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    TM Mp5k, G&G Mp5 A4, Mp5 SD6, ASG AUG A1, Frankenstein M4, WE G17, WE G39c GBB, CM702C, MP9., AK74
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    DPM, DYE I4 mask, Condor chest rig, MTP stuff
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  1. What make os your Eotch? Found it in the General Discussions. Cheers
  2. You cannot best mag dumping a GBB, so much more satisfiying than anAEG.
  3. Finally got my AK. A CYMA CM.040. Shoots around 320fps with .20g bbs. Hoping to give it a good run out this weekend.
  4. The last game I played I was able to sneak right up to the opposing team by getting on the deck and leopard crawling between bushes and other bits of cover. I was only rumbled after I opened fire and took some of their team out. I was wearing your bog standard MTP cammo and was moving at a slow but steady rate as to try and not to draw attention to me. They were probably distracted by my team mates, but I was suprised at just how close I was able to get without being detected.
  5. I use Li-FE batteries in all my RIF's with good results. You can get them here: https://www.componentshop.co.uk/batteries/batteries-airsoft/batteries-airsoft-li-fe-packs.html
  6. Got this for my son who is into WW2 gear. It's the AGM one which I picked up for £130. It seems pretty solid and shoots around 320fps with 0.2 bbs. Have it next to my Mp5 for a size comparison.
  7. I use mine for CQB for which I use an MP5 and MP9 so I need mag pouches that can accommodate them. Otherwise, the rig is really well made and should do exactly what you need it to.
  8. I have a condor rig very similar to that but a plain molle rig without the built in mag pouches. It's pretty decent. It's very comfortable, the material is tough and so far, I have had no problems with the stitching.
  9. I used to go alone and never had any problems. Once you are in team and start running around getting stuck in, you soon start talking tactics and bollocks. Then when you have a break, most airsofters will be more than happy to talk about their guns and gear.
  10. I have seen this online. Anyone used one of these?
  11. For knackered knees then pads are almost esential. I have a pair that are secured by velcro which are prone to falling down. I secure them in place by wrappinng eletrical tape a few times around the pad and my leg. It looks silly but it keeps them in place.
  12. Good to hear all your excuses, I mean, efforts to stay in shape. Im off for a bit of a jog/walk. It's going to be epic.
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