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  1. MikeMarden


    I'd agree with this - I own a set of nods which are fantastic for navigating at pace & ID'ing players at a fairly close range, however thermal is something else, unbelievable target identification at much longer ranges & can use to navigate just as effectively. As always comes down to personal preference & whether you're willing to commit a decent amount for cash for where you may only get out to a limited number of events. As with everything, I would recommend having go of somebody elses kit to see whether it works for you or not. For me, Thermal all day long, you should only need the kit which comes in box, whereas NV usually requires additional pieces of kit - Mounts / IR etc. etc.
  2. My recent purchases, invested in a launcher a couple of months ago, initially with a 40 Mike & Master Mike, not with the intention of close range activity but more with an aerial scatter bomb approach aiming up & letting the bbs rain down. Fortunate our local site does allow the 40's but using a 30m MED & sensible use Our monthly Milsim events has a team which likes to play defensive & dig in behind cover, so thought this could be a decent idea - opted for some tags as well to mix it up against the regulars with mortars Interested to see how they all work, if the 40's are shite then i'll stick with the tag rounds
  3. Hey buddy - Yes the dual tube FLIR, green as opposed to QS in this case 🙂
  4. Hey! - Someone posts a picture of their bare ass on here & it's the Forest Unicorn that gets the piss taken?! 🙂
  5. Hi all, After seeing someone post on here regarding AirsoftFaceProUK on Facebook, decided to take a look & invest in a couple of MK3 Snoods with integrated mouth guard for two different scenarios:- 1st was to compliment my night set up, opted for a skull cap over the usual fast helmet as I find these too clunky, however wanted something lightweight & breathable on the lower part of my face which equally gave me some protection against BB hits, the black snood w/ integrated mouth guard more than does the job as well as giving my large bugle (Nose!) protection 2nd was for my sniping set up, compliments a leaf hood & custom face mask, I used to wear a thick balaclava underneath this set up but was too damn hot, so again opted for something which gives me a lighter layer of protection whilst remaining light & breathable. Am looking forward to putting these both through their paces at a Milsim event next weekend
  6. Longbow via their website & Kicking Mustang (Via Skirmshop) both sell 0.48's in white, not sure why you'd need to go any heavier I also use an SRS - 0.48's should be all you need
  7. Another +1 for WAS - Have had other brands in the past; Invader Gear etc. WAS just feels & fits that extra bit better, getting what you pay for TBH. On Facebook there is a page set up called 'Warrior Assault Systems Owners Group' Lots of people buying & selling their WAS gear, majority great price & great condition, you'd be able to pick up a bargain from there should you wish to save a few pennies
  8. These leaf suits for the very small price are very good TBH & are as equally effective as some of the more expensive variants (I own a a Jack Pyke LLCS in English Oak which go for around £130). Would definitely start with this, for £17 will serve you as a decent base layer & you can add to it where you see fit. These are very lightweight as well & will a simple bit of crafting so fatten them out & tailor to your local site

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    Hi all, A few bits I'm looking to sell on as I've moved away from A-TACS AU:- WAS PLB Belt WAS Triple M4 5.56 mag pouches WAS Dump Pouch WASS Elite Ops Molle Harness Not Warrior but comes with the package:- A-TACS AU rifle sling (think it was Viper) A-TACS AU Flyye Mbss Molle Backpack Nice little package - Good condition, everything barring the dump pouch has only been used a couple of times. Looking for £65 which covers fees & postage Thanks for looking Mike


    Kent - GB

  10. You definitely need to see the back of these. I ran the Sopmods in my 416D Devgru. Naively I had the mindset of not upsetting the apple cart & messing with the internals, as others have stated, the Spomods would last half a day at best. I also opted to have the internals of the Sopmods upped as well, something that FireSupport carried out for me, whilst they had a bit more chuff were again still lucky to see out just over half a day & if i'm honest, for the mods which were carried out the gun felt & was low on FPS When I added to my armoury a 416D Delta, I decided to bin off the Sopmod's, get the gun wired to deans & added a couple of lipo's. Suffice to say they're so much quicker to charge, last so, so much longer & the gun performs at the power output in line with the mods carried out. Honestly the best mod ever carried out, win win all round ditching the Sopmods.
  11. As Jcheeseright stated, a tad dimmer than the greens but still highly visible, and yes they look the bollocks through NV!
  12. Used ASG Blasters 0.25 for a few years, never let me down once, have recently started using Geoffs (Red) as well & again no issues at all. Ran these through both the TM 416D Delta & Devgru, either way you'll be safe with either brand.
  13. Here you go mate, also have the Ops Core one as well - pretty much identical to the FMA:-




    Just wanted another as a back up!


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    2. MikeMarden


      Haha! - Look at it as a long term investment, that's what I do in order to sleep at night!!!

    3. clumpyedge


      Indeed will be worth it in the long run avoiding using a skull crusher for starters!! the head aches I've had from them rival an internal nuke going off!

    4. MikeMarden


      Don't blame you mate - those things have no give whatsoever!


  14. Sourced mine via a supplier on Ebay, a couple of UK based companies also sell them:- https://www.odintactical.co.uk/crye-precision-nightcap-mount But you can definitely find cheaper elsewhere - Think I paid around the £70 for mine, shroud-wise I opted for a FMA jobbie:- FMA Helmet Accessories VAS NVG Shroud Aluminium Mount Airsoft Gear TB1253 - BK Hope this helps Thanks Mike Ah, here we go, much cheaper as well:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Crye-Precision-NightCap-NVG-Mount-Cap-Black/232951207299?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Thanks Mike
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