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    Slimming down my collection to just a couple of M4's, Gpec and a couple of pistols.
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    Crye Plate carrier and mostly real kit. Buy once and have it last forever.
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    Stirling, CSW, Zero One, Ambush, Elite. Have played at most well-known sites.
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  1. I have. Put in a mosfet, lipo 7.4 and Mapleleaf goodness and its incredible. That said, the Cyma is on there at only a little more, in its all metal goodness.
  2. You sound like the sort of person that most sites are calling out for and need........................................... You wont get a fast ROF Electric pistol, they just don't work that way. You will get a fast ROF with a Glock 18C Gas blockback. Until it explodes. Its fun on the way there though. Have you considered aiming?
  3. I like full auto. Its like my favourite thing
  4. Went to Bravo last year and while it was fantastically run, the games were shit tier. Aimed at a very new player with semi shot only, in woodland. WTF?
  5. Looks like a speed ball field. Yawn Entirely not my style, but as said above. It needs a lot more cover. I would look at digging in some trench systems as well, to give it some variety. Personally, I would want to see a more built up mini village, than two houses and some barriers in the middle. That's going to get really boring, really quick with just a line moving back and forward. Sneaky flanking routes are non existent and locking down areas of that map will be super simple with a half confident team. Meaning everyone is soon going to get all pissy that hey cannot move forwards and then all the shit starts.

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    Hello, I need 5 of normal working midcaps please Thanks


    Portsmouth - GB

  7. Op as others have said. Sniping in Airsoft is an expensive and mostly unrewarding task, compared to the joys of a nicely turned, entry level AEG with a decent hop rubber and quality ammo. Budget around £500 to build a sniper that will be worth using and about 3p per BB. So many people buy a sniper, use it and then we see it for sales on the forums at a knocked down price the following month I myself have a sniper which i have used for about 1/3 of one game over the last year. If you are basing your want to snipr off videos from Youtube, well.. sadly, they are 99% bullshit. Also the people that film them, are usually IRL cunts.
  8. Groot

    Dboys sr25

    About £150 If you do sell. I would be interested in just the Midcaps
  9. Why sites have a single fire system, while shooting in and out of buildings. I get single fire inside. It's sad that people are more delicate these days and cry if they get lit up but i accept that single fire helps reduce this and can allow for a better flow of game. Fine. What i don't understand is how if the guy is standing by a building, you can light him up. If he then moves into the building and into cover, you are only allowed to single at him. If a guy is standing in the middle of the open, you can light him up. Same guy, if you are in the upstairs of a building, you have to single pew. Stupid logic that makes no sense.
  10. This is not a which BB am best0r thread. I have googled and I have failed to find an answer. Has anyone here done or have a link to a decent test of a normal 1.1 joule rifle, (so not DMR or Sniper power) test of ammo weights to see which actually does get the best range? ( carrying an acceptable hit accuracy ) Current lore is that 0.32 in an AEG am best0r Other Angry techs say its 0.28's Today someone swore to me that he has consistently out ranged others with 0.25s I have all the hardware to test but no where to do it. So hoping someone else has Shibby
  11. We have them, ran them for years. No issues with the popo
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