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    PTW, MWS, MP7 GBB, Gspec and couple of normal AEGs.
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    Crye Plate carrier and mostly real kit. Buy once and have it last forever.
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    Stirling, CSW, Zero One, Ambush, Elite. Have played at most well-known sites.
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    Bought for a project but gone another route. Great quality and colour. Nice positive spring. Price includes PP and Postage


    Portsmouth - GB

  2. Now... not as big a margin but it still feels different and better. The dimensions of the grip are skinner too, which feels nice. The sound is again different and so good. Just owning one makes your penis 4" longer. All in all, still the best there is.
  3. Perhaps it just sounds good and shows this weapon has received a level of love not usually bestowed upon a toy. Thus greatly increasing its worth. How many for sale adds say "recently serviced" . Which lets be honest is 90% bullshit and completely impossible to prove it wasn't.
  4. Myself and @quango2k are one of the few owners of Systemas that realise that airsoft is a game. Tbh that is a REALLY bad photo of me too that a blur would be a massive improvement.
  5. 14 years of ownership. Been services 3 times. Replaced the motor and piston once. I have a very heavy trigger finger. TCO it has been the cheapest AEG I have ever owned.
  6. PTW FANBOI ASSEMBLE!! It is currently with Tackleberry sorting out a small jamming issue. Then it will be back as my main blaster! Significantly better than an NGRS and an MWS. Of which i have owned both and sold on.
  7. 100% better than nothing I saw a post about a newbie saying how he really enjoyed this first CQB game and how his ears were still ringing. This post was on a Tuesday. It's going nanny state a bit but i think sites running pyro in confined areas, should be more responsible with ear protection. We go full autism over eye pro and both are kind of useful.
  8. I've spoken with the guy before and hes sound but this is just wow..
  9. How has no one posted this yet? Just wow......
  10. If you want to retain situational awareness you are going to need to invest in Milspec ear pro. Simple as that. I have had the same set of Sordins now for around 12 years and they are still going strong. https://www.earshotcommunications.co.uk/shop/product/sordin-75302-x-g-supreme-pro-x-green-earshell-camo-headband-gel-earpads/ Back then you could buy the parts to mod them into having a microphone as well. I don't think these parts are available now. So would be worth running to the mic'd version. What ever you do. It will cost you less than losing your hearing.
  11. Powair6 are great as long as its in stock and arrives ok. They will label it correctly with French DHL. Customs will be entirely pot luck. Only issue with Powair6 is their customer service or lack off if the package goes rogue. "Call le DHL. We do not give zee fuck" I would see if Redwolf has it. I have ordered high value stuff from them many times. Arrives as fast as from Europe and never been hit with VAT. https://www.redwolfairsoft.com
  12. I have the 60' in mine and im running at 1.1j running 0.28s and 0.32s ( 350 fps on 0.2s ) 60' is the right one for that sort of power.
  13. I ran my DMR on .45s and while expensive they went straight and true. So hit count was higher. Especially when you can follow up firing instantly to adjust for a bush or wind. So 3k of bbs would last me a considerable length of time that i would for the most part take the cost out of it and just stick with my Geoffs. I have returned to springer now and I wont be going back. Its too easily abused. Not saying you do but i think the rise of "DMR" players is a little toxic to the game. DMR spamming is a meta hack for sites that allow it. No one i have seen has ever enforced a delay between shots. I mean how logistically could you. They mention it at briefing and then their part is done and off you go. So its basically a way to run a 1.88J and cheat the system by going "Full Semi Auto"
  14. So you use as much Russian fuel as the dent I’m going to make in Putins war purse with my hop purchase. As long as you have a flag. I guess you’re the better person here. GG
  15. Both have a place and depends on your play style Midcaps run anything from 100 to 170ish rounds. So theres quite a difference in what you get I recently start running and AK. Of the 7 mags i have, 1 is a 400 rounds high and my word did i miss the fun early days when i ran 8 M4 300 round hicaps and a 9.6 3300 battery. BRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPP! So much so I bought an LMG
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