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  1. MikeMarden

    Camoraids and Eagle 6

    CamoRaids are superb IMO - Marek is very responsive & bloody helpful decent chap. FireSupport - They've always looked after the upgrades on my Marui, cannot fault there workmanship, both my Delta & Devgru have been used hard over the years with little to no issues & credit that to the FS upgrade build-quality. Service & support wise pretty much spot on, however my only critique would be that the service & support has always been spot on but dependent on who's picked up the phone 😉 Eagle6 have never had any involvement with, but are very well regarded within the Marui owners community. Think you're in a good space with whichever your choice Mike
  2. Whilst I'm always Santas good boy list - am at that age where if I want any Airsoft Gear I go & buy it myself!! However, having Airsoft as a hobby does help me out when people are asking me what I'd like for Xmas, so this year have asked for:- Longbow 0.45 / 0.48's bb's as you can never have enough of these as back ups Chicken Skinz Pencott Greenzone SRS camo wrap & TM MK23 camo wrap The good wife is paying for the first 2019 Milsim I have in the diary - x6 planned in at the moment 😀 Mike
  3. MikeMarden

    Night Games

    PM'd you buddy 🙂
  4. MikeMarden

    Night Games

    Absolutely love night games, just never enough of our local sites in Kent running these throughout the year! I arranged a Night Event at my local Airsoft haunt back in 2015 - when it was just a case of a bunch of us buying some tracer units & tracer bb's & wanting to test them out, that then grew exponentially & ended up being 90 of us running about at night, absolute fun & absolute chaos & carnage, but was thoroughly hooked so decided to take the plunge..... 2016 came & invested in a high end thermal weapon scope, which was an unbelievable game changer & recently invested in some Flir BNVD-51 NVG which again are absolutely stunning in quality. Our local site initially kicked off a series of monthly night games, unfortunately the numbers dwindled so stopped with these. Fortunately though, our local site has really developed their Milsim scene & ran x4 events this year (last one in November) with x6 already planned for next year, so the sizeable outlay of night equipment is offset against a longer term investment (That justification helps me sleep better at night!!). What also adds to the depth is the Milsims cater for different scenario's at night:- March 2018 - Russia Vs. NATO - Thermal & NV in play June 2018 - Cartels Vs. DEA - Thermal & NV in play September 2018 - NVA / Vietcong vs. U.S. Army - No night equipment & torches only (no weapon attachments) November 2018 - Falklands; British Army vs. the Argies Army - NV only - no Thermal. The above also caters & attracts different types of players - Vietnam drove big numbers, real excitement & lots of accuracy for the die-hards around uniform (not strict though) As our local Milsim scene is always developing, we bought about the idea of during the much darker months having the two main structures lit up with lighting courtesy of a couple of generators, very much gives both forces clearly detectable points of interest to head toward within what is a massive site, but plenty of ambush opportunities along the way, this helps give balance to the teams so it's not so one sided. We're also fortunate that both our regular OpFor & NATO teams both own NVG & Thermal, so again makes it a much more balanced playing experience, certainly makes it better for first timers as well, as previously NATO forces were being pummelled by OpFor with a solitary Thermal. Few comments to some of the previous points raised throughout this chain:- Any point turning up when others have NVG & Thermal - Absolutely! NVG is easily defeated with a well drilled team with white lights, Thermal not so much, but then it's only usually a very minor amount of players with Thermal, target them & take them out & the others struggle! Also see above with our local site , adding lighting to main structures gives everyone a balanced playing field, as well as giving you somewhere to aim & head for when traversing around the site in the pitch black. Organisation - As mentioned earlier by others is an absolute must; A good cohesive team will work together at night & disciplines are a must, going off solo won't help anyone, will encourage friendly fire & also bloody dangerous! Couple of essentials to support organisation - Red Dead Light at night, straight forward red light that when you're hit / DMW or just out of the game (en route to the crapper etc.) shows the individual is hit & not to be aimed at. Torch - whether attached to gun or not, absolute essential & no brainer, disciplined use of course, couple of you advancing towards anyone (NVG / Thermal users), light them up & that'll rending them useless, wipe out & destroy! Additionally - one of the other rules which has been introduced is different coloured tracers for the opposing forces, OpFor Red Tracers / NATO Green Tracers, again a very simple addition that helps drive better play at night, avoids a hell of a lot of friendly fire as well!! Cheaters at night - Definitely, but will get better as time goes on; again fortunate at our local site that we have both NVG & Thermal users, these users (myself included) have helped drive much better integrity at night, first few Milsims, no surprises there were a few accusations of non-hit takers, now both forces are consciously aware that either side has night devices so cannot pull a fast one, the more regulars that attend these nights helps drive better integrity as well, always a challenge finding a site which runs regular night games with decent numbers to develop this. Hope the above point of view helps from someone that loves the night games, feel like i'm plugging our local Milsim events as well - but what's great about these is that the regular milsim attendees work closely & collaboratively with the site owners to ensure the series develops, gets better & caters for wide demographic of player & most importantly helps introduce those thinking of toe dipping into Milsims & night games with a bit of structure & organisation. Mike
  5. MikeMarden

    Tracer unit recommendation

    I use the G&G rechargeable Tracer unit - a very robust unit which works well without the need for batteries! Are you going to be using red tracers as well? Worth checking that whichever unit you opt for is also compatible with reds. Our local site assigns different colour tracer rounds to opposing teams for Milsim events & there's been a few instances where red tracer bb's haven't worked with peoples units. Obviously the above is somewhat a moot point if you're only using greens!
  6. MikeMarden

    Real knives, folded for knife kills???

