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  1. It's fancy laser tag, but you deffo know when you are hit so there is no cheating. Imagine playing airsoft when there is £100k at stake, how many people would not take their hits?
  2. Why don't they just use the military stuff for hit detection like MILES?
  3. How about a Sig 552? G+G and TM make them. You don't see many of them knocking about.
  4. There is a guy on Youtube who puts various camo patterns through it's paces. Suprisingly desert dpm is pretty good in the woods in autum. I might pick some up myself.
  5. Been using AEGS for my last few games and I still have one to that I have yet to use in anger. However, I have dusted off my G39c and forgot how fun it is to use. Got it modded with some steel internals and a better barrel, npas, hop rubber and also added a steel charging handle (the plastic one broke after my first game with it). It is so fun to shoot compared to my AEGs and pretty accurate too. As Wo1f said, the mags are bulky but I have six and have had no problems with them leaking. I am now thinking of getting the MWS as it seems to be the Rolls Royce of the GBB world and basically look sexy as flip. Just need to find £800.
  6. I will stop buying guns when my Mrs stops buying shoes.
  7. That was an older pic. Here is how I am running things at the moment
  8. I have posted this before, but here is my mp5 load out. Currently carrying eight 50round mid caps
  9. 'hard routine'? they have you shitting into cling film?
  10. Got this little beauty. Will now be able to test my guns in the comfort of my own home. Test videos to follow (when I can be bothered).
  11. It is pretty much the answer to 50% of the questons asked in the forums
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