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  1. @Speedbird_666 Without going full fanboi. The PTW feels different to all other airsoft guns that I have handled ( bar maybe the MWS but that doesn't apply since its ammo cap forces you to play a certain way ). Redwolf put it the best in their GBBR Review. NGRS are awesome. If you want to win, get a PTW. The trigger and the general compliant click of the selector, is a huge thing really. The sound is delicious and really quiet on single relatively speaking. It is thinner in both the grip and body, since normal AEG's are all fatter than normal M4's. Since the original TM d
  2. @Tackle Main take away is that he is lying on this videos about the hits he is claiming to make. Using on screen hit markers to make the players who he is missing, appear to be cheaters. Then actively naming a site who banned him from filming, implying that site was trying to hide its apparent high cheat rate and he was the victim. When the reality is he cannot hit the side of a barn and is just good at editing in markers. Then the cream on the cake is him sending his simps to the airsoft sites social media pages to kick off about his unfair treatment and how they are mask
  3. Saw this on one of the Facebook airsoft groups and thought it might be fun to share. He has apparently been going around copyright striking everyone who posts it, only to find 2 more pop up! Hail Hydra If anyone knows how to post gifs, PLEASE let me know https://tenor.com/9P9t.gif
  4. I am going to build mine into a semi dmr platform. It is the only way I will be able to use one, with my blood lust. Essentially this but with Magpul furniture and an Eotech voodoo clone on, yes a Geissele mount I've got a pimped out Recoil too and currently enjoying running that over the PTW, just because its different to the PTW i have used solely until last year Both reach out to about 70m with .32's
  5. Funnily enough, my first was a DD rail too but an Airsoft version. Mine was clearly not to spec, as I never needed to get it milled to allow for access. ( Which was nice ) I am now a whore for Geissele. Next purchase will probably be a M4A1 MWS and that will be having a 13.5' Geissele M-Lok thrown on. Still not sure I will like the MWS but i wants one.
  6. So myself and 3 others got some of the very first 2008 model from a well know retailer at cost. Winner I took it home, put a rail on it and sprayed it before even firing a shot. Tested it in the garden and its was kinda meh on the old 9.6V batteries and the blue cylinder kicking out something in the region of 360. The motor died about halfway through its first ever game. We are talking about 1000 bbs through it. Also the hop was shiiiiiiiiiiiiite too. Much swearing, wondering why I had invested so much etc etc. It went back to the retailer, gun went away to be rewound and the ho
  7. I think just the fact its Systema news is a exciting people. Weird company with horrific marketing over the last decade. The motor in the box is a nice touch but seems overly engineered since well, PTWs biggest issue is there motors are a bit shit and cost the earth. Hopefully this has been addressed with this new design. Most people are super happy because now they can put any grip on they like
  8. My 2008 it is current incarnation. I am fairly confident that this is one of the most beaten up and misused PTWs about. First thing to be aware of. They are very picky about BB's. Do not put shit ones in. It will cost you. Geoffs and Valkyries work really well. Best place for Parts is Ebay, Forums, www.powair6.com, https://emperionstore.com/ and https://www.haoptwart.com/ Gun techs you have the infamous Tackleberry but you also have Tacbelts. Both of which have Facebook pages. Careful not to upset the Tackleberry simps. Honestly, maintaining a PTW is t
  9. Honestly, not legally. You can do what ever you want to your RIF. Spray it black, tan, MC or stencil the Mona Lisa on it. It's yours. Unless you do it in front of a cop or video it and throw it on youtube. No one is going to know or care. There is no database on two tones, there isn't even a database for RIF's. So do what you want with it, just don't be a cunt with it making airsoft look bad and
  10. I have not read all the replies but in my opinion. You 100% need a side arm, because pistols are cool as FUCK! Well you may use it... Well probably not.. I mean hardly ever..... It will get filled and emptied before and after every event... Except..... for that super rare time when you need to use it... a herald of angels will be heard as you draw it, you get a kill and it makes everything finally worth it! You will then walk around with a massive erection and tell everyone in the safe zone about the kill of the year. You will re-tell it to your family and friends. It
  11. Groot

    THE TM MWS thread

    Heat and Violence!
  12. I was under the impression that a number of them were EOL. I really wanted the Mp5K PDW ( the one with the stock ) but it appears to be out of stock pretty much worldwide. Ended up with a Galaxy version, which to be fair is REALLY good. Just plastic body, being a TM Clone. All the upgrade parts have arrived and video of the upgrades to follow.
  13. Groot

    THE TM MWS thread

    So....... I understand that the MWS being a gas system is able to push a heavier BB further and straighter at the same energy vs an AEG. My question is all things being equal, does anyone have any experience throwing a heavy bb .45g up etc with a DMR power MWS vs the a spring sniper. ( 1.49j vs 2.31j ) What different in range differences are people seeing and are they as accurate as a upgraded sniper? The reason I ask is that I have a very nice sniper rifle, I have many AEG's and I am sure I am going to be convinced to get an MWS in the very near future. BUT I would not be abl
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