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  1. Apocalypse Airsoft has banned a few Airsoft Celebs, I'm sure the celebs would spin to suit them, however they were asked not to come back to Apoc due to their general douchebaggery!
  2. MikeMarden


    Camoraids definitely gets the thumbs up for me, always has good stocks of TM, purchased a HK416D Delta package a while ago, very sensibly priced, but what does it for me is the service provided by Marek, is absolutely spot on, takes full accountability & helps out with any aftercare. Should I ever go for another set up then this is the company to do business with
  3. MikeMarden

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Something a little different (but not so different!) from me again! - One month to go until the next Milsim at Apocalypse Airsoft - Theme for September & November will be the U.S. Army vs. NVA & Vietcong. Emphasis is a back to basics approach, so no Thermal / Green eyes & modern day tech - Just senses, hand torch & iron sights only! Currently in 2018 I've been a Russian, Sicario within the Diablo's Mexican Drug Cartel & now a Vietcong soldier, has made for an interesting year! BDU & trousers courtesy of Military 1st & everything else so far courtesy of EBay
  4. MikeMarden

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Thanks buddy - there were x12 of us all dressed fairly similar, we were all surprised how good the camo was, what with a decent couple of sunny day & a lush green & dense woodland it worked rather well, something none of us were expecting!
  5. MikeMarden

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Something a little different for me- local site, Apocalypse Airsoft in Kent had a 48 hour Milsim last weekend, theme was Police & DEA Vs. Mexican & Colombian Cartels. Have to say that this was the best Milsim (& most fun) I've attended within the past few years. I was on the Mexican (Yellow Diablo's) - Given the time out on the ground opted for something little lighter, WAS Plate Carrier & all attached binned off in favour for a WAS Battle Belt & back plate system, lightened the load considerably whilst still being able to take all essentials out with me. Yellow dress up kit was all EBay jobbies & all cost less than £30 WAS Battle Belt / sling system in A-TACS AU Marui 416D Delta AEG Jack Pyke Tundra Boots Hero Shark "Mako" mesh bins
  6. MikeMarden

    Apocalypse Airsoft 18/03/2018

    Its a great sight - definitely one of the best in Kent, I was there for the Milsim which took place across Friday & Saturday, some of our forces braved it out for the Sunday skirmish as well. Snow definitely gave it different dynamic. Glad you liked it, site owners will keep evolving the structures etc.
  7. MikeMarden

    First Milsim

    Good set of footwear that'll hold up to all elements as well as socks (already mentioned). My first Milsim I wore the wrong boots & my feet were soaked on the first of three days, did not make for a comfortable experience. Next one for me is food & hydration, every chance you get ensure you keep well hydrated (keep an emergency drink on you at all times), you can be out on the ground for very long stints & over commit, you do not want to be dehydrated. Same goes for food, when you're back to FOB, get your food supplies in, plenty of sugary snacks, protein (jerky is a winner) & hot food, unbelievable morale booster. Three good batteries should be more than enough for you Enjoy!
  8. MikeMarden

    Favourite/Best site in the Uk?

    Apocalypse Airsoft in Kent for me is the site that gets my stamp of approval. We're lucky to have some really good sites in Kent. I appreciate amongst the community Apocalypse can be a bit marmite for people & generates a bit of swirl for various different reasons, but from my perspective as a player:- Big, big site which has a lot of development / evolution put in by the owners Great mixture of dense woodland for stalking & sniping / lots of clearings structures for intense CQB action Regular Milsims across the year - attended 3 this year, loved every one of them Site owners who take pride in wanting to deliver a great site & experience - developed a really good relationship with Martin, Jon & Brendon Really thorough safety briefing / Good marshalling Plenty of facilities - Food / shop / Bogs / Setting up areas for 100+ all with shelter Good bunch of regulars who are accommodating & welcoming of others Appreciate it's not everyones bag but ticks all of my boxes
  9. MikeMarden

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Clawgear stuff is ace, have got what you have but in A-TACS AU, pricey stuff but you get why you're paying that bit more with the quality of the kit.
  10. MikeMarden

    Fubar Bundy

    Glad i've come across this - Purchased from these guys today, great to know people recommend their service, always a tad nervous when purchasing from somewhere new to me!
  11. MikeMarden

    Claw Gear

    Claw Gear is quality - Got myself a couple of sets in A-TACS AU, well made, waterproof lining at the base, plenty of proper pockets (unlike the Chinese jobbies). Options for intergrated knee pads on the outs or can have them on the inside. RandomTrashy has done a couple of reviews on his site for the tops & trousers Gets a thumbs up from me!
  12. MikeMarden

    Little Things That Annoy You In Airsoft

    Would be interested to know where you played at the weekend?
  13. MikeMarden

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Hey buddy it was this one from Helikon..... http://www.military1st.co.uk/ko-cs2-po-40-helikon-combat-shirt-with-elbow-pads-a-tacs-au.html Although had to source this through a company in Italy. Was a similar scenario for the plate carriers, sourced from Europe ( I got the DCS & RICAS ones) as UKT didn;t have any stock & only manufacture when they have an order of x100 from the distributors :-0 The Clawgear trousers I also sourced from Europe, all of the pouches from UKT though. Has been a fun & trying week!
  14. MikeMarden

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Apologies for the orientation of the pictures - no ideas why they're appearing on the side!
  15. MikeMarden

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    So have started to go down the path of saying goodbye to all of my ACU-Digital gear, which has served me well for the past 2 years now. Moving onto A-TACS AU, have attached a couple of pics of the new plate carrier, is a Warrior DCS 5.56 carrier, with x6 magazine pouches, x2 medium sized storage & the command panel, am awaiting on the hydration pack, separate water pouch (for Milsim use) & a pouch for the obligatory radio, all will be in place by the New Year. Have also invested in Clawgear MKIII Trousers with integrated knee pads & a Helikon Shirt with elbow pads, this is on top of the accompanying A-TACS AU gloves, balaclava, face mask, patches & a rucksack, has been an expensive month! Will post some pics of the full kit once I’ve taken stock of everything.