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  1. More than likely in a word no all the yrs I’ve been playing I’ve never seen anything even remotely near what your asking for ‘off the shelf’ if some can provide the details for it though I’d love to see it my self ! If you are dead set on something like you’ve described I’d say your best bet is contact Heroshark and ask him if he can create it for you .
  2. you said “live in the states and play indoor and outdoor so swappable FPS is nice to go from 350 to 400!“ I do believe that qualifies as changing the spec does it not ? 😳
  3. TM 100% , just for the ease of changing the spec of the gun your self if nothing else .
  4. Get your self a fecking big DPM smock and just wear it without any thing underneath it , I spent yrs wearing one on its own in different parts of the world , some of which had bloody hot climates and it always worked a treat . You start out getting hot in it but once it’s got ‘all sweaty’ it’ll then keep you cool , the wet material seams to draws the heat away from you . Sat in a bush on a hot sunny day😎 it’ll be heavenly ! 😇
  5. Just put some tan on it , either do solid blocks of tan in the the side panels or scrim net and light passes for the ‘snake skin’ look .
  6. Where you based bud ? AND welcome to the forum 👍
  7. The amount of serious advice (don’t happen often) we’ve all put in to it of course we do ! 😱 🤣🤣
  8. Old thread but still relevant (nobody’s getting any thinner !😂) had an add through the other day saying Taiwan gun are starting to sell PC’s specifically made for the more ‘manly’ physique .👍
  9. If the person claiming this has a noticeable online iD AND there’s no strife or aggro associated with there name then yea I’ll cautiously accept it (unless I know them well through the forums) but if they haven’t ? Then nope sorry not believing it .
  10. Hi rates of fire arn’t all there crackered up to be bud , I’d rather a slower firing gun that’s got range and accuracy (standard TM) than a gun with insane rates of fire that you can’t hit shit with ! 👍 Plus I’m very dubious when I see an advert for a super dooper all singing all dancing death dealing machine that’s for sale on the cheap , says to me fucked up up-grade OR someone’s telling porky pies and it was amazing once but it’s a dog ruff piece of crap now ! 😉
  11. Then do some research ya plank ! 🤦‍♂️😂 as tackle said fill the car with players . If you stay on your own patch and not try other sites the games just going to stagnate and become the same old same old , exactly what you said you wanted to stop ?
  12. What I did with two of mine as well , 20-30min with a dremel to keep slowly making the hole bigger and job done , but as kinny said make sure it a GBB one not an AEG one ,👍
  13. Contact Airsoft world they seem to be one of the best for getting very quick re-stocks .👍
  14. First thought that went through my mind when I saw it was “wonder how many times you need to pump the trigger to make the water squirt out !” 😳
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