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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi all Have a 40 Mike & 40 Master Mike I'm looking to sell. Bought a few months ago, used at a single event a handful of times - In very good condition. Decided these aren't for me so looking to move these on. £90 for the pair which includes any fees / 1st class recorded delivery Can be viewed at Snodland in Kent Thanks Mike


    Kent - GB

  2. Hi mate, Purchased from TLSFX UK - https://www.tlsfx.co.uk/ They do a deal when buying the launcher & pyro up the volume of x20 Outside of the x20 they're all priced individually Hope this helps
  3. My love of Pyro continues! Ordered the 38mm Para Mortar from TLSFX Our resident NATO opposing force in our ongoing Milsim series likes to dig in deep - So will deal them some boom from above
  4. Hi buddy - Have PM'd you, maybe able to help! Mike
  5. Will have it chrono'd on Sunday so will let you know, update I had from Camoraids prior to dispatching was it was hitting 70m on 0.32's - Feels like it packs a decent punch
  6. Picked up a little purchase from CamoRaids. TM MP7A1 GBB - Small bit of fettling to add a Maple Leaf GBB Autobot Hop Up Rubber 60D & EdGI 5.98-6.03mm Brass Inner Barrel to give it that little more poke! Will be used for night time raids, using the PEQ & Tracer to compliment a set of Nods, being able to cover distance at a pace & fairly lightweight as well Standard additional mags so I'm not caught short!
  7. Aligned to what's already been stated, my build on this is what I would call an impossible shot day...... Ones where I'm sniping, take what I consider to be an impossible shot - huge distance / BB to travel between multiple objects prior to target, ones where you think.. That'll never hit & it does!! Once again proving I'm not very good at sniping but my primary clearly outperforms my ability!!
  8. James Johnathon Minns - Can be found on Facebook, very reputable & does a lot of good tech work based in Kent Hope this helps
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi all, Selling a brand new WAS Multicam universal pistol holster - right hand variant. No tags, but brand new never used Looking for £35 which includes postage etc. Thanks Mike


    Snodland, Kent - GB

  10. Nice! - Where did you pick these up from? Reapers out of stock everywhere I've looked!
  11. MikeMarden


    I'd agree with this - I own a set of nods which are fantastic for navigating at pace & ID'ing players at a fairly close range, however thermal is something else, unbelievable target identification at much longer ranges & can use to navigate just as effectively. As always comes down to personal preference & whether you're willing to commit a decent amount for cash for where you may only get out to a limited number of events. As with everything, I would recommend having go of somebody elses kit to see whether it works for you or not. For me, Thermal all day long, you should only need the kit which comes in box, whereas NV usually requires additional pieces of kit - Mounts / IR etc. etc.
  12. My recent purchases, invested in a launcher a couple of months ago, initially with a 40 Mike & Master Mike, not with the intention of close range activity but more with an aerial scatter bomb approach aiming up & letting the bbs rain down. Fortunate our local site does allow the 40's but using a 30m MED & sensible use Our monthly Milsim events has a team which likes to play defensive & dig in behind cover, so thought this could be a decent idea - opted for some tags as well to mix it up against the regulars with mortars Interested to see how they all work, if the 40's are shite then i'll stick with the tag rounds
  13. Hey buddy - Yes the dual tube FLIR, green as opposed to QS in this case 🙂
  14. Hey! - Someone posts a picture of their bare ass on here & it's the Forest Unicorn that gets the piss taken?! 🙂
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