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    PTW, MWS, MP7 GBB, Gspec and couple of normal AEGs.
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    Crye Plate carrier and mostly real kit. Buy once and have it last forever.
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    Stirling, CSW, Zero One, Ambush, Elite. Have played at most well-known sites.
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  1. Hello, Just tried it on some 7.4V 25C vs the 11.1 20C i was using. It is better but does still give me the odd double feed. The mosfet is a Gate PicoAAB micro 3rd gen Active Break Cheers
  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Basically as new. Used for 2 games so have insertion marks and a few rubs from being in a dump pouch. Price includes postage and PP fees


  3. Hello, I have a weird one. I am going to guess to start its either the hop rubber or the nozzle but before i order both and take it apart, let me get your group opinion. It is running a 11.1 with a mosfet and running at 1.1J. Pretty sure it was short stroked and the hop is a maple leaf with omega nub. I have checked the nub placement and everything externally looks in place and as it should. Rate of fire is nothing extreme. When i fire it on full auto. It will go through the full mag and all the bbs will fly straight and true to the end. When i put it on semi. I get either a double feed, a few flying fine and then the 3rd / 4th having no hop. Put it back to full auto on the same mag and no issues. Tried on two different ammo weights and same issue. What you saying? Cheers
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    Hello, I want one.. Cheers Groot


  5. Hi, I have an original TM Famas circa 1998 ( the best year ) . It is heavily upgraded with a spring and a metal spring guide ( Prometheus ). Interested in a swap for this and a packet of chocolate digestives?
  6. Evri is by far the worst excuse for a courier I have used in the last 5 years. Nothing arrives on time or at all.
  7. Was about to post the same.. This has to be a troll or a fraud... or the armourer to Tears of the Sun
  8. Golden Age of Airsoft was Circa 2005. Everyone ran normal AEGs and a few snipers... Who had hot guns because Joule creep hadnt been invented yet. Running either 0.5 teflon coated or 0.29 Maruzen Super Master Grades. It was a level playing field with no HPA Shit or speed softers. You tuned your AEG to 350 FPS on 0.2s and that was it. You ran ran 0.25 Excel if you were fancy or you hosed 0.2s Hops were stock except for the cut down biro tubes to replace the stock bit. So everyone had fairly equal ranges. BBs were £6 for 4000 and everyone ran 8+ Highcaps. We all have 9.6v 3300 Nicads in bags on stocks or the nunchuck ones somehow crammed into the foregrip. No one was a whiny prick and cried about being lit up .. Because being lit up was how it was. Health and safety was no existant. If you got hurt then you shouldnt have been doing what you were doing to get hurt and everyone knew that. Pyro was crow scarers in tenis balls. £20 for 200. AND.. This is the most important bit. The sites.. There was so many amazing sites. Ex Military, factory, entire industiral areas, shopping centers and TV Stations. They are all houses now but there was a 5 year or so period where the sites were incredible. That and the companies that ran the games were fewer and more focused on the game play. Not turning a profit. Fuck Airsoft now is total shit by comparison
  9. Stop giving these cowboys money and maybe... Just maybe they will take a moment and realise how its time to either pack up and call it a day or invest some time in money into marshalls and a decent event. Same reason Brit Tac isnt going to see a penny from my team again. When a 3rd of one side packs up and leaves on day one. Thats a subtle indication.
  10. Groot

    TM MWS Longevity

    I would try one first before committing but if you do decide to go for it. Like said by everyone . Do not mess with the internals except I would recommend getting a decent NPAS. It gives you the ability to tune the power based on the gas and temp of the day. It also lets you run MAPP gas and not blow holes in people. Lastly, you will need one of these for accuracy https://sixgunsmithing.com/2018/03/11/sixg-super-nub-for-marui-gbbr/ But i would really try to borrow one and run a few games. I really didnt enjoy my MWS. The output, wasnt worth the effort. But i did make money on it, when i sold it . So hey ho. TM MP7 GBB is a better platform
  11. If i want to win. AEG If i want to have sweaty fun in an urban or cqb environment. GBB Biggest issue with airsoft (If you say it isnt so. You are a liar or you just never actually shoot anyone.) is that it often takes a number of BB's to hit and make a target take their hits. Especially when range and brush is involved. Which is why i rairly use my GBB when there is any chance i am going to need to shoot through a bush or engage at range. I would rather run my PTW and carry 7 x 120 round mags and just get more kills.
  12. The other team made up of 5 to 8 year olds did not know what hit them. Total campers pffft Recoil was controllable. Slight kick up and left. High speed low drag mag change system was quite intuitive. No chrono. So not sure on the power. Would recommend over HPA
  13. I got into one of the groups.. Basic Jist..... I want you to be honest on which of these complaints surprise you : Bad Inept disorganised marshalling Inconsistent rule usage ( one was single firing too fast ) FULL SEMI AUTO! Weak choroing for both power and BB weight Overkill ( HPA was mentioned multiple times ) Too many players for a small site To few marshals for too many players Thefts of kit AND ..... Non hit taking / obvious cheating
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