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  1. Apart from the low cap mags, the only issue I have with GBBR's is controlling the FPS which is affected temperature. Summer time can mean your gun is shooting too hot or in the depths of winter it can mean your gun is not cycling properly. There a few things you can do such as using different gas types or physical devices such as an NPAS which can control the amount of gas that flows throught the system. Other than that, they are great fun to use. - Also check various youtubers. BadaBing has some great vids on his channel.
  2. She should have worn these to the beach.
  3. I have tried the old shaving foam/tooth paste thing and it might have worked for 15 seconds. Buy googles or a mask with a thermal/dual pane lens.
  4. The bailif was so shocked that he picked up what he thought were real fire arms and got his finger prints all over them.
  5. Well not really. Just been watching 'Can't Pay we will take it away' (daytime TV is so awful). Anyway, some bailifs turned up at some guys house to remove stuff for an unpaid debt. During a search of his garage they made a shocking discovery of a few handguns and an M4. The police were called but the officer was pretty quick to identify that they were airsoft guns. The guns had the tell tail signs that they were airsoft guns, the M4 high cap mag winder, but it goes to show for the general public they look very real.
  6. Loving the dragon grip on the pistol.
  7. I think in that case, regardless of what colour the gun was, if he had pointed that gun at the officer instead of throwing it to the ground, the officer probably would have shot him.
  8. Out of all the wars, Vietnam was my favourite.
  9. Has anyone else had that awkward moment when you have to explain to the plumber that you are not an arms dealer while you move your stash of RIFs to let him get at some pipes?
  10. They have a facebook page but there has not been any activity on there since the lockdown. https://www.facebook.com/SWATAIRSOFTUK
  11. Bomb Up Airsoft is in Warrington. If the shops ever open again it is worth a trip even if it is just to ask the staff about the basics. They have all sorts of guns (mostly M4's) you can have a feel of to see what might take your fancy.
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