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  1. Use it. I have one that I have modded to shoot 330fps. It's a great CQB weapon.
  2. I did use a charge that has a LiFe setting, so I hope I just got unlucky and got a duff battery.
  3. Thanks for the info. Looks like it's going back before I have even had a chance to use it. Boo to that.
  4. So, just got my self a new 3 cell 9.9v LiFe battery as I have heard good things about them. However, while I was putting it though its first charge I noticed that one of the cells became a little puffy. So I removed the battery from charge before the charger had finished. The charger was telling me that the first two cells had finished charging but the third cell was still being charged (I assume it is the puffy one). After a quick check, the battery was outputting 10.39v in total which is more than the 9.9v it is supposed to carry. So, is this normal? have I got a duffy battery? have I got a dodgy charger? Will bad things happen if I discharge the battery a bit (by fully autoing my gun for a bit) and putting it back on the charger?
  5. I'm gonna see how I get on with this one over the next few games and if it's all good I will replace all my nimh's with these. I can't be dealing with the potential hassle of lipo's exploding and burning the house down.
  6. Thought I would give a 9.9v life battery a go. And some Space Raiders.
  7. Must be the Directors Cut of the movie.
  8. Rambo back to his best?
  9. Can't beat a big fat one, where did you get it from?
  10. Have a look at my old mates videos on the subject Personally I prefer DPM but it is propbably more to do with me being rather old school.
  11. Unfortuantly it didn't say as the guy never turned up for court. I would be very interested in the difference in charging/sentencing if he had pulled the same stunt with a black pistol.
  12. Everyone knows that it can't be a real gun if it is painted blue.
  13. Rather than go to bed I was watching Police Interceptors on C5. Anyway, some plant pot was threatening door staff with a two tone pistol. It was described by the narrator as a gas powered ball bearing weapon. Armed responce officer were called out to the incident. The guy was charged with possession of an imitation firearm. Here is what they found.
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