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    Dpm or T-Shirt n Shorts
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  1. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    CQB Help

    Seems likes it's not a dream as it's featured elsewhere in this very forum.
  2. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    CQB Help

    Guns by their very nature should be as loud and as scary as possible. My G39 gbb makes a very loud and satisfying noise. I do recall, though it might have been a dream, that there was a device that hooked your gun up to a speaker which then made a 'realistic' gun noise when you fired it. It was total garbage.
  3. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    CQB Help

    Anyone of these will do. Love the smell of a MP5 in the morning.
  4. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    CQB Help

    Get a MP5. You can wear a dirty vest and pretend that you are John McClain. I have a G+G one for CQB and it is ace.
  5. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    Airsoft Youtubers

    A totally silent pistol is a tool of the rascal and the coward.
  6. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I expect a full written report with diagrams.
  7. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    Airsoft Youtubers

    Scout the Doggie does the best vids as far as game play footage goes.
  8. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    Bomb Up Airsoft, Runcorn

    I was in the area the other day so I'd thought I'd pop in to have a sniff of what they had in stock. Turns out that they had only bloody moved to Warrington!
  9. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Have installed all this lot yet? Just wondering what kind of a difference on performance that lot would have on your MP5.
  10. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    Brought my first Airsoft gun! Opinions?

    Yeh, but my MP5K is well better than yours.
  11. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    Rough Guide To A U.S Vietnam Era Loadout

    All the good stuff is always out of stock.
  12. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    Rough Guide To A U.S Vietnam Era Loadout

    I did 15 tours in 'Nam. Any do any more than that?
  13. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    I wish I'd known this when I started.

    All you need is love, well that and a MP5
  14. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    Minimum age in airsoft

    The site where I play will take kids from 12 plus as long as they are wearing full face masks and other safety gear. My son is very keen to play and will be 12 next year. He is a sensible lad and will behave himself, especially as he will be glued to my side. The acid test will be when he takes his first shot in somewhere sensitive, lol. Otherwise, I all for kids playing if they well behaved and play in the true spirit of the game.
  15. CrackCommandoUnit1972

    How many of you prefer tan/fde rifles?

    Black, all good guns come in black, or very dark grey.