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    PTW, MWS, MP7 GBB, Gspec and couple of normal AEGs.
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    Crye Plate carrier and mostly real kit. Buy once and have it last forever.
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    Stirling, CSW, Zero One, Ambush, Elite. Have played at most well-known sites.
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  1. I got into one of the groups.. Basic Jist..... I want you to be honest on which of these complaints surprise you : Bad Inept disorganised marshalling Inconsistent rule usage ( one was single firing too fast ) FULL SEMI AUTO! Weak choroing for both power and BB weight Overkill ( HPA was mentioned multiple times ) Too many players for a small site To few marshals for too many players Thefts of kit AND ..... Non hit taking / obvious cheating
  2. I heard is was a shit show too.. Trying to find some details on how SHIT the SHOW was ... My face this morning when confirmed...
  3. I cannot even... what is this guy smoking ?
  4. Thank you for coming forth and I ask this with the greatest respect. Do you not feel a bit shitty putting your arm band on your leg? Do you not feel that everyone should then be allowed to put their on their legs too? I mean I guess it would then make it super hard for you to know who to shoot.. oh wait....

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    Hello, Classic Army Stoner. Fielded once and just doesn't suit my play style. I like to be right up in the front. Goes like a train and probably one of the lightest full metal support AEG's you can get. Very rifle like. Gearbox upgraded by Combat South. Piston, head, sorbo for AOE, perfect shimming, nozzle and tappet plate. Mosfet with battery protection and adjustable ROF. Traditional Stock adapter Modded OEM hop. Very accurate and superb range. Stainless Steel flash hider that will accept an Angry Gun style suppressor Magpul replica Stock Biopod Grip Magput QD Mount on front. Original sights will be supplied. Not shown in photo Comes with original card box. ( Pelicase in photo is just a stand for the shot ) Price includes delivery and paypal.



  6. Either they are : Busy. Don't like the tone of your message. Have sold it and CBA to reply to you. Haven't sold it and really CBA to sell it. Fraudsters.
  7. But we have just reached the end of school holidays......
  8. This site rule is dumb as fuck. It’s basically cheating as the cunt in the ghillie has an unfair advantage. I’m actually not talking about the effectiveness of the ghillie. I am referring to the time it takes for any player to decide if he is friend or foe. The cheatwookie on the other hand can see clear as anything your clear team marking. That is hugely unfair and for the site owners to just say. Light them all up. Like I have seen at sites such as Reforger and a few others. Is equally fucking tarded. I’ve also seen an entire defence whipped out by a Ghillie exploiter, who just walked out of the forest. Behind them all and started shooting. Clearly no one had any clue he wasn’t on their side because his ankle band was covered by the fucking ghillie fabric hanging down. I am going to pack a tiny piece of hessian in my kit bag. Whenever I goto a site and they have this rule. I’m gonna stick it on. Declare myself Ghillied up and ankle up my arm band. I suggest you all do the same. Also!! Clearly.. I’m on one tonight These Ghillie ankle twats all seem to run AEGs or cough “DMRs” Should be a bolt action requirement in all situations
  9. Avenger63 Just noticed the following in one of his sales "I’m not a shop so no warranties, returns or repairs thanks" bahahah.... Yes you are. Just not one that gives a warranty Why would anyone pay that for a Vortex. You can get an Aimpoint or Eotech for the same money or better yet a Holosun Insanity. Its an ugly fucking scope too
  11. While true. Two players of equal skill. More rounds down range, will 9/10 win.
  12. The Hydra mount is a meme mount. All the REAL SF guys are mocking the fuck out of it.
  13. Depends entirely on where you are playing and who you are playing against. Firstly. If you are using lower capacity mags. Up your ammo weight ( along with the required hop to make that work ) . A woodland game vs other people running ammo limits. Yes It can work. Unless it is a VERY VERY built up site, then it is painful trying to land a shot through the brush. A woodland game vs normal airsofters. You are going to get destroyed CQB vs ammo limits. Yes all day CQB vs normal airsofters. You are going to get destroyed. I spent Friday running around with 5 x 40 round MP7 mags at at Pistols and Shotguns day. Great times. I would not do the same event vs the normal players all running mids and highcaps. Single fire or not. The one kill you get will be satisfying. The rest of the time. You will be suppressed and then dunked on.
  14. All the sellers over priced guns have been marked as completed... Looks fishy
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