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  1. Druid799

    Just got myself a TM CQB-R

    Currently have 5 TM recoils (socom/sopmod/416/G36 and an AK) but have had 11 in total over the years and hand on heart the only ones I’ve ever had problems with have been the ‘up-graded’ ones ! who da thunk ! 🤦‍♂️
  2. Druid799

    SAS in action in Nairobi

    I used to work with a surgeon who’d migrated from Rhodesia when it became Zimbabwe to South Africa and then to the uk when Mandela became president of SA , who used to call any coloured person a ‘floppy’ now I knew why but nobody else in the operating theatre did , so one day the theatre sister says to him MR Cromwell why do you call anyone of colour a floppy?” And his reply in a very thick Rhodesian accent ? “because when you shoot em with a 762 they go all floppy ! “ now as I’m sure you can guess that went down like a case of the clap in a brothel ! And he was told do not call them that again , to which he complied BUT he then started to call them ‘spinners’ so same nurse same question, his reply this time ? “If you catch em climbing the fence and you put a round through em , they just hang there and spin in the wind !” Has to be said there’s nothing like your old school southern African white mans opinion of the indigenous population ! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Not anymore I’m afraid to say , I’ve got family still out there and last time I spoke to my cousin (he was SADF most of his life) he said it had gone down the shitter big time .
  3. Druid799

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    To be honest I’ve always rated JG as one of the best Chinese clone’ers , the wire cross over was at the connector end , so me thinks Friday afternoon Wang pushed the pins in the wrong way round but then thought to him self “fluck it ! No one know it was me !” Problem was the wires aren’t coloured black and red they both have clear sleeves on them . AND it had a posh gearbox plate as well ! 😱 but not sure about the bearings .😁 Will say though it does feel bombproof really good and solid . i have ordered a folding front grip for it , it feels ok with the ris block and vert grip but I just prefer the look of the original folding foregrip , and for me it really is all about the look no matter how good a gatt performs if I don’t like the look of it I just won’t have it (the Evo is a perfect example , by all accounts there a cracking gun but I detest the look of them so I’d never have one) but everyone’s got there own ‘quirks’ when it comes to there kit ? And kit wise I shall be dusting off my Aussie DPU/DPDU and running around screaming “you awake Sheila ?” and “quick ! shove another shrimp on the fricking barbie ya drongo !” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yooooouuuuuurrrrrr welcome ! 😈 😂👍
  4. Druid799

    Just got myself a TM CQB-R

    As Wo1f said leave it standard , don’t piss about with it just run it stock for 6-8mths THEN start thinking does it actually need to be up-graded or not , me I’ll say it won’t need anything doing to it bar the LiPo battery connector conversion that absolutely everyone gets done .
  5. Druid799

    Do cameras help prevent cheats???

    Really really do not get the whole ‘real plates/weight of real plates’ in players rigs , a lot will come out with the old classic of “oh yea it helps with my fitness” does it really ? You telling me wearing an extra 4-5kg once or twice a mth for 5-6hrs each time and actually doing strenuous activity for probably not even a quarter of that time is going to improve your fitness ? Yup sure it is , same as every time I pull the trigger I get a hit and every single one of those hits calls it as well ! Dream on cupcake ! 🤦‍♂️ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. Druid799

    Do cameras help prevent cheats???

    Now that I do like ! 😈😈😈😈 well played good sir well played ! 👍
  7. Druid799

    Do cameras help prevent cheats???

    But I’m a great believer that unless the player is registered deaf then 85% of the time when a player says ”oh did you hit me ?I didn’t feel it ?” You can reply with fair enough mate you didn’t feel it BUT bollox you didn’t hear it ! BB strikes have a VERY distinctive noise on tac gear or BDUs so unless there running full pelt OR there in the middle of a full on screaming and shouting grenades going off left right and centre fire fight they know they’ve been hit ? (Reason I’ve given 85% and not 100% sure) but I’m still very dubious but not completely unbelieving of players say they didn’t feel or hear a hit .
  8. Druid799

    Do cameras help prevent cheats???

    I’m with everyone saying nope won’t make a difference cheaters cheat no matter what evidence there is against them , I’d say best way to deal with it is get your face known as an honorable player , when you get hit give a nice loud Hit and if it was a good shot let the other player know they nailed you good and proper ! Stuff like that gets you noticed for the right reasons . that way your word carries a bit more weight when you do make a report BUT remember we all miss call hits wether against us or other players at times (on purpose or not) so make sure your positive . 👍
  9. Druid799

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    AND thanks to my ‘good friend’(git!) @FreeFrag.UK my latest moment of weakness has arrived ! A Snowolf (Jing Gong) AUG A1 para . was running a rather fruity 356fps on .25’s So via the magic of its quick change spring system I lopped of 3.5 coils and it’s now running a more manageable 309fps ! One thing I did discover was the wires had the polarity the wrong way around ! So corrected THAT fault as well when sticking the deans on ! Also @Iceni it’s already been mod’ed ! Looks like your design is getting about ! Think you better pattern it mate ! 😉
  10. Druid799

    Hold all in every camo there is.

    What I’ve done with all my kit(and there is a LOT of it) you could say ‘sort of’ follows this idea , I bought a shitload of big storage bags from Ikea then I’ve got all my plate carriers in one all my chest rigs in one , all my belts and holsters in one , all the spare pouches in another and I’ve also got all my different camo bdu’s in bags as well , I’ve written on the outside of them what’s inside with a big sharpie so when I’m getting ready for a game day and planning the loadout I want to use I look at the bags to see what I want and I then know the PC I want is in that one , the drop leg that goes with that PC is in that bag and the BDUs I need are in that one . BUt they are just piled up in the man cave not neatly stacked or anything like that ! 😂
  11. Druid799


    Depends if there linked or not (like in Bristol you’ve got Cribbs causeway and Portishead both owned by black ops) other wise I ‘think’ it’s the same site as they need to be able to confirm you’ve played the three games in the correct time frame .
  12. Druid799

    Hold all in every camo there is.

    Joking aside if you want a bag in each of your camo patterns to hold all your kit in that pattern so you just grab the bag head to your game put the kit on and carry the bag whilst playing the game , then isn’t the bag going to be empty so your now running around your milsim event with an empty bag flapping around like a torn sail on ya back ? 🤔
  13. Druid799


    Yes you still need a defence , you need it to buy Airsoft guns from anywhere in the world if there coming back in to the UK either with you or by postage . I usually make my orders on the wknd so they start on it Monday morning and it’ll usually arrive on the Thursday of that wk . one thing I will also say is keep checking there site regularly as A; they have some corking discounts and B; when somthing is out of stock it gets pulled from there web page so it’s not listed anymore (one of the things I do like about them , there’s no “oooh I’ve been after one of those for ages !” And when you do click on it ? it’s out of stock !🤬) and only goes back up when back in stock .👍
  14. Druid799

    Gun picture thread

    Is it me or does he look like he’s hiding in a bunker ? You auditioning for the next ‘Fallout’ ? Where’s my Nuke cola !!! PS in your shoes I’d ditch the short magpul ’type’ grip and swap it for an old school knights vert grip or a tango down grip , that one looks out of place on it , just too modern .
  15. Steady now ! Steady ! Your drifting in to the realms of the nooooooooob !😱 It’s doing 318 on .2’s so as long as your range and accuracy is there (which I’d say will be more than likely just from my own experience of owning a couple of CA guns) do you really need to bump the the FPS another 25’ish ? I’ve always thought once you break the 250 threshold anyone who says they didn’t feel OR hear the hit is very likely talking from there fecal ejection unit ! 😉