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  1. Got this in the post. CYMA cm.702c. Looks ok so far. Shooting about 500fps with 0.2 bbs with the hop half on. Will give it proper test at the weekend. Will need to buy a scope, bipod and other bits. Will probably need a new hop unit and other internals. I will also give it a paint job at some point too and will put some pics up when done.
  2. Mmmm this is the same price as a scope I was looking at. Should I buy it also? Hopefully one day I will have more RIFs than my mrs has shoes. I will take me about 1000 years but I can only dream.
  3. I normally run low or mid caps and use semi auto only when I play so I am not too fussed on machine gunning everything to death. I also spend a lot of time time crawling on the ground as I don't mind getting covered in mud and it allows me to get in better shooting positions with less chance of being shot on the way. The rifle thing, is not so much about becoming a ghillie suited leet guy, more about having a few different options of playing styles when I role up for a game and also having a bit of a project to waste time and money on. Anyway, I have binned the ASG off and I have just ordered a CYMA CM.702C. It looks cool and there are a few decent upgrade options to allow me to reach out and touch someone.
  4. Alas, things didn't turn out as planned and I didn't pick up the rifle. I will pick one up at some point in the near future. I've not done any sniping before so just wanted something to try out to see if it suits me, hence getting a cheapo rifle to mess about with. But thanks everyone. Especially you Lozart, you were really useful. 😁
  5. I'm off to buy a ASG M40a3 sportline version tonight. They are going really cheap at my local retailer. I have seen good things about them and I could do with a new project to sink all my time and money into. I need arguments for and against such an idea.
  6. I don't think one £500 voucher would be enough. As it stands i currently require; TM MP7 GBB TM MWS GHK SIG 553 Some form of M60 An golden AK Two Uzis (complete with black leather gloves and a moustache) And A crate full of exploding pyros And that is only until I change my mind.
  7. I am beautiful and don't want my dashing good looks ruined so I wear a full face mask. Regardless, the one spot that I find to be rather painfull is right in the middle my back. It's just plain owch to be shot there. I don't like plate carriers so I will just put up with the pain.
  8. My mums favourite gun is the FN FAL.
  9. Anyone had any experience with the GHK Sig 553?
  10. I dug my WE G39C at the weekend just to see how it was shooting on different gas types at different temps. At room temp it was shooting approx 400 fps on green gas At room temp it was shooting 350 fps on Nuprol 1.0 gas At approx 10c it was shooting about 310 fps on green gas. Keep forgetting how good gbbrs are to shoot.
  11. 46 here and I'm still tearing up the battlefield. I recon I have at least another ten years in me before I start slowing down.
  12. A while back I played a Zombie Infection game at the Liverpool Asylum. The asylum is a massive and very creepy Victorian hospital that has had various used over the years but is now abandoned. It was great fun with loads of real zombies (actors) roaming around and a mission to complete. However, it was very expensive, £80 for a few hours with the option of spending more to upgrade from a crappy spring shotgun that you are given. At the time there was a groupon special going on so I was able to get it for half price.
  13. At the end of Heart Break Ridge, absolutley no one gave a flying fuck that Profile died.
  14. Come now, you love a bit of rotting pigeon in the morning.
  15. As a side note. I have an APS sliver edge gear box installed in one if my M4's and it works just fine.
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