    No surprises with any of whats happened here:- Attended an SEO "Milsim" back in April & was hands down by far the worst ever Airsoft event I've ever attended, this was a real shame as well as I bought a friend along who wanted to dip his toe into the Milsim world, so we thought we'd try a lightened version with us attending a Battle-Sim" However the event in April was a poorly planned Skirmish at best & a real case of the guys running the show just wanting an event where the other team are cannon fodder. Briefing was an embarrassment with the owner referring to himself as an operator on more than one occasion! Massively unbalanced sides where owner, friends & YouTube celebrities running riot against an Opfor side who were mostly toe dippers in the Milsim World with no leadership & guidance, as such with no organisation to the event / arguments ensued mid-game with alas, people leaving mid way (including myself). What equally stands out is the owners lack of humility to put his hands up & say he got things wrong, never took this on board what didn't work so well in April & now appears the same again in October. Within the debrief he lay the negative press solely at the feet of the players, which to a degree will accept but when a team is just being pummeled by a well drilled side with high end kit & equally not playing by the rules by the looks of it then what do they expect?! Anyway whilst always disappointing to read so much press about a poor experience for people that's put their hands in their pockets, it does reassure me that there are some very good events which go on out in our Community - Majority are invite only without the need for YouTube endorsements or their endorsees! I think here SEO has stapled itself as definitely one to avoid within the South East of England,
  7. MikeMarden

    New Airsofter Kent Area

    Welcome! - Already been covered above but we're spoilt for choice in Kent for Airsoft sites. As for riding solo, many others (me included) who normally rock up to sites on their own, but very quickly you end up buddying up with other players & teams - We all start somewhere! Apocalypse is my local & go to - always a shame when you have a bad day out & we all experience them from time to time (what happened at Apoc?), but can happen anywhere, however if nothing else gives you the opportunity to reach out to different sites, try them all & you'll get a feel for what works for you / what doesn't)
  8. MikeMarden

    A-TACS AU WAS Plate Carrier + Accessories


    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    Hi all, Having a bit of an Airsoft Clearout, am looking to sell on my A-TACS AU Warrior Assault Systems DCS Plate Carrier, comes as a complete package with the following:- WAS Plate Carrier - Medium Size WAS Command Panel Gen 2 WAS Hydration Carrier Gen 2 - Will include hydration bladder (sterilized) with A-TACS AU cover WAS Medic Pack WAS Triple Open 5.56mm Mag pouches WAS Single pistol mag holder x2 WAS Strobe Compass Pouch x2 WAS Adjustable Radio Pouch Condor Double Pistol Mag holder Flyye Water Bottle Pouch HW Holsters Kydex Pistol Holder All items are used but in a great condition. Priced at £125 - that includes postage as I can imagine it's not cheap! - For collection happy to take £115.00 Would prefer is buyer collected due to size etc. - Am based in Kent Thanks for looking Mike


  9. Apocalypse Airsoft has banned a few Airsoft Celebs, I'm sure the celebs would spin to suit them, however they were asked not to come back to Apoc due to their general douchebaggery!
  10. MikeMarden


    Camoraids definitely gets the thumbs up for me, always has good stocks of TM, purchased a HK416D Delta package a while ago, very sensibly priced, but what does it for me is the service provided by Marek, is absolutely spot on, takes full accountability & helps out with any aftercare. Should I ever go for another set up then this is the company to do business with
  11. MikeMarden

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Something a little different (but not so different!) from me again! - One month to go until the next Milsim at Apocalypse Airsoft - Theme for September & November will be the U.S. Army vs. NVA & Vietcong. Emphasis is a back to basics approach, so no Thermal / Green eyes & modern day tech - Just senses, hand torch & iron sights only! Currently in 2018 I've been a Russian, Sicario within the Diablo's Mexican Drug Cartel & now a Vietcong soldier, has made for an interesting year! BDU & trousers courtesy of Military 1st & everything else so far courtesy of EBay
  12. MikeMarden

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Thanks buddy - there were x12 of us all dressed fairly similar, we were all surprised how good the camo was, what with a decent couple of sunny day & a lush green & dense woodland it worked rather well, something none of us were expecting!
  13. MikeMarden

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Something a little different for me- local site, Apocalypse Airsoft in Kent had a 48 hour Milsim last weekend, theme was Police & DEA Vs. Mexican & Colombian Cartels. Have to say that this was the best Milsim (& most fun) I've attended within the past few years. I was on the Mexican (Yellow Diablo's) - Given the time out on the ground opted for something little lighter, WAS Plate Carrier & all attached binned off in favour for a WAS Battle Belt & back plate system, lightened the load considerably whilst still being able to take all essentials out with me. Yellow dress up kit was all EBay jobbies & all cost less than £30 WAS Battle Belt / sling system in A-TACS AU Marui 416D Delta AEG Jack Pyke Tundra Boots Hero Shark "Mako" mesh bins
  14. MikeMarden

    Apocalypse Airsoft 18/03/2018

    Its a great sight - definitely one of the best in Kent, I was there for the Milsim which took place across Friday & Saturday, some of our forces braved it out for the Sunday skirmish as well. Snow definitely gave it different dynamic. Glad you liked it, site owners will keep evolving the structures etc.
  15. MikeMarden

    First Milsim

    Good set of footwear that'll hold up to all elements as well as socks (already mentioned). My first Milsim I wore the wrong boots & my feet were soaked on the first of three days, did not make for a comfortable experience. Next one for me is food & hydration, every chance you get ensure you keep well hydrated (keep an emergency drink on you at all times), you can be out on the ground for very long stints & over commit, you do not want to be dehydrated. Same goes for food, when you're back to FOB, get your food supplies in, plenty of sugary snacks, protein (jerky is a winner) & hot food, unbelievable morale booster. Three good batteries should be more than enough for you Enjoy!