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  1. Well I finally decided to upgrade my case and get a wheeled nuprol one … seems pretty good 😊 👍 I also got another AW glock drum mag (so I can get sizes and 3d resin print the gear that’s missing in my original drum). Question anyone know what’s the extra pin is for in the box 🤷‍♂️ I also have a onetrigris pouch coming tomorrow 😎👍
  2. sp00n

    The TM AKM thread

    Tested the hop tape mod, and it hopped .36’s fine on its lowest setting. I didn’t have any other bb’s to test different weights etc. now I just need to drop the FPS down from 275 to below 260
  3. sp00n

    The TM AKM thread

    Well my initial plan of making a 3d printed hop wheel won’t work, as it’s pretty maxed out atm. I have not had the time to design a better arm, but I am gunna try a cheap fix …. I cut some electric tape and put it over the hop arm around 6 layers, then trimmed it to suit … no idea if it’s gunna work and not had chance to test it yet … hopefully gunna get some range time soon
  4. dam man that’s harsh 😱😱😱😱 but what if I was already a potato 🥔 🤔
  5. …. Guess I was hoping someone would add something positive for the smc9 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. So I am doing abit of range pew pew … and I have decided to get rid off one my first though is the g&g … as it doesn’t appear to be holding hop, and it’s pretty inaccurate (it’s never been skirmished) now my new mp7, it’s laser accurate
  7. I don’t like the look off the glass tbh i dunno I might just sling an MRO on it …. But I seem to have MRO’s on everything atm 🤣
  8. What’s the consensus on a good red dot? I put a cheapy t1 style clone on atm, but i don’t like it ☹️ (Probably smash at first sign of a bb 🤣)
  9. Lol still have mine somewhere…. With that odd stick mag they came with
  10. CSI XR5 - After first game day, I thought it sounded odd … took it apart to find that it was dry as bone! Not a drop of grease anywhere 🤨 . Then decided to change the body colour parts … only to find that the bag contain 2 of the same part, was missing the cut out for the mag release 😡. also an AW glock drum mag, when I got it I checked the gas seals etc, then put it away (pandemic etc etc) … went to use it the other week, the winder just span round, it was missing an internal gear. Neither the seller (airsoft storm on Amazon) or AW will help me 😡
  11. Me :- someone please talk me out of getting a TM MP7 AFUK:- … “you should get one” …. “Give in get one” … “do it!” Me :- ok ok I’ll do it
  12. Someone please talk me out of buying a TM MP7 😬

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    2. Axii


      Ordered one from these guys 3 months ago still haven’t got it yet yikes 

    3. sp00n


      Have you contacted them? (Don’t call them today, there not open on Tuesdays )

    4. Axii


      Yh I contacted them aplenty but they said my package was lost 2 months ago and said they will send a replacement. Issue now is it’s out of stock from what I heard in the email I received today. Do you know how long it takes roughly to get tm items back in stock?

  13. There is also the Uber rare TM high level claw mount … but I doubt you will find one (unless TM are gunna do another run off them for the mp5 ngrs 🤷‍♂️)
  14. it has been done, in the past … there was a thread about it on zeroin iirc tbh though, if you can get a lipo adapter, you can get pretty small 7.4v lipo’s that do a pretty good job. I did a thread about it (cyma g18c aep) many many moons ago now, still have my little aep somewhere 😂
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