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    I bought this off a friend along with a job lot of other parts as he was downsizing his collection but never got around to doing anything with it. I'm not sure what the brand is or what model of Bizon its for but if I had to guess I'd say its the PPS version so it might take some tinkering to mod to fit other brands or ordering more PPS parts from overseas to complete. Consists of: Receiver (has rail side mount, trigger guard, pins etc). Dust cover, Handguard - All metal and like new, never been fitted to anything except loosely to one another. They have been stored together though so will have the usual surface scuff marks from the three parts clanking against one another. Its worth noting that the folding stock button doesn't seem to have much spring to it or is a bit stuck with friction so will need some attention. Sadly I can't really offer too much more info because I'm a bit clueless but if you have any questions please do ask and I'll try my best to answer them. Very much open to offers.


    Mexborough, South Yorkshire - GB

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    This is a reluctant sale for me because I'm an absolute sucker for this gun and was after one for the longest time but after investing in my first GBBR and already having more guns than space to store anything I need to sell a few things. The shotgun is in fine functional condition though it has a few cosmetic scuffs around the tan receiver, the underside of the magazine tube where the screw for the old foregrip I had fitted would make contact with the tube, and the M-Lok pump itself which I painted a burnt sienna/bronze kind of colour only to scratch it up trying a dozen different grips on. Sale includes: Shotgun, 3x 30 round original shells, Foregrip, Original box (not pictured) The HK style stock is included at the stated price though I have to say I like that stock a lot and I'd be willing to swap it out for the original stock (which I also painted over the same colours as the pump, just not as well) or a blue two tone crane stock (Pulled off a PPS XM26) if the buyer wants to save a few quid. But for now I'm including it as it was the only stock I had that matched the receiver. Happy to send pics over. Can also provide a video of it operating if need be. Open to decent offers, NO SWAPS, Postage £10


    Mexborough, South Yorkshire - GB

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    In good working condition and well looked after, has had one previous owner prior to me I believe. Reasonably clean internally but might want a touch up otherwise the slide is nice and slick as is and runs perfectly fine on standard green gas mags. I will include one Raven branded green gas magazine (not pictured) though it has a slight leak. I was originally going to sell without it as I use glock mags for my AAP-01 but I'm too lazy to spend 5 minutes replacing the O-rings I've decided it can be someone else's task. Please note the tiny chip on the left side of the slide which rests above the slide catch when the slide is resting forward. It doesn't affect use or catch on anything but I just want to highlight it. It was caused by using CO2 mags that ran far too hot for this budget glock without some tweaks first. (Said CO2 mags are also available in another listing) Postage to UK is included in the price.


    Mexborough, South Yorkshire - GB

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    Hi all. I'm currently on the prowl for my first GBBR. Ended up panic selling one of my better RIFs after Payroll at work forgot how to do their job for a couple of days. So I figured what better to fill that hole in my collection with than my first GBBR. I am looking at getting a Golden Eagle M4 or a Army Armament G36 new but thought I'd ask about and see if there's anything else a bit better and more desirable out there on the secondhand market. It'll mostly be used for plinking but I'd definitely be down to fielding it whenever Covid permits so I'm fine with scruffy condition so long as the gun is serviceable without it becoming an expensive project. Happy to pay the extra for other brands, models or deals with an extra magazine or two but I'm definitely not looking to spend much more than a couple hundred quid. Definitely don't want to stretch to £300 put it that way.


    Mexborough, South Yorkshire - GB

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