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  1. For the SRS I use the ones from skirmshop. 2 mags and one in the gun. For the hicapa I have just changed from good old issue mtp pouches to some elasticated blue force gear double mag pouch. For the good old grenade it’s either a kydex TRMR holster from HW holsters or if I’m using my timed dynatex it’s a PECOC issued smoke grenade pouch. Hicapa with RMR sits in a cheap nuprol paddle holster. The utility pouch is just a viper one but it only carries a small bag of bbs and two speed loaders for each gun and some blanks. Can post a picture later if your interested.
  2. @Florjan mucca I for one appreciate what your company are doing. As I said I don’t use your products because I’m not building a rifle. If I did I would because what I have seen they are really good and I do recommend them to others.
  3. @Florjan I can understand that and your worries. For what it’s worth if I was building up a vsr again I would use your product over what I did which was use maple leaf receiver and outer. I see the value in a solid join. It’s small margins but I think it removes the variable of the twist and also the issue of flex when screwed into the stock. But that is the difference between a good vsr and an excellent vsr. I see some good vsr’s. Very few excellent ones.
  4. Minimal FRV belt with a couple of mag pouches, a utility pouch, BFG pouch and a hicapa DOR. Simples. Effective.
  5. This thread reminds me I need to get rid of some pew pews sat in the attic unused and likely never will be that weren’t fully thought through purchases. But @TheFull9 I do agree people may get jealous of others choices based on differing circumstances which is sad in an honour based hobby. Human nature I guess.
  6. Dynatec timed BFG to go with my TRMR which is pretty much useless in the woods where I normally play. Also some blue force gear double pistol mag pouch with an LBX sling. Also some little upgrades for the hicapa DOR. I key, maple leaf hop wheel and a maple leaf MR hop rubber for the VSR.
  7. Link fixed. Apologies. Agreed with shimming and the VSR-R alluded to but not stated. Might be helpful if someone is looking at a big rebuild with changing receivers and barrels or a ground up build
  8. Just something I noticed that looks interesting. Especially in light of the custom receiver and outer barrels some of the learned members make on a certain sniper forum. It seems that bulltrigg have got involved. Although it seems it’s a two piece that’s been bonded to create a single piece. The link is here https://www.bulltrigg.com/shop/ My thoughts are this could be good. But it did get me thinking as I have a maple leaf receiver and outer barrel. Could I get it set perfectly and bond the two together myself as once it’s locked in I do not remove the outer barrel and receiver as I can pull the hop and inner barrel out the front and the back end is where the cylinder comes out. Stating the obvious there I grant you. Be interesting to see what people say one they test this new (not overly original) idea.
  9. I have a TM micro RMR on a Hi-Capa DOR and I must be the exception as I really get on with it and find it extremely useful and much faster to acquire then engage targets. Can’t comment on battery life as only used it a handful of times. However, I may be the lucky exception as most people who ask to have a look and feel really struggle to acquire the dot.
  10. Agreed. Excellent attitude and approach to a defect in a hop unit I am rather keen to try. Worth the wait I suspect.
  11. I ordered one on Friday in MTP and it was delivered less than a week later. I do know that FRV prioritise serving forces over non serving so it could just be a bit of bad luck as to timing.
  12. I have to say I have been grabbed years ago. The bloke who did it was a known see you next Tuesday. And it was a MilSim in copehill down. I have restrained myself a lot not to respond but I now feel compelled to. I appreciate the high stress situation I do but to react as stated is quite frankly grounds for prosecution. I’m afraid mucca you over reacted. Big time. And had a police complaint been filed I suspect you would have been in a world of hurt. I suspect you were infact the lucky man because now and in hindsight he should, could and would have pressed charges. The background to that incident and I again reinforce was years ago was that I was told to infiltrate. I did. And he reacted. I did not fire I just undermined. And I got throat rashed. Ps I was 20 at the time. He was I asses mid to late 30s. You my friend made a mistake. Anger got the best of you. I understand that. But and here it is. You committed assault. Had I witnessed it I would have reported you and I would without compunction have said the exact same in court. Sorry but that is my take of having been appointed to stand in the dock and provide many character statements to defend people accused of the same.
  13. This guide is spot on: https://oscarliang.com/lipo-battery-guide/ Different application same technology. Hope it helps
  14. Had one used one but ditched it in favour of down jackets. Reason being when moving with full loads (at work) it’s way to sweaty. Plus it was used as warm kit and the most ever worn when working was a t shirt and smock. Get sweaty way to fast and overheat rapidly. The issue with it as warm kit is that it was a pain to remove compared to full zip warm kit as you have to pull it over your head and it can’t be thrown on in a hurry over webbing armour etc during a hasty break when patrolling. It was tough durable and worked even when wet. For what your looking for it’s spot on. Would recommend in a heartbeat.
  15. @AmberYooToob mucca please accept my apologies I got the wrong end of the stick with how it was worded.
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