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  1. sp00n

    The TM AKM thread

    Keep an eye on TM’s “shipment (optional parts/supply goods” … they usually post up when a new batch of mags is shipping etc
  2. I got one from jkarmy recently iirc
  3. Worst :- My airsoft innovations flack 10 …. It needs the update/fix parts and AI has …. Well … effectively gone 😞
  4. In TM’s most recent YouTube video, at the end they apologised and said there was going to be a delay in releasing them 😞
  5. So I finally fitted my TM AKM’s wood kit 😎 and for comparison a stock tm akm
  6. /heavy breathing 🤤🤤🤤🤤 …. From Taiwan to delivered in 2 days! 😱 (am on shifts atm will get fitted asap)
  7. I did late last night find an interview that was about TM 2022 release schedule…. It said end of April 🤷‍♂️… I’ll try and find it ” We asked Mr. Yu Shimamura, a public relations officer of Tokyo Marui, about “Tokyo Marui in 2022”. The times have caught up !? “Bolt motion air rifle VSR-ONE” starting from Mr. Shimamura’s idea This time, first of all, Mr. Shimamura presented the “2022 launch schedule”. I want to summarize it before the interview. ・ January-February “Next Generation Electric Gun URG-I 11.5 inch” “Air Revolver Pro SAA.45 5-1 / 2 inch Artillery” “Marui Tactical Dot Sight MTD PRO ・ SIGHT” ・ Around March “Bolt Action Air Rifle VSR-ONE” ・ Around April “Fixed slide compact carry fuel gun LCPII” body / holster “Fixed slide compact carry fuel gun for LCP collection / BODYGUARD 380 lengthy journal” “Gas blowback shotgun SAIGA-12K” “Tokyo Marui real lipo battery” ・ After May “Fixed slide compact carry fuel gun CURVE” ・ Release date undecided “Gas blowback P320” * The above is a schedule at the time of the interview, so it may change.”
  8. Just ordered a RATech wood kit for my TM AKM 😎 fingers crossed I can use the RS akm cleaning rod with it
  9. I wonder if we will see it any time soon. I honestly though we would have had it before Christmas… and the ak storm (which was announced at the same time) is out already 😞
  10. sp00n

    The TM AKM thread

    So a little delayed update, I fitted and tested the blowmaster 1j rocket valve, and it dropped my fps from 275 to 255 with 0.36’s … very pleased with that 😁😁
  11. Video/films/YouTube vs real life unfortunately real life cannot compete against an edited video 😞 play your game, and have fun! And don’t let the actions or miss-actions of others effect you
  12. A SPAS shotgun 2 point combat sling …. Might have to do a Robert Muldoon load out…. “Where being hunted 😳”
  13. mine is a reproduction, it’s a “ATG spas 12 folding stock” from airsoft global (£138 including 3-7day express delivery) 😎👍
  14. *jurassic park music intensifies* ”clever girl…”
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