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    Hi all - Happy New Year As per the subject title - Looking for a Jack Pyke LLCS Leaf suit, the English Oak version Require the M/L sizing, no L/XL as I have a small frame! Preference is something new & unopened, but if exceptional quality, then would consider, needs to be with no rips or tears & zero fade Thanks in advance Mike


    - GB

  2. Longbow BB are also offering 10% off Code BF10 Opportunity to save some pennies site wide
  3. For less than £250 you can buy brand new? Check various retailers
  4. What a pile of shit, doing that to a team member as well, hope he's identified & the same happens to his head, failing that at very least a site ban WAC

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    Hi all As per the title, looking to source a set of the Wolf Grey SRS Silverback panels. Preference is panels for the A1, would like a set that have never been used (boxed) or a set which are in great condition, no marks or scuff etc. Let me know what you've got Thanks Mike


    Kent - GB

  6. Equally seem to be buying up somewhat over the past few months. Gone back down the Sniping route, although this time no dressing like a tree & camping! SRS Silverback with full EdGi kit & Longbow internals TM MP5K HC as the sidearm - Absolutely stock but what a decent little gun straight out of the box!
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    Hi all After some deliberation have decided to sell on my Tokyo Marui AKS47 Type NGRS Purchased & was highly upgraded at CamoRaids July 2019, saw action across x2 different events last year & been sat in storage ever since, very good condition as you'd expect, just something that is sat round gathering dust so time to move it on to a new owner who'll hopefully get more use than I would Packages comes with: RIF - Boxed with all with original packaging + paperwork Standard Marui Low Cap 3x Marui Hi- Caps -- sacrilege! Torch attachment 2x Picatinny mounts, 1x in place removinng standard AK Iron sight which also comes with (in clear bag in pics) 2x Lipo battery 7.4V 1500mah 20C block List of internals carried out - Can supply original invoice for verification TM Next Gen Recoil upgrade service & wired to deans connectors Laylax Prometheus air nozzle for AK NGRS EdGi 5.98mm - 6.03mm brass inner barrel (240mm-350mm) Maple Leaf Omega hop up nub FPS Spring Guide for NGRS FPS PR80 Steel bushings (5.9mm) Laylax NGRS Prometheus aero cylinder head NGRS Laylax NGRS Prometheus hard piston Lonex NGRS normal torque hard gear set Action Army Inifinity 35K motor Looking for £515.00 which includes the PP Fees. As you can imagine with all of the above I paid a considerable more than that! Would prefer to meet up, live in Kent so can travel if needs be, can send via courier but buyer would need to cover this at their own expense. Thanks for looking Mike


    - GB

  8. So a further field test with these yesterday, hot day & was sweating like a...... Insert inappropriate commentary here!!, whilst they never fogged up once, the minute sweat got on the inside of the glasses it was game over & had to revert to good old tried & tested Heroshark mesh. However, not going to leave it at this, buoyed by the fact they didn't steam or mist, will simply buy a couple of Daley Thompson (90's athlete for the youths!) head sweat bands to mitigate my leakage & see if that adds longevity!
  9. Damn, that's no good. Am at a Skirmish on Sunday so will do my best to go full pelt to see if that makes them buckle, so far on my quiet sniping events they've done ok for me.
  10. Here you go buddy https://www.tactical-kit.co.uk/edge-eyewear-sharp-edge-protective-glasses-26867-p.asp?v=0&variantid=26871 Hey buddy As mentioned took a recommendation which was from Richie (Heresy Group) Link to the post on Instagram here, worth a watch & hopefully gives you some more insight
  11. I recently took a recommendation for a set of Edge Tactical eyewear SSE611-TT. Comes with a bold statement of being completely anti-fog. All I can say is so far as good with these, genuinely have lived up to the reputation & haven't fogged up. I sweat like a beast, up until now have only ever worn heroshark mesh as all other attempts to wear eyepro which isn't mesh has fallen flat Not overly expensive either at £25, so worth a punt in my book Hope this helps
  12. The 1st party Tag launchers mitigates the need for the expensive launching shells / FIST etc. Should it be within your budget then I'd recommend the Tag ML36, is an awesome piece of kit, can be used with or without the standalone chassis
  13. Go on to the Acetech website, find the model, scroll to the bottom of the page & download the manual
  14. Not sure where you're based but Camoraids are now sticking Tag Innovation products & should have a fair bit of stock Now necessarily on there website but they definitely have stock Cyma M052 works fine with Tags Co2 over Green gas all day long, first experience with Tags was using Green Gas & had a high percentage of tags not flying far nor detonating, with Co2 no issues with either, with Co2 you'll need a filling station as well (FIST)
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    Hi all Selling a Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24, comes with the genuine Vortex rail mount along with front & rear lens cap protectors Bought to use with an LMG, however decided to go in a different direction, used a couple times for zeroing / ranging only As new condition (but not brand new!) Price includes fees & delivery Thanks Mike


    Kent - GB

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