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  1. They should get people to shit into cling film and carry it round with them for that unique mil sim experience.
  2. I wanted a GBLS but the Mrs would have told me off for selling our first born child.
  3. Credit card? I sold one of my kidneys! It was worth it though.
  4. I am sure that's same for every gun nut in the good old US of A (except that they think they are all DevGru)
  5. Training for the apocalypse, or shooting at paper targets from about two inches away.
  6. What are we all training for? The Russians aren't coming and the zombies, well the zombies ain't going to be a thing.
  7. Yeh, I have bought a load of these on your recommendation and I have had no issues with them. I get a good trigger response and decent rof with all the guns I run them with.
  8. It's got a mosfet, would it not be better to get an 11.4v Lipo? Much better trigger response.
  9. I thought you meant drilling into the lens, which I thought was a daft idea. The frames are a different matter, are they pretty sturdy?
  10. When you say tiny, how tiny and how many holes without compromising the integrity of the lens'?
  11. Post a picture of it. I need to know what is causing everyone to get all excited.
  12. I bought a cheapo E9800-X from the darkest regions of the internet and surprisingly it was pretty much recording the same as the chrono at the last site I played at. Which was a relief as I have an M4 shooting at 340-345fps on my chrono and I was worried that the site chrono would record it as being too hot, but no, it passed and I had a great day pew pewing with it.
  13. I have a ASG Aug Commando which is at home in both woodland and CQB environments. It's a slighty shorter weapon than my MP5 but is has a longer barrel. The AUG has a two stage trigger, I have heard that some CQB sites don't like people using them as it's quite easy to switch to full auto if you haven't developed a good trigger discapline. Although, it's very easy to shoot on semi auto and you could do a semi auto mod if you really wanted. I also have an G+G MP5 A4 which again is at home in the woods or when clearing a room. Both guns look cool. Just feed them decent BB's and set your hop-up right and you will be competive with either platform.
  14. Don't for get to add a little bit of sugar and salt into your drinking water to ensure that you are properly rehydrated.
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