not. I’ve had enough of that. + where’s all the good MilSim at? (North West England)
  7. It’s easy enough to get hold of out of service body armours - BA now uses virtus as you probably already know. It wouldn’t shock me that a few QM’s out there will flog them off, especially if a unit / battalion is handing / taking over. When I was de-kitted they only checked virtus equipment, training plates and respirator as you have to sign the real plates out from the CQM. I don’t see why you’d even want full plates for airsoft. Especially Osprey, them things are heavy and uncomfortable! Haha
  8. Thanks guys, most people I’ve spoke to say the prowin is actually a downgrade I saw a slight improvement in range, accuracy and consistency but the mags not going in is the massive problem. I’ve decided to keep it simple and get a G&g green bucking and flat hop it see how it goes. I will keep you updated and get a video up.
  9. Hey man, managed to sort it! The screw on top of gearbox was loose and sticking out. Sorted, thank you. Whilst I’ve got you there. I’m having trouble with prowin and prommy purple. I’ve flat hopped with namazu firefly but having feeding issues due to prommy purple lips being inside the chamber thus failing the drop test. Which bucking would be better?
  10. Hi all, can I remedy this? If so how and if not what bucking? - I have flat hopped prommy and namazu and it does work however feeding issues and mags sometimes don’t sit right.
  11. Hi all, So first things first. We’re talking Nuprol delta enforcer... Yea I know.. I get it now.. So anyway, I managed to break the part of the lower receiver that holds the retaining pin to connect it to the upper. So, I bought a new lower (Nuprol Delta Recon Bravo) From A2 supplies. I did order the Delta Enforcer Alpha as it’s all they had in but yea, they sent me the wrong lower but after inspecting and measuring the two lowers I had they appear to be identical. I refitted all the parts to the new receiver and threw the gear box in after wiring it to deans. The receivers won’t close. I’ve tried removing hop up and fake bolt/charging handle and the thing still won’t fit. Guys, so I can repair this pile of excrement and get it flogged off to my friend who is just starting out, any suggestions on how to remedy this as I can’t wait to move onto pastures new. Thanks in advance, Captain First Buyers Regret.
  12. Truly entertaining thread chaps. I have a NPDEB and it preforms okay.
  13. Woo we got there! Un-bent the upper and epoxy’d the tab! All I need now is a new charging handle spring (may even cut it down) but again thanks guys. 60392870420__02C119D2-181B-491C-AE1C-0B8414A1647D.MOV
  14. Thanks guys, I'm trying to revisit it when I get a spare chance (just had a little girl). But i will faff with the receiver this weekend and let you know how I get on (if you care) haha! What an amazing community Airsoft has - You guys responded without delay to help someone out with a burning question. Big thanks to you guys.
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