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  1. Picked up an Unobtainium Gear NV recorder for my PVS-14 monocular. Really nice fitting eye piece clamp & simple to use. Will be giving it some testing tomorrow night along with a Thermal Scope with built in recording for some side by side comparison

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    Hi all Selling a Clawgear Harpia Fieldshell - Coyote Tan / Sized Small Listed as used condition but is excellent near new condition, no marks / no tears etc. Purchased late 2018 & worn once, has sat at the back of the cupboard ever since! Full sizing chart / item specifics available on official Clawgear or UK Tactical site - Worth checking the Clawgear sizing chart, as for me wears more like a medium. Great piece of kit at a great price - Selling as my Coyote Tan setup never got off the ground! Looking for £60.00 which includes the postage / fees. Thanks Mike


    Kent - GB

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    Re-Advertising as previous Ad become corrupted & couldn't edit! Selling some Warrior Assault Systems kit bit in Coyote Tan - Pathfinder Chest rig & Cargo Backpack, both in excellent condition Pathfinder chest rig comes with a 8Fields Red Dead Rag & Red Light, I made a very slight alteration (cut) to one of the molles to accommodate the red light, but condition of the chest rig is excellent, as was used for a single event only last year, likewise with the Cargo Pack is in excellent condition (As new) Looking for £100.00 for the pair which includes any fees & postage Would consider a straight swap for a good condition WAS RPC in Multicam Can split but would prefer they go as a pair Thanks for looking Mike


    Kent - GB

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    Hi all Couple of WAS bits in Coyote Tan for sale: Pathfinder chest rig with the 8fields red dead rag & red light. Great condition (As new) & was used once last year, made a very small amendment (small cut) to accommodate the red light but overall great condition Cargo pack again great condition with no flaws etc. Looking for £110 for the pair which will include postage & fees via PayPal Would also consider a straight swap for a very good condition Multicam RPC if anyone fancies a swap? Thanks Mike


    - GB

  5. Few recent bits I've been waiting on finally arrived today: Zenitco dual pressure switch for the Klesch-2 & Perst-4 , again great quality & a nice little bit of kit allowing me to control / adjust the attachments as opposed to 2x separate switch attachments Additional MK46 Box Mag & Dummy bullet belt Tag Pecker MK2's - Dummy Tag grenades so I can get some practice without (literally) blowing up £7 a shot! - Helps in orange as well so I won't lose them!
  6. Just seen the ad - No price & offers direct to his phone 😂 Destined for Macks perhaps?!
  7. @Lee85 Playing the "I'm new to this forum" card but seemingly skip over the appraisals & jump straight to the for sale section to peddle your goods As any long term member would attest to, surely it's better to introduce yourself, if you're unsure on pricing instead of aiming high why put it to a consensus & ask for some opinions in the appraisals section? Whilst the Mack's dreamers can at times be harsh, has been around since 2015 so not new news & its a course correction for something which isn't deemed worthy of the asking price / potentially bordering on (dare I say it) a bit of a rip off at which point members are obligated to flag this to other members & newbs - Macks actually does this forum & it's members a service & credit Me for one value people's input & happy that people more educated on resell values than myself can offer others their steer & expertise. As a newbie yourself I'm sure you wouldn't want your pants pulled down over items overpriced, so take this as a recommendation to yourself - Your goods are overpriced & don't represent value for money, hence the watch out for other potential buyers.
  8. Looks like we're in it altogether Ordered X2 parts from Russia / X2 from Hong Kong - Both from trusted sellers I've dealt with before & all have tracking information. No further updates via Royal Mail / eBay other than good have left the country of origin back end of March. Either they're en route via carrier pigeon or they're held up in Customs Did try calling Royal Mail but not taking non-essentials calls & I gave up after 45 minutes! Good luck to us all getting our bits & pieces
  9. Picked up a very sensibly priced Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6 x24 from a member on here Does the job very nicely, added a couple of the lens protectors as well Daytime set up for the MK46 now complete
  10. Have only ever ordered Tag Innovation associated products from AirsoftWorld - But experience has always been straight forward / delivered quickly & hassle-free Will continue to use them based on this
  11. Its a bit out of your way, Apocalypse Airsoft in Kent allow tags, mainly seen them used during their Milsim events, but have seen them used during the Sunday skirmishes from time to time
  12. I had some 17mm diameter 3mm thick petg acrylics made, sits nice & snug & doesn't impact the laser or IR, mitigates it being shot out
  13. It's an AEG - As far as I know zero plans for a Gas version. Went for the red laser, I was more after the IR pointer so the Perst 4 with red laser was the lower cost option!
  14. Finally picked up a TM MK46 Mod 0. Bit of fettling done prior to picking this up today. Added a few external bits I picked up over the past few months: Zenitco Klesch 2 Dual IR / LED Zenitco Perst 4 PEQ Zenitco brightness adjustment pads FMA Gas pedal G&G rechargeable tracer unit Pulsar LRF Trail XP50 Standard Marui foregrip Thing is an absolute beast, will be running bare bones during the day / full up for night action
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    Hi all, Selling a M300V Visible LED / IR light combo - Is brand new, boxed & not used. Selling as when I ordered the item via Ebay I also ordered another IR light which I'll be using as opposed to this item. Arrived today (Sat 07/03/20) & putting up for sale as its not required Specs as per the description Model Number: M300 Series lights Weight: 6.702 ounces(190g) Black Material: Aluminum Length: 4.33 inches (110mm) Bazel Diameter: 1.125 inches Max Output: White light: 400 lumens Battery type: CR123A Looking for £36.00 which includes fees & postage Thanks Mike


    Snodland, Kent - GB

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