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  1. Agreed. Excellent attitude and approach to a defect in a hop unit I am rather keen to try. Worth the wait I suspect.
  2. I ordered one on Friday in MTP and it was delivered less than a week later. I do know that FRV prioritise serving forces over non serving so it could just be a bit of bad luck as to timing.
  3. I have to say I have been grabbed years ago. The bloke who did it was a known see you next Tuesday. And it was a MilSim in copehill down. I have restrained myself a lot not to respond but I now feel compelled to. I appreciate the high stress situation I do but to react as stated is quite frankly grounds for prosecution. I’m afraid mucca you over reacted. Big time. And had a police complaint been filed I suspect you would have been in a world of hurt. I suspect you were infact the lucky man because now and in hindsight he should, could and would have pressed charges. The background to that incident and I again reinforce was years ago was that I was told to infiltrate. I did. And he reacted. I did not fire I just undermined. And I got throat rashed. Ps I was 20 at the time. He was I asses mid to late 30s. You my friend made a mistake. Anger got the best of you. I understand that. But and here it is. You committed assault. Had I witnessed it I would have reported you and I would without compunction have said the exact same in court. Sorry but that is my take of having been appointed to stand in the dock and provide many character statements to defend people accused of the same.
  4. This guide is spot on: https://oscarliang.com/lipo-battery-guide/ Different application same technology. Hope it helps
  5. Had one used one but ditched it in favour of down jackets. Reason being when moving with full loads (at work) it’s way to sweaty. Plus it was used as warm kit and the most ever worn when working was a t shirt and smock. Get sweaty way to fast and overheat rapidly. The issue with it as warm kit is that it was a pain to remove compared to full zip warm kit as you have to pull it over your head and it can’t be thrown on in a hurry over webbing armour etc during a hasty break when patrolling. It was tough durable and worked even when wet. For what your looking for it’s spot on. Would recommend in a heartbeat.
  6. @AmberYooToob mucca please accept my apologies I got the wrong end of the stick with how it was worded.
  7. @SkaraI fully agree. It just did not come across that way as most (everyone I have played at) insist on a secondary regardless due to MED. I was just after clarification and apologies if I went off on a slight rant. One of those days today.
  8. Ummm are you implying your pistol will be essentially a shield if it’s in a pouch? Weapon hit should be what’s in your hand. Not in your body. And hit to the body is a hit. No matter what it hits in or on you. It’s still hit you. Snipers rely on honesty when we hit people because we can be at the extremes of range. Thus hits can be light. If we are ourselves not playing by this mantra then we undermine our case completely. If I’m wrong then my apologies for my slight rant.
  9. Yep. That is the place to go for advice and research.
  10. Google airsoft sniper forum. Everything is there.
  11. If that’s your max budget then you will not get what you want. Sorry it’s not feasible in my experience. Second hand is your only option and then there is no guarantee it’s been built properly. So you would still have to invest in it.
  12. Go on airsoft sniper forum. Tons of guides there along with the technical research that backs it up. There is no golden bullet as airsoft tolerances in manufacture can be rather ropey so what works for one gun may not work in another. Im afraid to say there is no cheap way to get what your after. Even on a budget your still looking at circa £500 to get to the high end of performance. Can it be done for less? Yes possibly. I mean a trigger for 90 degree pistons is around £100. Barrel group same cost again. Base gun same if you buy a clone. Piston cylinder etc prob about the same it’s been a while since I brought those parts. Plus time. Lots and lots of time to tune it all to work properly.
  13. There is no cheap way to get a high end sniper per se and all the options have pros and cons. Your best bet is to take a look at the airsoft sniper forum that has an international flavour and has loads of build guides and reviews that are full of details. Building a sniper isnt hard it just takes time patience research and attention to detail. I fully concur with what asomodai suggests. If it was me i I would be looking second hand at a vsr comparable build. To give you an idea of where a good build will end up the only original parts on my vsr is the stock, scope rail, bolt and trigger guard. Everything else is aftermarket. Total cost I dread to think. Out the box the SRS edges the SSG because it has more aftermarket options. That said I believe sniper mechanics is looking at aftermarket parts that will probably level the playing field. You thought airsoft in general is a money pit? Welcome to the eternal chase sniping entails to get that flat shot consistency at range. Money and time will disappear faster than any other discipline in airsoft lol. But god it’s worth it for those games when it all comes together 😜 Ps. Sniping isn’t like YouTube. You miss more than you hit as all it takes is a blade of grass or a twig to deflect a shot. Also it takes a fair while for the bb to get to the target and if they move you will also obv miss. Where abouts are you? I may be playing at combat south in Portsmouth on Sunday and I can lend you a fully upgraded vsr rifle so you can see if you want to invest in sniping as an intro.
  14. Personally, that is not a bad build all in all. The issues I would have with it is the vsr hop that would be in it. First thing I would change and action army would be my default along with a skee or Panthera nub. One massive caveat, if that has a 45 degree trigger and cylinder that would be a massive weakness and an area that will fail sooner rather than later. You can achieve good results with the stock hop but you would need to carefully shim it. Not hard but time consuming and you would need a good 70-80m to check for hooking at the end of the range. You could get lucky but normally it takes a few attempts to get it right. Take the range with a pinch of salt that’s high end time and cost performance on 2.3j there. Or just buy a second hand upgraded vsr type build, clean it properly and then maybe replace the bucking and if the original owner knew what they are doing it will outperform most of the snipers you see on the field. My 2 pence worth based on years of sniping and fine tuning. OI
  15. Having played at a fair few sites I personally prefer longer games with several objectives. My personal favourite at the moment is combat south. Reasons for this are as follows. Central briefs that are listened to and the marshal will call players for not listening. Could it be a little shorter? Yes. But it is effective. Game details are briefed to each time separately prior to start of that iteration. Strangely and I cannot explain why the teams in my experience are always pretty evenly balanced but it’s the game designs and site layout that makes it work. Eg one life in a certain area then fall back to repeat for defenders with attackers having unlimited respawn. Responding to the original point about speedsoft style play I personally believe it would make little difference at the site because of how the games are structured. For example if one has to place several bombs along with clearing the village the defenders are already in situ. Running into that would make little difference as it needs to be cleared methodically. Even with both teams starting away from the objectives the design will have several areas that need to be held and more importantly secured for a set period so even if you get all of the locations initially holding them is a different matter.
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