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    TM Mp5k
    [email protected] Mp5 A4
    Umarex Mp5 SD6
    ASG AUG A1
    Frankenstein M4
    WE G17
    WE G39c GBB
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    Dpm or T-Shirt n Shorts
    DYE I4 mask
    Condor chest rig
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    CQB sites in the North West
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  1. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    How many guns ?

    My next gun will either be a M7, MP9, Scar H, Scar L, Sig 552 or a P90.
  2. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    Getting the hump .

    I would just like to say that you lot are just big meanies.
  3. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    Gun picture thread

    Finally got my AUG looking awesome. Added a mini red dot on the scope as I can't look though it when I am wearing my mask
  4. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    Admin Delete Thread (The "£700 SWAT Loadout" thread)

    Can you post a video of you fast roping from a choppa through some plate glass windows whilst shooting some bad guys?
  5. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    Military Group Youtube

    I would have though that active duty soldiers have more to worry about that a bunch of people playing airsoft.
  6. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    Any Scousers about?

    Love the Kiln but don't get to play as often as I would like.
  7. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    MP5 External Upgrades

    I keep thinking that I have enough guns, but it's never enough! I just need one more, or maybe three, just in case.
  8. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    MP5 External Upgrades

    Got these babies. I have the top tech g+g mp5 a4. It's boss.
  9. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    MP5 External Upgrades

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/G-P-Airsoft-MP5-Handguard-with-CREE-LED-Flashlight-GP-TAL002-/171912196354 I bought one of these. It fits my G+G MP5 after a very minor mod (cutting two little plastic lugs on the inside of the grip that get in the way of the barrel). The torch is decent, but more importantly, it makes the gun look very cool.
  10. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    MP5 External Upgrades

    G+P do a front grip with an integrated torch. Takes seconds to install and very useful for those dark areas when playing CQB.
  11. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    I can't believe I am doing this... R6Siege loadout.

    Love R6 Seige, I've pumped more hours into that game than anything else on the PS4. Would be cool to have a load out like that. There are a few good vids of people make R6 gadgets. This one is pretty cool one where they make Blitz's shield.
  12. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    Oldie, but new here

    I'm 46 this year! Not letting that stop me.
  13. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    SAS in action in Nairobi

    Cool. Looks like he was running a Krytac or a TM recoil.
  14. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    SAS in action in Nairobi

    Just when you really need an SAS trooper, one pops up to help out. For some reason i cant post the link but check it out in the news. Loads of pics of a mysterious man with a blanked out face with some sort of AR
  15. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    Does anyone train?

    I watch Who Dares Wins once a month ( only the last 10 mins) There is also a show on Netflix called CQB hosted by some ex Delta Force bloke. Each episode covers a different SF unit and what tactics they use. I watch that and I am probably a tier one operator now.