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  1. Stodgy

    Asg scorpion issue in semi

    Evening all, im struggling to diagnose a strange problem on an asg evo scorpion. In semi the bb just fall straight to the ground. But on triple or auto it works properly (on 11.1v) Weirdly I tested it on 7.4v and that works fine. Guess I will just run it on that unless someone can help. Currently has shs 18:1 gears in it and a new prommy purple bucking and nub. Also there is no sector delay chip (asg has one as standard in the gun) I did find something online where someone else had the same problem and they fixed it with a weaker tappet plate spring. Im flummoxed and cannot work it out and have never seen this before so any help will be greatly appreciated
  2. Stodgy

    NVG mounts

    The genuine ones will be hard to come by as the new vertas helmet has the mount integrated into the helmet. If you mean the mounting bracket for the helmet ebay is your best bet. If you want the actual bracket to attach the monocle to the helmet then eBay again will be your friend. Or find a light fingered squadie or one who has left but they are pretty well accounted for when signing them out and in due to the system being useless if one part is missing. Worth adding that the us mounts are the same and work and I speak from personal experience of that.
  3. Stodgy

    ASG CZ Skorpion Evo owners ?

    Good day all, just some advice if i may. I have just picked up a second hand evo with shs gears and piston in it. The motor is standard but when I put the motor base plate on it pushes the motor way to far into the grip and I have zero adjustment on it and cannot get a good mesh. However, when I spaced the base plate put with washers I can get a spot on mesh with zero whine in the gears. Or as close to as I can’t tell otherwise. Is this an issue or am I missing something? The motor wires are not in the way and I tested it with just the motor installed as well in the grip and the problem remains with little adjustment.
  4. Stodgy

    First gun purchase?

    If you look in the gas technical section I had the exact same issue that I have managed to resolve with some file work.
  5. Stodgy

    GBB won’t feed bbs

    Just by way of feedback if others get the same issue: i filed the top edges of the metal part of the mag where the bbs feed and also the inside and edges of the plastic feed lips. Long story short they are all fixed and feeding fine now.
  6. Stodgy

    GBB won’t feed bbs

    Thanks mucca will give it a try. Appreciate the advice and will let you know how it goes once I get a nice little file.
  7. Stodgy

    GBB won’t feed bbs

    Prisce, this is the second time in two days. Thankyou for getting back to me I’m a complete noob on gbb. Where do you suggest I file? My gut tells me it’s an issue in the transition from the metal of the mag to the plastic of the feed lips?
  8. Stodgy

    GBB won’t feed bbs

    Evening all, I have a very strange problem. On my TM PX4 the mags do not always feed bbs. It happens on all three and one is pretty much new. The bbs hang up just short of seating into the feed lip. I have tried several brands and weights of bbs and it keeps happening. Giving the mag a smack let’s it feed for a few rounds then it hangs up. The only thing i have done is change the gas router to a 9 ball purple one on all the mags. Could this be causing them to bind as it’s fairly tight? All the mags have been cleaned and checked and I cannot see anything to cause this random issue which I can replicate with no spring by hand. It also holds about three bbs at the top when I lower the bb guide which I think suggests that where the problem lies in the plastic feed lips.
  9. Stodgy

    When you think it’s gone smoothly.

    Prisce, Thankyou for your kind offer but I know it’s a break in the circuit as there is no continuity on my multimeter. It’s just a pain I have to strip it back down and chase the break. I wish it was my first few attempts lol. Been playing on and off for over 15 years and always tinkered so you would expect I would know better by now to always check continuity before reassembling.
  10. Why is it that I try and rewire and service with a replacement of a mashed gear does it turn into a pig to put back together. Classic army mp5k. The worst bit? It doesn’t work. Grr. Another tear down required. Should stick to the vsr-10. So much easier. Hmmm or is this fate telling me to by an asg Scorpion Evo?
  11. Stodgy

    Shoulder armour - molle

    This is an interesting thread. The reason I say this is because no one seems to have issues with osprey or plate carriers. Loads of pouches etc. Yet shoulder protection well that's a different issue. Those that say padding protection etc. How many wear a face mask? Those that say realism of loadours. Well I have a garage full of various bits of issued protection and yes sometimes they are mandated. Combat nappies, shoulder protection, neck guards etc. Do I like or want to wear them at work? Nope. Can I site studies of speed v protection? Yep loads. So my take is wear what you want. Accept you may not feel it. But play honestly. The reason I say the last, yes I don't post often but I have been in the game and yes that's what it is, for years, is because it's that. But pain is pain. So if someone wants to avoid it and I get that because it can hurt I won't judge that. It's all about honesty. I know some will disagree. Wearing helmets. Can't feel it. Knee pads I snipe I can hit you when your in a poor fire position. Feel it? Nope. Day sacks? Feel it? Not a chance. Foot seen under a vehicle? Yeah I can also get you. That an issue? Nope. Play well play fair and be honest. Been lit up on full auto and seen bbs flying past and just accepted it's the inevitable your going to get hit? Gonna happen take it and know the spirit of the game. Take it turn around and respect the player that got the drop on you.
  12. Stodgy

    What do you think

    I agree with a lot that's been said. I started playing back in 2001 and left after about 5 years because of other elements taking over. Having dabbled every now and then and recently having got back into it I can say it's definitely changed. Many years ago I used to Marshall at a site called Wiltshire war zone. It was a small site with a good group. However, our solution to making sure people took their hits and played well was simple. All marshalls carried rifles. Where we had doubts we would wait and at a given opportunity, mainly they were not in contact, we would shoot them. If they took it instant regen. If not warning and we would do it again at some point. Not taking it meant instant booting off. Now some would say that's a tad unfair but it worked. We never had issues. All players were warned every game day and we only ever booted one player. Hard to argue when your shot at 40m with an upgraded sniper rifle and there is another Marshall stood beside said infringer and knew it was coming and the hit was seen by the firer and also seen and heard by the Marshall stood next to them. This I must add is totally different to player marshalls. We never played whilst marshalling and I don't necessarily agree with that method of marshalling. Although I do understand the potential validity I also can appreciate the problems. My thoughts anyway.
  13. Stodgy

    looking for airsofters (Surrey)

    Same as myself. Just starting playing again. Was down at ground zero Sunday gone and may be tempted to head down this Saturday as well. Always up for meeting up at a game.
  14. Stodgy

    Returning older wiser and slower

    Been there on all of those and your right softly softly snipie victim or he who fights and runs away lives to run another day lol.
  15. Stodgy

    Returning older wiser and slower

    Thanks all. Man craft was an option I considered but I own 2 aps2 snpr rifles and to be honest fancied a change and a challenge to my technical abilities. If all else fails il be back to aps land with my 'sawn off' as a backup/med weapon of choice