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    Slimming down my collection to just a couple of M4's, Gpec and a couple of pistols.
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    Crye Plate carrier and mostly real kit. Buy once and have it last forever.
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  1. Groot


    Fair but it is more work to produce an AEG be able to spam the same as a HPA. Reassuringly an AEG of that spec will last a very short amount of time between gearbox explosions.
  2. Groot


    HPA is a piece of shit and should be banned. Most sites do not test for ROF at all and there is zero need for that sorta ability to spam a player with 20 bb in one burst. Even on single fire its an advantage. Since they can easily fit binary triggers and go crazy. Removing the whole point of the single shot rules in the first place. ( Which i still think are dumb ) If you need a back pack to run your gun and its not a minigun. It has no place in airsoft.
  3. Location to me is kind of unimportant. I am driving 2hrs to my first game back tomorrow and that sorta of distance is a non issue. For weekend games, I have often travelled from Portsmouth to Yorkshire. What matters to me is the quality and versatility of the site. Then equally important is the kind of games they want to run and how they are managed. Small sites tend to be very limited in what you can do and the flanking options. So you tend to have a game of attrition and often one side will entirely dominate the day. Large sites, if not run well. Just end up a bit bo
  4. What it says and the reality, is going to be very very different. That to me looks like just the total boundaries. The drops from the green sides into the moat looks around 2 stories. Sunset October is around 7pm. So that's unlikely to be usable. The chunk to the right is going to be parking and camping. You remove the open grass areas, which well are gonna be just that. Leaves you with about 20 very easy to lock down controlled buildings, that are designed to funnel people. Oh and a single bridge across of the bottom left part of the site is going to be so easy to lock down.
  5. Hello all, A post popped up today about a game Ai500 is going to be running at a prison site in Dover. Looks like a super site but it's going to be capped at 400 people. With the hunger of airsoft this year, I expect it will make it. This to me looking at the site size and realistically, what is going to be actual playing area. Seems to be way too many but this isn't apparently their first large game. Looking at the image, it looks big. But the actual playing area for safety, is going to be a lot smaller. Sheer drops into the moat are going to kill off a lot of the green moun
  6. Groot

    THE TM MWS thread

    I have an Angrygun and a Zparts rail. The Zparts is nicer.
  7. Groot

    THE TM MWS thread

    Black Urgi build complete bar the magpul stock which may arrive from China in my lifetime
  8. PTW's for all my friends GPNVGs for me. PVS 14's for my friends. Buy an old army base and make it into a site, rather than fucking housing. Restore a Mk5 Spitfire Learn to fly Boats and hoes
  9. Groot

    THE TM MWS thread

    Shower thought but a good one. Is it best to leave the MWS between games in semi with the trigger pulled, rather than in safe with the hammer cocked? So the hammer spring is not under load and potentially making it weaker.
  10. Groot

    THE TM MWS thread

    Sods law. Dave emailed me this morning and has nubs available again. I already have the arm on order but quite tempted to order one anyway. Has anyone done an arm vs nub test on a stock rubber with the same setup to test the difference?
  11. Groot

    THE TM MWS thread

    I have tried 3 times and got nothing either. So went for the upgraded arm/nub combo thing instead. Apparently just as good https://shop.jkarmy.com/c-c-hop-up-adjuster-j-arm-for-marui-m4-ar-mws-tm-mws.html
  12. Hello Sadly we cannot get Duracote in the UK, which is sad . What is the best UK available alternative. Other than Krylon that is only available in rattle cans and in a limited number of colours. Does anyone know of a brand of paint that can be worked through an airbrush, comes in a larger number of and doesn't requite training courses or an oven to cure. Thanks
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